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Past News | September 2008

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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September 2008

    Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Small Sever Reset - Tuesday, Sept 30th
Posted by: Kikoura -- 2:58 PM EST
Server reset, Tuesday, September 30, 2008
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

Ratty Hole, Carnage Hall, Bloodlust Hall, and Elixir Hall have all been moved to the carnage server so you no longer hear the World shouts.

A bug that allowed some 5-way spells to hit the caster in PK has been fixed

Sa san spells have been added to the new merchants located in their new area

We are on the last 4 houses for testing, some tweaks were made


    Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Do Elder
Posted by: Aens -- 8:18 PM EST
Today Long time Elder of the Honored Do path, Monchichi, has passed the title of Elder to Honored Do Master Sinsation. We all look forward to the prosperity that Sinsation will bring to the path and thank Monchichi for her hard work.


Sa San's Haven!
Posted by: Aens -- 5:54 PM EST
With the new reset came a new area known as the Sa San's Haven. The area can be accessed by going to 04, 08 Artic Village next to where the artic ogres are located. For now we can enter the area, but it seems you can not enter the path rooms until you obtain the mark.

Thanks to FenixKiroz for reporting this information.


Server reset, Thursday, September 25, 2008
Posted by: Kikoura -- 5:09 PM EST

Dream wishes:
Players requested that the Sea staff change back to what it was before 6.0
-wish granted; you will now see it back to its original look

Players requested that we fix the Ice gown and Dread gown ground tile and a new look for the Ice skirt and Dread skirt (due to the floor tile missing on our end we will change this to the correct ground tile as soon as we get it updated.)
-wish granted

Players requested that we fix a few maps in the game.
-wish granted, so far we have updated a few of the older maps. More work will be done over time on this.

Sa san update:
* All spells are completed and tested.
* A New area was created for all those who get Sa san to purchase their spells. This was needed because the prior merchants ran out of room. (21 new maps and 16 new merchants were added)
* We are on the last weekend of testing the house system, once it is finished we will be putting it in the game.
* 2nd instance for the Ogre area has been tweaked and in the last phase of testing.

* Minor fix for Do path
* New additions to the Item shop should be in later today


    Friday, September 19, 2008

Rogue 'overflow' fixed
Posted by: Conro -- 11:40 PM EST
After tests by KRU employee Stein, the servers were reset to fix the problems with rogue 'overflow'.

Any rogue who died as a result of the earlier bugs with 'overflow' are asked to submit a ticket explaining what they lost, and when it happened.

My suggestion is KRU deposit 100 KRUNA into everyone's account, and perhaps create a new KRUNA item that fixes all items (not just those already repairable), that costs exactly 100 KRUNA. Problem solved? :)

Warning: Do not use Rogue attacks
Posted by: Conro -- 7:39 PM EST

If you attempt to kill something with Lethal Strike or Desperate attack, you may potentially die.

The closer you are to one hitting the creature, the more vitality you lose from your attack.

You attack an Assassin, which requires 2,000,000 vitality to one hit with Sleep and Scourge cast. You attack with exactly, or close to exactly that in total stats in your attack.
Result: You die.

This also works in a sense that if you are over the needed stats, your attack still takes more vita/mana than it used to.

You attack an Assassin, which requires 2,000,000 vitality to one hit with Sleep and Scourge cast. You attack with 2,100,000 vitality, no mana desperate attack. You are left with approx 100,000 vitality.
Result: Your attack took more stats than it used to.

These problems are being addressed, and we will report when they are fixed.
Until then, you are at risk of losing durability and experience from using basic attacks.

If you lost anything as a result of this bug, mug asks that you send a ticket, describing what happened, and when it happened, and what was effected.

New Kruna Items - September 19, 2008
Posted by: Musoyen -- 6:43 PM EST
Today new item shop items have been released to cater to peoples choices of all kinds! Whether you like mounts or pets that follow you around, or like to dress up in grim, goth clothing, i'm sure you'll find something you like.

First off, new pets!
- Pet Panther Cub
- Pet Bear Cub
- Pet Nine Tails

New mount!
- Mountain goat pan

In time for Halloween, it seems some rather lush hairstyles and clothing have been released:


Rogue “balance”
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:12 AM EST
It’s been quite a while since there’s been a post like this on Nexus Atlas. This issue of poor path balance has been going on for far too long to hide somewhere else. However, if reader response tells me that an editorial of this nature is not welcomed on NexusAtlas, I will relocate it.

