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Daily Pics
A history of our day-to-day activities.
Current Daily Pics
Daily Picture Archives:
January - 2010
February - 2010
March - 2010


Breaking the seal of Ngh'zan - Submitted by: Arto

100324dailypic.gif - 2010-03-24

Breaking the seal of Ngh'zan =p

Crazy rabbit - Submitted by: BagOfChips

100323dailypic.gif - 2010-03-23

Spawned a bunch of rabbit 3 sentries and rabbits, maybe a little to many.

LadyLia weds McZap - Submitted by: LadyLia

100322dailypic.gif - 2010-03-22

This is our wedding on march 21st 2010 in the Flight of Fancy (muse garden) So many people showed up. Was a blast!

Another perfect execution, literally, of the Sa San Rouge Vita Attack. - Submitted by: Aquarius

100320dailypic.gif - 2010-03-20

SickChicken returns with his skill executing a near perfect Sa Attack.

Another 5am Hunt in Last room Dog3 - Submitted by: Aquairus

100319dailypic.gif - 2010-03-19

Bordem while leeching in Dog3.

Green is the New Black! - Submitted by: redFLASH

100318dailypic.gif - 2010-03-18

A quick reunion after a long journey out of the kingdom. We love our BFF Yank!

Wedding Day - Submitted by: Aeriath

100317dailypic.gif - 2010-03-17

Wedding of Charlene and Sitlithis

Homer Simpson: Yello! - Submitted by: CspasiD

100316dailypic.gif - 2010-03-16

I decided to go to Goh place to make a masterpiece, there you go.

Red is on Sute's luck - Submitted by: RieLz

100315dailypic.gif - 2010-03-15

We were blessed by the Sute's luck in south Buya. We were trying to find lucky in south Buya and finally we came up with Epigram of Sute which gave us luck.

Busy Market - Submitted by: Musoyen

100314dailypic.gif - 2010-03-14

The marketplace was booming with activity as people sold their valuables!

Line 'em up for death! - Submitted by: Aquairus, NovaFlare, and BlindIo

100313dailypic.gif - 2010-03-13

Doing what they know best...GETTIN' SOME!!

Mug's suprise visit - Submitted by: Aquairus

100312dailypic.gif - 2010-03-12

Today Mug Decided to make a suprise visit to the patrons of nexus at N gate Mythic, but left shortly to go to S gate after some rude citizens. He gave us hints and told us what to look forward to around the 25th!

I love NexusAtlas! - Submitted by: Musoyen

100311dailypic.gif - 2010-03-11

Showing my love and support for the #1 NexusTK fansite, NexusAtlas!

Clan Hunt - Submitted by: Vinha

100310dailypic.gif - 2010-03-10

Having Fun with clannies in rab 3 and gather some rabbit meats for dinner after hunt :)

Midnight Lotus Blossom - Submitted by: Dwali

100309dailypic.gif - 2010-03-09

Monk Dwali was bored and decided to decorate East Gate Kugnae!

Death in Vale - Submitted by: Pishi

100308dailypic.gif - 2010-03-08

While trying to hunt for Ee bosses and guess who comes to the rescue!

Dragons invade mythic - Submitted by: BuffaloBill

100307dailypic.gif - 2010-03-07

Sunmoon clan decided to roam mythic in dragon forms.

new area new music, new madness - Submitted by: chifchirouge

100306dailypic.gif - 2010-03-06

the palce i found out when i walked around dae shore (008 000)

Secrets of Nexus - Submitted by: Maduin

100305dailypic.gif - 2010-03-05

Dazzling Mediation Room in Tangun

Event Sword Spawn - Submitted by: Tokin

100304dailypic.gif - 2010-03-04

Everyone gathered around to look at the new sword spawn.

Strange timer - Submitted by: FrozonFlame

100303dailypic.gif - 2010-03-03

To be honest I don't quite understand whats going on in it myself. I was making myself karma and this strange timer appeared on the top of the screen. At first I thought it was something to do with my system but it showed up in the screenshot, so it must be something in nexus. Perhaps if you know what it is you can let me know 0.o

A Group of Adventurers Being Knighted by King Muhl. - Submitted by: Fatality

100302dailypic.gif - 2010-03-02

These brave group of adventurers are chosen by their Clan's Primogen well, and then take a sworn oath to be the defenders of Kugnae. 2 Members are chosen per Clan and Knighted by the King himself after they swear an oath too him.

Ghost Hunting - Submitted by: RetsnoM

100301dailypic.gif - 2010-03-01

Out of interest I wandered into the Buyan haunted house, and ran into ghosts. Surprise surprise.

