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Past News | April 2009

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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April 2009

    Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nangen Treasury; Immortals keepsake
Posted by: Musoyen -- 6:47 PM EST
(( This event will take place on May 11th, 6pm PST/9pm EST ))

The word of Prince Kija's death not only chimed across the lands, but across the seas as well. With the anxiety in Nagnang and the outbreak of war, the Ilbon pirates saw this as ample opportunity for the taking of the late Prince's treasury.

But the glimmer and shimmer of the Prince's treasury aren't the only things that entice the pirates. Nagnang's Treasury contains artifacts that date back to the days when the totem guardians roamed freely along the lands. These treasures have been labeled as gifts from the Heavens that are passed down to the rightful heirs of the Nagnang throne.

Knowing, too, that the fighting in MuHyul's Armageddon has dimmed, the sly Ilbon pirates thought they'd make an easy getaway with the late Prince's treasures across the hushed battlefield. But before they could reach their ship with the heavenly treasures, lightning struck down each and every one of them (in this realm, you can bet that lightning does strike the same place twice).

Now, scattered across the battlefield are parts of the Nangen treasury. Understandably, the Heavens are allowing the mortals to secure possession of these treasures under two conditions. First - the mortals must agree to defend these treasures from all pirates who attempt to take them. Secondly - all mortals with exceedingly greater strength and magic will humble themselves before attempting to take these treasures (( players above 300,000 vita and/or 150,000 mana will enter the field with stat balancers* )). To ensure fairness the Immortals have agreed to unearth these treasures on a specific day (( May 11th, 6pm PST/9pm EST)).

Unsure about how to handle the situation, the nations' greeters have decided to absolve themselves from the task of guiding citizens to the battlefield on that day. Heaven, however, has decided to open the Great Gate to those who will meet their conditions.**

Will the Blood War continue to rage on despite these odd disruptions made by pirates and the Immortals themselves?

(( *Important: If your stats are Il san+, you should enter the left side (red tile) of the Great Gate. If you are below il san stats, enter from the right (blue tile). You will then be sent to the Bloodlust League Hall (if you are il san+) or League Hall (if you are under il san+), but do NOT enter the Bloodlust/Carnage hall via the regular NPC. Click on the green NPC who will take you to your nation's base in MuHyul's Armageddon. Again, DO NOT PAY THE FEE AND ENTER THE BLOODLUST/CARNAGE HALL VIA THE REGULAR NPC. IF YOU IGNORE THIS DISCLAIMER YOU WILL BE EXTREMELY BORED BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T READ THE ABOVE. ))

(( ** The Great Gate can be reached through Vale or via the cave at the base of Tiger's Steps.
DATE: Monday, May 11th, 6pm PST/9pm EST))

Server reset, Thursday, April 30, 2009
Posted by: Musoyen -- 1:24 PM EST
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
* Enigma gets updated map
* Minor update for KRA
* Minor update for Royal Ministry (For spring event please see Archon for help)
* Minor update for Kugnae Tribunal Hall (You can now sage)
* Sun moon gets a few updates.

* Changes and updates for Kinung council
* Minor addition for Archons of Kinung
* Minor fixes for Kinung
* Minor additions for Archon events coming in May


    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MuHyul's Armaggedon
Posted by: AkiKan -- 7:50 AM EST
Late News but still News

This was posted on NexusTK on April 24th.
The War Continues...

King MuHyul has asked that all war be removed from the streets that are killing innocent families and has constructed with the help of Princess Lasahn an Armageddon to allow the War to continue. We suggest you enter with caution for others may still attack.

You can view a map of the new area but going to MuHyul's Armaggedon.

That is all for now.

*From the desk of,*

    Monday, April 27, 2009

Councilors of Kinung chosen
Posted by: Musoyen -- 10:12 PM EST
A few months ago, people were given the opportunity to apply to become a councilor of Kinung. By being a councilor, they are able to work with the current roleplay with the game and expand it to fit all needs and bring a new horizon to the role play we see daily. Congratulations to those who have been chosen!

All councilors will receive the following legend mark:

The first ever Councilors of Kinung have been chosen. Candidates were all interviewed and carefully chosen. These patrons will be the representatives of Kinung and will all be working closely on opening the gates and welcoming you to explore the mystery of this new village. Sandok and I would like to thank everyone who applied. It is refreshing to know so many are interested in this exciting new chapter of Nexus.

Councilors of Kinung: Almekia, BeZal, Bloodangl, Fayebelle,
FPickleDog, Haoshi, Jisong, Laren, Lavahn, Lightining, Living,
NaoYuki, TempestRaine, Uoiea, Valevic, ZenRu

Congratulations, Councilors. The Nexus community awaits your successful transition.

