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Nagnang: The Land of the Dead
Who lead the kingdom of Nagnang during the past years?

The Leaders List

This is a complete list of the people who served as part of the Nagnang kingdom's government. Royals, Ministers, Generals and Primogens who shared their knowledge and time to lead others and make Buya grow into the most populated kingdom of Nexus. This list goes from back when Nexus story began up until Nexus 6.84.

  • Position Description

    Royal - A monarch figure who represents the goverment of the kingdom

    Minister - A person who is chosen by the Royal to lead the ministry group of the kingdom

    Ambassador - A person who is chosen by the Royal to represent the kingdom in affairs with neigbour nations

    General - A leader of the official army that defends the kingdom

    Primogen - A leader of an official clan affiliated to the kingdom

Legend Mark
Mark given to those nominated by Primogens of Nagnang clans and former Generals of the Army that have shown outstanding devotion to the kingdom; citizens who bear this mark are called "Nagnang Defenders" and they can be noticed by their Nagnang royal-purple dye
Mark given to community members who have been recognized with grand honor to the kingdom through a ministry quest
Mark given to members of Eternal Order of Nagnang, the new name of Nagnang Ministry after Kija's death

1st: King Zhou / Queen Filia
2nd: Prince Kija
3rd: Prince Regent ChaeRi

Nagnang Ministry
Nagnang Ambassador
Nagnang Army / Covenant Clan
1st: Borfshwitz 1st: Dominoki 1st: MarekP
2nd: Nayuki 2nd: Earl 2nd: ApeDragon
3rd: Simbel 3rd: LordDryn 3rd: MarekP
4th: Liselle 4th: Jolie 4th: JadedSkies
5th: Asuza 5th: Carlein 5th: Gromph
6th: JooEun 6th: Shisitsu 6th: Bezal
7th: Asuza 7th: Cirran 7th: Chill
8th: Liatris 8th: Sorriso 8th: Adragonsclaw
9th: Magdeline 9th: Krylon 9th: LegacyTrix
10th: Elyra 10th: Prius 10th: Gilmore
11th: Vinbarton 11th: Choucatzin 11th: Bezal
12th: Maril 12th: Elyra 12th: Sterben
13th: Fayebelle 13th: Vinbarton 13th: Anatole
N/A 14th: Karmalize 14th: Stimulation
N/A 15th: Sabe 15th: RokoTanaka
N/A 15th: Pishi 16th: WindBreakerX (Became Covenant Clan)
N/A 17th: Zared 17th: Adragonsclaw
N/A N/A 18th: Wooderson

The Forsaken Clan
Pegasus Clan
Silla Clan
1st: Blight 1st: Kujek 1st: Morick
2nd: Infernos 2nd: Creature 2nd: ChiaJen
3rd: Borfshwitz 3rd: Kujek 3rd: LarryDeMarco
4th: Azelle 4th: Drywater 4th: Morick
5th: Quistia N/A 5th: Sick
6th: Devion N/A 6th: Morick
7th: Ayleen N/A 7th: Lyonn
8th: Blinkeman N/A 8th: Morick
9th: Conro N/A 9th: Lyonn
N/A N/A 10th: Brittannia
N/A N/A 11th: Aesir
N/A N/A 12th: BooMeR

K'urimja Clan
Alizarin Clan
Viper Clan
1st: Strawbryrain 1st: Gamine 1st: Arthias
2nd: Zaventh 2nd: Buke N/A
3rd: Kaeul 3rd: Gamine N/A
4th: Strawbryrain 4th: Endotime N/A
5th: Rubicant 5th: Crystalice N/A