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Past News | September 2017

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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September 2017

    Saturday, September 30, 2017

Dossier Cazell - All that is known about the Ogre Mage
Posted by: Vini -- 4:44 PM EST
While Cazell was defeated at the Pirate Mine a week ago, it seems that he is still alive, recovering from the wounds of battle he had. The menace of Cazell may have stopped for now, but it's not over and those who fought him attested that he is by far the strongest ogre they ever faced.

But who is Cazell and what does he want?

The short answer:
Cazell is a mysterious figure known to be the leader of Pirates & Ogre alliance in attempts to gain knowledge of the Staff of Elements forging. After he succeeded forging his own, he broke the machine Thane uses to forge the legendary staff and vanished from the lands of Nexus.

The long answer:
Around Yuri 66-67 community has uncovered an on-going alliance between Pirates of Bluestone's crew and Ogres led by Nyog, the Ogre King. Behind this alliance was a mysterious figure known as Cazell. With help of Ogre Ugh people found out that that Cazell had moved on with a band of ogres gathering wooden staves by growing swamp trees of the Woodlands.

Following the progress of Cazell's ogres & pirates' alliance, community was able to collect wood staves from Woodlands, make water jewels at pirate's mine, find the gypsy camp and the Desert Cave at the desert west of Mythic Nexus. Not long after it was discovered that ogres had assembled a large camp at the wilderness western forest near a huge temple containing the Shrine of Fire and Shrine of Ice, led by powerful Ice and Fire Lords.

By disguising as ogres' slaves, the community was able to infiltrate the ogre camp and learned how to mold a metal mount with the help of the slave rebels' leader Soo. Not just that, from the ogre camp infiltrated people could gain access to the Temple of Ice and Fire and harness the powers of the fire of passion.

While community had uncovered the way to materialize the five elements (water, wood, earth, metal and fire) necessary to form the legendary Staff of the Elements, it also was clear that Cazell and his forces were able to do it as well.

It was then learned that mining instructor Thane had a machine and a forge that could be used assemble 5 elements to form the Staff of the Elements. Problem was that Cazell found that out first and used the machine and forge to create his own Staff of the Elements, then broke the machine and destroyed the forge. After getting his own staff, Thane claimed Cazell ran off. Since then community has never seen or heard about Cazell again... until now.

On Hyul 90, King Mayor Teikari reported that some of his townspeople were disappearing. After a scouting mission done by Chonguns and Rangers, it was discovered that the missing teenagers had been taken to the Western Forest to work as slaves for the ogre camp.

While fighting off ogres at western forest to save the Kinung boys, community uncovered a logging campground at the western forest and unveiled further some aspects of the ogre & pirate alliance. It seems that while Captain Bluestone has died, the alliance continues standing as communications between Cazell and Pirate Magician Torus which is now of Xiou's crew (Bluestone's son).

What was found out is that ogres seem to be gathering a lot of wood from the western forest and continue receiving water jewels. This wouldn't make much sense since Cazell already has his staff of the Elements, so unless he was looking to arm his whole ogre army with Staff of Elements it wouldn't make much more sense to continue with the ogre camp and exploring the power of elements further, unless there was more to the staves of the elements that meets the eye.

It is known that Staff of the Elements has the power to cast annihilate spell, but it's a rare thing and requires a lot of mana. What people fighting Cazell found out was that he could cast Annihilate much often and the hitting people would get from him was very powerful. As Cazell destroyed the forge he used to create his own Staff of the Elements, community might never be able to forge a staff as powerful like is, but we are able to create our own versions with the repaired machine that Thane owns.

While Cazell has finally shown his face, many mysteries continue to populate the scholars' minds:
  • Why does Cazell continue collecting elements ingredients for SoE if he already has his own? Is he looking to arm his whole army with it, or using it to empower his own staff further?
  • Is there a limit to how much power the SoE can harness?
  • Why does Cazell worry so much about humans going to the Ogre campground? Is there something hidden there?
  • How did Cazell become an ogre mage?
  • What are Pirates gaining from this continued alliance with ogres?

    These are questions community will have to find answers at some point. While the ogres seem to have retreated from attacking the kingdoms, they're still a very powerful menace to humans.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 91, Moon 1~

  •     Wednesday, September 27, 2017

    New Primogen of Oceana
    Posted by: Vini -- 5:00 PM EST
    Late last night another leadership change was broadcasted through the winds of Nexus; this time was with Oceana Clan. After a little over 9 hyuls (1+ year) leading the clan, Primogen theSavior decided it was his time to pass forward his position and appointed our very own IcePixy as his successor and new Primogen of Oceana.

    IcePixy has been a long-time member of the clan. She first joined Oceana years ago and held council position, then after a period in Alizarin clans she returned to Oceana exactly a year ago and last March became the Primarch of the clan. Clairvoyant IcePixy who has also served in Koguryo Ministry before, now marks history in Oceana as the first Diviner to lead the clan.

