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Past News | September 2006

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

Our news software, Coranto, has a bug which makes it purge links to news articles more than two years old. What is left of programmers who volunteer their time to support this software do not know why this bug occurs. We manually index older news pages in our Archived News section.

September 2006

    Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ichiji's Final Challenge
Posted by: AllyGator -- 7:27 AM EST

Final Challenge

Thus far Kiyuu has done as I had expected, by winning the easy challenges and losing the difficult ones. How can a man like himself take care of a woman such as my daughter? I must admit, his skill is more than I originally had expected but is still not enough to marry my daughter!

He answered all my riddles, and then failed to gather all of the items I requested. He lost the G'oh match yet won an Elixer War. Since he's desperate to marry Shoshun, I will give him one last challenge! A race!

We will see then if this mortal man is as quick on his feet as he is with his heart.

(( 8 PM EST October 2nd, Monday, Dae Shore ))

Nexus Atlas Updates for September 2006
Posted by: AllyGator -- 3:33 AM EST

Forums users have said that they wanted more information posted on our news section. Nexus Atlas is the #1 fan site for The Kingdoms of the Winds. We have all maps and tons of other information. Every month we update areas with new information or correct bugs found by our readers.

September 2006 Updates


Completed 8 month project to release NEONA layout make over for Nexus Atlas.


1. Added 6.5 maps for Forest Crossroads. 5.0 maps have been cross linked for historical reasons.


1. Corrected information about water jugs in Tangun Village. Bug reported by user.
3. Tilsa Tailor corrected information error.
4. Rogue Armor - corrected section title.
5. Corrected armor database for autumn dress graphic on Mage Armor page.
6. Started work on new armor pages to show graphics as worn and as viewed if you put them on the floor like the current Vortex Armor page.

1. Fixed broken indexing for Vortex Armor page. Bug reported by user.

1. Fixed text and table colors for all armor pages including the Armor Index page.

1. Fixed Min-ken Mage, Rogue, Poet and Warrior pages which incorrectly showed Kwi-sin spell names. Alignment Spells. Bug reported by user.

1. Corrected stats for Shadow 2 on the Vortex Cave Levels page. Bug reported by user.

1. Updated Iron Labs with missing information.
2. Completed testing for new armor pages to show graphics as worn and as dropped. All armor pages will be updated with 6.5 graphics in October. The old 5.0 graphic pages will be kept for historical purposes.
3. Minor update to Kugnae map.

If you want this type of information posted each month or if you think it's a waste of time, please respond on this
Forum topic.

    Friday, September 29, 2006

The Gossamer Talon
Posted by: Conro -- 5:04 PM EST

Kru works in mysterious ways. From random encounters, Sire pit raids, bestowing dye, and even giving out strange new items.

GosamerWings was lucky enough to have such an encounter a few weeks ago, and was blessed with a white blade named 'The Gossamer Talon', perhaps a little play on words to GosamersWings' name itself.

It looks exactly like a Do blade, only shining White instead of a dark blue.

GosamerWings, being a Do, cannot vidulge the statistics of the weapon, though it would be guess it would be rather weak compared to most weapons.

A snapshot of GosamerWings weilding his new weapon

What will that crazy Mug do next?
Posted by: AllyGator -- 3:33 AM EST

Radeon spotted this wild and crazy immortal cruising at Kugnae east gate dressed as a wacky pirate with a strange mount. You can't see it here but his boots were changing colors like a neon sign. What will he do next?

    Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Your quill where your mouth is
Posted by: Conro -- 8:31 PM EST

Many have ideas of what could be to come, others put their ideas to words and action.
Do you have the drive and initiative to show a higher level of dedication and determination in works for the NexusTK communtiy? and is looking to hire volunteers for our News reporting and special works departments.

Each department requires attention to detail and fact checking, as well as an ability to cover all sides and angles of a problem.

If you're interested in joining our team, please click the link below and fill out an application!

If you haven't signed up for NexusForums yet, get on it! (It's a requirement to be a part of the staff anyway, so get a headstart!)

Thank you, and good luck!

- Conro
NexusAtlas Administator

Ichiji's Demands
Posted by: AllyGator -- 6:42 PM EST

It is common knowledge that Kiyuu and the Season sister Shoshun wish to marry, however Shoshun's father, the immortal Father Time Ichiji, is enraged. Because of that, Ichiji planned to devise a test so that Kiyuu could prove himself worthy to marry an immortal. The night before last, Ichiji called out to the Kingdoms for Kiyuu to meet with him outside the Kugnae Palace. Kiyuu arrived with Shoshun in hand and her sister Risuto.