Thanks for looking into the issue of path balance and thanks for finally doing something a year after Kru really messed things up by giving warriors overflow while promising rogues something to make up for it, but then leaving Nexus and all of his unfinished project’s like this (and Sa san) in Mug’s hands...

But I really hope this isn’t the only change being made to rogues, because if so, someone doesn’t understand the problem. So I’ll try to explain here why there are so many posts on the game boards and on Nexus Forums saying that the change isn’t enough.

Rogues can’t find HUNTS because warriors with fraction of their stats bring in more experience per rage. The same warriors who bring in more experience per rage are easier for poets to heal, since they don’t lose all of their mana every 10 seconds. They’re easier for mages to set, since the majority of their swinging power doesn’t depend on them being invisible. Warrior overflow works on all of the warrior attacks, including their Sam san attack.

So how does this change address any of that? Unless you’re talking about the top 10 or 20 rogues, who can easily 1 hit everything in any cave…the rogue will still lose all of their mana every 10 seconds. The poet will still have lots of trouble healing the rogue, unless the rogue hunts in very low level caves…caves where they would get terrible experience. Any 100/200 Rage 6 Ee san warrior will bring in more experience WITHOUT any vita attacks than a 800/300 rogue attacking on aethers.

For the last several years, every change to spells and paths seems to be directed at making rogues worse and warriors better. They don’t all seem like they were intentional ways to make one path better than the other. I think they were just done without thinking about the consequences or perhaps in some cases, done unintentionally with the client change or through some other sort of bug. Some of these changes made a much bigger impact than others, but they all seem to follow that trend.

Before I get into any of that, let me make this clear. I think that warriors should have an edge over rogues in hunting. I also think that rogues should have an edge over warriors in PK. By an edge, I don’t mean the kind of dominance we currently have, where rogues are turned down in favor of warriors who are only half as strong as far as stats are concerned.

Here are some of the changes that have made rogues worse:

The spell “Filch” can no longer move piles of non-stackable items if the rogue’s inventory is full. While it can move a pile of 1000 wool, it can’t move 30 soup bowls. Not too significant, but still a change to the detriment of rogues.

The protection from the spell Baekho’s Cunning has been greatly weakened. At Cunning 2 it used to lower damage taken by 15%. Cunning 3 it was 30%, Cunning 4 was 55%, and Cunning 5 was 85%. (Though if you didn’t know what you were doing, Cunning 5 could mistakenly make you take double the damage) Now Cunning 4 is about 15% and Cunning 5 is about 30%.

The protection was important to Baekho’s Cunning because the spell is much weaker than its counterpart, Chung Ryong’s rage. The balance was that Rage was stronger in hunts, but Cunning was stronger in PK.

They made all invisible players on your own carnage team semi-visible. You now instantly know that if you target a rogue who you can’t see that they’re a rogue on the other team.

It was bad enough that you can now see all of your own team’s rogues in carnage without being grouped. But now, some subpaths, be it a bug (as some report) or not, reportedly are able to see ALL invisible rogues, as if they were grouped. You should absolutely NOT be able to see an invisible enemy combatant for ANY duration of time. The main advantage of being a rogue is that you can’t be seen. Nobody should be able to take that away.

Curse graphics can be seen on invisible rogues. This is the same problem as listed above.

Remove curse and Atone can now remove Snare. Snare used to be a weaker version of the warrior spell “Hoche”. Though it did +20 ac, it could protect from vex and scourge. Now it can be easily be seen by the curse graphic and easily removed by any mage or poet without the need to dispel.

Here are some of the changes that have made warriors better:

Rogues have always had better weapon stats on their weapons (Compare Bloods to Spikes, Nimble blades to Scales) since warriors had better furies, rages, ingresses, and they can hit in four directions without losing the majority of their swinging power (Invisible). Recently, many powerful weapons have been released with the same stats available for both paths. Weapons like Slog clubs and the Lost Mine swords. Here’s a fun little example:

Sam san blood: 400m500 = 450 average
Sam san spike: 90m450 = 270 average

Sam san LM Rogue: 400m525 = 462.5 average = 102.8% stronger than Sam san Blood
Sam san LM Warrior: 200m600 = 400 average = 148.1% stronger than Sam san Spike

Rage 6 no longer takes warriors to 1 vita when it runs out.

