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Past News | August 2015

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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August 2015

    Monday, August 31, 2015

O Snap Bow!
Posted by: theSavior -- 9:33 PM EST
This past week Zoie managed to gather enough Elixir tokens to finally purchase the O Snap bow and was kind enough to share some pictures with us.

Zoie wielding her new bow

The "O Snap Bow"

Who will be the first to save up enough for the Titanium Snap Bow? At double the amount of tokens as the O Snap Bow, it should be a little while longer until we find out!

Thank you to Zoie for letting us take a few pictures to show to the community.

---- Dohsa theSavior Xing-Normad'Or

Baekjung Festival
Posted by: Loxie -- 4:01 AM EST
The Monks and Royal Ministry of Koguryo celebrated Baekjung, a Buddhist festival honoring the harvest and ancestors. The Monks made a lovely mandala prior to encouraging the community to make offerings, all of which were swept up and set out to sea!

A special thank you to Elder Jasna for setting up the festival.

    Saturday, August 29, 2015

Change of Nagnang Minister
Posted by: Donjuan -- 7:30 PM EST
Yesterday there has been a change of civil leadership in Nagnang. Prime Minister Thameus has stepped down from his position and appointed lady Reikai Yomigae to be the leader of Nagnang ministry again.

Congratulations then Prime Minister Reikai and good luck with your new/old duties. Also a special thank you for Thameus for the dedication he has given to the ministry in his second term leading it.

Brought to you by,
-,-@ Donjuan

    Saturday, August 22, 2015

New Heavens Primogen
Posted by: Loxie -- 5:02 AM EST
Congratulations to Asamushi on succeeding Sigma as Primogen of Heavens! From what I hear he's excited and eager to lead Heavens to a bright future.

Good luck, Primogen Asamushi and thank you Sigma for your service.

    Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Server reset today
Posted by: LinuxKiddy -- 7:48 PM EST
* Fixed a bug that caused several of the event morph items to disappear when going to the carnage server

* Bonus event experience will last in to next week!

* Bonus kruna has been given out and August itemshop items have been rotated in, check them out!

    Saturday, August 15, 2015

The mystery of the Taal'yeein insiginia
Posted by: Vini -- 4:35 AM EST
Although humans have just recently found about the existence of Bulkkoch, the kingdom of the seventh Sea, our records show that Taiisrhaa has been wearing Bulkkoch Sea Pearls on his head since before the Forget-Me-Not Ball months ago. It seems that Suvola, his "companion in chains" (which could be easily seen as a slave), was also wearing Bulkkoch coral on her head.

While he wears an iron glove and she is forces to wear shackles and chains, like a slave master and puppet, he also carried the healing salve which he has been giving to Queen Yun over the claims of helping her.
What is common between Taiisrhaa's equipment and Suvola is that both carry a Taal'yeein insignia. It is not known what "Taal'yeein" means, but the Intel collected by KRA (Koguryo Royal Army) has strong evidences supporting the following hypothesis:
The shape-shifting witch imprisoned under the sea who is pretending to be the Sea Princess would be in fact the mysterious mother of Taiisrhaa which people have been seeking to find out. "Taal'yeein" would be the shape-shifting kind that the transformed witch and Taiisrhaa would belong to. In order to obtain their powers, these Taal'yeein shape-shifters would pretend to be friends of their victims until they can force them into signing an agreement which pretty much gives up their soul. Dangerous isn't it?

Suvola on the other hand seems to be a true nine-tail fox who got morphed into the body of one of Taiisrhaa's victims which would explain why Suvola doesn't act very humanly

This hypothesis is based on Taiisrhaa's too friendly behavior to Queen Yun of Koguryo which resembles the a lot with the story of Princess Serena tricked by the shape-shifting witch who could be Taiisrhaa's mother. Could they be plotting to steal Yun's soul as well?