    "Firstly, I'd like to personally thank theSavior for not only the nearly 10 hyul's he has given to Oceana but his loyalty and dedication as well. Myself, as well as the Waterborn of Oceana are proud to have called him Primogen. I promise to do my best to live up to his high standards and to continue the amazing traditions that have always been what makes Oceana one of the most active clans! Onward Azure Koguryo", said IcePixy in her first speech as Primogen.

    Nexus Atlas congratulates Primogen IcePixy on her new position and thanks theSavior for his services to Oceana clan and Nexus community overall.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 12~

        Tuesday, September 26, 2017

    New Ranger Elder
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:35 PM EST
    Earlier today Ranger subpath had a shift of leadership. After almost 9 hyuls (1+ year) leading the path, Elder Kittie has stepped down from her position and appointed Kose as her successor. His first "word" as new Elder was "Yip".

    Nexus Atlas congratulates Elder Kose on his new position and thanks Kittie for her services to Ranger's path and Nexus community overall.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 12~

        Sunday, September 24, 2017

    Sutsang was rescued and Cazell defeated
    Posted by: Vini -- 5:30 PM EST
    Princess Sutsang of Nagnang is safe again. Cazell has been defeated yesterday after an epic battle against Ogres and Pirates, which started at Dae Shore and ended at the Pirate mines in the water jewel island.

    The rescue mission to save Princess Sutsang from ogres & pirates started at Nagnang Palace with King ChaeRi and General Thameus leading a search for clues on where the ogres could have taken the kidnapped Princess. Impressed with the success of the scouting mission of Kinung, King ChaeRi requested the aid of Chonguns and Rangers to track down the whereabouts of Cazell and the Royal heir to Nagnang throne, Princess Sutsang.

    After a long-coordinated search through the main areas of Nagnang kingdom, the people helping in the search found eaten pork meat at southwest of Nagnang and General Thameus went to investigate the northern shore where pigs can be found. There he was ambushed by not just ogres, but pirates as well. Soon the word spread out that pirates and ogres were attacking Dae shore and northern shore and dozens of people went to help.

    When all the Pirates and Ogres had been defeated the community ventured then the water jewel's Pirate Island which was full of ogres and pirates as well. People ventured room by room of Pirate mines until they reached the Great Crevasse.

    Once there, community found Cazell and Torus having a secret meeting, but hearing out all of world shouts and sages, they seemed to know people were coming. On the edge of broken bridge, they were keeping Princess Sutsang. Cazell tried to use her as leverage to force his agenda on ChaeRi, who he called "King human". He wanted ChaeRi to order the humans to stop attacking the ogre campground. In fact, after being advised by Torus, Cazell started asking ChaeRi to sign a treaty stating his people would not attack Ogre campground anymore, and then the other royals would have to sign it too. From the way it looked like, Torus was the one giving Cazell the ideas on how to put ChaeRi in a bad position, but while ChaeRi did listen and told people to lower their weapons, he is not a royal that one can try to manipulate. Seeing that ChaeRi was not going to give in to the blackmail, Torus and Cazell didn't know what to do.

    Cazell got very angry and threatened to throw the Princess in the abyss. ChaeRi tried to warn him to think before doing something stupid, but Cazell was furious that humans were not willing to comply to his demands, so he pushed Princess Sutsang into the crevasse.

    As the Princess was falling into the abyss, Arkanis who was right next to me, actually jumped into the abyss right after her. It seems that even after stepping down from his General position, Arkanis has not forgot his oath to protect Sutsang with his life. While everyone was distracted with Sutsang and Arkanis falling into the abyss, Cazell and Torus pushed their way out the area and most people followed them. Those of us who remained behind could see divine wings bringing Sutsang back safe on the other side of the crevasse. It was Providence, the same deity who introduced Sutsang to community. She said that Arkanis sacrifice saved Sutsang and them offered some of her life force to help revive him. "In the moment of despair, benevolence shall prevail" was what Diviners said would happen. With help of Shaman BeffyCabeza, Arkanis regained his life and with a rope given by Lancin they crossed back the crevasse saved.

    While Sutsang was being saved, Torus and Cazell tried to flee the cave. As it was a Pirate mine Torus knew his way around it and escaped unharmed, but Cazell did not have the same luck. He was cornered by dozens of valiant people who fought the Ogre mage all together. After being confronted by AznCloudBoi, Amatus, Wulfie, Ferro, Hrtlvr, JayBones, Valandil, DrFeelgreat, Thameus, Saera, Zinc, TaiPatron and King ChaeRi, Cazell has fallen in battle to Champion Toxa who was able to deliver the final blow to a very powerful enemy.

