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Rogue's Dagger Uniform

Dagger Uniform

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Level Required :
Prerequisite :
Karma Needed : Not Applicable

How to Begin : Rogue Guild (020, 141) in Nagnang

Steps :

This quest is a prerequisite for doing the Rogue Shield Quests.

1.Go to the Nagnang Rogue Guild at co-ordinates 020, 141.

2. Master Dagger will ignore you like the worthless rogue you are. You know you aren't worthless so keep tapping his shoulder until you annoy him. He will then call three of his assassins to kill you. Beware, they are strong and can kill you easily. If you are a lower than level 99, then just run away from them. They will disappear soon.

3. Once the Assassins are gone, tap Dagger again. He will think that you are either very brave or just foolish. Click the Blue Rooster selection on the menu. Dagger orders you to see a Blue Rooster. The Blue Rooster can be found wandering around southern Buya. Click a Blue Rooster to "see" it. Return to Dagger.

4. Clicking on Dagger again you find that he wants you to steal something from Maro, Kugnae's Rogue Master. Maro lives in the Kugnae Rogue Guild (022, 188). Walk close to Maro to steal a Silver acorn from his side pocket. Walk out of the Rogue Guild (do not scroll out). With the Silvery acorn safely in hand, you walk out of the Guild Hall. There a crow flies down and snitches the acorn away. Crows are bigger sneak thieves than rogues!! The crow flies away east.

5. Head to Dae Shore's northeast shore. You will find the crow there.

Click the crow.. It has been enchanted! It is actually a boy. He will tell you the story about how he was turned into a crow.

    "I am actually a small boy who once thought he was smarter than a Tiger, " the crow says. "But the Tiger turned out to be an evil spirit."

"So you think you are brighter than me?" said the Tiger and he changed me into this bird. "There! Now you'll remain this dull bird until you find something bright enough to free you."

"I have been searching for something bright enough and hoped that the acorn would work. But alas, I am still a crow. I do not know what I need!"

"I asked an old fortune teller if he knew what I needed but all he said was that the answer would drop from the stars. If you could help me, I would return the acorn to you."

6. You are smarter than Dagger thinks because you know about a bright item called a Stardrop! Go find one then return and click the crow.

The crow's eyes widen. "GIMME THAT!" He squawks and plucks a Stardrop from you."
Thank you! My mom must be worried. Here's your acorn back. Don't mind the other crow, he's just a good friend."

The boy hands you a Silvered acorn instead of a Silvery Acorn but that is OK.

7. Return and tap on Dagger again. Dagger wants you to frame Kugnae Rogue Master Maro by giving Buya Rogue Master Maso a scroll that Dagger gives you. With sad steps you do as he said. Hand the scroll to Maso.

8. Click on Dagger one last time. Dagger is impressed and grants you a new spell, Dagger uniform.


Items Lost to Sacrifice :

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :

Rewards :
- New Dagger Uniform Spell.
- A new legend mark.
- The ability to do additional Rogue Shield quests in Nagnag's Armory.