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Kingdom of residence: Koguryo

Short Description:
A clan born from the merciful absolution of the Dragon King, the God of the Seas. Oceana is a temple of humans who dedicate their life to protect oceans, rivers, lakes from the deterioration and pollution caused by mankind.

The members of Oceana are ones who value life in all forms. They promote peace and harmony with the environments and confront those who threaten the perpetuation of water cycle. The kindred are stimulated exercise their creativity and expand their friendships while getting to meet and work with other members. Due to the extended services of Oceana Navy, it's a strong militia based clan.

Oceana Members List

Clan helmet:

Clan Emblem:

Current Primogen: IcePixy

Clan History

Year of origin: Yuri 56

Founded by: Chrysalis and Jayme

Clan Lore:
Tired of the pain and suffering caused by the endless fighting in their land, a handful of people decided to abstain from the bloodshed. Fearing for their lives, they gathered what supplies they could and set sail on a ship bound for the horizon. So poorly rationed that food soon ran out, the people turned to the ocean for their nourishment. They used their best skills to grab enough food for the rest of their journey, paying no mind as to what they took and from whom they took.

None may take from the sea without permission, and this ship was no exception. In his anger, the Sea King raised the waters around the ship, tossing them about the ocean. Huge waves hit the ship and almost making it sink. The people of the ship were below deck crying for mercy. The Captain was lost with the great strike; the hope for their survival was almost gone.

A few people gathered their courage and bravery to stay above the deck. They called out to the Sea King pledging to give themselves in service to him, promising their lives and the lives of their children so that they might appease his anger and repay him for all they took.

The Sea King heard their oath and reflected about the held they could offer him. Noticing the peace and harmony which shining from the ship full of children, of a family running from a fight, the Dragon King calmed the waters. He stood before them and kissed their brows, binding them and their line to him and to the ocean. He promised to guide the ship to safety and in the days before landfall, he taught them of the sea and its mysteries. He taught them to navigate using the stars, how to read the signs of the weather, how to harvest the gifts of the sea, and how to properly give thanks for those gifts.

True to his word, the Sea King led the ship to the island of Hausson, a small island on the coast of Koguryo Kingdom. That first day on land, the other people aboard the ship decided to honor the Sage and the Captain's courage. They made pledges of their own to the sea. Pleased with his new people, the Sea King named them Oceana, Children of the Tides, who came to represent the harmony of life, in the lands of the men.

Clan Garden

Location: Hausson - 052 061

Return to: Oceana Entrance

Information and Links
Curiosities about the clan:
  • Oceana is the only kogurian clan that does not reside in Kugnae city. It's based at Hausson island.
  • The wedding of Historian Qantao and the wandering Traveler Kiroku Hozonsho was scheduled to take place inside Oceana Hall, but such event didn't happen due to the brutal murder of Kiroku by the deceiving Johaih.