The investigations are continued strong in hopes to find more evidences to support this hypothesis into a feasible theory. If anyone has important information which could add to this, bring to your local army officers or one of the Chonguns. The investigation of King Geumwa's murder isn't over and the prime suspect is growing more powerful. Reports from Koguryo Palace, show that by nomination of Prime Minister Loxie, Taiisrhaa was admitted within the Royal court as their new "Royal Shaman".

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 73, Moon 12~

    Friday, August 14, 2015

Walk-through not lost.
Posted by: LinuxKiddy -- 11:51 PM EST
The guide is not gone! Just Archived! If you're still in need of the walk-through to the quest Please use this link and it should be here. Archived Page Link

Server Reset - August 14th
Posted by: Donjuan -- 8:18 PM EST
Nexus servers were reset just a while ago. Check out what's new!

* Added a new item to event drops and improved some AI a bit

* All event caves will give 25% bonus experience this weekend!

Brought to you by,
-,-@ Donjuan

    Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bulkkoch - the kingdom underwater
Posted by: Vini -- 1:00 AM EST

The story happens at an underwater place called Bulkkoch, the Kingdom of the Seventh Sea. An old tale regarding a forbidden love between the Princess of the kingdom and a fisherman. Here's how the tale goes, as told by Taeniuru.

With help of the SeaNymph and Seamstress Dashae, community members were able to create a special coat made from enchanted suit of scales, which allows people to breath under water for a while and dive in a bottomless pool which seems to be the hidden entrance to the Bulkkoch kingdom. Under underwater, people can swim their way through fishes, jellyfishes and merfolk until they enter the Princess Chambers and find a Mermaid there who claims to be the princess.

She tells you about she fell in love for a human long ago, pretty much like the Tale says, but she doesn't seem very involved with the story. She says that she is locked away and can't get her magical anchor (Anchor of Binding) which would allow her to travel in and out of the sea. According to her, it was given to her by a kind woman.

The Mermaid "Princess" wants help to cross a room with enchanted current to reach a chest hiding the anchor which would allow her to escape. She reveals that a terribly "wicked and mean" fish knows how to outwit the tides enchantment in the chest room and seeks out help to get answers from "Alumda...something".

"Alumda" is actually a large fish called Aleumdaun and is a quite friendly creature. At first she seems to refuse to help the Mermaid "Princess", but once she finds that you're not friends with the Mermaid, then the truth is finally revealed:

"The Princess you met is not the real Princess. It's an imposter, a shape-shifter that tricked our poor Princess into giving up her soul. SHE came to our kingdom. She pretended to be friend, and oh so slick she was, even I believed her at first! She brought the Anchor with her. It was hers to begin with! She explained how it works to Serena, our Princess's name, and then said that she would gift it to her...but Serena had to give something in return. Fancy talk n' all, It didn't hit us then that this was Serena's soul that this wretched woman was after! By the time we finally understood what was happening, it was too late. Serena signed the agreement and the binding ritual was performed.

Now my poor Serena lays in the enchanted sleep, neither dead nor living. You see, this shape-shifter she wanted to steal Serena's soul and then use the anchor to get back home. But, little did she know that Serena commanded water to protect her anchor. If anyone walks into the room, the currents will rise high and one has been able to pass through. So, now this imposter princess is trapped herself ha! She cannot leave without the anchor so she spends day in the castle pretending to guard it. All the while she is still trying to get it back for herself. She is a wicked woman, she used her dark charms to entrap the King and Court and make them all think she's the real princess. I pretend I believer her as well, but I suspect that she knows I see her for who she really is. It's no coincidence that she ordered her goons to patrol the entrance to this house. You must retrieve Serena's binding agreement. The witch's powers are growing strong. She may soon find a way to retrieve the anchor and all hope will be lost then".

Aleumdaun has a plan to trick the shape-shifter witch pretending to be the Sea Princess. To capture a zinger and wrap it within decorated cloth and give it as a present to the witch morphed into Mermaid. With that, the witch will be stun and that will be a chance to grab the binding agreement. Once the agreement is retrieved to Aleumdaun, she sends to a place called Auroras shining where you place the parchment over the sleeping Princess's heart.