Ichiji expressed his concerns about his daughter leading a mortal life, especially when it involves being taken from the heavens where she has everything... To be reduced to a state of poverty!

Kiyuu tried to re-assure Ichiji that should anything Shoshun's heart desire, she would have it and have it swiftly. Shoshun also tried to reason with her father by expressing that the only riches she desires is to be able to marry Kiyuu freely.

Not to be placated, Ichiji made his announcement of his next trial and it was a heavy boon indeed. Ichiji wants evidence that Kiyuu can provide without the Gods assistance.

He has expressed the need for 20 million coins and a list of items which shall be turned over to a celestial merchant currently residing near the Tree of Reflections.

Kiyuu took a stroll towards the tree to see what he could do to meet this demand within the time limit set, which was by 3 moons.

King MuHyul, having heard the comotion outside his own Palace made the kind gesture of paying the 20 million coins. Acquiring the rest of the items will be up to Kiyuu and Shoshun. They have asked all citizens for help in meeting the demands and uniting them together as husband and wife.

They also mentioned that should someone donate to the celestial merchant they will receive a karma increase for their good deeds in aiding the unification of true love.

- Thanks to Tsumoro for this news briefing

  • As King Mhul has donated all the money necessary for the task, Juyeso seems to not be accepting Coin donations anymore. - Vini

  • Thank You Nexus
    Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:38 AM EST

    I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who takes the time to read this site this morning. While October 1st may not be a very big day for most people, here at Nexus Atlas, it will be the day that the change of hands is finally complete.

    A few years back, I decided Nexus was no longer a place I wanted to be. I had moved on to other aspects of life and persued other goals. Despite this, I remained in touch with the community, and kept control over the technical aspects of this website. After a while, it became more of a hurdle for anything to be completed as dedicated staff members waited days, weeks, and even months for me to respond on certain issues.

    So, about a year ago, the initial planning stages of Neona (The New Layout) came about. We had some meetings, did some planning, and I'll be honest, it FAR exceeded my expectations. I decided at this meeting that I would keep watch over things for a little while longer before I finally stepped down for good. I figured I would make sure things didn't end up spiraling out of control like they did with Nexus Network.

    Every member of this staff was chosen for their ability to stand out among the rest. I've worked with some of the most devoted, dedicated, wonderful people. Some of the people I met through Nexus and NA are my closest friends, both on and offline. A concept that a few decades ago would have been previously inconcievable is now part of the norm today.

    Without further ado, on October 1st, 2006, I will be officially standing down from Webmaster of Nexus Atlas. While I will remain the financial backing ( Means I cover the costs when donations don't) and if I ever decide to compile a past history of Nexus, most of my technical responsibilites will be passed on.

    After much thought, and MUCH persistance ;), I have decided to leave the site to joint responsibility of Allygator and Conro. They've proven to be devoted, trustworthy, and more than qualified for the position.. And its quite amazing to see with them the original drive that led me to create this site out of sheer boredom one day. Conro and Ally will work together to make decisions instead of having to wait for me.

    Once I saw the wonderful layout that was done without any of my personal intervention past the planning stage, I was sure that I couldn't take credit for that, and that I was becoming more of an obstacle than an asset.

    Seeing as this may very well be my final post, I would like to take the time to Thank Everyone for the years of memories, both good and bad. I've learned alot and grown far beyond my years.

    Nexus was programmed and designed to be a game, but it ended up becoming so much more to many of us.

    But hey, this is the start of a whole new era here. The layout looks fantastic, the staff is amazing, and you can expect always the best from the people here... Because they are the best.

    Safe Adventuring!

    Ben (TSWolf)

    New NPC Found
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 1:06 AM EST

    Next to the Tree of Reflections near Kugnae's east gate is Juyeso a new NPC that is concerned about items that Kiyuu must gather for his trials. Ichiji's list is outrageous he says. He wants to know if you will donate items to help Kiyuu. In exchange for the items you get a karma boost but it is not known how much of a boost you get. Perhaps it is based on the amount donated.