    However, shortly after battle we could still hear Cazell's voice echoing through the mine and, as it seems clear, he's still alive: "Humans too strong. I can't take them all alone", saged Cazell. " I'll retreat to recover from this battle. You may have defeated me today humans, but you haven't seen the last of me", continued the ogre mage. Those were the final words of Cazell we've heard since then. Hopefully this means the ogre raids on the kingdoms will stop.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 11~

        Friday, September 22, 2017

    Ogres invaded Nagnang Palace and kidnapped Princess Sutsang
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:35 PM EST
    Ogres have invaded the Nagnang Palace today and while the community was overloaded with fighting off the humanoid beasts they kidnapped Princess Sutsang. The leader of Nagnang Royal Guard, General Thameus promised they will not rest until the Princess is found, but discards direct retaliation to the ogre campground now.

    Currently the Nagnang soldiers and other helpful parties in the community are conducting a search through the kingdom to find clues of her whereabouts. So far they've reported to have found some ogres roaming around the mountain range at northeast of Nagnang, but not much is known besides that.

    King ChaeRi was clearly dejected to hear about his only daughter being taken by ogres. It seems the whole attack on the palace was a distraction for the kidnap. Koguryo and Buya are on high alert to protect their royal heirs too.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 11~

        Wednesday, September 20, 2017

    Have you been bugged?
    Posted by: Choji -- 6:19 PM EST
    If you noticed something Is wrong with your character send a Nmail to Wony or send a ticket to Kru to get yourself fixed.

    Go to
    Go to Support > New ticket > Fill Out Information > Send.
    On the Subject line please put 9/20 Bug

    Wony knows of what happened so let him do his job and things will get fixed.

    (( The ones without legend marks I suggest you don't participate In anything until your character Is fixed. ))

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Please be patient.

        Tuesday, September 19, 2017

    Buya was attacked by ogres & another message was intercepted
    Posted by: Vini -- 5:36 PM EST
    Last night ogres attacked the kingdoms again, this time was Buya. With a much smaller force than the one that attacked Kugnae, the horde raid on Buya concentrated mostly outside of the southern kingdom walls.

    While Cazell was not present for the attack, the people defending the city had to fight for couple of hours under a heavy rain until they defeated the very last ogre in Buya. Near southeast Buya, outside of the walls, Skum was able to obtain from one of the ogre scouts a message replying Cazell written by pirate Torus, a mage buccaneer from Xiou's crew.

    Here's a copy of the message Skum found:

    The Captain has agreed to send you Ilbon captured enemies to serve as slaves. Your supply line cannot be interrupted or we'll suspend with the water crystal supplies too.

    If the kingdoms folk continue to disturb with our plans, the Captain suggested you take one of their jewels to keep them on the line.

    What could be these jewels that Torus mentioned in the letter? Buya is popularly known as "Shining Jewel of the East". Could this be what he was talking about? If yes, ogres failed severely at taking Buya. The city is safe and citizens are on alert for other possible surprise attacks.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 10~

    Server Reset
    Posted by: Ferro -- 11:08 AM EST
    Today, yet another reset brought in another wave of changes related to raids.

    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: NexusTK DATE: 9/19
    SUBJECT: Server Reset - Sep. 19th, 2017

    - Raid Orb of Heal for Raid caves
    Free for Poets
    Say 'Raid orb' to So Kan
    Only works in Raid caves
    Partial heal for all the group members, except the caster
    Lasts for approx. 65 mins.
    (Small people can heal big people)

    - Raid ogres responds to attacks more consistently

        Monday, September 18, 2017

    Nexus Atlas is recruiting - Maps Specialist
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:14 AM EST

    Here's a unique opportunity to work with Nexus TK's #1 source for information.

    Nexus Atlas is currently recruiting helping hands to help out as Maps Specialist and help update our maps section with updated images of locations with public access. Such work shall be much faster-paced and easier than the vast majority of maps we already have thanks to the in-game mini-maps which makes much easier to see whole map.

    Candidates should have at least basic knowledge of Photoshop or other advanced image editing software (sorry, Paint doesn't do what we need) and good understanding Nexus maps in general. Maps specialist will also be able to assist with news reporting.

    • Passion for helping and sharing information
    • Time availability and ability to handle multiple tasks
    • Good knowledge of nexus environment and important happenings/events/people
    • Familiarity html language and photo editing programs
    • Self-starter, proactive, able to work independently or as part of a team
    • Creativity and interest for deep researches

    Nexus Atlas is a non-profit organization focused on reporting the most important happenings of the Kingdoms of Winds and providing knowledge over Nexus TK quests and and overall content.

    If you have interest in helping out, please contact me through and provide a description of your experiences and qualifications which would assist on the project.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 9~

    Problem with Mini maps
    Posted by: Vini -- 1:42 AM EST
    Head GM Wony has addressed the problem with some rooms where mini-map is bugged and not showing anymore. According to him they are working on a permanent fix, but while then he offered a temporary fix that community can do themselves. Here's a copy of the post he made on Community board fixing the issue.