Ruhiryo & Sandok
Archons of Kinung

    Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Bear Primogen
Posted by: Kikoura -- 6:16 PM EST
KazTheWar has been a faithful, loyal, and hard-working Primogen of Bear. However, there always comes a time for a new face to be brought up into such a position. In hopes that he will succeed in continuing the Bear Clan's prospering ways, KazTheWar appoints AzNCloudBoi as the new Primogen of Bear!

Congratulations, Azn and thank you for all the dedication leading up to this position. Thank you, Kaz, for your similar hard work in this position.

The best of luck to both of you.


Daily Pictures
Posted by: AkiKan -- 6:07 AM EST
Our staff member ChihYung, has been away for a few days now. I will be temporarily be the person doing them. Please send your pics to my email address. Just click the name below and send them there.


Thank you.

From the desk of,*
Hyul 23, 7th Moon

    Friday, April 24, 2009

The sad words and offer from Ae Sook
Posted by: AkiKan -- 8:01 PM EST
These are the sad words from Ae Sook, as you speak to her she will tell you about her sorrow and pain. And a way to help her and yourself during this war.

Once you accept to her offer you will get the legend mark.

You get this mark if you had a war mark of the 4 kingdoms from before she showed up.

Below is her fallen love, this is the reason why she cries.

In recent news I have found out from Kikoura, if you stayed neutral during the war you recieved a mark from Ae Sook.

*From the desk of,*
Hyul 23, 7th Moon

Nangen Government Issues Official Stance on Blood War
Posted by: Conro -- 7:24 PM EST

Last night an official government was formed by Clan Tribunal Council. They've appointed a temporary Regent to take control of the throne in the absence of a royal.

Chancellor Elyra has been appointed Regent by the Council, and will be sworn in today at 9:00 PM EST.

The Nangen Government has also issued an official statement on the Blood War, declaring no war with the North. They have, instead, taken on a defensive role.

Below is the official statement, as posted on the Chronicles of the Winds board.


As per the first vote of the Regent government of Nagnang:

Nagnang hereby officially declares no act of war or agression on the Northern lands of Buya, Kugnae, or the tribal territories of the Wilderness.

Nangens are permitted by the government of Nagnang to travel North at their own risk. Nangens are permitted under the government of Nagnang only to defend themselves if they are attacked by any force outside of a realm which protects their thread of life.

Any force which pursues to take the life of a Nangen on Nangen soil will be taken as a hostile act, and Nagnang will defend itself in this case.

As decided, signed, and defended under the Regency of Elyra

Hyul 23, 7th Moon, 7th Sun

Remained Neutral in the Blood War
Posted by: Kikoura -- 2:29 PM EST

Kenzi, Elder of the Geomancers, has reported good news for Geomancers, Geomancer students, and those who wish to remain neutral in the war:

With the Blood war taking its toll on the lives of people, one young lady named Ae Sook, stands crying over the body of her beloved in the Wilderness. She feels that those who have taken on the mark of the war and no longer want it should be absolved from their past. She also feels those who have not participated in the war should be thanked with their own mark.

If you would like to take a Neutral Stance in the war
and/or if you have mistakenly taken a mark in this war
already, Ae Sook will take the mark away.

Please seek her by the South Buya entrance to the Wilderness, near the Barbarian cave at 012,012 Wilderness!

We extend great gratitude towards mug and all involved in such an addition. Thank you for honoring those who choose the path of Neutrality!


Shaman Seeking Prince Kija's Spirit
Posted by: AllyGator -- 7:06 AM EST
There has been some misunderstanding about our previous post. The shock of Kija's murder has shaken us all! Elder Muiki has written a clarification on the Chronicles of the Winds. Nexus Atlas had no intention of inaccurate's just so...shocking!

With the passing of Nagnang's Prince
Kija, a Shaman from Nagnang was asked
to find his Spirit. She agreed, and has
gathered other Shaman who wished to give
their aid to the cause.

I would like to point out that as Shaman,
we do not support one set Kingdom. We are
individuals, who have our own beliefs,
and our own Kingdoms we wish to defend.

The Shaman who give their alliance to the
land of Nagnang are the ones searching
right now, not all of us.

I myself feel much sorrow for the people
of Nagnang and hope that the Shaman looking
now will find his Spirit and guide it to
the other side safely.

They are trusted and capable Shaman, so I
have much faith the Spirit of the Prince
will be found safely.

I will support these Shaman fully in their
search and offer my condolences to the
Chancelor and people of Nagnang.

My homeland may be Buya, and my alliance to
Princess Lasahn, I am not without the heart
to give my symphothies to them, and truely
hope this war will end peacefully..

