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Valentine 2008

This is the complete dialog from the 2008 Valentine's quest. Some people believe there
are clues to the Woodland Diary Quest to be found in this dialog.

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Level Required : 1
Prerequisite : None
Karma Needed : Not applicable

How to Begin :

Steps :

The various NPC dialogs are shown in various colors to help you see who says what. Actions you take are in blue.

Note: All spelling is verified from screenshots.

NPC Valentine:

Hello there! You like fans too? I made this one a few weeks ago and now that I passed my test I can now teach others.
Would you like to make a fan?
No way! I don't like fans.
I would love to make a fan like yours!

Oh you want to make a fan! This is so great you are my first student! Let me see where shall we being. I know!

*giggle* Fan making for newbies 101! I keep hearing the word newbie around town so thought I should use that for my book title... lets get started.

*Pulls out a stackof papers* Okay so first you have the silk of 'Leaf' of the fan. Now as you can see in our class we painted some of the red silk white.

Next we have the ribs to make the silk stay up. Next we have the guard to keep the sides nice and even. The sticks and rivet help the fan open and close. *She shows you how it closes and opens.*

There are many people around the cities we are going to have to get help from. Now where is that list...

*She still diggs through papers as you become tired of waiting and clear your throat*

Oh I am so sorry I can't seem to recall who you go see but they would need to help you with the silk. Will... return to me once you find the silk person so I can try to figure out my notes.

Yuri's Seamtress:

Say "Red silk"

Hello! What brings you to me? Red silk? Why yes I have the finest in all the lands. I would be happy to help you out... however, I would need something in return.

I have been working on some new Royal clothes for the King. I haven't found anything I really like. Perhaps you can look around the other Kingdoms and find me something I would like? Return to me when you think you have something.

Go back and say "Red silk"; need 2 fine silk, 2 splendid silk, 4 azure silk from Woodlands Caves

Now this is exactly what I needed to make the King something special! Here you go as promised a roll of red silk. Thank you again!

Receive red silk roll


Say "Red silk"

Oh yes you found it! You say it was Yuris Seamstress who helped you out? Well why dont' I remember that? * shuffles through papers*

Let me write that down so I can help the next person I teach. *She beams a smile at you.* Now whatever you do don't lose this Roll of red silk you will need it to finish your fan.

Okay next we will need something to make those ribs with... Oh my what was it that we used again... *she drops her papers on the floor and you let out a slight laugh* Oh my I am sorry!

Good luck finding out what it is! Let me know if you do and how many you needed. *she slowly picks up the pages.*


Say "Ribs"

Are you real!?! It has been so quiet way out here. I am a very lonely old man waiting here for someone to visit me all the time. After the Woodlands changed I thought I would see more of you.

Well at any rate you speak of these ribs. It was quite a while ago that I saw some students who needed some ribs for their fan. They are made out of Thin bamboo.

Are you needing this as well? Okey well if you could bring me a few items from the woodlands and from your towns perhaps I will give you some Thin bamboo.

You will need the right things in order to have me make a trade.

Get 2 plated skin, 2 armored plated skin, 2 fine metal and 2 hot coal

Oh such wonderful ingredients! I will try to make something out of these? Hmm... or perhaps I need more of them. Here is your Thin bamboo as requested. Enjoy your day.


Say "Thin bamboo"

Thin bamboo!! That was it and you found it with Dharani! Okey I think I remember him he was going bald. Very strange felow all he ever wanted to do was talk about the Woodlands.

So now that you have the Thin bamboo we can use that for the ribs of the fan. Make sure you hold onto those and don't lose them or you won't be able to finish your fan.

Now let's see... we have the silk and the ribs now we just need the guard and the sticks... I remember we got those from... oh goodness what was that person's name it must be here somewhere...

*She starts to shuffle around the papers again* You know this is your cue to run away and figure it out for yourself.*

Oh goodness what was their name that gave me the guard and sticks...


Say "Guard"

Hello there! How have you been? You need a Guard? Are you making a fan? You are! How wonderful! You must have a good teacher to of found me!

A Guard is made out of pieces of Heavy wood and I suppose you will need some sticks too? Well I would be happy to trade the Heavy wood for something of yours.

Find me something for the trade and I will help you out!

I shutter at the thought of cutting little pieces of wood!