Serena's eyes open and she slowly awakens and feels very guilty. She thinks she's paying the price for using magic and the usage of the Anchor of Binding is very pricy. According to her, to get the anchor to work you have to bind your very soul to it, so, if it ever falls into the wrong hands... your fate is sealed.

Upon telling the story of how Ophelia wants to meet with her father, Princess Serena feels compassionated and wants to help. Therefore she'll help you grab her old Anchor of Binding and take it to Ophelia.

She warns to keep the anchor away from the shape-shifting witch. If she or her kind gets their hands on the anchor then both our kingdoms and Bulkkoch kingdom will be in danger. Serena then blows a magical whisper into an empty flask with a message to the currents to allow you to cross the room to reach the chest. Upon obtaining Serena's anchor of binding she is able to help reunite Ophelia with her father. But What about the distanced union of Princess Serena and her father, the Bulkkoch King?

Will they ever meet again?

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 73, Moon 12~

    Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The continued Ophelia Saga - explanations
Posted by: Vini -- 10:57 PM EST
As revealed by Alilolelotte back in July 3rd, the story of the current event is tied up with an event which occurred back in November 2013. The second in the series of three. While to start the current one it's not required have discovered the Secrets of Buya Haunted House before, to understand the story of Ophelia it would be great to look back on what happened at the previous event. So here is how the storylines connect:

Back in Hyul 59, the community met a pirate girl named Ophelia, a friend of the old man Noxhil, the old hallowed shaman who lives in the buyan Islets. Back then, we learned that Ophelia was looking for her dad whose ship was destroyed at the sea.

Her father, is an undead pirate captain who was lost in a final unrest and couldn't remember his history anymore. Ophelia was a familiar name for him, but he couldn't remember how he knew that name.

Ophelia told people about how she remembered a song her father used to sign for her when she was still a little girl. "Through the dark and stormy night, I will be your anchor. I will be your light". And after he sang the song he would make a fist, blow on it and when he opened his hand there was a beautiful flicker of light.

Upon meeting her father, this was exactly what people needed to do. Sing the song and sparkle flash dust with fists. This would bring his memories back and allow him to send a message to her. And this is where the story connects to the current event.

As it's known ("it is known"), Ophelia is standing at north Gate of Buya, where she tells people that she received a letter from her dad saying he wants to see her. Thanks to help of community she knows he's sailing the River of Stones. Problem is that the underground passage of Buya Haunted House is sealed off by boulders.

With the help of the Old Hermit, who we known to be called Lucretius Laframbois, community find ways to enter the underground River of Stones and meet with her father. It seems Lucretius (the old hermit) has some hidden agenda for not wanting to let Ophelia to use the same backdoor pass he helps us obtain, he probably fears she'll be trapped at underworld forever. At least he is a main aid for people to meet with the undead captain again.

Upon reaching the River of Stones, you can find Ophelia's (un)dead father. There he reveals he can't leave that wretched place in the stat he is, but points out that the woman next to him can help, but she won't talk to him.

Taeniuru, as she is called, offers assistance for community to help Ophelia meet with her father. She tells of an tale of love between a underwater princess and a fisherman and how the Princess used an Anchor of Binding to help her visit her beloved. She instructs people to look for the underwater kingdom and find the anchor to align with Ophelia and her be able to see her father. Here is how the tale goes:

"Legend amongst people that has been passed from generation to generation. A tale of star-crossed lovers, whose stations in life were so different that only through divine intervention could their paths have crossed. Alas, such love seldom leads to happiness, especially if it involves a lowly fisherman and a King's daughter. Theirs was love at first sight, birthed beneath the beaming moonlight along the far shores of Ilbon ((Japan)). The two did not get to enjoy happiness for long. Shortly after King found about them he forbade his daughter to ever see the fisherman again, imprisoning her in a underwater castle.

