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The Forsaken

Kingdom of residence: Nagnang

Short Description:
The Forsaken is an intensely private clan, aloof in its manner, and harsh in its politics. The Forsaken kindred often initially find the clan as a result of an empathy with rebelliousness, or because they are ´looking for something different´. The Forsaken are known for their crusty honesty, for their unwavering loyalty to Blight, and for their uncompromising standards.

The Forsaken Members List

Clan helmet:

Clan Emblem:

Current Primogen: Wulfie

Clan History

Year of origin: 42nd

Founded by: Blight

Clan Lore:
The story of the Forsaken starts back when Prince Kija of Nagnang opened his gates to the Northern Kingdoms. Due the attack of some northern people to the nangen citizens when the gates were opened and no response from Prince Kija to such harmful actions, a strong warrior of the lands called Blight swore vengeance to the kingdoms of Buya and Koguryo and gathered hundreds of mercenaries and some of the strongest heroes of Nagnang; they were Atrophy, Contagion, Abscess, and Marasmus. As the Prince would not approve the methods of Blight´s group, he then called themselves as The Forsaken.

It wasn´t long before the Forsaken made their mark. Knowing that many of the more powerful of the kingdoms gathered at Mythic Vale, they attacked there to show their power. The sky filled with fire and magma, the strong ones were caught off guard were beaten in battle. Blight then made it known: those of the northern Kingdoms and the Clans who followed them would be destroyed. War continued for some time within the Vale, but soon the attacks died down and those of the Twin Kingdoms were left wondering what was next.

Through many attempts Blight tried to get to the kingdoms and their Clans. He challenged the best of each Clan to a fight. He captured Tapi, the prized Tiger of the Sun Moon Clan, and more merchants of the other Clans. He even went as far as trying to marry his sister, Malady, to King Yuri, which almost succeeded, but the kingdoms had some powerful allies, who broke into Blight´s hall and found an antidote to the Love potion. After many attempts failed, Blight turned to his brother Nagnag for help. Nagnag agreed and offered him help: he would supply him with weapons and armor. Again the Kingdoms headed the call of their Prince and Princess, and made their ways into Nagnag´s fortress. Blight, knowing he had to do something, asked those who walked around Nagnang enjoying its beauty and peace to help him gather the armor and weapons he would need to fight this war. Many agreed and brought him armor, for their work he gave them asylum within his halls, and from that move it was when The Forsaken became a clan.

Through much work and brilliance, Blight managed to set a trap for the two kingdoms armies and left them fighting mercenaries on the battlefields in Nagnang, and with the help of the Sonhi leader KaKhan, Buya was captured. Yet, his plans again did not work well, Blight was betrayed by his ally. KaKhan murdered all his troops and cut off all ties with him. Though viewed by many as a cold-hearted killer, Blight was in fact the one who saved Buya from the Sonhi. Outraged by KaKhan´s actions, he planted a bomb at southern Buya and opened the way for the Buyans to regain their homeland.

Even after his help the kingdoms still hated him, and despite hose who wore the sign of The Forsaken. Blight, beaten and betrayed, returned to his hall in Nagnang. Truly, the clan had become what its name meant, Forsaken.

Clan Garden

Location: Nagnang - 0072 0052

Return to: The Forsaken Entrance

Information and Links
Curiosities about the clan:
The Forsaken is the only npc clan ever created. It did not have to go through probation period or a Clan Tribunal. For a long time it was the only clan in Nagnang.