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History for July 2002

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(07/01/2002)- Nexus 4th Anniversary - Yet another year has past for Nexus and we celebrate our 4th anniversary since we went commercial. Nexus has become a large part of my life, as well as many of our players over that time. Since it's humble beginnings Nexus has strived to be a good game for everybody all over the world to enjoy. This last year has seen some of the greatest advances for Nexus since Beta, if then.

One of our main goals was to provide you with a better, more stable, and enhanced gaming world for you to enjoy. With the help of Yinchuehshan, the server team, the client team, and our own technical support team over the last year and a half the stability and quality has defiantly been addressed, and down time is at an all time low. Nexus is running smoother and better than it ever has in the past.

However, we were not just satisfied with just stabilizing our game; we also wanted to make major additions and enhancements to the game as well for our players to enjoy. The last year also saw the additions of many new, and in some cases very major, additions to the game. With the release of Nexus 5 players gained access to hair dyes, which nobody would have thought possible just 8 month ago, and also a massive overhaul of maps. Many other abilities were also released, such as "away messages", the ability to live in town and circles, mass exchange, and many more that were spearheaded from Nexon USA on the suggestions and comments from you, the players.

Even with all these changes and enhancements we are still not satisfied here at Nexon, and have been working on even more new abilities and features planned for release over this summer, and the rest of the upcoming year. One big project we are putting the finishing touches on for this summer is the new House system so players can own homes. Later this year we will also be working on a pet system, so you can own and raise your own pets in the game. There are also many other projects we have lined up for release this upcoming year, but we don't wish to spoil them by saying too much right now. You will learn about them as the time comes.

We are very excited about the upcoming changes, and additions. We are proud to have been a part of our players lives, and provide them with a gaming experience they enjoy. We look forward to spending another great year with you, and providing more of the things you expect from Nexus, as well as a few things that may even surprise you!

From everybody at Nexon we wish you a happy anniversary!

(07/02/2002)- Nagnag's plots - Recent events by Nagnag's mercenaries have been very confusing. Nagnag has sent his troops to attack his former ally the Sonhi people, who we thought would be joining him with his new plans. This move alone has added a great deal of strain to the diplomatic relation with the Sonhi and the three kingdoms.

Still to this day we are not fully aware of Nagnag's plans, and what he is trying to achieve. We know he is not with the forces in the Sonhi camp, and can only assume he is leading a second force of mercenaries to another destination.

Nagnag has shown himself to have little regard for the kingdoms, and his actions have placed us in a bad situation. Currently our best analysis of the current troop movements is that Nagnag is making a move against the kingdoms in a hope to occupy our lands. If he manages to defeat the Sonhi people from his path to the southwest he will have the whole southern front under his control, from which to launch attacks. We know he must be leading at least one more force, and we suspect he is going to try to move around and attack from the North as well, possibly the northeast.

Unfortunately in the past we have had little, if any, success in trying to figure out what his plans have been, or what his goal is. We urge you to keep your eyes open for any mercenaries, and to keep your ears open for any information on what Nagnag is doing.

This information has been taken from the histories originally published by Nexon Corporation and is published here to make a more complete game history.