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January 2010 Daily Pics
A history of our day-to-day activities.

Current Daily Pic


Mythic love festival - Submitted by: redFLASH

100131dailypic.gif - 2010-01-31

It's always been nice to share love with people around you.

Cabaret! - Submitted by: BubbleMath

100130dailypic.gif - 2010-01-30

Song and dance at the Garden of the Muses

Bunny Time!! - Submitted by: Maya

100129dailypic.gif - 2010-01-29

Party time with our bunnies at S Kugnae!!!

Purple Power - Submitted by: Brea

100128dailypic.gif - 2010-01-28

A Magus3 TBS full of bored purple people. Go team purple!

Four Paths Meet at the Courtyard - Submitted by: DarkSchnyder

100127dailypic.gif - 2010-01-27

Random courtyard hunt featuring a player from each of the four paths.

Orage Gate - Submitted by: Killeh

100126dailypic.gif - 2010-01-26

Everyone showing off their new Kruna even the Archons showed up.

Two brave youngsters fight their way in the tangun serpants. - Submitted by: Anthraxstab

100125dailypic.gif - 2010-01-25

Both of us were grouping for 30 levels from serpants to haunted house.

Standing in a sea of Candy canes - Submitted by: Skum

100124dailypic.gif - 2010-01-24

Decorations in the Enigma Clan Hall at Christmas

Love of Elendhirin - Submitted by: WiteLightnin

100123dailypic.gif - 2010-01-23

Elendhirin gives love and gets ready for valentines day!

Happy day in sire. - Submitted by: Vomax

100122dailypic.gif - 2010-01-22

None stop dancing and smiling.

Wolf pack hunt - Submitted by: ShaolinMonkI

100120dailypic.gif - 2010-01-20

Low level hunt, everyone is between 75-94. All new people in this hunt except for myself. Who says new people don't play?

Circle with 12 vs 2 ??? - Submitted by: CspasiD

100119dailypic.gif - 2010-01-19

Someone actually getting killed by Sindella and her Whirlwind candy, ouchs

Killing the Nngh'Zan and his council. - Submitted by: BloodLotus

100118dailypic.gif - 2010-01-18

Today we took on both, Nngh'Zan and his council, it was peace of cake.

First to 100 Right??? - Submitted by: Nasht

100117dailypic.gif - 2010-01-17

In a first to 100 gamble, Pishi and I get to the famous 99-100 roll, and we each roll 99 11 times in a row!

Totem Spells - Submitted by: Brea

100116dailypic.gif - 2010-01-16

Casting the totem spells before going in to break the seal of Nngh'Zan.

Rock, Paper Scissors Tourny - Submitted by: Skum

100115dailypic.gif - 2010-01-15

Several people playing RPS in the Tiger clan Hall

Rainbow of Death - Submitted by: Zephic

100114dailypic.gif - 2010-01-14

A screenshot of a free win carnage, and dead players lining up to mail a rainbow out of ghost.

Royal Revels - Submitted by: Raere

100113dailypic.gif - 2010-01-13

The Royal Revels reading in the Kugnae Coliseum on January 10th, 2010

Maya & the Eightfold Path - Submitted by: Muckish

100112dailypic.gif - 2010-01-12

Monk Guide Maya teaches the community about her path in the Monk Guild's first ever Eightfold Path class! ((Saturday, 09 January 2010))

Rabbit Bosses fighting each other - Submitted by: BloodLotus

100111dailypic.gif - 2010-01-11

This is better than me having to fight them! Warriors almost never get creatures to fight each other.

Fireworks at South Mythic - Submitted by: Killeh

100110dailypic.gif - 2010-01-10

Mug conducts a chorus line with fireworks

Killing Council. - Submitted by: AkiKan

100109dailypic.gif - 2010-01-09

This is the group that gets to appear on the first Daily pics reopening.