Geomancer Karma Service - Submitted by: Wiccan

100228dailypic.gif - 2010-02-28

The Geomancers at East gate Mythic having fun with Karma services.

Druid Festivals - Submitted by: AViVA

100227dailypic.gif - 2010-02-27

About to play musical horses.

Cave 3 Lovin' - Submitted by: Patti

100226dailypic.gif - 2010-02-26

Having fun in Cave 3

Friends Forever - Submitted by: Dinca

100225dailypic.gif - 2010-02-25

This is a photo between myself and Primarch Kyas of Phoenix. She will be leaving the game indefinitely and her and I are very close so we decided to take a picture of us two for one last time. She'll be greatly missed as she is one of the eldest in the family.

Hunting Lobsters - Submitted by: Skum

100224dailypic.gif - 2010-02-24

An afternoon hunting in Woodlands lobster

Few Extra crab boss's - Submitted by: Maya

100223dailypic.gif - 2010-02-23

Having fun playing with the crab boss's!!!

Valentine's Package Mania! - Submitted by: Killeh

100214dailypic.gif - 2010-02-14

Everyone at East Kugnae showing off their Valentine package loot!

Be Mine? - Submitted by: Ensa

100213dailypic.gif - 2010-02-13

Asking you to be my valentine. Would you be my valentine?

Valentines Gift - Submitted by: IzumiRyuu

100212dailypic.gif - 2010-02-12

I was giving a Valentines gift to Zeldadx.

Birthday Chocolate - Submitted by: Vinha

100211dailypic.gif - 2010-02-11

My hubby decorate this for my birthday :)

Archon Forum - Submitted by: AkiKan

100210dailypic.gif - 2010-02-10

Questions were sent to Idori and the Archons took turns answering questions.

Testing attack graphics - Submitted by: Chompi

100208dailypic.gif - 2010-02-08

We were bored one night so we decided to have some fun in chick3

Musei Cabaret - Submitted by: Astraea

100207dailypic.gif - 2010-02-07

Goats dancing at the cabaret! :)

Valentine's Day decorations~ - Submitted by: LiWei

100206dailypic.gif - 2010-02-06

Valentine's Day in the Bear Clan hall over two years ago. Prettyyyyyy~

TicTacToe - Submitted by: WiteLightnin

100205dailypic.gif - 2010-02-05

Having fun in the Naju Tic Tac Toe arena!

SunMoon Clan hunt. - Submitted by: MomijiSoma

100204dailypic.gif - 2010-02-04

Doing what we do best. Killing everything in sight.

Cup's fashion show! - Submitted by: ErrekaMari

100203dailypic.gif - 2010-02-03

Cup held a random fashion show in Mythic one day! Fun times~

Riverdancing in Sirepit - Submitted by: Maduin

100202dailypic.gif - 2010-02-02

Zippey = Michael Flatley

Lazy Day in Tiger GR - Submitted by: Wyldfae

100201dailypic.gif - 2010-02-01

The bosses were being very generous this time around! :)

Mythic love festival - Submitted by: redFLASH

100131dailypic.gif - 2010-01-31

It's always been nice to share love with people around you.

Cabaret! - Submitted by: BubbleMath

100130dailypic.gif - 2010-01-30

Song and dance at the Garden of the Muses

Bunny Time!! - Submitted by: Maya

100129dailypic.gif - 2010-01-29

Party time with our bunnies at S Kugnae!!!

Purple Power - Submitted by: Brea

100128dailypic.gif - 2010-01-28

A Magus3 TBS full of bored purple people. Go team purple!

Four Paths Meet at the Courtyard - Submitted by: DarkSchnyder

100127dailypic.gif - 2010-01-27

Random courtyard hunt featuring a player from each of the four paths.

Orage Gate - Submitted by: Killeh

100126dailypic.gif - 2010-01-26

Everyone showing off their new Kruna even the Archons showed up.

Two brave youngsters fight their way in the tangun serpants. - Submitted by: Anthraxstab

100125dailypic.gif - 2010-01-25

Both of us were grouping for 30 levels from serpants to haunted house.

Standing in a sea of Candy canes - Submitted by: Skum

100124dailypic.gif - 2010-01-24

Decorations in the Enigma Clan Hall at Christmas

Love of Elendhirin - Submitted by: WiteLightnin

100123dailypic.gif - 2010-01-23

Elendhirin gives love and gets ready for valentines day!

Happy day in sire. - Submitted by: Vomax

100122dailypic.gif - 2010-01-22

None stop dancing and smiling.

Wolf pack hunt - Submitted by: ShaolinMonkI

100120dailypic.gif - 2010-01-20

Low level hunt, everyone is between 75-94. All new people in this hunt except for myself. Who says new people don't play?

