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This page is displayed from an older database which is no longer updated. In most cases only the graphics have changed but newer items will not be found on here. Click here to view newer armor pages.

The armor of Nexus. That which us protects us from the evil that plagues the lands. Whether it be the helmet on our head, or the rings on our fingers, Nexus Atlas covers it all. The mighty shields from weakest to stronger.. All hand items, even the famous bracelets. We've designed the Armor section to help players on their quest for armor information...

Here is how....

Blue ring (Name of Armor)
Durability - 2400/2400
AC : -2 Hit : 0 Dam : 0
Vita : 0 Mana : 0
Might : 0 Will : 0 Grace : 0
Protection : 0 Healing : 0
Peasant Level 5
Special Info - None

How to Obtain -
Bought at Ring Shops
Market Price N/A
Price NPC Sells For - 100
Price NPC Buys For - 50

What do the status messages mean?

You are afraid to pick up such a powerful item - unregistered
There is an owner for that - it is a bonded item
Your Path has forbidden itself from this vulgar implement - cannot be used by your path
You can't lift it above your waist much less wield it - you need more might
You need more experience - the item is above your level

What does it all mean?

Name of Armor - This one happens to be called a Blue Ring. This is positioned so players can easily scroll down and find the name of the armor they want to immediately see.

Armor Graphic - You can see the picture of the ground graphic of every armor. We are slowly adding images of armor as it is worn so your fashion mavens can decide! There is an old dye chart where you can see 3.0 armor graphics.

Color Coded Stat Section - With Color Coded Information, its easy to find what is needed quickly and easily.

Armor types - Our database is designed to organize armor by their types. From hand items to shields, they're all easily organized and called upon demand, anywhere in the entire site.

Special Info - Special Info tells about whether an item is bonded, break on death, unrepairable and much more!

How to obtain - Find out everyway to obtain the armor you're looking for.

Market Price and NPC Prices - Not only will we give you approximate market prices, but the prices that the NPCs will offer you for the weapon. No matter how absurd they may seem! (NPCs offer such weird things as 10,000 coins for Faerie Lights!)