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Lost Legend
Discover the Missing Half

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Level Required : 11 to begin,
Level 96 to complete

Prerequisite : Sonhi Pass Quest
Karma Needed : Spirit

How to Begin : Pass beyond the Sonhi Guard in the Buya Library Caverns

Steps :

"Only those who shine of virtue shall pass this way"
Be sure you have completed the Sonhi Pass Part of this quest!

1. Make your way through the deep caverns, trying to avoid the vicous centipedes and such, and you will come upon a rather large, fat looking beast named Gloth. Gloth isn't too thrilled about you showing up and really doesn't want to let you pass (See left).

If you click him again talks about a sword!

Without the sword? What sword? And Two Great Ones? Who could he be refering to?

If we look back at the Legend of the Winds Part 1 we notice that there are two NPC Names Mentioned...

Min, The Butcher in Hausson...

And Chul, The Smith in Nagnang.

Perhaps seeking them out will prove benefitical? Let's find out!

2. Leave the Caverns, and travel to Min's Butcher shop in Hausson. Say "Virtue" to her. She will say the text seen on the left.

She explains the meaning of virtue, and what you must do next.

Chul is the next person you will meet. His shop can be found just a few yards from the West Gate in Nagnang.

But.. friends? In the legend it speaks of Chul watching over Min, like.. as a guardian.. And Min was a Slave...

Gather yourself a Stardrop and head for Chul!

3. Head towards Chul's place. Say "Virtue" to him.

He will clarify things for you. His speech can be found on the left.

With the Stardrop, Chul makes you a Star sword. Here are some things you need to know.

- If you swing it and it hits something, it will break.
- If it does hit something, it will do very little damage to it, so do not waste one.
- You can only make 4 star swords MAXIMUM, so be careful!
- Gloth needs to see you holding the sword for you to get by.
- You cannot remove it, drop it, etc.

A good tip is to wait to equip the sword until you get to Gloth's room to avoid breaking it!

4. Return to Gloth with the sword still intact and click him. He will allow you to pass now that you are properly equipped. I hope you didn't break that shiny new weapon of yours!

Woohoo! Make yer way down past Gloth.... And you will find a chest!

5. Click the chest and see what he has to say! (See Left)

After he has said those lines, say "Legend" to it.

The Song? Huh? Could it have something to do with what it was humming? Let's go back and ask Min about it. Maybe she knows.

6. Ask Min about the tune "Humm dee do dum do hee" that the box was singing.

Ship on the way here...... Hrm.. Who would know about Ships? Maybe Chu Rua? Let's ask him.

7. Sing the tune "Humm dee do dum do hee" to Chu Rua, the turtle in Guol Shore, North of Dae Shore.

He will give you the entire song to the tune you were humming (See Left).

NOTE: There is confirmation for two versions of this song. The only difference is in the 3rd line. The alternate version of that 3rd line is given below the first version. If you fail using the song as shown, try the alternate 3rd line.

Oh the waves upon the sea, the green sea of old,
They glide and dance to the shore, a shore of gold,
The dance of the waves does end, a story been retold,
Do not fear for the dance, the waves are too bold,
Far away the tune begins, on the green sea of old.

Alternate 3rd line:
The dance of the waves does end, a story is retold,

** Both versions have proof submitted in screenshots.

Return to the Chest as soon as possible!


8 . Make your way back through the Buya library caverns to the. Sing the song to the chest, exactly as Chu Rua sang it (Periods, commas and all)

As each part is sung, the Chest will respond it's charming way after each line you sing.

Items Lost to Sacrifice :
(1) Stardrop (Per Sword) [Step 3]

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :

Rewards :

- You are given the Legend of the Winds 2
- You also recieve a new legend mark!

Now Onto "The Wind Armor"