Give 10 ginko wood and 1 fine weaving tools

Nothing like good old Ginko wood! Thanks! You are going to have to find someone to cut that wood for you if you are going to use it in a fan. I was never very good at cutting little pieces. Good luck!

Wood Plant:

Say "Sticks"

Sticks you say? I can make many things out of wood! I am after al a Wood plant. When I was very young my mother and father would teach me the skill of cutting.

How do I cut? Well... I use long leafy arms to hold the wood and my flower buds to cut. So why do you need wood cut so badly? A fan you say? Oh I haven't cut wood in a very long time.

I would be happy to do this for you but could you please find me some pure water to refresh my long leafy arms? The water below me is so very tainted... I could use something pure.

Get pure rain from Lover's Lake

Oh yes! That is lovely... I feel so alive again! I am so happy I will now make you some Sticks and some Guards for your fan! Thank you so much!

Receive sticks and 2 guards, go to valentine and say sticks

Oh what a beautiful day! So pure so so lovely!


Say "Sticks"

You got the sticks and the Guard! Oh what wonderful work you do! I thought I found my notes on that but I cant find them now... Oh make sure you keep your Sticks and Guards in a safe place.

Don't lose any of your items or you won't be able to make the fan! Well now that you have those we have to find something that wil help move the fan back and forth with the sticks falling off.

*She points to a picture with a circle* See like this. What is it? I don't remember... I am sure I have what it is called somewhere around me...

Oh yes here it is... oh wait... no that is not it. *You run as fast as you can away from her with an idea of who might have it!*

*Fiddles through the papers and books.* No... No... nope that is not it...


A Rivet you say... Well you come to the right place, you know. I have been making al sorts of strange items. Remember how I made the Strange thing?

I guess you heard that the creatures I made it after weren't to happy! *Laugh* That is the life of a very smart man! Indeed I am smart, you know!

So... if you want one of my Riverts your going to have to give me something in trade. I want something cool that wil make me look smart.

Go on now, go find it!


Say "Thane"

*Laughs* How is the crazy old man, still up to his tricks? Oh he wants something stylish? Why did you come to me? Wel I am the Muse of comedy so we should give him something funny.

I will make just the perfect thing and while I do this why don't you find me something fun!

Give red candy box
Find red butterflies and kill them for items (red candy box makes you dance. honey block)

Oh now that looks like fun! Nothing like dancing the most amusing way to make you laugh! Great job and now check these out! Crazy glasses for a crazy old man!

Say "Thane" again

*laughs* Oh this will be good! Have a great day and remember to keep on laughing!


Say "Eye wear"

Wow those are really stylish, you know! I love them! Here is the rivet I promised you! Have a great day, you know!

Say "Eye wear" again (optional)

What! I can't see out of these darn glasses! Oh well I am styling now, you know!

Receive rivet


Oh yes! The Rivet! Oh what? You already have it?? Well you are very smart! I just found my notes on it and here you are already back with it!

Hang onto that Rivet you are going to need it when we make the fan! Now as you can see the fan needs many more things before we can put it together.

It might take some time to finish the fan but it looks great doesn't it? So next we need to make the white paint for the fan. I know you need many things to make white paint.

White paint... white paint... I know that was here somewhere. *She starts to wonder off looking for the proper book on making white paint. Your eyes grow tired as you watch her run around*

Here is it!!! *You jump up frightened to death of her yell* Look here is the list... *She hands you the list and you look over it*

Receive White paint list; (u)se it:

*You see scribbled notes* Here is the list of ingrediants for your White paint.

*You see little hearts over each i.* You must follow the order listed.

  • Something sappy, I hate how sticky this stuff gets!
  • Something sticky, Oh tis is so sticky but yummy too!
  • Something that breaks White stuff
  • Some White stuff, rock like
  • Something to make white stuff dusty, careful don't get it on you! Takes forever to wash out of clothes!
  • Something to put white dusty stuff in
  • Some type of water.

*You see a heart and some arrows in it and the words 'I love you Pepero!'*

If you go see that man he will mix it for you!

*You throw your arms up in the air. look to the sky and scream 'WHY ME!!!'

