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Nagnag's Shield Quests

Shields For All Paths

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Level Required : 11
Prerequisite : You can only obtain the items from this quest if you have already completed your path's Nagnang quest:
Mage: Spirit Stone Quest
Poet: Whip Quest
Rogue: Dagger Uniform Quest
Warrior: Nagnang Shield Quest

Karma Needed :

How to Begin : Gather all items needed (see Items Lost to Sacrifice below)

Steps :

Before Prince Kija made a treaty with Koguryo and Buya, Nagnang was plagued by criminals who killed Nangen citizens with pure greed in mind. Blight wanted to defend his country so he started to accumulate armor and weapons to wage battle against the criminals. Smith Nagnag was assigned the task of making armor. Nagnag kidnapped Chongun Dobos, Scribe Jlong, Smith Park and Wizard Shyun to force them to help with this enormous task. In rebellion against Nagnag, each of these abductees will make quality armor for you if you bring the correct materials he needs.

To avoid confusion you should know that Nagnag is General Blight's armor smith. Both come from the Land of Nagnang. Many often confuse Smith Nagnag with the land of Nagnang but now you know the difference!

1. Go to Kugnae Baek Shop (18,13) with 1 Fine Metal and 1 Soup Bowl. (Purchase fine metal from smelters or get from the Iron Lab Treasury room. Purchase Soup Bowl from any innkeeper.)

2. Say "Compass" to Baek.

3. Say "Nagnag" to Baek.

4. Say "Nagnag" again. Baek will take your Fine Metal and Soup Bowl to make 10 compasses for you.

5. Go to Dark Forest located north of Nagnang. Use your Nagnang Compass to get a popup message that tells you which direction to travel to find the way to the next map. There are six maps within the Dark Forest.

6. In Valley Farm click the ghost. After carefully listening to what is said, go to Kugnae West Shaman (42, 92). Say "Majhum" to the Shaman.

7. Go back to Valley Farm and say "Bridge" to the Ghost. You will learn that you need 10 wool and 10 ginko wood and that you should visit the weaver in the Wilderness.

NOTE: If you say "Dusk shaman" to the ghost at this step, you will get a full point of karma! Eventually NexusTK will "forget" that you have done this part of the quest and you will have to repeat steps 7 & 9 but you will not have to make the items again. You will not receive Karma again.

8. Visit the Wilderness weaver and say "Twine". Gather 10 wool then go back to the weaver; say "Twine" again. Yon will make Twine using the wool you brought. Gather 10 Ginko wood while in the Wilderness.

9. Return to the Valley Farm and say "Bridge" to the Ghost. The Ghost will use the twine and ginko wood to make Stilts and tell you how to use the stilts. Walk to the west side of the house to cross the water.

10. You will exit into the Courtyard where you may find a few guards. Fight your way east over the bridge on to Benitnath's Island. Go east and into the shop. Click on Benitnath. Listen to what he has to say then say "Sewers". Remember, you have been warned that you need a Lantern!

11. Follow the Sewer to the other side and you will be inside the courtyard gates.

Co-ordinates from the shop:
1. 028, 017
2. 010, 003
3. 007, 008
4. 014, 016
5. 013, 018
6. 005, 002
7. 021, 002
8. 002, 001
9. 016, 023
10. 022, 027
11. 005, 028
12. 003, 009
13. 003, 002
14. 006, 015

NOTE: You can skip steps 12 and 13 and just bring a wood scrap and a fine steel dagger to Maso. Say "lockpick" then continue to the sewers. You can do this before you ever go through the Dark Forest.

12. Walk into the building next to the Sewer exit and say "lockpick". Listen carefully while you learn how to make a Lockpick.

13. Go to the Buya Rogue Guild (21, 88). Say "lockpick" to Maso. He will ask for one wood scrap and one Fine steel dagger. (Ask a carpenter for wood scraps and ask a smith for a fine steel dagger. You cannot purchase these items from a shop.)

