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Complete Listing - All Versions
The listing of every event in Nexus History in order of appearence. In Chronological order from Beta to current times. Date Added is the date we added the section and not the date the event occured.

We have also included Game Information about those who have contributed much of their time to the game; who have made the community we all love.

* Many events in the past remain only in memory and we hope to record the memories of the elders one day so that all may know our history.

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Complete Listing Areas

The Palace is rebuilt!
Date Added - June 9, 2013

The Nagnang Palace, after Hyuls of sitting destroyed, is now rebuilt!

MaDog's Final Resting Place
Date Added - June 7, 2012

Recently a map was found from the shipwreck where MaDog, the first elder of the Chongunate, perished!

Ice Dungeon
Date Added - July 1, 2009

Mupa strikes the Yon and Tae families again. They are revealed to have had a major impact on the history of the lands.

MuHyul's Armaggedon
Date Added - May 8, 2009

To be completed May 11, 2009

Mupa Returns
Date Added - November 24, 2008

No sooner had we brought the Yon and Tae families together than we found out who started the trouble! It was Mupa and she was up to her old tricks!

Family Feud
Date Added - October 31, 2008

It seems there was more trouble in the haunted village of Yu Ryang. A family elder has been murdered causing the two crafting families to feud. We managed get them back together but when will the true murderer be found? That remains to be seen.

Snowy Winter: December 2006
Date Added - December 24, 2006

In December 2006, snow descended upon all public areas. A beautiful coat of glistening purity and lovely decorations appeared over night. With a situation setting, winter and Christmas was more injoyable than any before.

Winter Wonderland: December 2006
Date Added - December 11, 2006

In December 2006, KRU gave us all a very special treat. A new playground and some quests for extra experience PLUS some fun items and clothing.

Aiding the Yu Ryang Village: October 2006
Date Added - October 24, 2006

The spirits of the lands began to whisper asking for help. They were upset, confused and very angry because someone had been digging through their graves. Many knew what they needed to correct the situation and they asked all who spoke with them for help.

Mongols Invade!: July 2006
Date Added - July 26, 2006

General Blight contacted the Mongols in order to buy weapons and armor. It became apparent that the Mongols did not simply come here for Blight to purchase goods. They were preparing themselves for an invasion and we had to make a preemptive strike. After discovering the whereabouts of the Mongol camp, we attacked to repel their invasion.

Triiofa: Death and Restoration of the Tree of Reflections: May 2006
Date Added - May 27, 2006

Ravens plagued the lands! Dire prophecies and warnings of evil flourished! The trees throughout the kingdoms shriveled and died! Then the might Tree of Reflections was felled. Soon the citizens learned of evil witchcraft and the desires of the Triiofa (living trees) for our help in storing their kind. It was all tied into the Heart of Reflections . . .

Snow Tigers: Invasion! Staff of the Elements
Date Added - 2005

Legends of the Staff of the Elements had become nothing more than an amusing tale. Life went on as usual...the pirates raided again. But something new! An alliance with the Pirates and Ogres and someone new, Cazell! What could that mean? Then the Snow Tigers invaded. There was a conspiracy underfoot. Where would it lead?

Chizao's Tomb: October, 2003
Date Added - October, 2008

Archon Forum : July 19, 2003
Date Added - June 07, 2002

The Archons took questions leading up to the forum date from users by nmail and answered them live on July 19, 2003 on kingdom-wide sage. The Forum Log is arranged so that questions are denoted with an asterik (*) and bold-faced while the answers are denoted by italitized text and the name of the archon who answered the question before the response.

King Yuri's Bouquets : February 14, 2001
Date Added - June 07, 2002

With the announcement of King Yuri's potential marriage to Malady, wedding attendees were given the opportunity to make bouquets for the wedding, or simply for themselves. Click here to find out how it was done!

The Reckoning : November 29, 1998
Date Added - June 07, 2002

What happens when a money bug is discovered? One that is not only profitable, but easily accomplished. When you can use an everyday tool to develop mass millions in a matter of time that it takes you to type that amount in. Well... Take a look in here. Because it DID happen.

The Cataclysm : July 1, 1998
Date Added - June 07, 2002

All good things must come to an end.. And so did Beta Nexus. Come inside to see just how deeply the kingdom was affected by this event.. what was removed from the kingdom forever, and what the survivors did.