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Kingdom of residence: Buya

Short Description:
Dharma Clan strives to encourage and assist each person to be the very best they can be. Whether in a group hunt working as a team or in a solo situation, we advocate intense mental focusing of one´s gifts, spells and abilities. They strive, individually and as a Clan, to be a mature positive force within the community always holding sacred the ideals that are the very basic Seed of their family. They live by a system of Color caste. Each color defines the duties of the individual. For each Color, an appropriate duty and morality is recognized. This is what they define as Dharma. To follow any path but the "own Dharma" of a caste is considered a great sin.

Dharma Members List

Clan helmet:

Clan Emblem:

Current Primogen: Cloverleaf

Clan History

Year of origin: Yuri 30

Founded by: NinaP

Clan Lore:
Darkling mysterious past long forgotten memories deciphered from the dried crumbling leather tomes pulled from the finger bones of skeletal remains discovered deep in the catacomb eclipse of library tunnels where mere mortals fear to tread upon these was revealed the Ballad of Clan Dharma. Out of the long forgotten cloud shrouded time deep inside spreading mists of ancient memory before the Great shift, nestled in the forests and cherry blossom orchards of Kuguryo in the fiefdom of Mhul near the city of Kugnae there lived and toiled a happy band of clansmen under the rule of Primogen Troll and his beauteous wife Princess ShadowElf.

In the Fall of Yuri 23, to these beloved rulers there was borne to them a girl-child, NinaP. She lived and breathed in the shadows of her parents rule. Forever at her parents footstep her insights grew in the Path of Rogue. Soon NinaP was leading Kindred into battles, Quests and hunts. The clan thrived as she helped gather tributes for the Prince.

Then one fateful day, a vengeful god struck down Troll and Shadowelf. All of Koguryo mourned the loss of these honest benefactors. NinaP continued in her duties yet she missed the spirit of her father's rule. As she grew and searched for Truth she realized she could no longer serve the anti-Hwarang ruler who had replaced her father Troll as clan Primogen. With her fathers famous Sevenleaf in hand, NinaP chose to make a pilgrimage. Her steps took her to Buya where she visited her life long friend, Princess Lasahn. The Princess welcomed NinaP and long they spoke. The lands were still new and fields lay fallow inside the city walls. The royalty of Buya would welcome new blood into their Tribunal. In Fall of Yuri 28, NinaP and many young fellow-kindred left Koguryo. With only the heavy packs they bore upon their backs they made the arduous trek to an unknown land and unknown future. They had no home. They were ridiculed by many from Kugnae. But laughter, good spirits and quests for adventure spurred them on.

Lasahn granted them the use of beds within the crowded walls of Pepper tavern. Many more were soon to join this family as news spread throughout the kingdoms of this diverse group that believed so strongly in the abilities of each of its members. They adopted the name of "Dharma Clan" which was reflected in their Motto ..."Each person embodies the Truth of Dharma" In the Summer of Yuri 29 the Buyan Tribunal voted Dharma clan official. Dharma continued to grow in numbers and in dedication to service and honor. Stories were told of their magnificent hunts. Crowds always gathered to participate in their kingdom wide events. Heroes emerged from within their ranks, cherished by the citizens. The Dharma members danced and danced into the nights. In days, they sweated and toiled until they had amassed a great wealth. This immense Tribute was offered to the Gods in the Spring of Yuri 30.

On Yuri 32, 11th Moon, 11th Sun... the Gods blessed these weary travelers. Dharma Hall was created as an amazing work of art and technology. They had poured their dreams and souls into this new clan Hall. Flowers bedecked the many levels breathing freshness Jewel-lined carpets provided comfort for weary feet. Upon their heads the members now bore the Helm of Dharma, created from golden wings of the heron and strengthened with the powerful blessings of Archons and Gods forever symbolizing the balance of truth and hustice.

Clan Garden

Location: Buya - 132 022

Return to: Dharma Garden

Information and Links
Curiosities about the clan:
When creating Dharma clan, Primogen NinaP initially had applied to form it based in the lands of Koguryo, but no new kogurian clans were being approved by Koguryo Clan Tribunal back then. They did not give up and moved to Buya and applied to Buya Clan Tribunal where they were approved. Since then, Dharma became a traditional clan of Buya.