~Miuki Kiostri

    Monday, April 20, 2009

New Primogen of Tiger Clan
Posted by: AkiKan -- 11:12 PM EST
Congratulations to our very own Nexus Atlas Staff member. Gilmore has been selected to become the next Primogen for the Tiger clan.

Primogen Gilmore

*From the desk of,*
Hyul 23, 6th Moon

    Sunday, April 19, 2009

MuHyul's stance on the Blood War
Posted by: AkiKan -- 3:16 AM EST
Allies and Enemies of Koguryo,

The foul and ruthless violence committed upon the citizens of my Kingdom and the silly displays at my Palace have indicated without a doubt the intentions of some parties in Nagnang. Unfortunately for those Nangens who wish for peace, or perhaps for the continuation of the Treaty, those violent offenders appear to be the majority, and their behaviour is in direct violation of our existing Treaty, and it becomes therefore null and void.

Koguryo will continue to ally itself with the great nation of Buya, as per existing treaties which were not, as claimed by some, meant to over-ride or undermine the Tri-Kingdom treaty, but were simply pre-existing and co-existing conditions upon two peace-seeking nations.

Koguryo also strongly stresses that we took no part in the murder of our Royal ally, and that we would not harbour this scum, Hawkmori, willingly in our Kingdom. Should he be found, he will be turned over to Nangen authorities for swift retribution.

Please be warned, further violence may lead to war. I reserve no hope for a true end to the violence, as there are those who live to hurt others and know no other meaning for their lives but the shallow, senseless slaughter. I do however pray for the well being of Koguryo, Buya and Nagnang's future.


King of Koguryo

*From the Desk of,*
Hyul 23, 5th Moon

    Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lasahn responds to "accusations"
Posted by: Musoyen -- 12:18 PM EST
During these troubling times, Lasahn was able to inform the public on her stance on the war and who Buya is allied with. You can view her post and respond on the Chronicles of the Wind board. It seems as if Nagnang has broken off from the alliance with Koguryo and Buya -- only time will tell what the next move will be.

~|From the Imperial Sovereignty of Buya|~

Over the last days there has been many accusations against me and my Court. Many beleive that in not helping Nagnang we are breaking the Tri-Kingdom treaty.

Recently we had to declare a state of emergency in Buya due to criminals that were threatening the well being of our people. When we asked for help, Nagnang made it VERY clear that they would not become involved. By doing so they made the treaty null, and void.

This in no way affects our relationship with Koguryo, who we still consider our closest ally. King Mhul and his people will not be harmed by the citizens of Buya.

~Princess Lasahn~
~Head of State of Buya~


    Friday, April 17, 2009

The Blood War...
Posted by: AkiKan -- 2:12 PM EST
Here is the post that was placed on the Whispering Winds:

The Blood War...

The last of Nagnang's royal bloodline has perished. Prince Kija of Nagnang was assassinated by Hawkmori, a member of the Legion of Nagnang, during a Defender Ceremony where the finest representatives of Nagnang were honored. The possibility of such an atrocious event manifesting in a room completely filled with Nagnag's citizens and Her allies is surreal. Unbeknownst to all those who attended, Hawkmori's intentions were premeditated. Realizing the naivety of assumed-security amongst the Nangen people, he adopted the persona of a Nangen soldier, thus earning the respect of his peers and a position within the army to protect the Prince during the ceremony. Hawkmori was a long-standing member of the army, thus making things easier for him to slip by with a fatal attack.

But when considering the situation, why did Hawkmori take it upon himself to assassinate his own Prince? What reasons did he have to fool his peers over the course of several months? Was he perhaps hired by the Buyans who constantly hear the threats of Nagnang echoing from the South? Or was he hired by the Koguryians who fear the economic growth of their ally? The people of the Wilderness have kept very quiet through this ordeal, is that a sign of thier guilt? Or, perhaps he was more than likely hired by his own countrymen, who do not disdain from showing their distaste towards the Prince. After all, The Nagnang Army and Forsaken clan have been at each other's throats for years. Was this civil animosity the exact opportunity that Hawkmori was waiting for, or did it just complement his plan?

With no leader for the Army and chaos in the Nagnang government, what will happen to the Army of Nagnang and the Ministry? Kija had no heirs.

The Ministry of Nagnang and the Primogens have started their search for answers. King Mhul of Koguryo and Princess Lasahn of Buya vemehntly deny any involvement with Hawkmori, but Nagnang is not accepting that as an answer. In order to protect their citizens, Mhul and Lasahn urge their people to be on watch to defend themselves for anything that happens. The wilderness seems to be keeping to themselves, but they would not dare let an Army defile thier land in an attempt at revenge.

