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  Quests | Gogoon Island - NPC Quests

    NPCs with QUESTS

Aiata: 38,131 (16,07 inside Aiata's Tavern)
10 island mud = 1 pirate coin, 1 Gold brick , minor quest experience.
Birthday cake (see Okhee) = Say "Happy birthday Aiata" with the birthday cake in hand, and she'll take it from you. You'll receive 1 pirate coin and some karma.

Anui: 21,120
1 Sponge = 1 pirate coin & minor quest experience

Atiqu: 49,155
4 of each color shell (Black, blue, green, purple, pink, orange) NOTE: Currently he won't take the shells unless you carry 10 of each colored shell, but he will ONLY take 4 of each! = 1 pirate coin, minor quest experience

Bakile: 38,131 (6,10 inside Aiata's Tavern)
30 limes , 30 lemons , 30 mangoes , 30 oranges = minor quest experience, 2 pirate coins

Bocchus (Old man): 7,113)
5 Belladonna & 5 Foxglove = Temporary ability to breathe underwater (Lasts a 8 hours real time)

Didyme: 133,104: (Mansion, bottom right door of top room)
Wants a toy? = ???

Duaita: 70,175
10 Crab meat = 1 Pirate coin

Eperona: 98,000 (Brings you to Central Overlook)
Let's you see the available items you can trade for pirate coins (most are outfits, each costing 500 pirate coins)

Eumolpus: 133,104: (Mansion, bottom right door of top room)

  1. Eumolpus' Meal = 1 pirate coin (See Otando below to make the meal)
  2. Eumolpus' Toy Wooden duck = minor quest experience, 1 pirate coin
After you feed Eumoplus, go see his mother Orama!

Hanauhou: 38,131 (6,17 inside Aiata's Tavern)
Looking for a unique recipe you can make at Otando's in the mansion. Perhaps one of each dish from the stove? = ???

Hoanui: (roams Kugnae)
5 coconuts after you speak to his brother, Ponui = minor quest experience, 1 pirate coin

HuangQi: 133,104 (Mansion, middle left)

  1. 5 coconut oil = Middle mansion key
  2. Purified bag , tao stone = Say "Blu stone" (Yes, Blu, not Blue) and receive 1 pirate coin, and minor quest experience

After you get the Left Mansion Key from Orama....
Who dat der? - she squints her eyes - Ah! Why it be de stranger who been helpin' round here. Grandma no knows where the key be, but grandma did find piece. I be needin a many thin if you wan ta piece. Lisin' close should yoo hope to ere fine what yoo seek. Grandma be needin' da coconut oil. Brings grandma fives o them each as yoo's offrin'.

Jalaharsa (Lady holding fish): 52,130
? Coconut milk = ???

JongSoo: 28,148

  1. JongSoo's Craft - 50 unripe acorns = 1 Pirate coin, Temaru's necklace, Yuujin's necklace
  2. The Missing Wife - Asks you to find his wife, Geetha, and a ring she used to wear. In the last room of the Turtle cave, there's some skeleton remains at the bottom. Walk around and you'll get a pop-up saying you found a ring, called Forever love. Take it back to JongSoo. = 1 pirate coin, 2 gold bricks (Also hints in asking you to find him another wife that loved him like Geetha did..?)

JongSoo's Craft
You look like someone I used to know... are you from my lands? Have you seen my wife? I have been helping on the island with any types of jewels Master Gogoon would like. Today, however, I would like to make something for my good friends Temaur and his twin brother. Please find me some unripe acorns so I can make them special necklaces. Return to me with as many as you can find.
The Missing Wife
*Sobs* My wife, Geetha and I were sailing across the ocean when there was a very bad storm and our beat fell apart. The waves were very high and we lost each other. I was found by a villager and brought to this village over a year ago and am now the official jeweler. I have had no sign of my wife and due to the killer turtles in the North, none of the villagers or guards will go out to look for her. I have a bad feeling that she is gone *sobs*. Do you think you could go out and find her? I will make sure you are rewarded nicely. Oh, one more thing that is very important to us was a very special ring. Geetha wore this ring from the day we were married many years ago. This ring was made of special gold handed down from out King. King Yuri was his name not sure what has happened back at home in Koguryo but we have been away for a very long time. Please help me find my wife. I pray that she is safe and you will bring me only good new of her.
In the Turtle Cave - Here lies the bones of Geetha, slain by the great turtle boss Yurtle. On the remains of her bones you find a very special gold ring.
After you find and return the ring....
*Cries louder now* What ever will I do, I am so lonely... I will never have anyone to love again. *Tries to dry the tears* I just don't know how I will ever make jewelry again. Thank you for finding the gold ring, now if only you could find someone who could love me like Geetha did. *Takes a deep breath and lets out a sigh*