Circle with 12 vs 2 ??? - Submitted by: CspasiD

100119dailypic.gif - 2010-01-19

Someone actually getting killed by Sindella and her Whirlwind candy, ouchs

Killing the Nngh'Zan and his council. - Submitted by: BloodLotus

100118dailypic.gif - 2010-01-18

Today we took on both, Nngh'Zan and his council, it was peace of cake.

First to 100 Right??? - Submitted by: Nasht

100117dailypic.gif - 2010-01-17

In a first to 100 gamble, Pishi and I get to the famous 99-100 roll, and we each roll 99 11 times in a row!

Totem Spells - Submitted by: Brea

100116dailypic.gif - 2010-01-16

Casting the totem spells before going in to break the seal of Nngh'Zan.

Rock, Paper Scissors Tourny - Submitted by: Skum

100115dailypic.gif - 2010-01-15

Several people playing RPS in the Tiger clan Hall

Rainbow of Death - Submitted by: Zephic

100114dailypic.gif - 2010-01-14

A screenshot of a free win carnage, and dead players lining up to mail a rainbow out of ghost.

Royal Revels - Submitted by: Raere

100113dailypic.gif - 2010-01-13

The Royal Revels reading in the Kugnae Coliseum on January 10th, 2010

Maya & the Eightfold Path - Submitted by: Muckish

100112dailypic.gif - 2010-01-12

Monk Guide Maya teaches the community about her path in the Monk Guild's first ever Eightfold Path class! ((Saturday, 09 January 2010))

Rabbit Bosses fighting each other - Submitted by: BloodLotus

100111dailypic.gif - 2010-01-11

This is better than me having to fight them! Warriors almost never get creatures to fight each other.

Fireworks at South Mythic - Submitted by: Killeh

100110dailypic.gif - 2010-01-10

Mug conducts a chorus line with fireworks

Killing Council. - Submitted by: AkiKan

100109dailypic.gif - 2010-01-09

This is the group that gets to appear on the first Daily pics reopening.

Divine Judgement - Submitted by: Killeh

090525dailypic.gif - 2009-05-25

This was one of the rooms during the event. People were packed like crazy in here.

Kru attacks!! - Submitted by: Apollosworld

090522dailypic.gif - 2009-05-22

Busy Sire pit about 4 years ago. (Going back to old school)

Raheem Desert 4 Boss hunting - Submitted by: Momentum

090521dailypic.gif - 2009-05-21

Eunice and me were owning the Raheem Desert 4 Boss

Hunter 3 hunt. - Submitted by: gioVanni

090520dailypic.gif - 2009-05-20

Another endless night in Hunter 3.

The peaceful life. - Submitted by: AkiKan

090519dailypic.gif - 2009-05-19

We are at Peace! We are at one!

Hi there, its me, Mother whale. - Submitted by: Mother Whale

090518dailypic.gif - 2009-05-18

I was just minding my own business, stomping and flapping on citizens while taking a walk. And I'm being Attacked. Ouch!!!

What have I walked into? - Submitted by: BloodLotus

090517dailypic.gif - 2009-05-17

Here I am, my life is flashing before my eyes!

Kru fell asleep at the keyboard. Not Mug this time. - Submitted by: The mass production of Noobs

090516dailypic.gif - 2009-05-16

This was the day when nobody could log on to their account for a few hours, so we all made noobs!!!

Nngh'Zan's at the Armageddon Event - Submitted by: Lekgolo

090515dailypic.gif - 2009-05-15

Everyone is trying to kill the big bad Nngh'Zan!

Merchant Midday Madness - Submitted by:

090512dailypic.gif - 2009-05-12

A twist to their normal midnight madness

Kugnae Ministry Poems Reveal - Submitted by:

090511dailypic.gif - 2009-05-11

SandPaper's decorations

Dragon's Head Pub - Submitted by: Rubicant

090503dailypic.gif - 2009-05-04

A busy night at K'urimja's Dragon's Head Pub.

Nngh'Zan's Seal - Submitted by: Staff

090430dailypic.gif - 2009-04-30

Rubi and Blason make the big guy look wimpy!

Blight's Appearance - Submitted by: Musoyen

090429dailypic.gif - 2009-04-27

Blight visits the Nangen tribunal and citizens to see how the kingdom is going after Kija's passing

MuHyul's Armageddon - Submitted by: Anonemus

090426dailypic.gif - 2009-04-26

The new PK map thats can be entered from Palace NPC

Muse Path - Submitted by: Lemonic

090423dailypic.gif - 2009-04-23

Testing new Mimic spell

Totem Help - Submitted by: mug

090418dailypic.gif - 2009-04-18

Warrior's Totem God Chung Ryong

Easter Event - Submitted by: Sayomi

090415dailypic.gif - 2009-04-15

Swirling vortex of doom.

