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Kingdom of residence: Koguryo

Short Description:
Destiny Clan was founded as, essentially, a school of learning, allowing applicants to choose from one of six schools or "destinies" including: the bard, the chonsa, the forester, the magus, the tradesmith and the tinker. Within each destiny lies a detailed path of progression.

Destiny Members List

Clan helmet:

Clan Emblem:

Current Primogen: Kalique

Clan History

Year of origin: Yuri 63

Founded by: Migel

Clan Lore:
Many years ago before even the passing of 12 full moons became known as a Yuri there existed, in an isolated valley in far off Cathay, a wonderous school. The great and learned sage Omisan had been collecting rare herbs in the mountains when he had found the valley. Its entrance was well concealed and the valley itself was filled with animals and plants. Omisan vowed to stay there and set up a monastery of learning where he would pass on his great knowledge. Young men and women came to the valley and learned many secrets from Omisan. Secrets of Magic, of war, secret crafts and the ways of the poet. But, one secret he did not share and this was the secret of the Lifewort. Though an ugly plant, the Lifewort had one marvellous property, the ability to sustain life. For those who ate of the Lifewort--no illness could harm them, and death was a distant dream.

Now as was told, Omisan kept this secret to himself, and when one day while he was collecting herbs, an old, hungry Tiger fell upon him and killed him. Nobody else knew the secret of the potion that he mixed for his students, and gradually as the years passed, sickness and disease began to kill the students of Omisan. Until at last, only Migel the oldest of Omisanīs students and six others, were left. These seven, lead by Migel, fled the valley and wandered in the wilderness. After many months, they at last entered the land of Koguryo and came upon the city of Kugnae.

Seeing that this city was safe and well run, they decided to stay and start a school of learning which would teach the ways of Omisan. Migel instructed each of the remaining six students to lead a destiny of Omisanīs teaching. Thus the six destinies were formed: the Bard, the Forester, the Tradesmith, the Chonsa, the Magus, and the Tinker which are the base of the clan.

Clan Garden

Location: Kugnae - 200 052

Return to: Destiny Entrance

Information and Links
Curiosities about the clan:
The Destiny clan has entered probation with another name at first, but as their leader Omisan suddenly vanished from the lands, Migel took foward with the project and had to start all over again. He kept the same beliefs of the clan, but the name was changed to be easier remembered and pronounced by people.