14. Walk ALL the way back through the Dark Forest, Valley Farm, over the river, through the sewers then inside the Courtyard. Go to the far east gate where you will get a pop up message and then you will be on top of the east wall.

15. Fight your way through all of the guards north to a stairway that will descend to the nearby well. Continue fighting your way inside the Armory.

16. Each path has a separate exit from the Grand Hall to reach the kidnapped NPC that can help make the items.

Mages: bottom east to the Library
Poets: north to the Study
Rogues: top east to the Treasury
Warriors: west to the Holding Cells


Items Lost to Sacrifice :
Nagnag compasses - fine metal, soup bowl
Lantern - flash dust, coal, beef, ginko wood, white paper
Lockpick - wood scrap, fine steel dagger
Twine - 10 wool
Stilts - Twine, 10 ginko wood
Armor item(s) by path:

Magic amulet: Level 11 - Earth clothes, 10 bear's liver, herb pipe, 1,000 coins
Magic rune: Level 39 - Star-staff, metal, 4,000 coins
Magic ward: Level 69 - Scroll of invocation, holy ring, 12,000 coins
Mages ward: Level 97 - Scroll of invocation, Surge, 24,000 coins
Enchanted ward: Il san - Scroll of invocation, Il san surge, 48,000 coins
Conjurer's ward: Ee san - Scroll of invocation, Ee san surge, 96,000 coins
Mysticism ward: Sam san - Scroll of invocation, Sam san surge, 192,000 coins
Masters ward: Scroll of invocation, Sa san surge, 500 Ri shards, 250 Xi shards, 100 Zen shards, 384,000 coins,

Love amulet: Level 11 - Earth robes, 10 bear's liver, herb pipe, 1,000 coins
Love rune: Level 39 - Titanium lance, metal, 4,000 coins
Nature charm: Level 69 - Sen glove, Lantern, 12,000 coins
Soul charm: Level 97 - Charm, lantern, 24,000 coins
Spirit charm: Il san - Il san charm, Lantern, 48,000 coins
Love charm: Ee san - Ee san charm, Lantern, 96,000 coins
Life charm: Sam san - Sam san charm, Lantern, 192,000 coins
Immortaility charm: Sa san - Sa san charm, Lantern, 500 Ri shards, 250 Xi shards, 100 Zen shards, 384,000 coins

Battle amulet: Level 11 - Earth armor, 10 bear's liver, herb pipe, 1,000 coins
Battle rune: Level 39 - Steelthorn, metal, 4,000 coins
Light buckler: Level 69 - Scroll of defense, whisper bracelet, 12,000 coins
Basic buckler: Level 97 - Scroll of defense, blood, 24,000 coins
Heavy buckler: Il san - Scroll of defense, Il san blood, 48,000 coins
Amber buckler: Ee san - Scroll of defense, Ee san blood, 96,000 coins
Enchanted buckler: Sam san - Scroll of defense, Sam san blood, 192,000 coins
Mystic buckler: Sa san - Scroll of defense, Sa san blood, 500 Ri shards, 250 Xi shards, 100 Zen shards, 384,000 coins

War amulet: Level 11 - Earth scalemail, 10 bear's liver, herb pipe, 1,000 coins
War rune: Level 39 - Electra, metal, 4,000 coins
Bamboo shield: Level 69 - Titanium glove, tall shield, 12,000 coins
Steel shield: Level 97 - Spike, tall shield, 24,000 coins
Hide shield: Il san - Il san spike, tall shield, 48,000 coins
Brass shield: Ee san - Ee san spike, tall shield, 96,000 coins
Titanium shield: Sam san - Sam san spike, tall shield, 192,000 coins
Noble shield: Sa san - Sa san spike, tall shield, 500 Ri shards, 250 Xi shards, 100 Zen shards, 384,000 coins


Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :

Rewards :
- Reusable Lockpick
- Resuable Stilts
- New armor item.