Fox Hunt - Submitted by: Fox Hunt Host

090413dailypic.gif - 2009-04-13

Fox Hunt Hosts fill up the arena with horses.

Easter - Submitted by: Gilmore

090411dailypic.gif - 2009-04-11

Easter fun

Celebration - Submitted by: Fatality

090409dailypic.gif - 2009-04-09


Hanxin Visit - Submitted by: mug

090407dailypic.gif - 2009-04-07

Hanxin Visit at Buya Courtyard.

Totem Help - Submitted by: mug

090406dailypic.gif - 2009-04-06

Poet Totem God, Hyun Moo, helping players.

Pirate event - Submitted by: mug

090405dailypic.gif - 2009-04-05

Princess of Buya, Lasahn, addresses the crowd during the Priate Event.

Dharma Clan Hunt - Submitted by: CheharraZade

090403dailypic.gif - 2009-04-03

Dharma Clan Hunt: Sa Poet casting buffer spell, Rhyme of Walsuk, on all group member.

Carnage - Submitted by: NaoYuki

090402dailypic.gif - 2009-04-02

Special Carnage Theme

Aklak Ground 1 - Submitted by: imBLACKKirl

090401dailypic.gif - 2009-04-01

Bearly alive!!!

Tutor's Domain - Submitted by: AzNCloudBoi

090331dailypic.gif - 2009-03-31

Warrior tutor training the young ones.

Nngh'Zan's - Submitted by: AzNCloudBoi

090330dailypic.gif - 2009-03-30

Killing Nngh'Zan. One of the Sa San trials.

Wedding - Submitted by: Frostess

090328dailypic.gif - 2009-03-28

Wedding taking place in Crystalline Chapel

Waldo - Submitted by: Frostess

090327dailypic.gif - 2009-03-27

If you can't beat them, join them! Smeagle having fun playing Waldo in Anchorite.

Sire - Submitted by: Yoshiku

090326dailypic.gif - 2009-03-26

One of mug's mass massacre spell in Sire.

Bloodlust Hall - Submitted by: Staff

090325dailypic.gif - 2009-03-25

First bloodlust right after Wisdom Star ended. Players cann't wait to see how buff they have gotten after that restless weekend-long hunt.

Nngh'Zan's Cave - Submitted by: Beulah

090324dailypic.gif - 2009-03-24

Playing at Nngh'Zan's Doorstep with Sa spell, Precision Blitz.

Pirate event - Submitted by: Chinhwa

090323dailypic.gif - 2009-03-23

Kija takes a stand (Pirate event)

April Fool's Day - Submitted by: Thowra

090322dailypic.gif - 2009-03-22

Past April Fool's Day Event

Mug Contest Event - Submitted by: mug

090321dailypic.gif - 2009-03-21

Mug said this screenshot is 'ta bomb'. It was from the Mug's Mug Contest Event.

Magus 1 Bossing - Submitted by: Pyroflames

090320dailypic.gif - 2009-03-20

Slaying Magus 1 boss in darkness.

Saint Patrick's Day - Submitted by: Beulah

090319dailypic.gif - 2009-03-19

~ How we do St.Pattys ~

Bear Clan Hall - Submitted by: Staff

090318dailypic.gif - 2009-03-18

Nice clan hall decoration by AzNCloudBoi. Can you tell which clan this is?

Turtle Party - Submitted by: Revery

090317dailypic.gif - 2009-03-17

A Turtle Party screenshot with our very own GM mug in the center front row. (The picture was taken before Kruna Item Shop was out)

- Submitted by: NightkingII

090316dailypic.gif - 2009-03-16

A Sa Rogue shows off his new Sa attack spell (Precision Blitz) on deers as bystanders watch...Antlers anyone?

- Submitted by: Musoyen

090315dailypic.gif - 2009-03-15

People celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Nexus

- Submitted by: Kenzo

090314dailypic.gif - 2009-03-14

Hunting in Tiger 1 Guard Room

- Submitted by: frostess

090313dailypic.gif - 2009-03-13

Outside The Malevolent Clan

- Submitted by: ChinHwa

090311dailypic.gif - 2009-03-11

When the people of the Nexus get bored we try our best to bring about the destruction of all that we know.

Inside Hunter 3 - Submitted by: Staff

090309dailypic.gif - 2009-03-09

We love Wisdom Star!!!!