    You can donate any amount of: Wool, Cloth, Ginko wood, Metal, Rabbit meat, Acorn, Pork, or Coins.

    Ichiji requested suggestions to form a challenge for Kiyuu. He never publically stated what that challenge was but from Juyeso's list I think we know. Please help Kiyuu win the hand of his beloved.

        Saturday, September 23, 2006

    Scroll of Defense has Changed
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 11:13 PM EST

    Thanks to Monchichi for finding this! Scroll of defense has reverted a bit toward it's roots. It is now a 5-way Hoche, lasting 200 seconds. I'd also like to thank Aelis for helping test this.

    Fairgrounds are Open!
    Posted by: Nagnag -- 9:49 PM EST

    Thanks to LinuxKiddy for letting us know and providing the image!

    Enjoy the festivities!

        Friday, September 22, 2006

    A32? Sunflower Wig Chaos!
    Posted by: Nagnag -- 7:53 PM EST

    With the recent reset came a recent... bug? None the less, a cool glitch to make everyone happy. If you have a "Sunflower" in your bank, and you withdraw it, it now becomes "A32" which is an equipable head accessory which looks like a wig with a sunflower in the hair. It's too much of a coincidence that this is a random bug, so it's probably a neat little hidden "easter egg" from Kru, but more details to confirm this to come. Images below:
    Self View:
    In Inventory:

    Thanks to Ishida for the information!

    Hooje told us that it is for Peasant Any Class and has 10,000 dura. Mug saged several times not to buy these items because they will disappear in the next reset.

        Thursday, September 21, 2006

    Server Reset changes
    Posted by: Vini -- 3:01 AM EST

    During yesterday's afternoon the servers were reset to add a few changes to the lands of nexus, here's the list of changes posted on Nexus Official page and Dream Weavers board:

  • Minor change to Scroll of Defense
    Curse spell now has effect

    Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
    The KRA receives minor updates

    Subpath additions and fixes:
    Merchants receive minor fix to Master Kyun's Enclave and new merchant Master Kyun

    Monk receive updates to Wisdom's ascent

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 2, Moon 11~

  •     Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    Black Plague?
    Posted by: Conro -- 9:32 PM EST

    As posted on

    While walking through the streets of Buya I noticed a scroll on the ground. As I picked it up a page feel out. I began to read the words and my thoughts grew cautious.

    [From the pages of a survivor of the Black Plague, Hyul 2]

    Death comes but once to a man wanting to die, but those who wish to make their way as heroes live on forever within the memory of others.

    Such is often the case of all mankind, wanting to make their mark, their memory imbedded on to others, making them immortal in the only manner that they can. Some use this for good... others evil. But what mark was it that befell the community? What was the creeping blackness of death that claimed so many lives? The wandering reaper of the underworld had placed his icy hand on so many shoulders that day, but the question remains the same. Who caused the Black Death?

    Perhaps we have been naive to think we were safe in our solitude, relaxed within the warm embrace of safety once more, only to be taken by surprise of an over-hanging evil. But was it death intended? Or the simple repercussion of something else?

    As I look back on the Mongol invasion, where my son perished to the hands of invaders, I do recall the venom that they held in abundance.

    I also recall, for I feel that only the safety of my diary may know these secrets. General Blight, tipping his 'Vile' of venom on to the woodlands. I felt it such a play of words back at that time, vile instead of vial.. it was the way he said it that struck fear into my heart... never have I had the courage to confront him... What man could?

    Perhaps, when Blight inflicted the land with the venom we took some of its taint back with us. Dangerous thing is venom, it has its own agenda, foreign to that of its user and if it seeks to kill it shall. If it seeks to shall... But what was it waiting for...

    -dark red blood covers the rest as if coughed onto the page.

    After the invasion of the Mongols, Blight crypticly spoke about how it was a ploy for something greater, and took several 'Vile of Venom' bottles and poured them into the waters outside of the Underwater Palace (Takos). Instantly a flood of creatures poured from it's gates, spilling out to the land above, met by many members of 'The Forsaken', even Ayi-Ari, the palace king made a brief appearance before being slain.

    Blight has been very secretive, keeping even his family in the dark as to what his plans are. The Forsaken stand tall beside Blight in whatever he does, and are preparing for whatever challenges that may lie ahead of them.

