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Sonhi Pass
The Sonhi Pass

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Level Required : 11 to begin,
Level 96 to complete

Prerequisite : Moon Armor Quest / Magical Net Quest
Karma Needed : Spirit

How to Begin : Visit the Old Scribe, found on top of Scribe's Mountain vale. Select Wind from the list of options.

Steps :

You will not be able to speak with Lake until you have spoken with Zephyr on top of Scribe's Mountain! (You must be level 96 to speak to Zephyr about the Winds.

1. Proceed to the Buya Library to speak with the Librarian Lake by saying "Legend".

2 . You must now enter the Caverns undernearth the Library.

The door structure is relatively simple, seeing as theres one door you enter and one you leave in every room. The creatures here are strong and some poison, so be careful! If you are a fighter, be sure to bring some indigos along with you. It's best not to do this part of the quest alone if you don't absolutely have to. Advance through the caves until you meet up with the Sonhi Guard.

3. Begin your conversation with the guard by clicking on him. He will explain to you why he cannot let you pass. So, where to go next? To get a pass of course. The best place for you to try would be KaMing's Encampment!

4. Go to Sya, The seamstress in KaMing's Encampment (14,21) and say "Pass". Apparently she needs some Weaving tools to help her with her work. Normal Weaving tools will not do, so why not grab her some Fine weaving tools?

Well, it's not quite the seal yet, but we're getting there! Head on over to Blood's House!

5. Head on over to Blood's house in KaMing's Encampment (12,45) and say "Seal".

He explains, in the text on the left, how he teaches so much about the Frost sabre, yet, always wanted one of his own. Well, grab him one! It doesn't have to be your own, so if you find a newbie, pawn it off him and return it to Blood.

6. Head on Over to Gan's Place (42,49) and tell em you want to " Pick up Armor". He might just let you get KaMing's armor!

(NOTE: If you type anything else you won't be able to continue. You have to wait for 1 hour and try again. Don't give up hope!)

He will ask for 4 Fine Metal.

Bring this to him.. And he will ask for more items. Bring the Metal and say "Pick up Armor" again.

A Titanium Lance Will Do ! Bring the Tit Lance and say "Pick up Armor". Now for the final item....

7. Woah Woah Woah, Wait a second here.. Kugnae Sonhi Encampment? Leather Straps? Huh? What the heck is going on here? Read what Gan had to say after you say "Pick up Armor" again ( See Left ).

So now, he sends you to find the Leather Straps within the... Hey Wait a second.. Did he just give you a Sonhi Pass? Hey forget the armor, and the seal! Who needs em now. Now you have a pass to go by that stupid fat ug.. well that Sonhi Guard you saw before! Get on back there and show em what's up!

8. Go back through the Buya Library Caverns and to the Guard. Click him!

Items Lost to Sacrifice :
(1) Fine Weaving Tools [Step 4] - (1) Frost sabre [Step 5] - (4) Fine Metal and (1) Titanium Lance [Step 6]

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :

Rewards :
- A Sonhi Pass!
Booyah! Now we get to see what's inside this "Secret" Encampment of the Sonhi!

Now Onto "Discovering the Lost Legend"