No Kingdom is safe from the violence that will ensure during this scury for answers. Spontaneous battles are possible, even outside of the Kingdom walls. The greeters of each nation -- Honi, Yoni, the nameless Nagnang Ambassador, and the Wilderness' Rotah have prepared combat coats for the impending battles. Due to the lack of supplies, however, each patriot will only be issued one set of armor. Do not lose it.

This, is the Blood War!

((War fighting will be PK death at this time. You will not lose experience, items, or durability due to PK death.))

If you are a member of a subpath, check with your Elder and path board to see if there are any rules in place regarding the Blood War! Geomancers, Do and Druid all have rules in place - so act carefully!

*From the Desk of,*
Hyul 23, 5th Moon

Server reset, Friday, April 17, 2009
Posted by: AkiKan -- 2:10 PM EST
Server reset, Friday, April 17, 2009
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

What? A Blood war!!! See more details on the Whispering winds!

With the Blood war event the follow coats have been given out to the Kingdoms Citizens.

To obtain these coats, visit your Kingdom's Greeter

You will also get a Legend mark!

Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
* Nagnang Army receives a Minor update
* Dharma receive merchant NinaP (Deposit/Withdrawl and Repair items)
* Lost Kingdom receive Minor updates and Clan spawn horse on Thead
* SanSin receive new room SanSin's Dojo, merchant Ae-Cha, Devil-Sme
* Phoenix receive minor updates
* Silla receive minor updates

Subpath additions and fixes:
* Druid receive minor update on a few maps
* Geomancer receive a minor update
* Muse receive a minor update

* Recall stone was fixed so that once you use it you may no longer return to your dead spot. The reason this was fixed was players who were higher level were returning to their dead spot which was in a much lower cave and abuse of the stone.
* Work on item shop items was also done you should see a few new items next week
* Easter and April fools were removed, everything is back to normal

*From the Desk of,*
Hyul 23, 5th Moon

Retraction: Bad Code Bans
Posted by: AllyGator -- 1:28 AM EST
The editorial written about this was factually inaccurate. Bad codes are exactly that! Codes which have not be purchased because of theft or fraud.

I have started a section in Nexus Atlas for Practical Information not related to game play but helpful for using the client and managing your account. That section may wind up as a FAQ if it grows too large.

Hopefully sharing information like this will be easier to come by in the future. Many people, including myself, have tried for a long time to learn what some actions KRU takes really mean. I apologize for posting inaccurate information however it was information I obtained from some players and, in part, from KRU itself.

Nexus Atlas encourages players to share information because that's why we exist; to make it easier to play and spend less time is a clueless fog.

The Death of Prince Kija
Posted by: Conro -- 12:33 AM EST
A defender ceremony to be remembered for all time.

After bestowing the blessing of Nagnang on the newly selected defenders of Nagnang, Kija was taken hostage by a man dressed in Nangen Military garb.

The man took a blade to Kija's throat, threatening anyone who came closer. He cast his helmet off his head, and revealed his long flowing hair, and his face for all to see: Hawkmori of the Nangen Army.

Without haste, Hawkmori ran his blade across Kija's shoulder, the blood spatter hitting the floor below. Citizens took up arms and rushed Hawkmori, but divine forces kept any attack at bay as Hawkmori ran his blade across Kija's chest, then finally across his neck.

As quickly as he appeared, Hawkmori left. Kija lay in a pool of his own blood, losing life quickly. No amount of ties, spells, or herbs could save him though. As the blood trickle ran dry, an eerie light shone above Kija, welcoming him into it's warmth. Kija's spirit took flight out of the palace, his body no where to be found. All that remained was a blood soaked memory blossom, on the last place he stood.

Among the confusion, strange jet black ravens started to appear, the same ravens seen in an Augury by Chancellor Elyra just days before the ceremony.

An emergency tribunal meeting was called, held by Chancellor Elyra to assemble forces to find Hawkmori. Before any troops could be released, however, Hawkmori made his presence known in the Nangen Courtyard, surrounded by peculiar barriers.

Hawkmori announced he had assassinated the prince for someone elses gain. He alluded to infighting, the Buyans, Koguryians and even the inhabitants of the Wilderness.

Since Kija's passing, a temporary government is being established, and shaman are in the process of conducting research to find a method to bring the bereft prince back to life.

Any information of Hawkmori, or of those he works for is asked to be turned into the temporary government of Nagnang, led by the Primogens and Ministry. A reward will be offered to the capture of this military defector.

((pictures to be added soon))

    Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Day Of Nagnang Defenders Ceremony
Posted by: Kikoura -- 9:28 PM EST

Written by Elyra:
"Twice annually we gather to honor those among us who have shown true dedication to the community, to their peers, and most importantly to the Land of Nagnang. We commend these people for their selfless efforts to better not only themselves but their clans and their kingdom.

