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Tutor Quests
Learn the basics

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Level Required : 0
Prerequisite : None
Karma Needed : Not applicable

How to Begin : Complete Life Begins

Steps :

Click the Tutor dressed in red to begin your training. You may stop your training at any time but it may take a long time for you to learn some basic things.

"Greetings and welcome to my home. I see you are eager to get on with your adventure. Before you do however, there is much more you need to learn. Click on me to learn. . ."

1. Buying Armor

"A hero has to be very wise of the world, and that only comes from experience. Experience will teach you that you'd better equip yourself well. You need to understand how to buy and sell items. First, you need to buy something. . ."

"You've gained some of this old warrior's trust. Here's some money for some armor."

The tutor gives you 20 coins.

"Go to the blacksmith, get a spring mail dress (females - war platemail for males), and bring it back. You'll find it listed under "Peasant's Clothes". You can find the blacksmith in Buya, at the location 18, 103 (Kugnae, at location 88, 148). If you forget, you can use F1 to remind you. Just try clicking on the old man, he's got a one track mind. He'll try to sell you something."

When you return to the Tutor, he finds what a fine job you've done and tells you to keep the armor. You check your inventory and press [u] to wear your new armor.

- 100 experience points

2. Buying Food

It is time to learn about buying and selling food. You are instructed to take the 5 rabbit corpses the Tutor gives you to the butcher shop. There you will sell them to the butcher and buy one meat scrap. Bring the meat scrap back to the Tutor. Buya's butcher is at location 39,129; Kugnae's butcher is at location 41, 131. If you forget the locations, you can use F1 to remind you.

- 100 experience points

3. Finding Items

"You are quite a merchant now, but you only know how to buy and sell items you already have. You need to learn about getting your own items. Yes, some come from the creatures you have slain, but there are more you can find."

Pick a rose from the bush (Buya 112, 138 or Kugnae at 140, 134)and gather five chestnuts (Buya garden at 27, 47 or Kugnae garden at 105, 134) for the Tutor.

"Perfect! A Rose for my love, and Chestnuts to eat. Thank you for getting these items for me. Remember that there are other ways to get some items to sell to the merchants, or to other citizens."

- 150 experience points

4. Fishing
Prerequisite: 100 Vitality or Level 4

If you are not at least Level 4, the NPC says:
"You're too young to fish. Come back after you've wised up a bit."
Kill rabbits and squirrels till you reach Level 4.

"So, you are interested in more things to do? Fishing can weaken your fighting skills, but is a nice diversion from time to time. Find Bate on the west side of Kugnae at 28/170 or Wim in the southeast of Buy at 109, 88. Say to him out loud "I'd like to fish". If you bring me back a Minnow, I'll give you a little gold."

"You're still a youngin'! If you take up fishing now, you'll never amount to anything. Oh, why not? Here's some string and worms for you to try with, good luck!"

It may take awhile to fish a Minnow from the waters. Keep trying by saying 'fish' until you succeed then return to the tutor who says a strange thing:
"I've heard stores about people finding pretty strange things while fishing. Thanks for the fish! That wasn't so hard, was it?"

- 50 experience points

5. Exploration

"Well, we are finding our way around now, aren't we? But do you understand the Kingdom around you? Buya is more than just a city, it is a whole Kingdom. We are governed by the good King Senshi. King Senshi leaves most matters of state to princess Lasahn. To the south east of Buya, is the Kingdom of Koguryo, who's capitol city is Kugnae. Their King is called Yuri."

The tutor wants you to be able to find your way around by observation. Walk north toward the palace, find the library and speak the tutor's name to the librarian. The librarian has a bit of information to pass along. Return to the tutor.

- 150 experience points

6. Ogre Cider

You have been doing such a great job that now you must travel outside the city to purchase some Ogre cider for the tutor. You head north out of the city and travel to Hamgyong Nam-Do to the Ogre's shop.
- 150 experience points

7. By the Sea Quest

The tutor asks you if you want to help someone who has a problem. Of course you agree to this and the tutor whisks you away to Guol where you see a large turtle near the shore. Click to speak with Chu-Ra. It is time to rescue the Dragon king.

