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Forever Tree
Man-shik's house

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Level Required : 99
Prerequisite : Reach Rank of Enchanted (80,000 Vitality or 40,000 Mana)
Karma Needed : Not Applicable

How to Begin : 19,91 in the Wilderness

Steps :

Some tips before we begin...
1. Look for sages about the Forever tree being in red or black! Get there as quick as you can! Soloing the Forever tree isn't that easy.
2. Il san rogue's can cast race onto the forever tree by placing a raven in front of it. Then they can easily walk over and avoid a long fight.

Make your way to the Forever tree. The fastest way to get there is by walking from South Gate Buya into the wilderness and following the trail you see on the left.

Walk to (19,91) .

You will recieve a popup message.

Hit "Ok".

You will appear inside the Forever Tree area.

Once you are inside here you appear in the little indent on the bottom right side. Your objective is to go through the door above. In order to do that, you are going to have to first fight through Man-shik's ravens.

Don't let their weak appearance fool you. They are fast, have magic resistance, bite hard and cast "Peck" which blinds you for a few seconds. A few seconds is all you need to fall to these deadly birds as a new enchanted stat player, so be extremely careful!

And did we mention they tend to swarm?

Make your way to the thin entrance through the unwalkable water areas. There, you will see the forever tree named "Man-shik".

Man-shik isn't a very mobile fellow, so he won't just MOVE out of your way. He doesn't fight back from the front so he isn't too deadly. So what makes him such a pain? His astounding vitality. He has tons and tons of life, so chopping him down will take a while.

As you can see from the left, there is a small area where a group can fit and work on killing the tree. The ravens will continue to attack you by flying over the water area. Il san rogues have a small benefit here. If they can position a raven directly in front of the forever tree, and use their Il san spell "Race", they will land ON the Forever Tree and be able to walk over to the other side without having to kill the tree. Most players don't have this ability though, so they have to wait for the forever tree to die.

Once he dies run through the area before he respawns! Run quick because he has been known to spawn right in front of that last slow person and who will have to wait till it dies again . . . which really does suck.

There's only one thing worse and that is dying by the tree. The forever tree will attack from behind. Be sure not to stand behind him for too long! He WILL one hit you . . . and that hurts if yer carrying a weapon to have enchanted!

Once the forever tree meets his match, he will say something out loud. That means it's yer cue to get ready to run!

Once you've made it by the tree, walk over the bridge and enter the shimmering door to see Bon-hwa.

Click on Bon-Hwa.

You will be given several options, based on your level.

Items Lost to Sacrifice :

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :

Rewards :
- The ability to learn the secret's of Bon-Hwa.
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