She wants chalk and you have to visit each person to get the items
white marble & marble crusher make broken marble
broken marble & marble grinder make marble dust
get container for marble to hold marble dust before you grind it
paint = marble dust, pure rain, block of honey, tree gum
Find merchants for this


Say "White paint"

Well hey man are you here to change your hair? No? Then why ya here man in my humbley cool dwelling? Paint you say... I can mix some ya paint if you like.

I can tell you paints are made with many different natural ingrediants from our wicked lands! I am sure if you do some research you will find out what these are!

Once you have all four of your ingredients please come back to me and I will mix up your paint! Good luck man!


*You see Zephys scribbling in a book which is nearly full of words.* You sure have come along way to talk about gum... what did you want to know about it? Oh you want to make white paint you say? I can help you with gum for your paint!

*Zephyr smakes his pen on the desk and lets out a huff.* Gum is used as a resin by several species of acacia trees. I just happened to have some gum paste from one of those trees! I would gladly trade if for something I could use.

Give 2 Scribe's book and 1 Scribe's pen; receive tree gum

Oh that is perfect! Now I have new magical books for my writings and something better to write with! Thank you so much and as promised here is your Tree gum.

*He begins to scribble notes using his new book and pen. Flash of lights come out of the items as he uses them and you quickly fun.*


Say "Rock"

A rock you say? What are you needing a rock for? Oh you are making a fan! How wonderful! Well this very special rock is called Marble. It is very heavy you sure you can lift it?

It's for painting you say! I see well then I suppose I could give you some of my White marble for trade. I wouldn't mind things that shine!

Give 1 star staff, 2 white amber, 5 stardrops, receive white marble.

Oh look at that shine! It will go very nicely with my room don't you think? Here is the White marble as I promised. Be careful it is very heavy. You are going to have to break that if your going to paint with it.

Say "Rock" - optional

*laughs* Fools giving me their stuff for some stupid rock that is bountiful here in artic. *laughs more*

Chul Smith:

Say "Marble"

Marble you say! Well that stuff if pretty tough so we are going to need some materials to make something to break it. I am sure I could invent something with the right tools.

We are going to need meals, wood and a few special items to make this very strong. Return to me when you have what I need to help you.

Give 2 tit gloves, 1 tit lance, 5 fine metal and 5 metal, receive marble crusher

Ah these look like something I can work with. Let me see what I can do. *Chul pounds away making your crusher* Here you go! I know it is so amazing! Good luck with your paint!

Sure hope that thing works!

Runang Smith:

Say Broken marble

You need marble into dust? Well I am sure I can help you come up with something to do that. Perhaps a bowl with sticks to grind it down? Yes... that might work!

Let me think what we could use in the meantime perhaps you could find me a few nice items to give to my wife? Maybe a pretty ring or two?

Oh so many to choose from! This is great! She will be so pelased with me this year. Here is the grinder you requested it came out great! Thans again for the rings!

Give Sea, Holy, Red, and Blue rings. Receive marble grinder.

*You see Runang start to dance.* Rings! Rings! I love these rings!

Mountain Shaman:

(missing opening dialog)
Oh how beautiful! I even have a container to put them in! Thank you so very much for the flowers and here is a nice container just for you!

Say "Container"

Why hello there! It is not very often I see anyone alive in these parts. You say something about a container? Yes I have many of them what do you need one for?

Painting you say. Well that is a very lively thing to do! I supposed I could give you one of my containers if you would be willing to make a trade.

Flowers are what I love. Perhaps you could bring me some?

Give 12 Roses, 2 Old poppy, and 5 Daffodils; receive container

Oh how beautiful! I even have a container to put them in! Thank you so very much for the flowers and here is a nice container just for you!

*She beams a smile at you* Thank you!


Say "I have the ingredients"

Well done man! I see you found all the ingredients! Let me mix this up for you now.

*You watch Serge mix up the white paint*

Here you go, one White paint! Keep that white paint safe!


Say "White paint"

You made it back already! Let me see what you have there. Oh wonderful you have the white paint! Great work! Now just keep that in a safe place.

*She hums some lovely tune* So now you will need a brush to put the paint on with. I know I have that in this pile of books over here.

Here it is! *You are in shock she found something to help you with* Yes... she is very young! There you go! Now go get that paint brush and return to me.

*Your head drops below your shoulders and you walk away.*

*sings* Oh a brush for the paint from the young lady! We will make our fan so pretty!


Say "Paint brush"

*You see Flute singing a song near the stage* Hello there! *she giggles* You are looking for a brush? A paint brush?