Liko (Child NPC): 25,105
24 small rocks = 1 pirate coin & Yellow feather (this seems to be a quest you can repeat)

Good day, Traveler, I am looking for rocks. My friends and I want to hunt like the warriors of our tribe, but my father, the Chief, says we are not big enough to hunt with spears. We only need small rocks. I have heard my father speak of small rocks all over the island. Once you find 24 come back and see me.

Kalilinoe: 22,147
5 Rhino meat , 5 Oranges, 5 Gingerroot , 5 Large turtle meat = 1 pirate coin, minor quest experience

Maataliki (Large bird statue): 46,140
1 perfect golden statue = Karma, minor quest experience, 1 pirate coin

Mahal (Green man): 52,130 (2,08 inside Jalaharsa's meat hut)
5 Coconut meat = ???

Manutea: 103,87
Dangerous herbs.. as many as you can carry.. Fill up with belladonna, wolf's bane and foxglove from Gargoyles Cave (143/003).

You will receive minor quest experience and 1 pirate coin.

Hello. You should not be here! This is sacred land. I myself should not be here but I must gather herbs for WenMu. He is teaching me new ways to use herbs. In order to do this you must first overcome your fear of evil spirits. Do they scare you? No? It would be best if you kept this to yourself and not let others know you are helping me. I will pay you well if you keep this between us. WenMu has told me to collect night herbs for his spells. The only place these herbs grow on our island is in the Sacred Burial Ground that is protected by spirits. You must be very careful if not your might lose your life and I won't be responsible for your death. Go out and collect belladone, foxglove and wolfs bane. The spirits strictly guard these because they are dangerous herbs. Pick as many as you can. I will meet you here when you are done. Remember tell no one of this! Go quickly and find what we need.

Naoko 133,104 (Mansion, middle right)
??? = ???

Okhee: 38,131 (11,11 inside Aiata's Tavern
Bring her a Warm cake (take ingredients to Otando at the mansion, see crafting info below). Once you have the Warm cake, she will ask that you combine it with raw honey. Using the Creation system (shift+I), use the Warm cake with 4 raw honey , and you will make a Birthday cake . Take the cake to Aiata. = 1 pirate coin, 1 gold brick .

Oliwa: 38,131 (19,17 inside Aiata's Tavern)
5 Old boots

You will receive minor quest experience and 1 pirate coin.

Orama: 133,104 (Mansion, top) = Gives left mansion key after you feed Eumolpus. When you get the key, go see Grandmother HuangQi.

Otando: 133,104 (Mansion, top right)
4 oranges , 2 strawberries , 1 mango = Eumolpus' Meal (1 pirate coin)

Ponui: 67,140

Brother's Quest
20 Chestnuts after you speak to his brother, Hoanui, in Kugnae = (Pirate coin?) Blackened crystal

Hello! I am trying to find my brother Hoanui. Last I heard from him, he was on his way to visit far off lands. I am not sure where he went last but I am very worried about him. I was hoping a stranger like yourself might come to our lands and know something about him. My brother is probably missing his favorite food. Maybe you can collect five coconuts and give them to Hoanui when you find him. Let me know if you find him so I know he is alright.