    BOARD TITLE: Community
    FROM: Wony DATE: 9/16
    SUBJECT: Mini Map
    We are working on this. In the meantime, to force the client to update with new minimap images, please remove the files in:

    My documents\NexusTK\MiniMapimages.

    It's usually:
    C:\Users\'Your Name'\Documents\NexusTK\MiniMapImages

    If you still find mini maps with black screen, please let me know.

    Thank you.


    The solution worked for me. Make sure you delete the files from MiniMapImages folder and not the MiniMap folder.

    ~Vini Normad'or~

        Sunday, September 17, 2017

    Ogres Attacked Kugnae
    Posted by: Vini -- 3:56 PM EST
    Yesterday another ogre attack occurred and this time they broke through the gates of Kugnae. The attack on the capital of Koguryo seems to be a retaliation for the raid incurrences to the ogre campground at Wilderness' Western Forest. Thousands of ogres came attacking even unarmed people and causing the death of many civilians.

    After hours of battle the ogre horde broke through south gate, with also coordinated attacks at west and east and reached out the Kugnae Palace. Leading the horde was once again Cazell who finally has shown his face. Showing no mercy for humans, Cazell kept bringing more and more ogres and said they would not stop attacking Kugnae until humans surrendered.

    Cazell entered the Kugnae Palace and was confronted by Queen Yun and members of KRA. He pushed through with a battle at courtyard, but after being cornered by people, he ordered his ogres to strike from the back, created a diversion and fled the palace. His last works at the battle scene were not so different the first ones: he basically kept telling us humans to stay away from the Logging Campground and to stop interfering with their business. But what business one may ask?

    Well, it seems that Barbarian Elder SkoGul managed to have a non-confronting conversation with Cazell in which he told her that an ogre messenger was on his way to bring him more slaves. However, such messenger was intercepted by TaiPatron near east gate Kugnae. TaiPatron, Toxa and LordFroggie then retrieved a message which seems to have been written by Cazell himself. Here is a copy of the letter they found:

    There are less and less gypsies that we can find roaming the desert. Our attempts to capture slaves from the human weaker towns has been futile. If you want to keep with us sending supplies, you must provide us with more humans to work for us. Send slaves from your islands.

    The message indicates that the ogres are providing supplies to someone or some group. What some people believe is that the taun wood is being used as material to a fleet and the wool for sails. It's clear indication that the message was directed to pirates. Which pirate crew is the question. The most obvious possibility is that it involves Captain Xiou's crew, with Xiou possibly inheriting the deals made by his father Bluestone. Another pirate crew that could be making deals with Cazell is the one led by Chenlee whose ship is called "Panda", which is the name of Ugh's wife. The Pirate Princess ReShor's crew is another possibility, but one of the main theories going on right now is that Captain Kirriin is the one making deals with Cazell and putting illegal supplies in The Hanseong's hold.

    While the recipient of that message is still unknown the Three Kingdoms are all on alert to another imminent attack from ogres. Queen Yun of Koguryo issued a Royal Decree stating that her kingdom will also show no mercy to enemies who invade the lands. Here’s a copy of her decree issued to Chronicles of the Winds:
    BOARD TITLE: Chronicles of the Winds
    FROM: Queen Yun DATE: 9/16
    SUBJECT: Royal Decree

    Royal Decree

    I hereby decree that in the face of the malicious actions of the Conjourer Cazell and his army of ogres in assaulting our fair kingdom of Koguryo this evening, any and all Ogres found to be within our kindom are to be put to death and disposed of immediately.

    Should any towns folks see any such beings within our kingdom, they are to immediately report them to General Amatus and the KRA.

    I advise that both Buya and Nagnang take extra precautions in the coming days, this assault was well-planned and almost certainly not the last assault we will face.

    *stamped with the Royal Seal and signed*
    Queen of Koguryo

    Anyone who has any additional information about the ogre raids is welcomed to come forward and share it. Also a special thanks to Balfos, Pudepi, Hrtlvr, Amatus and TaiPatron.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 9~

    Database Updater
    Posted by: Choji -- 1:45 AM EST
    I'm Choji and I will be your new database updater.

    I'm here to help out updating Items, Wrong Stats, Boss drops,
    Armor, etc.

    Feel free to n-mail me on anything that needs to be updated
    through Nexus Atlas.

    Thank you for having me apart of the Nexus Atlas Team.

        Saturday, September 16, 2017

    Mission Tangun: liberation accomplished
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:37 AM EST
    There's nothing like a day after another. While Ogre's leader Cazell had declared themselves victorious in the Battle of Tangun last Thursday, yesterday some members of community returned to the seized town and defeated the remaining ogres.

