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Wind Armor
Wear the Winds

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Level Required : 11 to begin,
Level 96 to complete

Prerequisite : Lost Legend Quest
Karma Needed : Spirit

How to Begin : Pass beyond the Sonhi Guard in the Buya Library Caverns

Steps :

"The secret is in the power of the Kawlana."

Be sure you have completed the Lost Legend Part of this quest!

1. Now that you have the Lost Legend, make your way to Pond, the librarian in Kugnae. Tell him about a "Legend " you have discovered.

He talks about strange things... "light of life, when it is young". What does he mean?

He is speaking about the sunrise in the early morning. The early morning would be during Nexus hours 6 - 10. The best place for you to see the sun would be at Dae Shore.

2. Make your way to Dae shore between the hours of 6 and 10.

Walk along the beach. The words you see below will appear once and your legend will disappear from your inventory. So what to do now? First, remember the word Kawlana. It will be useful on your next step.

3. Travel back to Min's Butcher shop in Hausson and ask her about "Kawlana".

She will explain to you the meaning of Kawlana and its purpose. Kawlana is the essence your life. It shows your true power. Min also hints here that you will need a lot of it when she talks about having enough life force to survive the battle with the winds. So who to talk to about life force? No one better than the Sunset Weaver!

4. Make your way to the experience point sales store In Kugnae make your way to the Sunset Weaver (077 187) or in Buya go to Shadow Dragon 082 131) and say Kawlana".

Sunset Weaver will explain what the words mean and where they came from. And now will ask that you sacrifice a few things for a ritual to make a Kawlana.

Be sure you bring all of the items at once for the ritual!

The items you will need are as follows -

"belief in all that is holy" - Holy Ring

"bottle to hold it in" - Indigo Potion

"fine steel dagger" - Fine steel dagger

"bleed your life essence into the vile" - 100 Vitality

"bracelet of grace" - Whisper Bracelet

"item of strength" - Titanium glove

"healing cloth" - Sen Glove

After you have collected all of these items, return to the Sunset weaver.

. The creation of the Kawlana. The sacrifice begins.. Once again, be sure you have all the items listed above on you before you speak with Sunset Weaver.

Select "Yes, I do."

Press Ok in between each step. Do NOT hit cancel or all preceeding items will be lost!

Holy Ring is taken.

Fine steel dagger is taken.

Titanium glove is taken.

Whisper Bracelet is taken.

Indigo Potion is taken.

Sen Glove is taken.

100 Vitality is taken.

You have created a Kawlana! Be careful not to drink it here, for as you can see they are extremely expensive and do take 100 life. You will need 2 kawlanas in order to fight the winds. One to attract them and one to use to fend them off. You can only make one kawlana every Nexus day (3 hours).

6. Once you have created your second Kawlana, climb Scribe's mountain once again and tell him that you wish to "Capture the Winds".

After hitting "Next" you will appear on the Windy Summit where you will see this message....

"Kawlana is the source of your power."

7. Now your difficult task emerges. To fight the winds! Drop one Kawlana on the ground. Quickly drink your next Kawlana!
[Use (u) it, to drink it!]

Now drop your Magical Net to capture the winds!

You recieve the Captured wind!

8. The winds are captured... You have the needed ingredients to create the armor of the winds. Now you need to find someone who will weave them for you. There's no better choice than Min. Bring the captured wind back to her and ask her to "Weave wind".

You will need to find a Master tailor and a Master weaver to help you with this process. [This can be one person that a master of both.]

Once your master weaver and tailor are with you, say "Weave wind" again.

Items Lost to Sacrifice :
(1) Legend of the Winds 2 [Step 2] - (2) Holy Ring, (2) Indigo Potion, (2) Fine steel dagger, (2) Whisper bracelet, (2) Titanium glove, and (2) Sen Glove (1 per Kawlana). [Step 5] - (2) Kawlana and (1) Magical net [Step 7] - (1) Captured wind [Step 8]

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :
(200) Vitality (100 per Kawlana) [Step 5]

Rewards :

- You are given the Armor of the Winds
- You also recieve a new legend mark!