But where there's a will, there's a way. For in time Serena was able to see her beloved again. And what allowed her to do so was a special anchor that the Sea Princess came in possession of; most likely through a trade of some sort. This anchor is referred to as an Anchor of Binding, as it has a magical property of binding a person to its core. Wherever the anchor travels, the person bound to it may go with the help of a summoning ritual.

Now this story is at least a few hundred years old. The Princess and her fisherman are long gone by now, so the anchor is most likely gathering dust somewhere in her castle".

With help of the large fish, the Sea Princess, of Noxhil and the Old hermit, community was able to give Ophelia the Anchor of Binding. Therefore, she is finally able to meet with her father. What shall happen to this storyline? years will tell.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 73, Moon 11~

    Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Destiny's new Primogen
Posted by: theSavior -- 3:35 AM EST
Last week the Primogen of Destiny clan, Pandemonium Upallnit, stepped down and handed the reins to Champion Bowtiesan.

Champion Bowtiesan proudly holds the Primogen of Destiny staff

Thank you Upallnit for your tenure and dealing with a sudden shift into leadership, and we look forward to seeing Bowtiesan help continue with Destiny's traditions in Koguryo.

---- Dohsa theSavior Xing-Normad'Or

A sudden storm...
Posted by: theSavior -- 2:34 AM EST
Not even two hours after the first reported drop of the Bulkkoch trident, the Kingdoms were hit with storms- sending the community into chaos ((Another server reset)).

Though no official report accompanied the storms, the most notable change is the reduction of the Bulkkoch trident's stats, and removal of its polearm-mimicking range. This is surprising to come so quickly, bringing the weapon to a much weaker state. Having a new, stronger polearm-like weapon may have made a difference in how (in)frequently mages are able to get hunts these days...

Though the stats themselves remain similar, the damage itself has been heartily reduced, as well as its range.

On a more positive note, it seems that now only the "Sea zingers" and the "Bulkkoch Sea King" will hoche your curses, protecting themselves from scourge. All creatures will still dispell randomly, but the rate seems to be much less frequent as well. Perhaps this means the caves will become a much more active hunting ground!

Thank you to Marauder Shinobi for providing the new stats of the Bulkkoch trident, and to Shikari IxSpYxI for providing information on the creature changes.

If any other changes are discovered please send an nmail through the winds, and also contact me through the greater scrolls (( Thank you!

---- Dohsa theSavior Xing-Normad'Or

Server Reset - August 10th, 2015
Posted by: theSavior -- 12:38 AM EST
Server Reset - August 10th, 2015

* A distant solar flare appears to have weakened some of the sea creatures. Are they now too easy? Still too hard? Only time will tell.


This reset has helped the Bulkkoch Sea King to find his trident, and thus the community can pilfer it from his dead body. The first finder of the Bulkkoch trident was Brandon, modeling it for us below.

Brandon holding the Bulkkoch trident

Stats of the Bulkkoch trident
!!These stats have since been reduced!! See post above!!

It is said to have the same swing radius as a polearm- and with those stats, that would make it a very powerful weapon. It is unknown at this time if there are higher levels of this weapon, though there are many who are sitting at the Sea King's throne in wait.

Shinobi tries to reason with the Sea King

The Bulkkoch Sea King will also call out for the creatures of the sea to come to his aid, but this doesn't seem to spawn any additional creatures at the moment.

Bulkkoch Sea King cries for aid

According to Shikari Hurm the Bulkkoch trident IS BREAK ON DEATH so make sure you get those item protects on it should you be lucky enough to grab one!

If any of the community comes up with more unique drops, weapon stats, or any information please let a staffer know and we can share it with the community!

---- Dohsa theSavior Xing-Normad'Or

    Friday, August 7, 2015

Thank you Kru for an event!
Posted by: LinuxKiddy -- 9:23 PM EST
Server Reset - August 7, 2015

* Ophelia needs your help to reunite with her father! Check Whispering winds for more information.