    The salvation of Tangun was done in during a Chongun Mission with 17 people who fought to liberate the town from ogres control up until the very last one of them was defeated. Such fighters were: Amatus, Ascalon, Bamalot, Casamel, Choji, DragonLance, Ferro, Konce, Leviticus, Moonokuroboo, NightIce, NightStorm, Nobrows, Norelco, Wulfie, Yank and myself.

    Tangun is safe and free once more!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 9~

    Server Reset
    Posted by: Ferro -- 9:38 AM EST
    Today another reset brought in a set of updates associated with ATG11 and the new raid caves.

    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: NexusTK DATE: 9/16
    SUBJECT: Quick server reset Sep. 16th, 2017

    - ATG11 entrance requirement adjusted: 3m/1.8m -> 3m/1.5m

    - Test raid cave, Deep Forest Clearing spawn reduced.

        Friday, September 15, 2017

    The Ogres Strike Back - Tangun Invaded!
    Posted by: Vini -- 3:26 PM EST
    Yesterday a massive horde of ogres has invaded Tangun and, after a battle that lasted over 5 hours, believe it or not, the ogres have declared themselves victorious in taking over Tangun town. Citizens of the tri-kingdoms and wilderness dwellers fought bravely and tirelessly for hours.

    However, after multiple casualties on both sides, there were still too many ogres to fight against and slowly the number of humans fighting to save Tangun began to diminish. Many left the battlefield wounded in battle, others were just exhausted from hours of battle.

    The human forces continued dwindling hour after hour, up to a point that the few valiant ones that kept brawling the ogres realized it would take them many more hours to finish off the remaining enemies with a smaller group. Some of the last ones to leave the battlefield, like General Amatus, had been fighting there for almost 6 hours. Therefore, they decided to retreat for the night.

    While us humans were able to defeat all ogres west side and southeast of Tangun, as of this moment there are still ogres roaming around at northeast Tangun village. The declaration of ogres’ victory was broadcasted through the winds through the voice of Cazell. For those who don’t know who Cazell is, he is a mysterious figure known to be the leader of Pirates & Ogre alliance in attempts to gain knowledge of the Staff of Elements forging. After he succeeded forging his own, he broke the machine Thane uses to forge the legendary staff and vanished from the lands of Nexus. Cazell seems to be the leader of all the ogres in the Western Forest and Ogre camps west of the wilderness. He has never been seen or heard from before, until now.

    After claiming victory, Cazell said that Tangun town is now a territory of the ogre horde and that community must stop interfering with their business or suffer the consequences. It is unclear what sort of "business" he meant, but it's presumed he’s talking about the Ogres’ Logging Campground. The reason why the ogre horde took over Tangun is still unclear. Some people believe they went there to capture and enslave more young ones, just like they were trying to do with Kinung.

    It’s unknown if the retaliations will continue, but one thing is certain: Tangun northeast must be saved from the invasion of ogres. A special thanks to Amatus for providing the screenshots of the first hours of battle.

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 9~

        Thursday, September 14, 2017

    Two New Primogens Appointed
    Posted by: Vini -- 6:52 PM EST
    Two clans have seen recent changes of leadership within the last days: Lost Kingdom clan of Buya and Enigma clan of Koguryo.

    First was Lost Kingdom clan, which has elected Bhavana bread as their new Primogen, as their previous one, Warik, seemed to still be going through a long period of absence from the Kingdoms of the Winds. Bread is a well-known Monk Guide with a long experience in serving clans as well, as he was also Council of Sun Moon Sect up until 9 years ago.

    On Enigma clan, Primogen eggs has decided to step down only a month after ascending to such position. To succeed him, he appointed Ba-Gua ShadoMagi who is also well known for his past services as Geomancer Guide and one who has been in Enigma for almost 10 years.

    Nexus Atlas congratulates Primogen Bread and Primogen ShadoMagi on their new positions and hopes that their terms will be long and prosperous.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 8~

        Wednesday, September 13, 2017

    Server Reset & Ogre Campground Event Walkthrough
    Posted by: Ferro -- 12:10 PM EST

    Today another reset brought in a set of updates associated to the new raid caves. The first released for testing came with an event quest is related previous reset from September 10th.

    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: NexusTK DATE: 9/13
    SUBJECT: Quick server reset Sep. 13th, 2017

    - Test raid caves open. New mode of time-limited hunting caves for a group of players. Feedback and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

    * Stay close to your group to gain exp from the raid.

    The raid cave is accessed from the Western Forest in Wilderness.

    1. To begin the quest, bring an axe to cut your way through the thick bushes that could keep pushing you back.

    2. Once you cross the bushes area head northwest to go to 005 063 and talk to a man called So Ke. He will tell you that he and his brother need help because ogres have invaded their wood trading route and are destroying the forest. He also alerts that the ogres are taking human slaves to do their nasty work, which is a problem the community has paid much attention in years.