Ponui's Dilemma
25 small white pearls , 1 brown coir yarn , 2 gold wire = Perfect golden statue

Oh hello! You startled me! My mother's birthday is tonight and I still don't have anything to give her. I just don't know what to do! Everyone else seems to have things ready for her and here I am with nothing nothing... Maybe you could help me with an idea as well? My mother likes pearls but I can't leave town to go find them. Necklace? Really what a great idea! A pearl necklace! But we will need many pearls. I know that pearls can be found by digging in the ground for shells. The small white pearls there are very pretty. You should get enough to make a necklace for her.

Puaura: 133,104 (Mansion, bottom left)
5 Brown Coir yarn and 20 NamJe Sae feathers of EACH color = 5 pirate coins

Click this link for information about Puaura's quests!

Quilber: 23,151 - 12 Crunchy bugs = 1 pirate coin

Rahiti: 133,104 (Mansion, top left)
Take the box and message he gives you to Chief Tahaki. Click Tahaki again to get the box back then go see Naravas = 3 pirate coins

Hmmm? Greeting and welcome to the Island and my families mansion. My name is Rahiti Gogoon, master of all you have seen. I hope you have been enjoying yourself! Pardon me for not speaking with you longer, but I have some important packages that need to be delivered and that boy still hasn't shown up... Where is that boy? Hmmm... perhaps you can help me out! If you could, take these deliveries to Chief Tahaki and head Black smith, Naravas. Have them sign the statement on the box so I know they got them! The Chief's is the most important so see him first.

Samwon: 22,106
You must be Level 99 to do this quest.

  1. 5 vessels of clear water - need carpenters to make empty water jugs, take empty water jugs to Imp
  2. Cave, drop them near the water to fill with Clear water.
  3. 20 seeds (from Flower cave)

Long ago the water of our island was tainted by the evil warlord. We have done all we can to clean the water but it seems to still taste tainted. If we can find a source of clear water I am sure it would help my garden to grow better. I have heard rumors that clear water can be found on this island but all the villagers are afraid that if they leave the village the evil warlord might show up again. If you could find some for me it would really help us with our survival and keep our food growing. I can tell just by looking at you that you have it in you to help us. I heard of a cave and a path that will take you to the source of this clear water. Good luck finding it, I will need five filled vessels of these clear waters to help my garden. Oh yes, you will need something empty to carry it in, I'm sure you can come up with something. Good luck and return to us safely.

You receive minor quest experience and 1 pirate coin.

Saulo (Guy below fence): 22,160
Says talk to his wife Puaura (Mansion bottom left: 133,105) (No reward here)

My wife, she is crazy about her feather fans. *AhChoo* All she does is bring home feathers to *sniffs* make these beautiful *ah ah AhChoo* fans but, I am just not having a good time with the way they make me sneeze. If you want to know more about them you should talk to my wife, Puaura. *AhChoo*

Shaman Heimana: 72,96
Heimana's Magic
7 voodoo dolls , 1 lime thorn = 1 pirate coin

Ooh dat wicked waarlarrd! I member when he came fe mash up us. I became a shaman after what he did fe i family! De gooards are charged with keepin' his armies away, it be is i job fe keep his myal away! Maybe the i kyan help, young one. Brin' i a voodoo doll for every day dis week, and supm fe stab dem with. Somethin' very sharp.

Heimana's Blue Stone
Tao stone = 1 light blue feather , 1 purified bag , 1 tao stone

Dis blu stone hold de power. Yeas moos find oon an bring ot ta me. De stoorees say it be found in da very mydical place. Manny years agoo de blu stone was here on island, but it wus taken be de evil warlord. *Shudders* Mooch fighting, few survived. Me sister and I's were very lucky dat we lived troo dis. I's feel de spirits and dey are heavy. I's afraid de village be loost if we do not poorify de blue stone. You moos help! I's smell evil in de winds.

Shii: 12,99
10 seashells = 1 pirate coin

Hi there! You must be new here... my name is Shii and I love seashells. I heard there were wonderful shells on the other side of this fence, but my daddy won't let me go over there. I would be so happy if you could find me some new seashells.

