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Forgotten Past
The Orbs

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Level Required : 50
Prerequisite : None
Karma Needed : Not applicable

How to Begin : Click on Rotah, who is at 207/139 in the Wilderness Village, and choose Forgotten Past.

Steps :


To begin the Orb Quest, travel to the wilderness village and click on Rotah. Rotah is the NPC in charge of the Wilderness Village. To the left is a map on how to get to the Wilderness village from the Kugnae Wilderness Gate. Walk up a little bit and bear right onto the trail. You will enter the the Rat cave (Bottom Point A). From there, simply walk through the door twice. You will appear at Top Point A. From there, make your way down the mountain to the wilderness village where it says Rotah.

Another point to note on the map is where it says Shu Jing. Inside is the House of Chi, the Geomancer area. Why is this noted? Because later in the quest you will need to purchase a Shu Jing in order to do a questionaire part of the quest.. So it's best you get this done now and get it out of the way. You can purchase one by clicking the roaming green dragon.

The door to the House of Chi may be locked. Geomancer's noticed that people were obtaining the Orbs for their stats rather than for their purpose, and so the only way to get in is to have a geomancer allow you to go in.

Back to the quest, once you reach Rotah, click him. You will see an option that says Forgotten Past. Choose it.

Rotah will say the following..

It's clear that Rotah enjoys where he is right now.


Now, say "Sweet Summer Blossoms". He will say the text you see to your left. Apparently he has an affinity for someone who smelled of sweet flowers. Now ask about "Wilderness Life".

Now we have to locate who he is talking about.


The woman Rotah has a fascination with is Storm Shaman. She can be located just north of the Buya Arena. The Buya arena is north of East Gate in Buya. Say "Wilderness Life" to her. She will say the text you see to your left. She seems to have left the wilderness to pursue a life of assisting those in need.

Now say "Geomancer" to her.


Now say "Elemental Orb" to her. She will say the text to the left. Apparently you need to hunt down a smith to find out how to forge the element of metal into an orb.

Hunt down the Sanhae Smith, and say "Forge Metal"


Great! So right down to business. He tells us exactly where to go. Travel to Thane in the wilderness. He is the owner of the mining shop. Directions to his house from the Northern Pass Wilderness entrance can be found on the left. Thane can be found in a small cave within the mining area.

Say "Special Metal" to Thane. He will say the text you see on the left below the map.

After you say that, he will ask you why you need it. Say "Metal Orb" to Thane.

Now you must gather 5 ore [poor], 5 ore [med], and 5 ore [high] for Thane. This shouldn't be too hard. Simply buy a shovel and pick from him and walk around the fields just outside his house. It may take a short while to get high ore if you aren't very skilled in mining, but this should be nothing too tasking.

Once you have gathered all the ore, go back to Thane and say "Metal Orb" once again. (Note: The special metal is in invisible mark on your character that will allow you to advance to the next step. Its not an actual item.)


Now make your way back to the Wilderness village and say "Strange Metal" to Rotah. He will say the text you see to your left.

Now say "Elemental Orb".

He will ask for that Shu Jing you bought earlier. It will not be taken from you but you will be asked some questions from inside it. You are encouraged to read the Shu Jing about the orbs, simply because they should be chosen based on what represents you the best, not by their stats.


Once you have the Shu Jing say "Elemental Orb" again. Go through the popups you've already seen and you will begin to see questions. These questions and their answers can be found to the left. After you get every answer right, you will be given a "Correct!" popup that I didn't include until the end. Once you complete all the questions you will be asked which type of Orb you would like the make. The requirements for all the Orbs are :

Earth Orb

Fire Orb

Metal Orb

Water Orb

Wood Orb

Be sure you have all the proper items or you may lose some during the transfer.

Once you give the items in, you may have to answer the questions one more time. Then say "Yes" when it asks if you are ready to trade.

You will recieve the orb of your choice.

Items Lost to Sacrifice :
Dependant on your Orb choice (See Above)

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :

Rewards :

- The Orb of your choosing!

- A new legend mark telling which orb you chose