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Diary Pages

This quest is believed to create new armor. No one has any information about what type of armor or what level is required to use it. It is known that the quest is so difficult that not every player will be able to finish it.

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Level Required : Unknown

Prerequisite : Prerequites are unknown.
Karma Needed : Not applicable

How to Begin :

Steps :

Valentine's Day 2008
This Quest is rumored to contain a clue to help solve the Diary Page Quest. GM mug has hinted that an item needed in the creation system as part of this quest is something refined in the towns! Hmm... refined and not manufactured.. Cloth, metal, gems... something else?

NEW! Submit/View Creation Attempts

The Diary Pages are dropped by the bosses in the Frozen Tundra and Raheem Desert caves found in the Woodlands.

KRU employees announced in January 2008 that the Woodlands Quest is complete; GM mug later said that it had been complete since the caves were revamped with new AI. Since then a very few players have managed to find Diary Pages.

There are no known steps to this quest yet since no one has solved it. Speculation is that the result will be new armor.

The names of the pages are apparently related to the level of the cave that drops them. It is rumored that there are 3 levels of pages with some saying there are only 2 levels. Because the quest has not been solved we don't know if you can use a combination of the various pages (original and stolen). The rumors say:

  1. "Stolen" pages are found in the 99 to Il san cave levels.
  2. "Original" is found by Ee san+ cave levels.

All of the pages have been dropped by Frozen Tundra and Raheem Desert bosses. The only Binding that has been found so far was dropped in the Raheem Desert. These drops are random and VERY rarely. It is also known that finding a new item by using the Creation System is part of this quest. From a Haengsa quest (and a hint given by mug) we can guess that the items needed will be both from the Woodlands and from elsewhere.

January 27, 2010: Brant posted on Nexus Forums, "I've had all the pages and tried combining them in various ways. It doesn't work with just the pages."

January 3, 2010: Bravesoul let the community know about the first item that was has been able to be created.

+ =
5 Bird wings + 1 Dragon fan = Wings of Fury
All items must be 100% and the wings go in as a stack of 5.

+ + + =
15 Plated armor + 10 fine + 8 Armor Plated Skin + 3 Hot coal = Plate of Metal
All items must be 100%.

5 Bird wings + 1 Dragon fan = Wings of Fury
All items must be 100% and the wings go in as a stack of 5.

August 20, 2008: Rumors of another item "Tormented Tome" have been confirmed today. The following was posted on Nexus Atlas news:

It (Tormented Tome) has been confirmed to drop from the Desert Wanderer in Raheem. We don't know if in fact group size was a factor, but for the record we did kill it with five people in the group. It has a value of 500,000 coins and has a deposit price of 25,000. We obtained this long before several pages were discovered by other members of the community; to our knowledge it was one of the first estimated 10 "rare diary drops" to be found. It has absolutely no useful function, there is no text associated with it, and combining it with other diary pages has turned out to be futile. We have not obtained the full diary set to try combining... but its something we wish to try upon attaining all the pages. Anyway, we'd appreciate it if you would post it in an effort to gain more attention towards the quest. We feel pretty alone in hunting the woodlands, and I am sure mug won't release hints without more people actively looking.

March 5, 2008: There have been rumors of a binding that might be used to put the diary pages together. Today Nexus Atlas confirmed the text from Stolen Binding. All information about the Diary pages is now known. No one knows how to start the quest. It is known that you can start the quest without the Diary pages and Binding but you will need them to complete the quest. Keep checking for more information about this.

Text of the Diary Pages:

  Original Diary Page 1
Date: Unknown

So.. much blood. I have killed again and I do not recall any of it. Oh god! Why is this happening to me? What have I done to deserve this fate?

My mind - it becomes blank with every outburst of my rage. This shell that once could hold in my desire of the flesh of others can no longer contain itself.

I am finding that with every blackout it leaks from me and acts upon its instincutal desires. I am a legendary smith, a weapon make of the finest swords in all the plains...

Is this the Gods' way of punishing me? For making tools of destruction? is he letting me feel the darkness that my tools bring mankind?

There can be one escape from myself. I can no longer make weapons of violence. I need to atone my sins and use the power that the Gods gave me to make...

something to defend others from each other... and myself. Perhaps an armor of some sorts? One that can withstand the power of my blades,but I cannot make something this powerful... as a singular pieve. For if it was ever taken from me, some may also use my only source of redemption as another instrument to my shame. Not that it would do them much good,for my creations go beyond moral understanding.

Still... just to be safe.

*Some of the black ink has been smudged by dark red blood, as if finger tips had been gently pressed upon the parchment's surface.*

Diary Page 2
Day: The Shackles that Bind

I cannot escape it. I am doomed. I can only go on so long like this... existing as I do now. Only the same thought that has hounded me now is going on...

A thousand years... my redemption. Many artifacts have I created but none for the use of violence. Although if held in the hands of others,could they be used violently? Does this make me evil? I mean... more evil? Does goodness eventually lead to evil or can the tides of change bring... evil from the shadows to create light? I feel there is something new being formed; the air is tense with the suspense of creation... of magics.

I will no longer be needed and my work shall be lost to the dunes of the desert. But I still have time, time to remove these shackles that bind.

*A green like paste smudges the text.*

Harmony needs to be in each fist the good and the evil. No one side is stronger than the other. To cause unbalance is to cause displacement.