On behalf of His Royal Highness, Kija, Prince of Nagnang, the Woodlands, and the Vortex, the Ministry of Nagnang wishes to extend to you an invitation to join us as we commend the best and brightest of our countrymen. "

Elyra, the head historian and Chancellor of Nagnang, introduced the community and summarized just what they were there supporting.

Maril soon came up to perform a balancing ritual, or more specifically a Feng Shui cure. Om Me Ni Pad Me Hum! he chanted before calling upon Prince Kija to stand by the flames, representing Nagnang's strength.

Elyra then introduced Court Oracle, Larrydemarco, who also had a little bit to say. He brought up Tarot cards, or cards that foresee the future, and placed them before the crowd. He then deciphered each upright and inverted card, telling of Nagnang's future; it is a bright one with struggles that they will overcome.

The man of the hour, Prince Kija, then comes up to the stand. He thanks the community, including those there for the prize, for coming and engaging in such an important event for Nagnang. Continuing on, he speaks of the history of Nagnang and how it has flourished since, becoming a powerful nation thanks to its community. After a welcome to Josang Hol, the meeting room within Nagnang palace, he takes his seat.

Siri, a local shaman, comes forth to the stage and asks all the spirits of Nagnang to gather. She asks for the spirit’s grace, beauty, passion, and strength. Suddenly, the room is covered with an unearthly presence and blinded from seeing the person closest to them; the spirits arrived! Siri then takes it upon herself to bring Elyra into a pledge, one that asks her to swear to be at Kija’s side through thick and thin. Elyra swears and Siri then asks if Kija accepts her vows. With Kija’s approval, she slashes Elyra’s and Kija’s hands and presses them together for unity.

Foxfire joins Siri in a similar pledge towards the Chancellor of Nagnang and prince.

Then, Kija suddenly announces the new Defenders of Nagnang and gives them a small oath to which they reply, "Yes Sire!":

** New Defenders:

*Of Kurimja
Foxfire and OpusD – Congratulations!

*Of Pegasus
Sayomi and xtroubsx - Congratulaions!

*Of Nagnang army (Colonel)
Soifong - Congratulations!

*Of Sillia
Brittannia and NamC - Congratulations!

*Of Forsaken
Vinbarton, Gracey and Yfandes - Congratulations!

* Of Alizarin
Sailyn and Azlan - Congratulations!

But what's this? A traitor within Nagnang's Army? Hawkmori goes against Nagnang and slices Kija's shoulder! The healers step in, but will they provide any help?

"Watch your prince bleed," Hawkmori muses, about to administer a final blow.

A sparkling, gold light encircles the prince and soon... a golden ghost appears, then fades into the atmosphere.

"Nagnang! Fan out and flush out the traitors! Bring me Chul!" Elyra cries out, "This shall not go unpunished!"

What is in store for Nagnang? What has become of the Prince? Has he really fallen to such a fate?


Bad Codes and Bad Gold
Posted by: Rachel -- 3:50 PM EST
I love to hate the way things are being run as much.. no, probably more than the rest of you.

But when we take a look at some of these recent issues with registration codes and money duping, everyone punished has broken the rules that were put in place to protect themselves.

Nexus gold, Nexus items, Nexus characters, and Registration codes are not allowed to be exchanged for real life money, goods, or services. You should all know this by now.

Why do you think this is the case?

They don't want to deal with the issues that arise from these practices, and they shouldn't have to. Every second they spend fixing this situation is a second not spent on game development.

Don't buy characters, because you will be responsible for anything and everything done on the account before you bought it. If they hacked, scammed, duplicated items, it's going to be YOUR fault.

Don't buy items or gold, because you don't know where they came from. You don't know if they were stolen or duped. You are responsible for what you have. And when the facts don't add up, like someone receiving millions of coins for nothing at all, it's not going to look good for you.

Don't buy registration codes from other players. Not for real world money, not for Nexus money. If the owner of the credit card cancels the payment, KRU has to pay the credit card company money. To get yourself back into good standing, you'll then have to pay them back what they've lost.

If you do not have a credit card or paypal account, you can use personal checks and money orders also:

I just got an out of state speeding ticket that required a money order, the post office provides one for $1.05

The rules are there for a reason. When you break them, you should expect consequences.

I asked Mug a few questions about the duping situation. I'm going to paraphrase his answers to my best ability.

I had to pay back some gold for an item I sold, but I got the item back fairly quickly. So I asked Mug about the issues other players seem to be having.

If there was a fair trade, Mug is not making players pay back gold anymore. Mostly because it was too much work to remove the gold and give back the items, especially if the player didn't have the gold anymore.

But, if the trade didn't make sense, like 10 million for a Flameblade, that would be considered an "unfair" trade. The player would have to pay back the gold. In order to help the player pay back the gold, the item might be returned before the gold is taken to help raise the funds.