* A few minor updates
It appears that our old friends Noxhil and Lucretius Laframbois are at it again, trying to help little pirate girl by the name of Ophelia reunite with her father. Through the valiant efforts of local heroes that took them deep into the dungeons beneath Buyan Haunted House, Ophelia's father has been located. However, it looks like Fate is set against poor girl; every attempt she made to reach her father has failed.

Will the little pirate girl stay forever an orphan, or will she finally meet her father once again? ---
It's time to call the mighty local heroes to the rescue!

And now for the walkthrough Thanks to everyone in the community that helped with it

Item Required

Finest Snake Meat : 3 (Blue Snakes in Kugnae Snake Cave)
Stardrop : 2 (Artic)
Seaweed : 2 (Hauson's Lobster)
Large Fish : 1 (Fishing)
10001 Coins

1: Go to north gate buya.
2: Click middle NPC (Ophelia).

3: Click left NPC (Noxhil).
4: Click right NPC (Old Hermit).
5: Bring 3 Finest Snake Meat click Old Hermit.
6: Talk to Old Hermit again and she gives you "Backdoor pass"
7: Enter the back door behind the Buya Haunted House. (9,58)

(Click to Expand, warning over 3MB in size.)

8: Walk through the path until Room Named "Desolate Pass" Go North To Map Named "Dead End" Keep North And U Will Find Old Man

Talk To Him And Buy
Warm Glaze
Bucket Of Sand

Do Creation System (Press Shift + I) Add Those Two Item And Make Warm Clay (You Will Need It Later)

Go Back To "Desolate Pass" Then Go East To "Empty Village"

Walk South And You Will Find "Bored Rock" Block The Road,

Talk To It And Perform this dance:
1. Jump 3 Times
2. Slide to the side
3. Round n' Round you go
4. Clap hands twice
5. Peek-a-boo
6. Slip n' Slide
7. Make a fish face

9: After you get through, Follow The Road To East Until "River Of Stones" Go South And You Will Find Pirate Zombie (Undead Captain), talk to the dead captain who is Ophelia's father, after you get done talking to him speak with Taeniuru ( Taeniuru is not Ophelia's mother)(Taeniuru) below him.

10: Go Below The Boat And Walk East Until You Find Next Room (24,48), and talk to the Hermit Rock (large boulder) that's hanging out.

11: Go to west gate Buya talk to the SeaNymph (22,74)

12: Bring 2 Star drops, 1 Large fish, 2 seaweed to the Seamstress in Kinung.

You can find her at the bottom right of the map (Girl In The Middle Of The Room, One Room Before Taek Pae).

13: Take your new suit to the SeaNymph (22.74) above the rat cave at west buya, she will enchant it for you. Use it so you can breathe underwater.

14: Enter the backdoor again behind the Haunted House.

15: Enter the huge pool below the boulder.

16: Walking through the first two maps you'll find a

(Event Map Guide, WARNING 6.6 MB in size)

palace with a princess

- she instructs you to get the anchor in the next room but it's protected by magical currents.

17: After talking to the princes, go to the room named "Dim Glow" there are doors there that you open and speak to the person named Aleumda that she sent you after.

The coords are as follows (loosely): Bottom left of that map (19, 34 Bright Star) -> (5,7 Royal Courtyard) -> (19, 20 Scarface), (21, 10 Love's Loss), walk up into the tiger gates of Dim Glow and speak to Aleumda.

18: After telling Aleumda you're not with the princess, he will help you and gives you a net to collect a Zinger jelly fish to make a present for the fake Princess in order to take papers from her.

Swing at the Zingers (Jellyfish) Until It Attack You Back Then Stop Hit It (There Is No Point To Attack Many Times) If You Failed you'll get a message that you just missed. Do not Zap Or Taunt It, leave the map and hop back in and try again. Keep doing it until your net disappears and you get the item she wanted. Bring it to Aleumda and she will give you a present.

