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What the heck is the NeX-Files?
The NeX-Files is the top Nexus handbook available. Much like the New Player guide was made for New players, the NeX-Files were made for novice players wishing to know more, experienced players to learn even more, and expert players to reference. Within here you can find information on just about anything in the Nexus that isn't covered in the other sections. Whether it be revealing the secrets of Karma, or hunting down the Random merchant, or even fishing! The NeX-Files covers as much information as possible!

Area Information

Iron Labyrinth
Find your way around, learn about drops and the use of Iron Keys!

Scribe's Mountain
Maps to get up, what to do up there and more information.

Tiger Palace
Learn about the entrance fee, room guide, and storm tactics in the tiger palace!

Hamgyong Nam-do

Monster/NPC Information

The Nexus Secret Shop

Random Merchant

How to Capture the Random Merchant's great deals!

Strange Thing!?
It's history, spawnpoints, and spawn information

Practical Information

Windowed Nexus
Want to use Nexus in multiple windows?

Bad Code Bans
Why does this happen and how can you fix it?

Marriage and Blood Oaths
How and how not to bond with someone.

How to Get Out of Jail!
Have a friend visit the NPC by Kugnae Jail (156, 157) and say,
"Pay fine for my scum friend."

Voice Commands
How to withdraw, deposit and craft faster.

Spell Information
Alignment Information
Learn how to choose and change alignments.

Mentor Information

Instructions on how to use mentor, how it works, and debated issues.

Sage Information
Instructions on how to obtain Sage, a little history, and levels explained

Useful Charts and Information
Cave Requirements
Find out places for you to hunt at any level or statistics in Nexus.

Event Cave Levels
Post here to have this chart updated.

Mythic Boss Cave Rooms

Skill Information
Learn every type of skill.

Assess Skills
How far along are you?

Karma Information

Questions about Karma, How to Obtain/Lose Karma, and a Complete Graphical Karma Chart

Fish much? More information on how it's done and the known prizes!

Key Functions
The complete listing of which keyboard keys do what in Nexus.

Nexus Time Conversion
Be able to match real life time to in-game time.

Totem Time
Find your totem times and which option to choose when crafting.

Scrolls and Potions
Know what every scroll or potion does.

Making Lanterns
Make your own Lanterns.


Lists of items used for:

Note: This section is no longer updated. Click here to see the uplisted item lists.

Food, Keys, Mana, Potions and Scrolls,
Quests, Rocks and Minerals, Skills, and
Other things.

All of the plants in the Kingdoms.

Dye Chart (Basic)
A complete dye chart of the basic class armors in all 32 dyes.

Dye Information
Information about Dye's, their origins and history.