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Daily Pics
A history of our day-to-day activities.
Current Daily Pics
Daily Picture Archives:
March - 2009
April - 2009
May - 2009


Divine Judgement - Submitted by: Killeh

090525dailypic.gif - 2009-05-25

This was one of the rooms during the event. People were packed like crazy in here.

Kru attacks!! - Submitted by: Apollosworld

090522dailypic.gif - 2009-05-22

Busy Sire pit about 4 years ago. (Going back to old school)

Raheem Desert 4 Boss hunting - Submitted by: Momentum

090521dailypic.gif - 2009-05-21

Eunice and me were owning the Raheem Desert 4 Boss

Hunter 3 hunt. - Submitted by: gioVanni

090520dailypic.gif - 2009-05-20

Another endless night in Hunter 3.

The peaceful life. - Submitted by: AkiKan

090519dailypic.gif - 2009-05-19

We are at Peace! We are at one!

Hi there, its me, Mother whale. - Submitted by: Mother Whale

090518dailypic.gif - 2009-05-18

I was just minding my own business, stomping and flapping on citizens while taking a walk. And I'm being Attacked. Ouch!!!

What have I walked into? - Submitted by: BloodLotus

090517dailypic.gif - 2009-05-17

Here I am, my life is flashing before my eyes!

Kru fell asleep at the keyboard. Not Mug this time. - Submitted by: The mass production of Noobs

090516dailypic.gif - 2009-05-16

This was the day when nobody could log on to their account for a few hours, so we all made noobs!!!

Nngh'Zan's at the Armageddon Event - Submitted by: Lekgolo

090515dailypic.gif - 2009-05-15

Everyone is trying to kill the big bad Nngh'Zan!

Merchant Midday Madness - Submitted by:

090512dailypic.gif - 2009-05-12

A twist to their normal midnight madness

Kugnae Ministry Poems Reveal - Submitted by:

090511dailypic.gif - 2009-05-11

SandPaper's decorations

Dragon's Head Pub - Submitted by: Rubicant

090503dailypic.gif - 2009-05-04

A busy night at K'urimja's Dragon's Head Pub.

Nngh'Zan's Seal - Submitted by: Staff

090430dailypic.gif - 2009-04-30

Rubi and Blason make the big guy look wimpy!

Blight's Appearance - Submitted by: Musoyen

090429dailypic.gif - 2009-04-27

Blight visits the Nangen tribunal and citizens to see how the kingdom is going after Kija's passing

MuHyul's Armageddon - Submitted by: Anonemus

090426dailypic.gif - 2009-04-26

The new PK map thats can be entered from Palace NPC

Muse Path - Submitted by: Lemonic

090423dailypic.gif - 2009-04-23

Testing new Mimic spell

Totem Help - Submitted by: mug

090418dailypic.gif - 2009-04-18

Warrior's Totem God Chung Ryong

Easter Event - Submitted by: Sayomi

090415dailypic.gif - 2009-04-15

Swirling vortex of doom.

Fox Hunt - Submitted by: Fox Hunt Host

090413dailypic.gif - 2009-04-13

Fox Hunt Hosts fill up the arena with horses.

Easter - Submitted by: Gilmore

090411dailypic.gif - 2009-04-11

Easter fun

Celebration - Submitted by: Fatality

090409dailypic.gif - 2009-04-09


Hanxin Visit - Submitted by: mug

090407dailypic.gif - 2009-04-07

Hanxin Visit at Buya Courtyard.

Totem Help - Submitted by: mug

090406dailypic.gif - 2009-04-06

Poet Totem God, Hyun Moo, helping players.

Pirate event - Submitted by: mug

090405dailypic.gif - 2009-04-05

Princess of Buya, Lasahn, addresses the crowd during the Priate Event.

Dharma Clan Hunt - Submitted by: CheharraZade

090403dailypic.gif - 2009-04-03

Dharma Clan Hunt: Sa Poet casting buffer spell, Rhyme of Walsuk, on all group member.

Carnage - Submitted by: NaoYuki

090402dailypic.gif - 2009-04-02

Special Carnage Theme

Aklak Ground 1 - Submitted by: imBLACKKirl

090401dailypic.gif - 2009-04-01

Bearly alive!!!

Tutor's Domain - Submitted by: AzNCloudBoi

090331dailypic.gif - 2009-03-31

Warrior tutor training the young ones.

Nngh'Zan's - Submitted by: AzNCloudBoi

090330dailypic.gif - 2009-03-30

Killing Nngh'Zan. One of the Sa San trials.

Wedding - Submitted by: Frostess

090328dailypic.gif - 2009-03-28

Wedding taking place in Crystalline Chapel

Waldo - Submitted by: Frostess

090327dailypic.gif - 2009-03-27

If you can't beat them, join them! Smeagle having fun playing Waldo in Anchorite.

Sire - Submitted by: Yoshiku

090326dailypic.gif - 2009-03-26

One of mug's mass massacre spell in Sire.

Bloodlust Hall - Submitted by: Staff

090325dailypic.gif - 2009-03-25

First bloodlust right after Wisdom Star ended. Players cann't wait to see how buff they have gotten after that restless weekend-long hunt.

Nngh'Zan's Cave - Submitted by: Beulah

090324dailypic.gif - 2009-03-24

Playing at Nngh'Zan's Doorstep with Sa spell, Precision Blitz.

Pirate event - Submitted by: Chinhwa

090323dailypic.gif - 2009-03-23

Kija takes a stand (Pirate event)

April Fool's Day - Submitted by: Thowra

090322dailypic.gif - 2009-03-22

Past April Fool's Day Event

Mug Contest Event - Submitted by: mug

090321dailypic.gif - 2009-03-21

Mug said this screenshot is 'ta bomb'. It was from the Mug's Mug Contest Event.

Magus 1 Bossing - Submitted by: Pyroflames

090320dailypic.gif - 2009-03-20

Slaying Magus 1 boss in darkness.

Saint Patrick's Day - Submitted by: Beulah

090319dailypic.gif - 2009-03-19

~ How we do St.Pattys ~

Bear Clan Hall - Submitted by: Staff

090318dailypic.gif - 2009-03-18

Nice clan hall decoration by AzNCloudBoi. Can you tell which clan this is?

Turtle Party - Submitted by: Revery

090317dailypic.gif - 2009-03-17

A Turtle Party screenshot with our very own GM mug in the center front row. (The picture was taken before Kruna Item Shop was out)

- Submitted by: NightkingII

090316dailypic.gif - 2009-03-16

A Sa Rogue shows off his new Sa attack spell (Precision Blitz) on deers as bystanders watch...Antlers anyone?

- Submitted by: Musoyen

090315dailypic.gif - 2009-03-15

People celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Nexus

- Submitted by: Kenzo

090314dailypic.gif - 2009-03-14

Hunting in Tiger 1 Guard Room

- Submitted by: frostess

090313dailypic.gif - 2009-03-13

Outside The Malevolent Clan

- Submitted by: ChinHwa

090311dailypic.gif - 2009-03-11

When the people of the Nexus get bored we try our best to bring about the destruction of all that we know.

Inside Hunter 3 - Submitted by: Staff

090309dailypic.gif - 2009-03-09

We love Wisdom Star!!!!