And though they were already preferred to rogues, warriors got overflow, meaning they have the potential to kill 4 creatures with each of their attacks. Mages have inferno, which can kill 5. Rogues can only kill one creature with each of their attacks.

While all of these changes don’t need to be undone, they should be considered when looking at corrections in path balance.

Some might say rogues are supposed to be dominant in soloing or PK instead of hunting. Maybe they’re supposed to be, but this is not the case.

Rogues cannot solo decent experience at any level. For one, the game relies too much on AC. Rogues would need scourge traps. But even that wouldn’t be enough, since the rogue would have too much trouble healing himself. Any changes to make rogues good at soloing would likely ruin the PK aspects of the game.

And don’t say that they’re better at soloing for profit, because any rage 6 can make twice the money a rogue can by soloing for dark ambers. (Well, maybe rogue overflow will make the two paths about even in amber hunting)

But what about PK then? They probably are better than warriors there, but that doesn’t matter much. Mages beat out both paths in that respect. Not only can mages do damage from a distance, but unlike fighters, they never miss. They can cause damage or freeze an opponent from a distance. Another balance issue you might want to look into is the Diviner subpath, considering the fact that the top 11 mages are all diviners..

Making major changes might cause more balance problems than they fix. So here are three small changes that should probably help the situation:

1. Change Desperate attack so that it takes no more than 50k mana. Leave the damage output at Current Vita + Current Mana at 0 AC. This way, it won’t be overpowered at the lower levels when rogues don’t need help, but it will help out when they do. Poets will still need to inspire rogues, but the timing wouldn’t matter.

2. Change Cunning so that it can be cast every 120 seconds, the same as Rage. Then add a Cunning 6. It shouldn’t be as strong as Rage 6, but it shouldn’t be useless either. (Or, make some rogue-only single handed weapons and rogue only polearms that are stronger than the ones that are available to both paths)

3. Give rogues a 20 second aether self-atone. This will make up for the fact that they lost the benefit of Snare (Whereas warriors still have Hoche) and the fact that curse graphics can be seen on them in PK areas. Poets and Mages have no aethers on their curses, so all it will really help with is to remove the curse graphic if they’ve been able to run away from their attacker.

While these aren't the only possible solutions, they would most certainly help the situation more than this rogue overflow.

The one change that has to be made is Desperate Attack. Rogues cannot have a spell that takes them to 0 mana every 10 seconds when their other spell depends entirely on them having full mana. Poets can't keep up. Even if rogues could bring in more experience than warriors (Which I don't think should happen), they would still hate healing rogues for this reason.

    Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 18th, 2008 - Server Reset
Posted by: Gilmore -- 6:50 PM EST
It has been a long time coming, but windowed Nexus is finally here!

Server reset, Thursday, September 18, 2008
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

Dream wishes:
Players requested a Windowed version of Nexus.
- wish granted; you will now be able to use a Windowed version of Nexus.

* Windowed Nexus
In the NexusTK directory there is a new application called "TKDisplaySelector" which will allow you to switch between windowed and full-screen mode. The Display Selector is independent of the client and sets which mode the client will start up in. You will run the game normally as before by running the NexusTK application.

Players have requested updates to Rogues for balance.
- wish granted; you will now have a special overflow balance for rogues.
* Rogue Overflow
A change has been made to the rogue spells Desperate Attack and Lethal Strike that allows damage done to a creature beyond its hitpoints to be returned to the rogue. This overflow damage will be returned to the rogue, split between hitpoints and mana.

Players requested new sounds for the Fallacious, Venal, Retributive and Redemptive staff's as well as the Deceitful, Prevaricator's, Unfeigned and Crusader's blades.
- wish granted; you will now hear new sounds from all these weapons.

Sa san update:
- New house area was still a bit to tough so we have been doing more tweaking and more testing.
- Cost for spells have been finished and soon will be placed on the merchants so new Sa san players will be able to buy.

* Vortex bosses have been added back to the game

To switch between Window/Fullscreen Nexus

  • Go to nexus folder (Commonly C:/Program Files/Kru/NexusTK/)
  • find the new .exe that is called TKDisplaySelector.exe.
  • Double click it.
  • Then pick your desired mode.
  • Restart nexus.

  •     Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    New KRA General
    Posted by: Aens -- 11:58 AM EST
    After a great tenure as General of the KRA, Rammstein has stepped down and has promoted long time soldier TheifOfSouls to General of the Kugoryo Forces. Thanks to Rammstein for his hard work and congratulations to TheifOfSouls and good luck on his new journey.

