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Greater Alliances
The Deepest Alliance

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Level Required : Il San
Prerequisite : 6 Lesser Alliances Completed
Karma Needed : Not Applicable

How to Begin : Say "Greater" to one of the alliance NPCs you have completed.

Steps :

A greater alliance can be described as a way to earn the further respect of a Mythic Animal class. This, again, is just a favor. You do not gain the respect of the cave, but do recieve a legend mark, and a large amount of karma

Starting the Quest

Your quest begins much like the lesser alliances by falling into the appropriate "guard room" associated with each cave. Since you have already completed 6 Lesser Alliances, finding your way to these guardrooms shouldn't be a problem by now. A greater alliance may only be done with one of the six lesser alliance caves. The maximum number of Greater alliances one can do is 3. So of the 12 caves in mythic, 6 have to be lesser to begin greater alliances, and from there, you can further ally with 3 in greater alliances. Instead of saying the name of the enemy creature this time, you will say "Greater" instead.

Your Mission

The Mythic NPC desires that you do the following :

Slay 5 key bosses (spirit) and 5 item (avenger) bosses in three different caves. They may be slain in any order. One of the caves will be the enemy of the creature that your greater alliance is with. (For example, If you are allying with the rabbit, you are guaranteed to have to slay at least 10 rooster bosses). The other caves are determined by the lesser alliances that you have completed. In order to do this correctly, you must avoid killing anything else AT ALL COSTS. Some have reported that killing even ONE extra animal has resulted in failure which is not true but you do take a risk if you kill other things. You must kill these 30 bosses and NOTHING else. Some have said that their alliances worked even if they killed one or two extra enemies, but one should use EXTREME caution. It is possible to complete your Greater Alliance if you kill other creatures but you must know what you are doing. Check our Alliance Tips to learn exactly how this works.

- NO Tribute is necessary this time around.

After you have killed all 30 bosses, you will need to return to the guardroom and if you have been successful the Mythic NPC will say:


Items Lost to Sacrifice :

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :

Rewards :
Upon your return with the necessary bosses killed, you will be rewarded with the following:

1. A Large Increase in Karma (4-8 Points)
2. A Legend showing your accomplishment.
(Note : Greater Alliance Legend Marks Replace Old Lesser Alliance Legend Marks)
3. Whenever you return to the guardroom on any level cave, and say the enemies name again, the NPC will cast "Rebirth" on you, which is a full healing, resurrection spell.