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Leviathan Quest
The Fan Quest

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Level Required : 12
Prerequisite : None
Karma Needed : Not applicable

How to Begin : Follow the trail that ends up at 133,155 Nagnang and follow it to the next map.

Steps :

In this area, you will find Green squirrels and Leviathans. If you wish to complete the quest, do not kill any Leviathans, or you will be marked, "Enemy to the Leviathans." The only way to rid yourself of this mark and to continue the quest is to pay 1 million coins. If you do not have the legend mark shown below but the Ancient Leviathan still says, "You still have not been forgiven by all the totem Animals!"; then go to each of the Totem Shrines in the Wilderness and say "Forgive" to each NPC.

Follow the path (it doesn't matter which way you go at the fork) until you reach Leviathan Fields. Near the top you'll find an NPC. Click him.

He will tell you how Blight has been kidnapping the Leviathans and making them do his bidding. He asks for your help to rescue them. Should you choose not to, once again you'll be marked as an enemy and will have to pay 1 million coins should you wish to continue this quest.

If you decide to help him he'll give you a Leviathan Talisman.

Kill some green squirrels until you find a Green squirrel pelt and head to the east gate of Nagnang. Hand (as in, press "h" on your keyboard) the guard your green squirrel pelt and he'll allow you to pass. Before you go, he tells you to watch out for the tricky fox spirits.

The fox spirits appear randomly as you walk around inside this area. If you find one, it will ask you one of the following questions. You must type the answer in a pop-up box, spelling them correctly using all lower-case letters, in order to get a fox charm.

Within a room of green is a room of white, and within that, one of red. In there, thousands reside. What am I? - watermelon

I have fingers but no bone, a palm but no blood. What am I? - glove

In a chest without locks or hinges, a golden treasure awaits. What am I? - egg

Within ten, there are three of me. Within three, there are five. What am I? - letters

If you already have a fox charm with you, you can't receive another. If you should see another fox, he'll congratulate you for solving the riddle.

Move up the path until you reach "Blight Pen". Walk up to one of the cages and drop your talisman on the ground. The leviathan inside will vanish, along with the talisman. Now head back to the Ancient leviathan.

He thanks you for saving one of his kind and rewards you with a legend mark...

...and by telling you about a place where you can find a man who will craft you an extraordinary fan.

Go to the hut at 22,9 Leviathan Hermit (the map to the northeast of the NPC). Walk in and say Dae-Whan for him to offer you a fan.


Items Lost to Sacrifice :
Green squirrel pelt
Leviathan talisman

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :

Rewards :

- A fan

- A new legend mark