19: Take the present Aleumda has given to you back to the princess, give her the gift and get her binding agreement. Head back to Aleumda and she'll send you down to speak with a lady encased in water. This lady will give you Serena's Message, Go To Princess Room Again, There Is Underground Enterance There, Go There And Walk North Until Chest. You will Get "Anchor Of Binding"

20: Bring the anchor to Ophelia, say "Bind my spirit to your core, exist as one forever more", bring Ophelia's Anchor back to her father (Zombie Pirate), then talk to Taeniuru. You will receive 4 different legend marks for this entire ordeal.

21: Now you are going to need to speak to Jonglyu. You can find him at the bottom right of Coral Fields at 25, 16 (From Princess Room Take South East And Then North East). He is going to give you a prompt for 8 different items.

You'll need enough to make

3 Bullkkoch Pearls
2 Bullkkoch Coral
4 Bullkkoch Seashell
1 Bullkkoch Abalone with Jonglyu.

After you've gotten these items take them along with some Warm clay, Talk to the Old Hermit, then talk to Noxhil.

You'll need to wait up to an Hour to obtain an anchor that you can Bind a location to return to (with a long 3 hour cooldown rendering the item useless for hunting) This anchor has restrictions as well, you can basically use it anywhere you can Summon and approach at.

In addition to the quest there is a side quest to make a Anklet, walking throughout the cave your foot may kick up some pearls, coral, shells And if you get 16 of them fixed you can make one.

1. Have Jonglyu in Coral Fields polish your chipped and darkened sea items.

2. Take 16 of any polished gem type to Mananana in her Kinung shop.

Anklets - Color
Bulkkoch seashells - light blue
Bulkkoch pearls - silver/white
Bulkkoch abalone shells - black
Bulkkoch corals - red/pink

Foot slot (f) item
Durability 10000 / 10000
Vitality Increase +1000
Mana Increase + 500
Grace Increase + 5
Regen + 5

Any Class Level 50 Req

(How to find bulkkoch Sea King, WARNING 1.6 MB in size)

Bulkkoch Trident
Durability 500,000
Damage S 110m200
L 110m200
Armor -3
Hit +3
Damage +3
Vitality increase +1,000
Mana increase +3,000
Might increase +3
Will increase +3
Grace increase +3
Regen +10
Protection +10

Any class Level 85 Req

    Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Did you know Buya had Dinosaurs?
Posted by: Vini -- 7:04 PM EST
Did you know that millions of years ago, Buya was inhabitated by Dinosaurs? The recently returned Wildhair, a legendary former Shaman elder, provided us with proof of a T-Rex egg which she has had since early yuris, given to her by Enderwiggin.

The rumors of fossils and dinosaur bones being found has always been around, but in fact long ago when Buya city was being opened some dinosaur eggs were found: some big ones were raptor's eggs and tyranosaur's eggs.

Imagine what could happen if one of such eggs would fall in the hands of evil conjurers? Would Nexus become a Jurassic World? Nah! T-Rex and Velociraptors lived during Cretaceous peroid, so if anything it would turn us into Creaceous world.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 73, Moon 10~

    Monday, August 3, 2015

[BREAKING NEWS]: Oh San is coming!
Posted by: Bocanegra -- 2:23 AM EST

Alilolelotte announced earlier that Oh San is indeed coming out.

According to her shouts, she wants us to know/do the following:
*This upcoming Friday's event has NOTHING to do with Oh San.
*If you have ideas for Oh San trials, post them on DREAMS board.
*So far, one of the ideas posted on DREAMS has been selected as a trial for Oh San.

Thanks to Omoikiru for providing me with the information and screenshot of Alil's shouts.


    Sunday, August 2, 2015

New NSA General
Posted by: Uoiea -- 12:39 AM EST
The Nagnang Sovereign Army (Formerly the ARN and the Nagnang Army) has a new General, our very own Bocanegra! NexusAtlas appears to be taking over the world.

Bocanegra is already recruiting for the NSA, showing a great start and a promising future for their activity. He is preceeded by General Haterix, a long time Nangen figure.

Thank you for your service, Haterix and congratulations Bocanegra.