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Sally's Weekly Quest
Weekly Quest

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Level Required : 0
Prerequisite : None
Karma Needed : Not applicable

How to Begin :

Steps :


1. Sally tells us that she has good intel that a select group of people are planning an attack to take over the world and end life as we know it. She asks if you are Are brave enough to infiltrate their ranks and prevent this tragedy from occurring. Choose "Yes I am!" option.

2. She's afraid of mentioning the group name of who will attack our lands, so she tries to describe them to you with moves. She then asks if you understood her cheerleader attempts to spell out Taal'yeein". Choose " You make no sense"!

She'll give you a glass which captured the last shape of what she thinks she saw. She claims it was rather dark so she doesn't know if the colors will be the accurate ones. She asks you to hold the looking glass and if you drink of it, theoretically speaking you should get a glimpse of what she saw too.

3. Using the Looking glass will morphs you into a random creature. Pay attention to which one you morph into: Bear, Deer, Rabbit, Raven, Lobster, rat, Panda, fox, wolf, etc.

Here's the list of Known Monster shapes that can fit the profile of what you must kill

Kugnae - Fox cave Raven, Spider cave Carrion raven
Buya - Fox cave raven,
Nagnang - Crow, Woodlands Shadow crow
Wilderness- Forever Tree Man-Shik Raven

Kugnae - Spider cave Giant scorpion, Massive scorpion, Pale Scorpion
Buya - Wood mantis- Sting, Dark mantis Ch'Tan, Ghost mantis Sin-tu
Nagnang - Woodlands Dune scorpion

Kugnae - Hausson Island Lobster
Nagnang - Woodlands Sea lobster,
Wilderness- Vale - Lobster Lobster cave Sand Lobster, Rock Lobster, Golden Lobster

Kugnae - Fox cave Dark fox, Blood fox, Sun fox
Buya - Fox Fox cave Dark fox, Blood fox, Lava fox, Sun fox
Wilderness- fox

Kugnae - Rabbit/White rabbit, Rabbit cave - Hare/Large hare/Red hare,
Buya -Rabbit/White rabbit, rabbit cave hare, large hare Artic ogre Snow rabbit
Nagnang - Rabbit, Woodlands - Black rabbit/Brown rabbit/ Brown hare, Rabbit

Vale - Bear
Woodlands - Frost bear, Snow bear

Kugnae - Deer, Doe Fox cave Albino Buck
Buya - Deer, Doe Rabbit cave Albino buck, Dark deer, Dark buck, Arctic ogres Arctic deer
Nagnang - Deer Woodlands - Dark buck
Wilderness - Black buck (it's different than dark buck)

Kugnae - rat rat cave rat, White rat
Buya - Rat rat cave Rat, white rat
Nagnang - rat
Woodlands- Rugged rat

Kugnae- Wolf ,Rabbit cave -Dark wolf,
Buya- Wolf , Rabbit cave - Dark wolf, Fox cave - White wolf & Lightning wolf , Du mountain - Mountain wolf
Wilderness- Blood wolf
Nagnang - Wood wolf

4. After you use the looking glass go and find the creature you morphed into. That's the hardest part here because the same creature morphing can result in different ones to kill.

Example: some required regular fox, others needed light fox from Buya fox cave. The big quest is finding which is the right creature for your morph.

Go back to talk to Sally to test if your kill worked or not. If it doesn't work She'll ask you a question

PLEASE CHOOSE "No, I will try again!" Or just press the close button to close the popup and try again.

If it does you'll be transported to southwest Buya where the "Supreme Leader" will talk to you. He's very angry about Sally and will say: "That vile woman has no place in this world".

You'll have two options (Be careful choosing it):

(a) Yes, I agree with you
(b) No, I do not (agree with you)! Now take the edge of my blade!

First option (a) will give you a "Hindered" result:

The Supreme Leader will give you a bottle called "Drink Me".

Once Sally drinks the "Drink me" bottle she immediately falls to the ground unconscious. While people rush to aid her, you decide to slowly make your way out, or so the fate says you do.

Second option (b) will give you "Assisted" result:

It seems as a gift for completing the quest you get a random item from past events. Confirmed items are:
Fancy ilbon vest, tattered Ilbon outfit, Good eye, Red amber, unidentified flame, fresh mold, love potion, red potion, candy box, white amber, yellow amber, black amber, treatise on old poetry, 85 skully sword (cool) and more to add to this list.


Items Lost to Sacrifice :

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :

Rewards :