"i have also given players a long amount of time to pay back"

Which, based on how long ago all of this started, seems to be true.

Players who did have their gold/items stripped were shown to have received large amounts of gold, without giving anything in return.

I confirmed this with at least one player who said they were given a gift of large amount of gold from a RL friend after helping work on his house.

He didn't make it sound like it was payment for RL favors, but did say it probably wasn't a good idea to have accepted it. (If a friend offered me tens of millions of coins though, I don't think I would decline. >.< But if they weren't quitting the game, I think I would have to question what was going on..)

I also asked about how much longer until the issue is completely resolved. Mug said it's almost over.

Lastly I asked Mug if he had anything else to say..

"adding logs to a fire only makes it burn more.
that is why i dont post on subject.
players should not buy gold from sites.
it is not legal and in the end they are paying for it."

Maybe if we get some positive response from this post, Mug will be more likely to tell us what's going on in the future.

No matter which side of the issues you stand on, I do encourage everyone to share their feelings more. Talk about it, post about it, and as long as it's not abuse, maybe even sage about it!

If you still feel that you have been unfairly punished, I do encourage you to send us a message. If possible, please include some screenshots backing up your claims.


    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nangen Defender Ceremony
Posted by: Conro -- 10:33 PM EST
As posted by Elyra:

Twice annually we gather to honor those among us who have shown true dedication to the community, to their peers, and most importantly to the Land of Nagnang. We commend these people for their selfless efforts to better not only themselves but their clans and their kingdom.

On behalf of His Royal Highness, Kija, Prince of Nagnang, the Woodlands, and the Vortex, the Ministry of Nagnang wishes to extend to you an invitation to join us as we commend the best and brightest of our countrymen.

The ceremony will commence on Thursday, April 16th at 9pm est. We guarantee that this will be an even you will not want to miss.


Chancellor of Nagnang

This ceremony is to be held just a day before oracles have predicted strange happenings in the kingdom. Perhaps we'll get some answers?

Banned for Bad Code?
Posted by: AllyGator -- 4:31 AM EST
For a long time there has been a problem with players being banned for "Bad Code". This rarely happens for players from English speaking countries because they usually have access to credit cards. Therefore this editorial may come as a surprise to many of you. Because of the hours I keep, I have become friends with many players from Indonesia and Taiwan. The majority of those players have limited knowledge of the English language and frequently do not have credit cards. Particularly in Indonesia it isn't customary (of even feasible) for workers on the lower end of the pay scale to own credit cards or even to open a bank account. Those are the same players who form the majority of players in the game and the ones who get banned with the reason of "bad code".

This is being posted to explain what that means and hopefully as a source of help.

It is my understanding that most of the time, you receive a ban for this problem because you have purchased a coupon voucher (coupon code) from someone who does have a credit card. It is common in those countries to pay cash to friends in exchange for them using their credit cards to purchase a coupon voucher. What isn't understood is that vouchers can only be used by the owner of the credit card so that the person who exchanged cash for the voucher winds up receiving a ban!

Kru's License Agreement says:
Registering an account by credit card without permission of the cardholder is against the law.

1-4 [snipped]
5. The only authorized and acceptable source for game account coupons (also known as Authorization Serial Codes) and Item Shop Coupons (also known as Kruna Coupons) is Kru Interactive. These Coupons are not intended for the purpose of trade between players for rare items/labor/favors or ANY OTHER PURPOSE than their authorized use (the creation or renewal of an account). Players obtaining coupons from other players do so entirely at their own risk. ANY COUPON that is fraudulently purchased will result in the BLOCKING of any account that coupon is used on WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Anyone found PURCHASING codes fraudulently (stolen credit cards, credit card generators, etc.) will be reported to the appropriate authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent of law.

Because of the difficulty with languages this has become a hard problem to solve.

In addition it is illegal to purchase anything to do with the game for cash in the real world! This will result in a ban without the additional problem of resolving credit card ownership. KRU has explained that they must take the precaution to prevent credit card theft and this is one of the methods they use. It's understandable from their point of view - credit card theft is rampant today.

When banned players receive a note from KRU all they are told is that they have been banned for "bad code". I doubt that many native English speakers would find that reason easy to understand. Those who get banned will frequently submit tickets asking for an explanation and information about how to resolve the issue. Because of privacy issues KRU is unable to explain the problem for fear of prompting people to try other ways to commit credit card fraud.

So there are at least two issues. KRU's responsibility to prevent credit card theft. The inability for those in 2nd or 3rd world nations to have an adequate way to pay for the game. There needs to be a better way to resolve this problem so that people can play and so that KRU can continue to have loyal patrons.

