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Kingdom of residence: Koguryo

Short Description:
The Bear clan is a clan that only allows Warriors and Poets to join. They live by the code of Honor, Loyalty and Strengh in Unity and feel that together the Warrior and the Poet cannot be stopped.

Bear Members List

Clan helmet:

Clan Emblem:

Current Primogen: Astrael

Clan History

Year of origin: Yuri 8

Founded by: Madog and Vanion

Clan Lore:
Hwanung, son of a god, came to Earth to establish a nation with 3000 of his followers. He founded a city on top of Mt Paektu. His nation prospered, Hwanung´s people spread throughout the lands and Hwanung ruled the world. One day a tiger and a bear that lived in the same cave came to Hwanung to ask him to transform them into humans. Hwanung gave them each a piece of mugwort and 20 cloves of garlic. He instructed them to swallow these and shun the light of the sun for 100 days. The tiger faltered and went into the sun. The bear endured for 37 days of the 100 and was transformed into a human. However she could not find a mate so Hwanung pitied her and married her. They had a son known as Tangun. Tangun inherited his father´s kingdom. Tangun was a wise man; he separated the people into clans around his nation. Thus the ancient kingdom of Choson was formed.

Over the ages Tangun´s dynasty lost power over the kingdom. Fighting erupted between the clans and different faction throughout the land. Through the ages great kingdoms rose and fell. Kings and Generals lead glorious lives and died deaths that muses would write songs about for years to come. Today, King Yuri and his son Mhul rule over the great kingdom of Koguryo. The nations of the Han, PaekChe, Silla, and many others border Koguryo or are within an eagle´s flight. It is a time of change and for some a time of stability.

Many centuries after the end of the Choson nation, during the rule of King Yuri, Madog and Vanion rediscovered the power of the Bear clan, Strength, Honor, and Loyalty. But then a dark power seeped into the land. Sagu, Mupa, and Darkchild threatened the rule of King Yuri and the very existence of Koguryo. Sagu and Mupa were defeated after a long series of battles in the Vale. Mupa fled from Koguryo vowing to one-day return. Sagu was trapped within an enchanted Onyx, but before he was trapped he swore a curse on Koguryo.

Sagu´s curse came. Great earthquake opened up deep chasms in the earth. Volcanos spewed their fiery fury upon the land. Evil Wyrms arose and attacked the people of the lands. Madog and Vanion, attempted to protect the land but Madog fell gravely ill and Vanion lost his life. Several members of the clan took Madog to a healer in a far off land.

That great winter, during their leader´s absence, many bears went into hibernation swearing to not awaken until Madog returned. Several others just left, never to be seen or heard of again. After much Chaos two great warriors appeared, Gradnon and Oblivion. They began to awaken several of the Bears. That spring the Bear Clan awakened for the third time in its history.

Clan Garden

Location: Kugnae - 147 016

Return to: Bear Entrance

Information and Links
Curiosities about the clan:
The Bear has been co-founded by Madog, a Warrior, and Vanion, a poet. From this union it has started the only clan that allows two paths only, which makes Bear clan unique.