I am very good at painting! I have many brushes and would be willing to give you one for free, but I really need them!

What? You would give me something valuable for one? Well bring back something I would really like and we will see about a trade.

Oh these are really cool! I am much to young to use them but they will look good on top of my dresser! Thank you! As promised I will give you this Paint brush! Enjoy!

Give 2 Sen gloves; receive paint brush


Say "Paint brush"

Oh yes that the right Paint brush! Well done you are very good at this! Keep that Paint brush safe you will need it when we make the fan!

Next we will need thse little aqua things on the end of the fan. I think it was someone... no that was for the other thing. Hm who was that person?

Don't worry I will find it, it must be in the book over there.

*You cry and run away!*

Aqua things... aqua things...


Say "Aqua stone"

*Sel holds up some really nice Aqua gems.* I would be wiling to trade them for something I love!

*laughs* Now that is a much better trade! These are special gems that I picked up from my travels. Be sure not to lose them!

Love these gems!!! Thank you!

Give 25 well crafted amber; receive 2 aqua gems


Say "Aqua gems"

Next you see this thing at the bottom of the fan. It swings back and forth. What was that thing called again... It was here I know it... where is that book at.

Did you see the book? I think it was red... maybe it was blue... *she turns around and walks towards a stack of books*

*This is your chance to run and you run, run as fast as you can!*


Say "Tassel"

Tassel you say... I am sure I could make youone. What are you making? A fan! Oh sounds so nice. I think I have some things to make this tassel with.

Perhaps I can use some of these nice dyes to change the color for you. *She pulls out a bottle of dye* What do you think of this color?

How about you find me something nice to trade with and I will write out some notes on how to make the tassel.

Oh what lovely dyes! I will find such good uses for them. I have created a tassel for your fan and dyed it a very nice color. Enjoy!

Give 2 each of summer, autumn, winter, blood, earth and ruby potions; receive tassel

*You see Lonwik mixing together dyes to make different colors.*


Say "Tassel"

I still can't find that book... *You hold up the Fan tassel and smile* What is that! Oh a tassel for the fan!!! Yes that is it!

Shall we move on to the next part? *You let out a heavy sign and try to keep the grin on your face.*

We are going to need this blue stuff here on the fan. It will need to keep the tassel in place.

*You slowly backup and move towards the town exit.*

She wants blue stuff

Dok Smith:

Say "Wire"

*Removed sweat from his brow* You want wire not a repair? I suppose I could make you some wire. I will need something to make it with.

Come back to me when you have something I can make wire out of.

Yeah thats nice but it won't be making this wire you want. (wrong stuff!!)

Bring 6 spent metal; receive Blue wire

I think I can make some wire out of that. It will be blue so I hope that will be okay. *He begins to bang on the Spent metal and then wraps it around a tube.* Here you go! Good luck!

*You see Dok going back to making weapons and leave him to his work*


Say "Wire" 2 times; receive Goopie list

That is so nice! It is perfect for the fan and looks just like the wire on mine. You say Dok make it... yes! yes! I have that right here in my notes!

Thanks to you I might finally get my book in order. I will publish it and make sure to put your name in it for helping me. *You think to yourself 'Don't you mean I should write the book?'*

Well we just have one more step to go! *You start to cry.* We need to make something to hold the fan together. Without it well nothing will stick! I have that list here for the items you need.

*You think to yourself 'Oh not another list!'* Here it is! Good luck on that. Be very careful not to lose your Blue wire you will need it to finish the fan.

Goopie list:

*You see scribbled notes* Here is al ist of ingredients for your goopie stuff.

*You see those little hearts over each 'i' again.* You must follow the order listed.

  • Go see the person who makes this goopie stuff.
  • Need this tree thing!
  • Need something to put it in.
  • Some type of water.
*You see a heart and some arrows in it and the words 'I love you Pepero!'*

If you go back to see that person they will make it for you!

*You shake your head and wonder who put Valentine in charge of teaching... her head is somewhere in the clouds!*

Suayan Lin:

Say "Goopie"

*You see Suayan Li mixing foods together. She looks up at you and smile* I am sorry did you say something?

Goopie? My goodness what is that? I think you mean Paste. Not many people know how to make Paste in these lands but I could help you. You will need to go in serch for a few items.