    He claims he and his brother were running a legit business. However, Mayor Teikari alerted people yesterday that those two had been banned from Kinung due to their shady deals. If you accept to help them anyway he'll grant you access to a secret passage into the deep forest.

    Once you go through the passage you'll enter the first room of the raid cave called Western Forest Hut. There you will meet his brother So Kan. The brother said they had to put fences around their home to keep ogres away.

    He tells you that if you slay 20 ogres of each kind and 10 commanders he'll recognize people's deeds, but it must be done in one hour. Those who complete So Kan's challenge get a new legend mark "Fought off Ogres" and an Aliana Grande.

    The Ogre's Logging Campground is a new cave with 10 rooms discovered so far. They're called:
    Western forest hut, Deep forest clearing, Ogre campground, Logging trading river, Campground graves, Logging main road, Logging crossroads, Logging campgrounds, Logging storage and Logging cages.

    Ogre Scout (20)
    Ogre Sentinel (20)
    Ogre Slugger (20)
    Ogre Commander (10)

    Ogre mayhem in Kinung
    Posted by: Vini -- 4:31 AM EST
    Yesterday evening Kinung was invaded by hundreds of ogres and a 2 hours battle broke down lots of bloodshed, but minimal casualties. There were hundreds of ogres scattered all around Kinung including the major rooms like the Town Hall and Kinung Chapel. After a long time fighting the ogres were defeated and Kinung was secured once more. Mayor Teikari mentioned that the rescued boys mentioned about two brothers called So Ke and So Kan who were banned from Kinung and were seen roaming around the Western Forest.

    To learn more about all what happened in the Battle of Kinung check this news post back in some hours. For now, all who fought ogres today need some rest.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 8~

    Augury Visions
    Posted by: Vini -- 4:07 AM EST
    Few hours ago the Diviners started sharing on the Chronicles of the Winds Augury visions they had of some impending occurrence in a near future. So far at least three people have had visions at a similar time. Here's a copy of their posts:

    BOARD TITLE: Chronicles of the Winds
    FROM: DATE: 9/12
    SUBJECT: Augury Vision
    When I find myself with free time on my hands, I enjoy wandering the kingdoms and performing Karma Readings for those I come across. As I returned to The Circle of The Divine Order, I felt dizzy and leaned against a post for support. As my vision tunneled to black, a voice echoed in my head and said:


    As she stares into abyss, darkness descends o'er the lands.
    The tumultuous waters churn as the wood cries out in dispair.
    In the penultimate moment as the blanket settles,
    in the united hearts of the people shall all prevail.


    I did not recognize the voice and must spend time sorting out what this could mean. If anybody has any ideas, please contact myself or another member of The Divine Order.

    -Sieo Bijeon
    Diviner Guide
    Primogeness of Forsaken
    The Knight of Nagnang

    BOARD TITLE: Chronicles of the Winds
    FROM: DATE: 9/12
    SUBJECT: Augury Vision
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[a ripped paper hangs in the wind]

    There is a woman across the riverbed staring back at me. Its dusk and I'm cheerful yet suddenly lost in emotion. Darkness falls much quicker than a normal dusk. What does this mean? Why does day become night in an instance?

    The water begins to bubble due to heat. How does the water boil so quickly....what is happening? Is this a vision? [he asks himself]

    A Diviner or mage has learned that a moment is not a testament to the longevity of the future. Haste makes waste...time is of the utmost importance. Do not make rash descisions or you may be a folly of your own ignorance. Benevolence makes Benny wanna jet.

    ~~Grey Mi-Rae~~
    ~~~Prior Royal Diviner of Koguryo~

    BOARD TITLE: Chronicles of the Winds
    FROM: DATE: 9/12
    SUBJECT: Augury Vision
    *A pink piece of parchment is pinned to the board, you begin to read the flowery script upon it...*

    Earlier today...

    I was going about my daily duties within the kingdom, chatting with a few friends along the way when my bag began to grow warm against my side. My Obsidian Mirror had begun to heat up!

    I looked around to ensure nobody was watching and quickly sat myself upon the ground with my heavy mirror held within my lap.

    As I stared into it for a moment, it's surface did it's usual smoking foginess before clearing into a murky scene. I could feel my eyes glaze over as I fell into the trance-like state and heard the following words in a clear, bell-like voice:

    "She looks into abyss. Darkness falls.
    Turmoil in the water. Wood is in distress.
    In the moment of despair, benevolence shall prevail.

    As the final words faded, I was overcome by a feeling of euphoria before I snapped back to myself and hurriedly packed away my things. I was left wondering in a tired haze if this had anything to do with the mysterious happenings in the Western Forest of late. Regardless, my hope was unwavering as the words "Benevolence shall prevail" echoed in my ears.