Tahitoa: 133,104 (Mansion, bottom right)
Iron statue (dropped from Gim Yi) = minor quest experience, 1 pirate coin

Tahitoa's Craft
He wants 12 small black pearls for right mansion key

Taina: 100,117
10 pink petal
10 light blue petal
10 orange petal
10 dark green petal

Taina's Petals
Hello there! It sure is great to see your around these parts. It seems something has happened and this set of stairs has now opened up to a new area.... It seems the flowers are taking over! It you could please cut them down to size and bring me back a few gifts I would be delighted! Perhaps ten of each? (It's not know what she wants this for at this time.)

Temaru: 71,126
Temaru's necklace (from JongSoo) = 1 pirate coin

Uleki: 28,147

Help for JongSoo
4 rhino horn = 1 pirate coin (this seems to be a quest you can repeat)

JongSoo has been in real need of new Rhino horns for his crafting. Perhaps you could help him collect 'em.

Uleki's Dream
5 Gold wire , 5 Perfect black pearls = 1 pirate coin

Every day I ask JongSoo to take me on as his jeweling apprentice, and every day he tells me I am too clumsy to work with jewels! He also tells me I should be guarding the village, but who is he to talk! All he does is stay inside and make pretty things. I'll show him who can make pretty things! And I can do it all on my break time! Maybe you can help me? I need you to bring me some gold wire - good quality! Enough for five rings. Also, I'll need some pearls, the pretty black kind! I need five of them in excellent condition so he will really be impressed.

Wanaao: 38,131 (14,16 in Aiata's Tavern)
10 lime juice , 10 lemon juice , 10 mango juice , 10 orange juice , 10 orange zest , 10 lime zest , 10 lemon zest = 2 pirate coins, minor quest experience

Witch Doctor WenMu: 201,62

  1. 25 Small turtle meat = ???
  2. Kill 20 Shimjang sae (from Bird Cave) = 2 pirate coins
  3. Collect poisonous spores (from Flower Cave)
  4. Ayin Horoh (summons Ghostly Warlord) = 2,000,000 experience & 1 pirate coin

Quest for Turtle Meat
Ah yes, there is nothing as good as small turtle meat for my uses. Please collect these and bring them back to me as soon as you can. Oh yes, I will reward you for your efforts!
Overgrown Bird
*The man is muttering to himself.* OH-ho-ho... those Namja Sae think they've got me beat... I'll show them. My plans will not be thwarted by some overgrown birds! *The man looks up at you.* Who are you? No, nevermind, it doesn't matter. What matters is you can help me! You can, right? You see, these insolent Namja Sae have been interfering with my spells. They think I'm mad, that I don't know what I'm doing... Well, their Shamans may be powerful, but they'll regret standing in the way of the great Witch Doctor WenMu! *He cackles.* I have been trying to... do something, yes... But they have been thwarting me. If you could remove some of their Shamans, however, I might be able to move forward with my plans. Then they will truly rue -- well, that's not important. Go kill twenty of their Shaman leaders, the Shimjang Sae! That will show them, and while they are weak I will strike! *He laughs maniacally.*
Poisonous Spores
Hmm... I have been told there are new poisonous spores around Gogoon now... I believe I can come up with some great ideas with these spores. Quickly go out and find me some. Well don't stand there get to work...
The Ayin Horoh
Long ago the Ayin Horoh gave great help to the Maataliki. It brought about peace and prosperity to the island. You should take one of the Ayin Horoh and place it on the ground to pay homage to the great and powerful Maataliki!

Yuujin: 133,104 (Mansion 1st room)
The Mansion Key
-this man seems panicked- Oh my! Where is that key... did I drop it when I visited Temaru? Oh! -he coughs- Good morning, I am Yuujin, butler of the Gogoon family. What has brought you to the Gogoon family mansion? You aren't with those dreadful pirates are you? That's good. Those invaders have changed things considerably here. Let me welcome you then to our mansion. You'll want to visit the master then and introduce yourself. You may find him in the shipping room. Oh... -whispers- Please keep this to yourself, but should you find an old, golden key laying around somewhere could you please bring it back to me? I'll reward you quite nicely!

Combine left mansion key (Orama), right mansion key (Tahitoa) and middle mansion key (HuangQi)

Yuujin's necklace = 1 pirate coin