To make matters worse is that once you receive a ban, you have to pay a "penalty" fee to have your account restored. For the first ban offense the ban is equal to a month's subscription fee. An additional month's fee is added for each additional ban. This can quickly become expensive! Plus once you have paid the fee, you still have to pay for a month of play!

So what is the solution? If it's nearly impossible for you to obtain a credit card (particularly if you don't make enough money to even use a bank), how can you manage?

If you have a very good friend who has a credit card, you can ask them to purchase a voucher code for you. That person can then send a ticket to KRU to let the company know they have given the code as a GIFT to the person who will be using the code. KRU then knows there is no theft involved, will allow the use of the code and won't ban the player.

There aren't many players who would give gift others with codes all the time. That's got to be a rare thing! Remember it must be a GIFT because you can't pay someone with real cash to purchase a coupon - that will result in a ban. If you admit you've done that, then you'll just add to your problems and stack up penalty fees.

That's really harsh! I know this process because I've been through it with a friend of mine. I actually purchased a code with my credit card and followed this procedure. It was a genuine gift. Sending cash to America is extremely expensive and remember it's illegal anyway. This means you must lie to KRU in order to play if you are in this situation. I would never recommend that anyone lie about this.

Unfortunately there is no solution to this problem. I am posting this editorial to urge KRU to do the following:

1) Please provide a better explanation on your web site so that players will know how to correct the problem. Include the penalty fees for restoring a banned account.

2) Please find a way that allows players without bank accounts and/or credit cards to pay for their accounts. This could be as simple as adding a field on the credit card transaction giving the name of the player who will be using the code.

I believe this would make the playing experience much better while relieving work on KRU and preventing the anguish experienced by loyal customers in non-English speaking countries.

Hyul 23, 4th Moon

    Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Madness
Posted by: AkiKan -- 9:33 AM EST
Wow! Easter madness is everywhere! Mythic beasts have been changed! Rabbits and squirrels are unrecognizable. Even the citizen's are in costume lately.The fun has extended to Tangun where we see a large group of the Sanha family. A strong family resemblance yes?

*From the Desk of,*
Hyul 23, 3rd Moon

New Elder to the Shamans
Posted by: AkiKan -- 7:56 AM EST
Elder Hooje of the Shaman Subpath has stepped down from her position today. Hooje has chosen Miuki to be her successor as the 12th Elder of the Shamans.
We would like to thank Hooje for her hard work in the past, and wish Miuki the best of luck in her new position.

Elder Miuki
12th Shaman Elder

*From the Desk of,*
Hyul 23, 3rd Moon

Easter Reset
Posted by: AkiKan -- 7:39 AM EST
Server reset, Wednesday, April 10, 2009
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

Hip, hop, hooray!

Hip, hop, hooray! Easter is here with all the lovely eggcentric eggs! A little bunny told me that there just might be different types of eggs. I suppose you will need to figure that mystery out. What could these eggs be hiding?

Kingdom astrologists have been researching the abundance of eggs. One team released a formal statement saying that, "Due to the Wisdom star's strange and fast moving orbit patterns recently, it has affected the mating rituals of the bunnies."

Large colonies of bunnies were discovered near shorelines. It appears that the bunnies could have been exposed to the mystical light of the Wisdom star a little too much! There have been claims of the eggs scattered in Koguryo, Buya, Nagnang, the Woodlands, the Wilderness, Mythic Nexus and Tangun.

In other news, yet somehow related to the bunnies, a group of citizens broke into a large warehouse in Nagnang to steal several different costumes. These costumes were used to protest the recent studies conducted on the bunnies and their eggs! This group made sure to spread the costumes around the Kingdoms in hopes that their odd objection to the testing and their animal rights movement be taken seriously!

Be wary, citizens, for these costumes will eventually be confiscated, and all of the mystical eggs will all eventually be collected. Hurry and begin collecting as soon as possible!
This is what you look like when dressed in a suit.

This is what you look like when dancing in a suit.

Thanks to Shadofox for dancing for me.

Information about the Eggs
Honey-filled eggs :: Whirl-wind
Creme-filled eggs :: Desperate attack
White chocolate eggs :: Invoke
Fruit-filled eggs :: Harden body

*From the desk of,*
Hyul 23 3rd Moon

    Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Primogen of Silla!
Posted by: Sebelle -- 11:36 PM EST
Primogen Lyonn of the Silla Clan of Nagnang has stepped down from his position today. He had served as Primogen twice in his time with the clan. In his stead, Brittannia has been chosen to lead the clan forward towards the future. We would like to thank Lyonn for his hard work in the past, and wish Brittannia the best of luck in her new position.

Muse Brittannia, Primogen of Silla

Thanks to Vekna for alerting NA to this recent change in leadership!