    My friends...Something is afoot, I fear we must tread carefully until we ascertain what may yet be headed in our direction, let our hearts not grow weary however, for we do prevail!

    *;'Sea Primarch of Oceana';*
    Light Mi-Rae ~ Oracle of the Obsidian Mirror

    There are quite some similarities between these visions. Abyss, darkness and benevolence is a recurring word on all three. What could this all mean?

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 8~

        Tuesday, September 12, 2017

    A new area called Logging Campground
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:33 PM EST
    Yesterday, after the battle against ogres, the Rangers found a new hidden area at the Wilderness very close to the entrance to Western Forest. To enter the location, one must go to 000,083 (do not enter from 000,082 or you will be stuck).

    Inside people can find an area named Logging Campground, which is blocked by a spiked fence that doesn't allow people to enter. There's a rope that seems to go from the wilderness side of the area into the campground, but no one found out how to jump in the camp yet. There's at least one more area linked to it called "Logging crossroads". By the name of it doesn't sound like there are only two rooms there. Could this be "the first of raid caves" that was mentioned on Sunday reset notes?

    Let Nexus Atlas staff know if you find any other information related to this.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 8~

    New Alizarin Primogen
    Posted by: Vini -- 8:00 PM EST
    Earlier today there was a shift in the leadership of Alizarin Clan. Primogen Lizette has decided to step down today, only 2 Hyuls after ascending to her second term. As her successor she chose Bhavana Dee to lead the clan.

    Dee is a well known Monk Guide and shall continue Lizette's legacy with devotion. The Alizarin members were so excited to see Dee ascend as Primogen that instead of the usual primogen quote, they were the ones who wanted to share their expectations for the clan under new leadership:

  • "dee's got some big shoes to fill, but I know she's up to the job and will do a fantastic job. I'm excited to see what's to come", started Nimmeh.
  • "I expect a dee-lightful time", added OkydOky.
  • "I expect nothing but what dee already gives this clan: an intrinsic kindness that I've seen her offer everyone, without question", continued Mornelithe.
  • "Under dee's leadership I expect the clan to regain it's brightness in life", concluded SenobYaj.

    Congratulations Primogen Dee and thank you Lizette for your services to Alizarin clan and Nexus community overall.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 8~

  •     Monday, September 11, 2017

    Kinung townspeople were found captured by ogres
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:56 PM EST
    Earlier this evening citizens of the tri-kingdom and wilderness dwellers gathered to assist investigating the missing townspeople of Kinung. After a long search done by dozens of people during a scouting mission at the Forest of Elders and Kinung Crafters, the community found enough clues pointing out that the five Kinung boys had been kidnapped by ogres and taken to the Wilderness Western Forest. There, a vicious and long battle against an ogre horde took place and humans were found victorious in saving the kidnapped boys and bringing them safely back to Kinung.

    Although the townspeople of Kinung were saved, the situation of tonight's events raised an alarm on community. The western ogres seem to be expanding their operations west of the wilderness and their new set of ogres seem to be dangerous everyone, even Sa san people.

    Detailed Report Kinung's Rescue Event

    The operation began with a joint community event coordinated by Chonguns and Rangers. A Scouting Trip & Mission led by the Rangers leaders and Chongun leader ended up turning into a coalition force involving leaders and members of multiple organizations such as the Koguryo Army, Buya Army, Nagnang Guard, Nagnang Eternal Order, Forsaken Clan, Oceana Clan, Covenant clan, Merchants, Druids, Barbarians, Shamans, Muses, Monks, Diviners, Geomancers, and the KSG.

    With the start of the scouting trip mission scheduled at Kinung Town Hall, people were surprised to see Mayor Teikari joining others in the hall and taking his time to address further details of what happened. Teikari explained that three boys had went missing yesterday and two had gone missing today. He mentioned that the boys went missing while doing errands to Kinung Crafters.

    Mayor Teikari actually joined the groups in the scouting mission and helps search for clues that could lead to the whereabouts of the missing boys. Old bones of dead people were found near a brick structure at southwest of Forest of Elders, but shamans helping were able to determine that those bones were of people dead long ago.

    The extensive search continued for a while until some of the scouts could find eaten pine fruits scattered around in an area of the forest that does not have pine trees. The second clue found was a pair of old boots and a large set of footprints covered by leaves.

    The scouting mission continued for a while at the Forest of Elders, until some people ventured into Kinung Crafters and found a head of a dead Boa (big snake) left behind. Since there are no boas in Kinung the Rangers were certain that this was a clue of the boys' whereabouts. The fourth clue found was a broken chain link on the ground, by that time people already concluded that the missing boys had been kidnapped, but who had taken them was the last mystery to find out.