*You hand her the list and she begins to read it* Yes this is a very strange not but it tells you all the right things. Come back after you find them. *She hands you the list back.*

Just find the things on your list for the Past and come back to see me!


Say "Tree branch"

A branch you say! Druids love trees and they always like to give me things. What do you need it for? Paste? Well I know a perfect branch to make paste!

I would be so happy to give you ine if you could get mug to make me more of his famous carrot soup! If I send you to his workshop maybe you could convince him to give you some.

If you do that I will give you your branch!

Sends you to Mug's workshop, say carrot soup, receive heart hat


Say "Carrot soup"

you bug me when i work?
i laugh here!
what you need soup for?
carrot soup is good i give you one.
i give you another gift for coming by to see me.
hope you have nice valentine day.
i smile here.

Receive heart hat; sends you back to sacred grove


Say "Carrot soup"

Oh this is just what I needed! Thank you so much and here is a special branch just for you! Enjoy!

Receive tree branch


Say "Dish"

A dish you say? I make many yummy dishes! Oh a dish to put things in... well I suppose I could part with one of those.

Hey I wouldn't mind something fancy! Tell you what you bring me something fancy bank and I will give you a Covered dish!

Bring Wedding cloak; receive Covered dish.

Wow now that is really a nice cloak! Maybe I could sweet talk a pretty lady into taking my hand in marriage! Here is the Covered dish as promised!

Suayan Lin:

Say "Paste"

I see you have retured to me to make your paste. Do you have all the items? Wonderful! Let me make the paste now.

Give 2 pure water, tree branch and covered dish; receive paste

*Suayan breaks down the bark of the branch and places it inside the Covered dish. She then places the dish on the fire.*

*She slowly pours the Pure rain into the pot and lets the ingredients turn into a black paste.*

Sorry it takes time to make such a strong paste but here you go! Everything you gave me was perfect! Be careful it is still hot.

*You take the hot Paste and place it in your bag.*

*Suayan returns to her cooking as you walk out the door.*


Say "Paste"

Oh look you do have everything we need to make the fan. There is just one problem... *You frown at her.* I can't remember how to make it!!!

I have been the worst teacher!!! *She starts to tear up!* You see my heart is fluttering! I am in love! I can't think!!! The one person who can help you with your fan...

Well he is the one I love!!!! He will know how to fix your fan if you take him all the items. He is a sweet boy and his name is..

You already know it! Oh you are so smart!!!! Well go to him and he will help you with the fan! I am sorry I wasn't much help with your fan! Good luck!

*You smile at Valentine and give her a hug!

*She smiles at you as you walk away to find her love!* p> Pepero:

Say "Fan"

Oh look at you with all the things to make a fan! How did you find out about it? Valentine!!! Where is she? She is so beautiful! I would love to make her mine!

Sure I would be glad to help you put the fan together... You say Valentine loves me!?! *He beams with energy as he start to put together your fan*

Receive fan


Say "Pepero loves you too"

He loves me! Pepero loves me!!

Thank you so much for your kindess! Well this is such a great day I think its... its my day!

Yes! Happy Valentines day! May the gods shine their light down on you!

A "ray" graphic; your karma rises slightly!

Items needed to make things:

To make paint you need marble dust, pure rain, honey block and tree gum

  • Lovers lake for rain
  • Laptev for white marble - star-staff, 2 white amber, 5 stardrop
  • Chul for marble crusher - 2 tit glove, tit lance, 5 fine and 5 metal
  • Runag for marble grinder, sea, holy, red, blue rings
  • Zephyr for tree gum - 2 scribe's book, scribe's pen

((birch bark, boil it in a pot and it turns in to a black paste))
Get birch bark (Hareiette), pure rain and covered dish for paste

  • Guk-su gives covered dish
  • Suayan li to boil paste ingrediants and using covered dish
  • Sel to get aqua gem, give 25 well crafted amber to get this

For the fan you need:

sticks, guards, roll of red silk, thin bamboo, aqua gem (gems sel), blue wire (dok smith), rivet, paint brush (tangun rogue guild hall, flute for paint brush, 10k to get to tangun), fan tassel (haussan lonwik), guards, sticks, white paint, paste



Items Lost to Sacrifice :
See abve

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :

Rewards :
- Heart hat
- Valentine's Fan