Displacement is bad, very bad. Powered stones once again made whole, fueled by the agony of others. Their very essence, the torture of a sentient...

Being is to bring emotion, fear. Fear is very powerful indeed.. .. Fear is needed. Fear the power given. Do not succomb. Fear and learn and grow wise in it's using... yes...

Diary Page 3
Day: To protect

I followed my warrior friend, once more, perhaps not him, perhaps one of his line? well, not so much followed him, but rather used the dreams to find him on the winds. His essence is strong; the champion is still within the blood line. I require some of what he is, the Champion, the mortal sinew of body, the delicate taste of mortal flesh and succulent blood. I shall take the same amount as I took in the last time we encountered. He will not see me; he will not die. He will just fever and shall grow strong once again. But for what reason does he exist? He has killed many such as I have, for I see the sweetness that he harbors, only covers the stench of blood that sticks to him like a gooey tar. Is it to protect? I see stories in his mind. Those of young ladies stories of flesh, always protecting the flesh. My mind is weakening. My words are becoming too random and incoherent. I pray I have the strength to keep enough of myself to finish.

*Ink stains the page, as if the writer was trying to erase what was written.*

I am nearly done, nearly finished? I have the tools I need to complete my task? I just lack something raw, something natural yet refined. It must shine bright as any pale moon?

Original Diary Page 4
Day: Beginning of new life

It has begun; my creation lies before me. The work that took place was exhausting. Creating the tool of defense go far beyond the skill needed to make those of violence.

Perhaps this is just like good and evil? Heh, so childish it may seem... but it is little wonder why people delve into the world of shadows when its lure is twice as... tempting than that of the light.

Today I followed a warrior through the darkness of the world. He did not see me. Mortals never do... so trapped I have become in this limbo that the evil aura which soaks my skin will never dry no matter what action I take... no matter what redemption I seek... but something in this warrior drew me to him. He smelled so sweet, delicious even, not filled with the sweat of war and training. His aroma was so tasty to smell, I could feel my mouth watering to his presence... yet I fought the urge to slay him.

He has the look of a Champion and one with such crystal focus about him.

Champion... focus... sweet? There is a harmony here... well just short of it but I'm sure I can find something to compensate! I must return! My work is not yet finished!

Stolen Diary Page 5
Day: Journeys

One last piece - the fabric of creation settle just inches from my finger tips. My redemption soon fulfilled and the eternal sleep lies as my reward!


*The writings change shape as if written by another yet the words seem to be from the same author.*

Who are you? Why are you writing in here? This is my diary, my pages, my text, my scrolls? MINE!

*The writing revert to the first author.*

Oh God! Please help me! The darkness comes quicker now. I am finding it hard to keep focus, to hide the things he may seek to destroy.

I have worked too hard, come too far to have him win my resolve! I need to be swift... swifter still.. I shall use the power of the verses;

They should be powerful still with the writing fluids of this beast. Strange little creature... I need to be swift... YES! Swiftness...

It needs to be swift... the power of a sky serpent perhaps? Yes, they are quite new, quiet powerful though... yes... they would make a delicious addition...

- Page 5 released by Clymene.

Diary Page 6
Day: Caged

My journeys are long. Only the best ingredients can be used even if all of the suns burn out, I will not settle for less! So many strange and wonderful things I have seen in my journeys yet,

I remain a prisoner to myself - a prisoner to my last resolution to myself, my redemption, my amendment to the world.

* Blood has dried over the fine ink that once blessed the text that was written here *

I fall beneath the sand? such a strange phenomena. A normal being would have been crushed by the sheer weight of the gushing sand yet as I slowly crawled down and out of the belly of the beast, I found a strange underwater paradise. It looks old but I am older. I feel it within my bones and youth of the world, the youth of all creation, but I saw something odd upon my arrival.

Two serpents alive formed in a strange shape, each one biting the other and never relinquishing its grip. Each biting the tail of the other, yet their unique shape and coupling manages to?

Balance them upon the water? water? it brings life, gives life? it is part of life? perhaps answers are here?

Day: Redemption

Fools!!! The lot of them Fools!!!! How can they fall prey so easily?? Is flesh really this WEAK?? No matter... it only strengthens my resolve... my one true creation, my creation of defense. So powerful it stands alone but when the skeleton finds its flesh, oh... oh how powerful it shall become! But it cannot be yet... no not now. That fool is still causing chaos throughout the world. I should eat him? No... I mustn't... must not intervene, must not succumb to the darkness.

*Ink stains the page as if rewording the text over and over; it looks as if the text has been manipulated by the author as if he is fighting with someone else's words.*

Heh... he succumbed to the darkness, the darkness of the staff... so childish, so weak... it is a twig, a weak magi trying to make his claim, claim all the rubies in the mines, no mortal can hold the burning close enough to it. There's not enough flames they can carry to forge my hunger... Hunger...all the stars in the skies and all the fish in the sea... but he is weak... weak... weak... weak... I will eat him... NO! GET OUT OF MY MIND! Darkness is coming, No time to feed together... no time to eat my armor... No! Not hunger... creation! Not destruction... creation! Must banish it... banish before I fade into darkness, it shall be safe... it cannot be misused...

*You feel that the author has been lost to himself. Such a pitiful creature... whoever it was.*


Items Lost to Sacrifice :
None known

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :
None known

Rewards :
None known