    The fifth and final clue was an ogre message found laying on the floor. That small parchment was written in ancient ogrish, and none there remembered how to read ancient ogrish, since it had been a long time they've done the Staff of the Elements quest.

    After then, people gathered back at Kinung Town Hall and people began debating who could help translate the ogrish message. WaveUser reminded everyone that the Sanhae Mayor could read ogrish. The Kinung Mayor asked people if they could talk to the Sanhae Mayor and ask his help so a group of people headed out to speak with him.

    The Sanhae Mayor acted a little weird at the beginning, but ended up helping those who went there. He translated the message and explained the content of it: "Take the slaves to the the campground", revealed Sanhae's Mayor. The Koguryo General Amatus quickly concluded that it was the ogre camp at the Western forest and therefore everyone headed out that way.

    Upon reaching the forest people were promptly attacked by hundreds of buff ogres we haven't seen before. Scout ogres, slugger ogres, sentinel ogres and ogre commanders. So far confirmed drops were wool, wicked wool and a new type of item called Taun wood.

    The battle against the ogres took half an hour until the Kinung boys were found near the north camp of Western forest. They were being kept in a secluded area, isolated by poisonous flowers. While people tried to find their ways to free the kidnapped boys, the ogres kept attacking from the south. Finally, Druid Jisong found a way to nullify the effects of the toxic plants by blooming roses on the same location. They neutralized and destroyed the flowers blocking the boys from leaving.

    After the ogres were defeated and Kinung's townspeople were brought back home, Mayor Teikari met with people and thanked everyone who helped then he recoiled to go inform Mihi and rest of Kinung Town Council about the occurrences of the day and inform that the five boys were safe.

    While people were searching through the Western Forest, the Rangers were also able to find a new area called "Logging Campround". So far no one was able to enter it, but seems to be a long area where ogres are taken taun wood from.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 8~

        Sunday, September 10, 2017

    Mayor Teikari asks for help, Kinung townspeople seem to be missing
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:10 PM EST
    Earlier today it seems that Mayor Teikari has posted a plea for help on the Chronicles of the Winds board, which was found by General Amatus of KRA. The message mentions that some young townspeople of Kinung are missing and he needs help to find out what happened.

    BOARD TITLE: Chronicles of the Winds
    FROM: Teikari DATE: 9/10
    SUBJECT: Kinung Needs Help

    Some of our young townspeople are missing. We have no idea what happened to them, but they all vanished in the same day. This cannot be a coincidence. Kinung needs your help.

    Mayor Teikari

    After members of the community started saging about the post many people promptly went to Kinung to check if they could find anything unusual going on. Akidoshi, Amatus, Blorkin, JaguarPaw, Lysa, Mattaias, NightIce, NightStorm, TheSavior, Volker and myself.

    Apparently no workers from Kinung shops, stores, training areas or crafting area appear to be missing. However, some of us did find some strange things. Some were attacked by Mupa captors, some noticed an unusual number of crows in front of the Town Hall and I was surprised with a very strange activity which seemed like someone was hiding from me.

    It's not known yet if that was connected to the missing people, but there's definitely something off going on at Kinung. Chonguns and Rangers have agreed to join forces tomorrow in searching for clues of what may have happened there.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 7~

    Server Reset - Implementing Features for Raid Caves?
    Posted by: Vini -- 3:01 AM EST
    Just now the servers of Nexus have been reset and while people weren't expecting much of a late Saturday reset, we all got surprised with a very intriguing reset note. First interesting thing to note is the addition of Ancient Training Grounds 11. This means Aklak Grounds west of Kugnae, Blaze Grounds east of Nagnang, Gri-Yal Grounds southeast of Buya and Omphalos Grounds southwest of Wilderness all now have cave 11 just like Iron Dungeons did. Stats to Cave is 11 3/1.8 for split.

    On other hand, the most appealing part of the reset notes was the part mentioning raid caves. Read below a copy of the post on Dream Weaver’s board and try to reflect upon the first paragraph before you move to next part of this report:
    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: NexusTK DATE: 9/9
    SUBJECT: Server Reset – Sep. 10th, 2017

    - Implementing features to test first of raid caves, a new hunting form for clans, armies, ministries and subpaths to adventure

    - Asmodi closed for now. ATG11 added.

    First impressions on such post:

  • "implement features to test"
    Sounds like not all features may be in yet. Sounds more like a teaser than an actual release we can test now. So far multiple people have been going to major maps to see if they notice anything new, but nothing seems out of ordinary.

  • "test first of raid caves"
    First? This means there are more than one coming and sounds like a permanent addition, not an event.

  • "a new hunting form for clans, armies, ministries and subpaths to adventure"
    New hunting form? For clans, subpaths, etc.? Sounds exciting, but not much revealing. Perhaps that's exactly what they intend with a vague mention like that. To give us something other than Oh san to dream and wait for.

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Hyul 90, Moon 7~