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Kingdom of residence: Buya

Short Description:
Heavens is a clan that respects most its tradition. Its based on trust, dedication and family bonding. They live by the motto of "All for one and one for all" and are a strong militia based clan.

Heavens Members List

Clan helmet:

Clan Emblem:

Current Primogen: Savannah

Clan History

Year of origin: Yuri 17

Founded by: Beanbag

Clan Lore:
In the beginning, the Gods created the Realm known as Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds. The Gods looked down upon their creation and saw it in all its splendor. The Gods said "This is good". Another God said "Bring forth denizens to populate the realm, humans and creatures of all kinds. One such realm was known as the Mythic Nexus. Strange beasts occcupied the many caves there. Inside each cave was one more intelligent than the others.
These were known as Mythic Bosses. Their were 12 such creatures, one for each sign of the zodiac. The men and women of the lands prospered and multiplied and grew in intelligence. Families were born. Then the Gods said "The families must unite under a system of beliefs, customs, and traditions."
"These families will be known as clans" said another of the Gods. The humans heard the word of the Gods and gathered others of their same ilk. Two large groups deemed ready by the gods were set tasks and quests and trials to overcome. "Power Is Nothing Without Love, Friendship And Respect" - Said the great Beanbag who, with help of friends and followers, submitted to the gods the required items to be the first clan in Nexus history.

Clan Garden

Location: Buya - 128 131

Return to: Heavens Clan Entrance

Information and Links
Clan website: Heavens Clan

Curiosities about the clan:

  • Heavens clan was originally called "Clan of the Heavens" and later started being called "Heaven's clan". Took a few years until they finally assumed "Heavens clan" as their official name.
  • Heavens was the first clan collected the tribute to become official before all the other clans and managed to achieve the minimum of 50 members when the New World Order gave up on trying to become a clan and their members all left to join Heavens. Because of this, Heavens is technically the first official clan of nexus, but the Dream Weavers waited for Sun Moon and Bear and added all three of them together ((5/8/98)).
  • After changing residency to Buya, Heavens Clan and Lost Kingdom clan formed the first clan alliance of Nexus, signed by Primogen Valerian and Princess Casandra of LK.