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March 2010 Daily Pics
A history of our day-to-day activities.

Current Daily Pic


Breaking the seal of Ngh'zan - Submitted by: Arto

100324dailypic.gif - 2010-03-24

Breaking the seal of Ngh'zan =p

Crazy rabbit - Submitted by: BagOfChips

100323dailypic.gif - 2010-03-23

Spawned a bunch of rabbit 3 sentries and rabbits, maybe a little to many.

LadyLia weds McZap - Submitted by: LadyLia

100322dailypic.gif - 2010-03-22

This is our wedding on march 21st 2010 in the Flight of Fancy (muse garden) So many people showed up. Was a blast!

Another perfect execution, literally, of the Sa San Rouge Vita Attack. - Submitted by: Aquarius

100320dailypic.gif - 2010-03-20

SickChicken returns with his skill executing a near perfect Sa Attack.

Another 5am Hunt in Last room Dog3 - Submitted by: Aquairus

100319dailypic.gif - 2010-03-19

Bordem while leeching in Dog3.

Green is the New Black! - Submitted by: redFLASH

100318dailypic.gif - 2010-03-18

A quick reunion after a long journey out of the kingdom. We love our BFF Yank!

Wedding Day - Submitted by: Aeriath

100317dailypic.gif - 2010-03-17

Wedding of Charlene and Sitlithis

Homer Simpson: Yello! - Submitted by: CspasiD

100316dailypic.gif - 2010-03-16

I decided to go to Goh place to make a masterpiece, there you go.

Red is on Sute's luck - Submitted by: RieLz

100315dailypic.gif - 2010-03-15

We were blessed by the Sute's luck in south Buya. We were trying to find lucky in south Buya and finally we came up with Epigram of Sute which gave us luck.

Busy Market - Submitted by: Musoyen

100314dailypic.gif - 2010-03-14

The marketplace was booming with activity as people sold their valuables!

Line 'em up for death! - Submitted by: Aquairus, NovaFlare, and BlindIo

100313dailypic.gif - 2010-03-13

Doing what they know best...GETTIN' SOME!!

Mug's suprise visit - Submitted by: Aquairus

100312dailypic.gif - 2010-03-12

Today Mug Decided to make a suprise visit to the patrons of nexus at N gate Mythic, but left shortly to go to S gate after some rude citizens. He gave us hints and told us what to look forward to around the 25th!

I love NexusAtlas! - Submitted by: Musoyen

100311dailypic.gif - 2010-03-11

Showing my love and support for the #1 NexusTK fansite, NexusAtlas!

Clan Hunt - Submitted by: Vinha

100310dailypic.gif - 2010-03-10

Having Fun with clannies in rab 3 and gather some rabbit meats for dinner after hunt :)

Midnight Lotus Blossom - Submitted by: Dwali

100309dailypic.gif - 2010-03-09

Monk Dwali was bored and decided to decorate East Gate Kugnae!

Death in Vale - Submitted by: Pishi

100308dailypic.gif - 2010-03-08

While trying to hunt for Ee bosses and guess who comes to the rescue!

Dragons invade mythic - Submitted by: BuffaloBill

100307dailypic.gif - 2010-03-07

Sunmoon clan decided to roam mythic in dragon forms.

new area new music, new madness - Submitted by: chifchirouge

100306dailypic.gif - 2010-03-06

the palce i found out when i walked around dae shore (008 000)

Secrets of Nexus - Submitted by: Maduin

100305dailypic.gif - 2010-03-05

Dazzling Mediation Room in Tangun

Event Sword Spawn - Submitted by: Tokin

100304dailypic.gif - 2010-03-04

Everyone gathered around to look at the new sword spawn.

Strange timer - Submitted by: FrozonFlame

100303dailypic.gif - 2010-03-03

To be honest I don't quite understand whats going on in it myself. I was making myself karma and this strange timer appeared on the top of the screen. At first I thought it was something to do with my system but it showed up in the screenshot, so it must be something in nexus. Perhaps if you know what it is you can let me know 0.o

A Group of Adventurers Being Knighted by King Muhl. - Submitted by: Fatality

100302dailypic.gif - 2010-03-02

These brave group of adventurers are chosen by their Clan's Primogen well, and then take a sworn oath to be the defenders of Kugnae. 2 Members are chosen per Clan and Knighted by the King himself after they swear an oath too him.

Ghost Hunting - Submitted by: RetsnoM

100301dailypic.gif - 2010-03-01

Out of interest I wandered into the Buyan haunted house, and ran into ghosts. Surprise surprise.