- A Sea ring
- 150 experience points

8. Group Hunting

Some of the information given to you is a bit dated. You need to know how to turn on/off your willingness to hunt in a group. Check to see if it is on by pressing the letter [v], place the target box on yourself and then enter. You will see the symbol shown above. If your symbol is dull like the one on the left your group is OFF. If it is bright like the one on the right your group is ON. You can toggle the button by clicking it or you can use the keyboard shortcut [shift] + [g]. Then press the letter [f] to see your group panel on the right side of the screen. You can add people to your group by clicking their bright group symbol or by pressing the letter [g] and then typing in their name. If you cannot add them, ask them to turn on their group.

You gain more experience with a group especially with a poet.

You can whisper to someone by pressing [shift][quote] then typing his or her name. In a group you can whisper to all the members by pressing [shift][quote] then typing 1[shift]1[shift] two times.

"Go now, group with a number of persons to hunt about 12 deer (they have antlers). Hunt more if your group is larger. It is best to divide the antlers fairly. They, by the way, are a great boon to a warrior, for they hold the power of the deer. When ground and eaten [u] the vitality flows into you. Be very careful. If youíre as fresh as you look you wonít survive against a deer!"

NOTE: If you cannot find anyone to group with, you can do this quest solo. You will have to kill enough deer to gather 3 antlers. Then go see the tutor for your reward.

- 200 experience points
9. Spelunking

"You are ready for something bit more adventurous now! Thus far, your travels have been limited to lands above ground, where the Sun keeps much evil away. But many greater rewards Ė and challenges Ė await you beneath the ground. I am trying to brew some healing potions. Will you help me to gather the needed components?"

He goes on to tell you that he needs the mineral Mica and that you can gather this by slaying the rock-eating White Rat found in the town's Rat Cave. Go slay white rats until it drops a Mica then bring it to the Tutor. (Buya Rat Cave at 15, 78 and Kugnae Rat Cave at 46, 112)

"A Mica! Just what I needed. Take this, itís one of the potions I made. It will heal some of your wounds. . .and remember this, you will find many greater secrets in other caves."

- Blue potion (Heals 100 vita)
- 500 Experience

10. Horse riding

"Nothing is better than a swift steed carrying you off to where you want to go. You should learn to ride now, as it will aid you greatly on your way to destiny. You canít do much while mounted on a horse, but it is much faster than walking. Go find a horse and ride it back to me. Talk to me again when you are mounted on a horse. Near the top left of the city is a good place to look for horses, there is usually a few there. Once you find one walk up to it and ride it by pressing the [r] key."

Ride the horse back to the Tutor.

"What a great steed you have there. Very impressive indeed, I love to watch horses."

- 500 Experience
11. Lost Brother

"All I can tell you is that he lives in Sanhae, a town far to the north. You can get there by going back to the stables, and traveling to the Arctic Land. From there go south east, and follow the valley around. Talk to the Mayor there, he may be able to tell you what happened."

The Tutor is very upset so off through the north gate toward Arctic Land you head.

Click the Mayor in the Sanhae Hall.

"Hello there, welcome to the town of Sanhae. You look troubled. . .And so you should be. There are some dark forces at work here."

Ask about IronHeart's brother even if JadeSpear sent you.

"Poor, poor man. He went off with the others to hunt, and is lost with them. Darn these evil forces, if only somebody brave enough would lift the curse."

Ask about the Dark Forces.

"Recently several of our men have gone missing from this town. They go off to hunt at Du Mountain, and never return. I fear it will be the end of our village if something is not done soon."

Ask about Du Mountain.

"Oh, you are new to these lands. Du Mountain is to the west of our town. If you go back the way you came, then head to the west side of the northern pass you will find it. But I beg you not to go there, only evil resides there now."

With a cold heart you race off to Du Mountain and you find a rough looking man who talks about his missing hunting party. He asks you to scale the mountain and kill a pack of wolves. You walk through tunnels to the top where you kill three Mountain Wolves.

You wipe blood from your blade and speak to the man who says:

You were great! Thank you so much! Now I can save my friends up there, once I get them out of hiding. My name is Haguru, I am the brother of the tutors of the great city. Why do you look so surprised? Don't tell me he sent you to look for me! You can go back and tell him that I am fine, and not to worry about me."