    Thanks to Zhuang for posting this information on the forums.

        Monday, September 15, 2008

    Curious New Clues?
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 11:40 AM EST
    I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to stroll through the kingdoms. I've heard that these new places have been around for a few Hyuls! As you can see below, there is a new cave opening in Hamgyong nam-do and some strangely glowing tiles in the middle of Vortex now. What can this mean? It isn't possible to enter the new cave and there are no clues about the glowing tiles. Does the new wisdom star bode some change to come? We can only wait...

    Hyul 18, 9th Moon

        Sunday, September 14, 2008

    New Elendhirin Primogen
    Posted by: Kikoura -- 6:21 PM EST

    PesmergaXV has been given the title of Primogen after MickeyLady's reign of just over 5 Hyuls.

    A thank you goes out to MickeyLady for her time with the Elendhirin clan and PesmergaXV for his want to take up such a job. I'm sure he'll do fine and lead the clan to great things. A happy congratulations!


        Thursday, September 11, 2008

    September 11th, 2008 - Server Reset
    Posted by: Sebelle -- 3:08 PM EST
    Todays reset has brought about a few new tidbits about the upcoming release of Sa san, as well as the arrival of the Wisdom star - which will stay until the 15th. Get to hunting, folks!

    Also, it seems quite a few posts from the Dreams board caught the attention of the Gods, and there have been new additions based on these requests.

    Server reset, Thursday, September 11, 2008
    The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

    As a thank you for all the player registered and waiting for mug to finish Sa san we have added an extra bonus of experience. This bonus will stay in the game until Monday September 15th. Again thank you for your patience as we work on finishing Sa san and a few other surprises. As always, the bright star has scared away the Vortex bosses… happy hunting.

    Dream wishes:
    BlueRain asked for military fork durability to increase.
    - wish granted durability is now 50000 and value was increased to 1200
    Several players have requested a PVP Arena for Tangun players, like a mini Sire pit.
    - wish granted you will now find a new cave in Tangun for PVP levels 5-55 may enter.

    Sa san update:
    - Spells have been completed for all paths and we are in last phase of testing them
    - New hunting area for houses has been tweaked and in last phase of testing
    - One new instance has been completed and 2nd instance is in testing phase
    - Names have been set up for Sa san for all paths
    - Sa san weapons (Spike, Surge, Charm and Blood) received updates

    - His and Her Uniforms have been set so anyone can wear boys or girls.
    - Current testing going on for Rogues new unique benefit to game
    - Item shop items have been added for Cup
    (As of this posting, there have been no updates to the Item Shop, so it may be seen that the items are just being updated in the server.)
    - Druids receive new quest

        Thursday, September 4, 2008

    New Alizarin Primogen
    Posted by: Aens -- 10:46 PM EST
    Congratulations to the new primogen of the Alizarin Crystalice. She will be taking over for Endotime who served as primogen and ensured the current success of the clan. We can only hope that Crystalice can make the clan endure as its former primogens have. Good luck.


    Wilderness Conflict
    Posted by: Aens -- 12:42 PM EST
    As of late there has been misunderstandings and fueding between the Ranger and Barbarian sub-paths. Although the root cause has yet to be determined, the relationship between the two have been affected. The COTW Board has been busy with many related posts, but of those one stood out. Below is from Ranger Elder RiaDora regarding the Wilderness Pact.

    ~ The Ranger Subpath hereby from this day forward withdraws any and all relations and involvement with the alliance formally known as the 'Wilderness Alliance'. We no longer will vow to aid Barbarians in need and in such will not expect the same for them. We no longer will vow non aggression in areas where such contact is profuse ((sirepit)).

    We however, are NOT declaring war upon the Barbarian subpath at this time and unless severely provoked further do no intend to do so. I am regretful that our situation has come to this but due to intense provokation it is felt that this alliance is not producing anything but further aggressions and would only lead to more intense conflict.

    Alliances with Geomancers are unaffected until further notices or meeting on the matter has been determined.

    Rangers are also NOT preventing Barbarians from any Ranger services, or barring them from any events, participating in any of our events, or purchasing any of our arrows, or entering our home. All are still welcome per usually but the insults to our path and recent repeated killings of our Rangers are too much to uphold the pact any further at this time.

    Ranger Elder

    It is unsure what lays ahead for these paths, but many are following the situation in hopes for a chance to battle.