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Ice Beast
A better weapon

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Level Required : 7
Prerequisite : None
Karma Needed : Not applicable

How to Begin :

Steps :

You do not have to get this quest from the tutor. Just go speak to Blood.

1. The Tutor says that is time for you to have a new weapon with magical properties but that the challenge may be too great for you. "Go there and talk to him about a new weapon, I am sure he will be willing to "help" you, ask about the "Ice beast"."

2. You wander about KaMing's Encampment till you find a warrior. You ask him about the ice beast.

The Sonhi grins, "Ice beast, eh? You must be after a Frost sabre. You have heard of the Frost sabre, haven't you? No? Then let me tell you what you are missing. Though only a modest weapon, the Frost sabre has many great powers. When you die, it will not leave your side. When it is worn, it can be repaired with ease. In combat, sometimes it chills your foe, making them easier to hit. Perhaps most impressive is that only YOU will be able to wield your Frost sabre if it is crafted for you. Unfortunately, very, very few know how to make one."

The general goes on to mockingly taunt you by talking of the legendary Frost sabre. Finally he says that IF you give him 100 coins and bring him something he will forge one for you. You agree and pay the fee. Your heart sinks as he says that he needs "the Ice heart of a mighty and wicked Ice Beast." To make it even worse, he has no idea where you can find such a creature! His recommendation is ask people who have lived around here for a long time!!

As you leave you hear:     "Even if the fool finds an Ice beast, they'll surely die. An easy 100 gold, heh, heh."

3. With cold fury, you question every older adventurer you find until one tells you where to find the Ice beast. They give intricate directions mentioning Kugnae east gate and Dae Shore which you commit to memory.

4. You finally reach Northeast Koguryo and speak with the Old Hermit. He has quite a bit to say about the dangerous Ice beast but he isn't helpful until you bring some Aged wine. In exchange for the wine, he spills all of his knowledge. He even gives you a pair of Travelling shoes for crossing the lava. You think his advice to say "Hi" to the rock is weird but at least you have the shoes!

Laughing to yourself as you walk past the rock you call out "Hi". Your eyes widen when you hear:

Interesting fact: Myung-Suck means long-lasting rock in Korean and that is the rock's name.

With a wildly pounding heart, you walk across the lava to see the most giantic monster you have ever seen. On trembling legs, you dart in and out luring the beast toward the lava. You step 1 step away as the beast follows you onto the lava and then screams as he melts.

Grabbing the beast's twinkling heart you race back to the warrior.

5. The Sonhi looks surprised. "I do not know how one so wimpy as you could defeat an Ice beast, but somehow you have triumphed. As promised, I will forge you a Frost sabre."

Do not throw away your new weapon. You will need it to make Wind Armor.


Items Lost to Sacrifice :
Aged wine, 100 coins

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :

Rewards :

- A new legend mark
- Frost sabre
- 2300 experience points