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Kingdom of residence: Koguryo

Short Description:
Enigma clan motto is Strength in Unity. It means that by acting as one their clan will be stronger and the clan will be like a family. Respect is one of their main principles. By having respect for one another, and respect for our clan as a whole, the clan stays united front to the kingdom and standing behind the leader,and those that work hard to make the clan function.

Enigma Members List

Clan helmet:

Clan Emblem:

Current Primogen: ShadoMagi

Clan History

Year of origin: Yuri 20

Founded by: Astley and RogueShawn

Clan Lore:
In the early days of King Yuri, long before the Great Shift, two honorable kindred of Heavens Clan approached their Primogen Wasse to make a request. These kindred, Astley and RogueShawn sought to form a new clan based on family, honor and unity. From this ideal was born the Clan of Enigma. Astley served as first Primogen and saw the clan through its early development. Unfortunately, his thirst for knowledge called him away to study in a foreign land. Wolfen, a trusted council-member was named the new Primogen of Enigma. Astley then left to seek his fortune, though he still remembers his home and comes to visit. Wolfen led Enigma through a stage of growth and change. As the clan grew, new rules and policies were made. In general, the clan prospered. Wolfen also felt the pull of adventure and far away lands, and would often go exploring for moons at a time. During these absences,Troll, Wolfen's General and right-hand man would oversee the clan. It was only a matter of time until the Sacred clan sword and Emblem were handed down to Troll, along with the powers of the office. Troll spent much of his time as Primogen reorganizing the clan government and keeping the ever-growing clan running smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, Troll's primogency was cut short. The Gods decided that Troll had abused a subpath spell and Troll was arrested. Although the Clan protested, Troll stepped down as Primogen. His anger at the Gods for this injustice caused him and his family to leave the kingdom. Before leaving, Troll left the Primogency to Omi. Between right and wrong decisions Enigma was being ushered into a new age. The membership became solid and the clan succeeded on becoming something that would make its founder really proud to see.

Clan Garden

Location: Kugnae - 135 203

Return to: Enigma Entrance

Information and Links
Curiosities about the clan:
  • Enigma was the 5th clan to be recognized official and get implemented (((10/17/98)).
  • Enigma clan was formed by dissidents of Heavens clan.