Creation System Combinations
Posted by: AllyGator -- 10:20 AM EST
LordAchoo has created a page where you can submit combinations you have used in the creation system. This was done primarily to help those trying to solve the Dairy Page Quest but it can be used for other things as well. If you have been working on that quest and have tried to create something then please record your attempts there. Nexus Atlas hopes that we can eventually figure out something to help solve this quest. We invite you to visit Creation Combinations. If you need changes made to that page contact LordAchoo via email or send nmail in the game. You will need to provide your email address for verification but we will not publish that information.

Hyul 23, 2nd Moon

    Thursday, April 2, 2009

Citizen's Tribunal
Posted by: AllyGator -- 1:10 PM EST
The first Citizen's Tribunal was held yesterday. Lots of folks showed up to express their interests and concerns.

The Ministry of Nagnang
The Citizen's Tribunal
DATE : April 1, 2009
TIME : 8:00 PM EST
PLACE : Memory Garden of Nagnang

With the intention of improving the lives and experiences of the citizens within the Kingdoms, the Ministry of Nagnang is proud to found the Citizen's Tribunal.

The Citizen's Tribunal has been organized to provide an official forum where -all- the citizens of the Kingdoms (Nagnang/Buya/Kugnae) are able to voice their opinions and desires to the Ministry of Nagnang. This forum will allow for discussion on a variety of topics that include (but are not limited to):

Concerns about Clan and Army relations within Nagnang
Concerns about Tri-Kingdom relations
Concerns about Nagnang/Subpath relations
Desires for changes in Nagnang (aesthetic and internal)
Questions about the Clans of Nagnang
Questions about the Ministry of Nagnang

The Ministry of Nagnang

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!
Posted by: Nagnag -- 11:58 PM EST
My stomach actually turned a little when I realized people were falling for this. I got quite a few emails, and I was surprised so many people solved the cipher. For those of you who didn't, the cipher said this:

1) If you decoded this then you know my tricks.
2) And you probably did not need a tool...
3) And if you got this one, you already know the rest.
4) Which means you are NO April Fool.

I'm very impressed by the attempts, and would like to thank everyone who fell for it, and I sincerely apologize for anyone who got mad that it was just a joke! Take care Nexus community, see you on the flip side!

April 1st, 2009 reset & April Calendar of Events
Posted by: Sebelle -- 1:43 PM EST
Server reset, Wednesday, April 1, 2009
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

April is in full swing with the following events on their way:

April fools week 1st-9th:
What has happened to some of the monsters? When you wear some of the Spring armors strange things appear in its place. What is with all the Spikes, Surges, Bloods and Charms?

April 10th-16th:
It is rumored that the rabbits will be hiding their eggs again!

April 17th-?:
Something strange has happened to the Kingdoms… who will answer to this? Could this be Mupa’s doing???

AkiKan has compiled the images for this years weapon and armor changes - thanks, AkiKan! I've reused Vini's image from last year, as it seems to still be true.

Nagnag's HUGE Gold Giveaway
Posted by: Nagnag -- 12:34 AM EST

Nagnag's HUGE Gold Giveaway


That's right. In light of my recent graduation from college, and abundance of real life money from clients, I figured "Why hold on to your NexusTK gold that you're more than likely never going to go back to?" So, I decided to finally do it. I'm going to give it all away. As some of you may have already noticed, I'm no longer #1 on Top Gold on StatAddict - in fact, I'm #4, and have been for a while. But not anymore. One of you lucky players will earn all of this gold for yourself. That's right, just ONE.

All 43,400,000 coins.

So how are we going to go about this? Simple... or is it? Below are 4 sentences. Each is coded. If you can solve the cipher and send it to my email (using this link, the NA email isn't working for me - then you will win.

1) Vs lbh qrpbqrq guvf, gura lbh xabj zl gevpxf.
2) Naq lbh cebonoyl qvq abg arrq n gbby...
3) Acu qq dci rgt iyqd tbs, jgu pczpfrm vfol kpp wsge.
4) Wwzks rsoyk ydl icj BC Lhrxc Nztz.

But some might say this is too easy, some might say it's too hard. So I've made an alternate way of winning available to those of you who want another chance.

Simply beat these scores, provide me a screenshot (and post your legend on your profile for confirmation), and the money is yours. Here's the scores:

Hopper: 200
Rabbit Invasion: 1600
Maze Times: 9 seconds


And if that still won't suffice, then here's one last chance for you to win. Write me a minimum 1000+ word letter to using words NO BIGGER THAN 5 letters long (other than your character's name) on why you should get the 43.4 million coins. This is a tough way to do it, because if no one does the other options, I have to pick from this bunch of entries.

That's it! I wish you all the best of luck, and remember, I can no longer access so PLEASE mail to