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History for June 2002

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(06/03/2002)- Sam san released - Bon-hwa, the being some believe to be the most powerful, has started accepting students for the rank of Sam san. These students will be the most powerful in Nexus, and ready to commit to some great challenges.

These classes on immortality continue the previous levels of Il san, and Ee san. If you are up to the challenge you should visit Bon-hwa, and see if you would be accepted as one of his students and, if you pass, harvest the rewards of his knowledge.

(06/10/2002)- Nagnag's armory discovered - Several tribes of Nagnang mercenaries have been spotted moving towards Nagnag's palace, and several getting lost along the way. These troops found their way through the dark forest with the use of a compass. Baek from Koguryo was able to create a similar magical compass to aid citizens to get to Nagnag's palace.

Unfortunately citizens were too late, and Nagnag and his new army of mercenaries have already moved on to an unknown location leaving behind a small group of troops to protect the palace. Also left behind were some Nagnang people, who had been forced to create amazing new items for Nagnag and his forces.

In exchange for seeking revenge for them against the person who enslaved them the blacksmiths started assisting the citizens by creating several pieces of armor for each path.

Warriors received upgraded shields, with greater abilities than previous designs. Rogues were able to get bucklers, light shields perfect for them. They were able to benefit from the added protection, without it getting in the way of speedy attacks. The magical users also received new items, with wards for the mages, and intricate charms for the poets.

These new items bring a great new depth to every class, offering them new and interesting items. Now the only question left to answer is where is Nagnag, and what is he up to next?

(06/16/2002)- King Yuri's Golden Jubilee comes to an end - King Yuri's Golden Jubilee came to a close this weekend, completing a series of events, competitions, and celebrations to mark 50 years of reign. King Yuri personally overlooked some of the events where citizens from all the surrounding kingdoms were able to win legendary weapons from King Yuri's personal treasury.

Here are a list of the winners:

Monday 5/27:
Tuesday 5/28:
Wednesday 5/29:
Thursday 5/30:
Friday 5/31:
Saturday 6/1:
Sunday 6/2:
Shini : Sevenleaf sword
Olympia : Flameblade
Wacko : Carnage weapons
Yufie : Sevenleaf sword
Azure : Flameblade
Starman : Carnage weapons
Morris : Sevenleaf sword
Lathander : Flameblade
Nekofelicia : Sevenleaf sword
Tenchimasaki : Flameblade
Bingo : Carnage weapons
Ariana : Sevenleaf sword
Keneko : Flameblade
Squareibe : Carnage weapons
Arkanis : Sevenleaf sword
Worldwalker : Flameblade
Katia : Carnage weapons
Laren : Sevenleaf sword
Falaris : Flameblade
Scavengrove : Carnage weapons
GridViper : Carnage weapons

We would like to thank everybody who attended each of these events, and participated in King Yuri's Golden Jubilee!

(06/19/2002)- Royals worried about Nagnag's mercenary army - In a meeting between the royals and other prominent members of the community a royal decree was past that Nagnag must be captured and placed under arrest at the earliest opportunity. With the recent events where Nagnag started the Mythic wars, started stockpiling weapons and armor in his palace, and now hiring a large mercenary army the council agreed that Nagnag now represents a significant threat to the surrounding kingdoms, and the freedom of the citizens.

With the recent assault on Nagnag's palace citizens were too late to capture Nagnag who had already left to an unknown location. A group of fighters were able to uncover some important documents between Nagnag and mercenary tribe leaders from all over the kingdom of Nagnang. Unfortunately they do not speak of his exact plans, only that they will need the entire force to come together shortly.

Nagnag has not replied to any of the invitations to talk, and has now gone on the road. Scouts have been sent out to every corner of the known kingdoms searching for his whereabouts but they have not been able to locate him. If any citizens should run into Nagnag or his men they should report their movements to one of the kingdom armies as soon as possible, and exercise great caution as these troops are well trained, well equipped, and very powerful.

This information has been taken from the histories originally published by Nexon Corporation and is published here to make a more complete game history.