    - Conro

    Sapphire Ice Cologne Discovered
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 7:58 PM EST

    YetoII discovered a new item, Sapphire Ice Cologne! He found it under the Tree of Reflections but has no idea how it came to be there. It costs 20 coins to deposit; is not equipable and seems not to be reusable as in Rice wine (100).

    KRU spreads death in Sire Pit
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 4:07 PM EST

    Once again our beloved leader showed up to spread his "loving" hand upon us. He cast a powerful venom called Black Death that siphons from 5k to 10k vita per second for 20 seconds depending on your base vita!! It spreads just by touching anyone near you. You cannot dispell it and Scrolls of Defense will not save you nor will Harden Body! Several players jumped to their clan halls and subpath circles to spread this plague! The skull and crossbones were never so threatening before. Within a few minutes, the Buya server was down. Did Kru kill more than he intended? Mwuuuuaaaaa!

    With the reset came a "smokin" new graphic for scourge. More to come.

        Sunday, September 17, 2006

    Tangun Area Released
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 5:59 AM EST

    Maps for the Tangun Area are now available for those who wish to explore this area and learn about the quests.


        Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    New Nagnang Warrior Tutor!
    Posted by: Nussan -- 4:22 PM EST


    Yesterday, I there was an addition to the Tutors. Sulsa-Do Monchichi is now the new Warrior Tutor of Nagnang, and she will be hosting classes for the community soon!

    Congratulations Monchichi and good luck!


        Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    Haengsa's quest Part 4!
    Posted by: Nussan -- 6:06 PM EST

    Thank you to everyone who helped figure it out!
    So, Haengsa is playing "I Spy" and he's asking for items of certain colors.
    He will ask for this, and remember you only have to bring ONE of each:
    Haengsa is located in the Nangen Woodlands this month. If you need help navigating the Nangen Woodlands, check the Map AllyGator has created by Clicking THIS link!

    NOTE: Remeber to click Next after he accepts the item, or you will have to bring one more to him!

    Red: Sute's key (From Sute)

    White: Stardrop (From Arctic ogres)

    Green: Seaweed (From lobsters in Hausson)

    Brown: Comb (From any Inn)

    Gray: Wine (Regular from any Inn, 50 sips)

    Black: Mica (From mining or killing the white rat in Kug/Buya rat cave)

    Purple: Well crafted dark amber (From gemcutting)

    Yellow: Noodles (From chefing)

    Blue: Spent metal (From smithing)

    The reward is 5 pirate coins, which you can trade for items in the libraries.


    Server Reset & Patch
    Posted by: Vini -- 5:14 PM EST

    About two hours ago, there has been a Server reset within the kingdoms and and an auto-patch will start to Version 86.69; here's the list of changes posted on the Nexus TK Official website:

  • Haengsa told us he has a new challenge for you. Find him and see what he has for you to do!

    Male characters can now get "Floor sweeper" as their hair style.

    This feature seems to not be working since none of the 3 hair-dressers will allow male to cut with this hair style, only female ones can.

    Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:

    Buyan army updates to Eldrikke (Weave, sells whitepaper, ink, antler,limestone, root liquor and buys Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Earth, Leather and Ancient gowns); Alexisa (Food prep beef, egg, chicken) and TinaDragon (Buys some crafting items and sells axe and lets you fish)

    Pegasus gets new merchant named Vira (Scribe, parcel) and a new room "Training hall"

    Nagnang army receives minor update

    Buyan Ministry receives minor update

    Imperial Prominate Assistant is working properly now.

    Subpath additions and fixes:

    Druids receive new map-Mystic Garden

    Images of some of these new listed features shall be added to this post soon.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 2, Moon 8~

  • Haengsa has appeared in Woodlands!
    Posted by: Nussan -- 3:29 PM EST

    Hello! I'm Nussan, the newest reporter.

    I will cover events and quests, and what better way to do that, than to announce that Haengsa has travelled to Woodlands this time! He offers a new quest, and when completed we will be rewarded with some Pirate coins. This month, he is playing "I spy" with us, so we better start using our brains!

    More info will be posted soon.


        Monday, September 11, 2006

    Bear leader changes: From a Poet to a Warrior
    Posted by: Vini -- 12:11 AM EST

    Less than 3 hours ago, the Bear clan has experienced a shift of leadership, as Primogeness Aenea has decided to step down. She, who has been in charge since Yuri 69 has given place to her primarch, Sir Teragg, