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Knowledge Domain: The Tutors List
Who taught the Nexus community during the past years?

The Tutors List

This is a complete list of the people who served as Tutors in each of the three kingdoms. Warriors, Rogues, Mages and Poets who shared their knowledge and time to teach others of their class and community. This list goes from back when tutors started up to Nexus 6.6. Feel free to send in pictures/information/names we do not have.

Position Description
Tutor - Players selected from each path, one from each kingdom, to teach others about the various aspects of Nexus.
This includes teaching about hunting, battling another player, roleplay, money making, crafting and much more.

Head Tutor
1st: Nussan

Koguryo Warrior Tutor Buya Warrior Tutor Nagnang Warrior Tutor
1st: Vanq 1st: Vasili 1st: Guldar
2nd: Jdawgx 2nd: Glove 2nd: DarkMaverick
3rd: Kowe 3rd: Kowe 3rd: MythicTenchi
4th: Ixeus 4th: BTG 4th: Soulhunter
5th: Erisa 5th: Brancrese 5th: Monchichi
6th: Westlee 6th: Gildenstar 6th: Tackle
7th: Guldar 7th: Veggs N/A
8th: Vini 8th: ShinsenGumi N/A
9th: Exere 9th: SoulHunter N/A
10th: RCMP 10th: Lexington N/A
N/A 11th: Exere N/A

Koguryo Rogue Tutor Buya Rogue Tutor Nagnang Rogue Tutor
1st: Axess 1st: Lhurgoyf 1st: Conro
2nd: Melalye 2nd: Ssjxrouge 2nd: xFirestormx
N/A 3rd: Kamakazi 3rd: Moraghul
N/A 4th: Cable N/A
N/A 5th: Opuds N/A
N/A 6th: xFirestomx N/A
N/A 7th: Saboth N/A
N/A 8th: Venca N/A
N/A 9th: Sxymail N/A

Koguryo Mage Tutor Buya Mage Tutor Nagnang Mage Tutor
1st: Bearr 1st: Chult 1st: Kahni
2nd: Marstead 2nd: Wasse 2nd: Nayuki
3rd: Bruxinha 3rd: ZFire 3rd: Professeur
4th: Nussan 4th: Gull 4th: Thebestmage
5th: SquallMage 5th: Schwanz 5th: Karmalize
6th: TheSavior 6th: Guerrund 6th: Haedu
N/A 7th: SquallMage N/A
N/A 8th: Guerrund N/A
N/A 9th: Domhu N/A
N/A 10th: Thebestmage N/A
N/A 11th: Maevalia N/A
N/A 12th: Metora N/A

Koguryo Poet Tutor Buya Poet Tutor Nagnang Poet Tutor
1st: Kaoru 1st: Clone 1st: Devion
2nd: Rando 2nd: Demigod 2nd: Sorriso
3rd:RedBaron 3rd: Eowgala 3rd: MoonWater
4th: Rinoashadow 4th: WiKiDWinD N/A
5th: SkaDemon 5th: Isaiah N/A
6th: FireTiger 6th: LordMoses N/A
7th: TempestRaine 7th: Sinchan N/A
8th: Yheero N/A N/A
9th: WiKiDWinD N/A N/A
10th: PoeticTruth N/A N/A
11th: Isaiah N/A N/A
12th: Snoop N/A N/A