- 500 Experience

12. Better Weapon
Prerequisite: Level 7

The Tutor says that is time for you to have a new weapon with magical properties but that the challenge may be too great for you. He gives rather vague directions telling you to go there and talk to him about a new weapon, I am sure he will be willing to "help" you, ask about the "Ice beast"."

You wander about KaMing's Encampment till you find a warrior. You ask him about the ice beast.

The Sonhi grins, "Ice beast, eh? You must be after a Frost sabre. You have heard of the Frost sabre, haven't you? No? Then let me tell you what you are missing. Though only a modest weapon, the Frost sabre has many great powers. When you die, it will not leave your side. When it is worn, it can be repaired with ease. In combat, sometimes it chills your foe, making them easier to hit. Perhaps most impressive is that only YOU will be able to wield your Frost sabre if it is crafted for you. Unfortunately, very, very few know how to make one."

The general goes on to mockingly taunt you by talking of the legendary Frost sabre. Finally he says that IF you give him 100 coins and bring him something he will forge one for you. You agree and pay the fee. Your heart sinks as he says that he needs "the Ice heart of a mighty and wicked Ice Beast." To make it even worse, he has no idea where you can find such a creature! His recommendation is ask people who have lived around here for a long time!!

As you leave you hear:
"Even if the fool finds an Ice beast, they'll surely die. An easy 100 gold, heh, heh."

With cold fury, you question every older adventurer you find until one tells you where to find the Ice beast. They give intricate directions mentioning Kugnae east gate and Dae Shore which you commit to memory.

You finally reach Northeast Koguryo and speak with the Old Hermit. He has quite a bit to say about the dangerous Ice beast but he isn't helpful until you bring some Aged wine. In exchange for the wine, he spills all of his knowlegde. He even gives you a pair of Travelling shoes for crossing the lava. You think his advice to say "Hi" to the rock is wierd but at least you have the shoes!

Laughing to yourself as you walk past the rock you call out "Hi". Your eyes widen when you hear:

Interesting fact: Myung-Suck means long-lasting rock in Korean and that is the rock's name.

With a wildly pounding heart, you walk across the lava to see the most gigantic monster you have ever seen. On trembling legs, you dart in and out luring the beast toward the lava. You walk 1 step away along the lava shore as the beast follows you onto the lava and then screams as he melts.

Grabbing the beast's twinkling heart you race back to the warrior.

The Sonhi looks surprised.

"I do not know how one so wimpy as you could defeat an Ice beast, but somehow you have triumphed. As promised, I will forge you a Frost sabre."


- New legend mark
- Frost sabre
- 2300 Experience

13. Student cap

"Well your time with me is nearly at an end, but before we part I want to give you a small gift to show your time here. I will show you the way to prove your worth, by making your very own Student's cap! This offers good protection in battle even thought is made of cloth. The first step to making your cap is to get some cloth. Go to the center of the wilderness, you will find some sheep there. Collect some of the wool they drop, and take it to the weavers hut. There are many skills you can learn later on, weaving is just one of them. There is armor making, weapon smith in both wood and metal, gem crafting and even cooking! You will find the weavers near 45, 30 in the Wilderness, that's out the South gate of Buya. Ask about "weaving" when you get there. It's quite a walk, so you might want to use a horse. Go now, and return when you have made some cloth."

Go kill a Sheep in the Wilderness. It is best if you ask for help with this task. Take the wool to Yon's shop and say "Weave" to her. Then bring the cloth back to the Tutor.

Seeing your cloth, the Tutor tells you that the museum Caretaker is the only person who can make a Student Cap. The museum is north of Dae Shore at 29, 01.

"Greetings. So you have come looking for to make a Novice cap? First I need some cloth that you have made yourself. Ah, here we go. Now I learnt how to fold this from some of the historical documents I sent to the Library."

When you rush back to the Tutor with your cap, he tells you that you have learned all he can teach you and that you are ready to create legends of your own.

- Dragon's tooth
- Student cap
- 2000 Experience

Items Lost to Sacrifice :

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :

Rewards :
- 2 new legend marks
- Blue potion
- New weapon
- New helm
- Over 7000 experience points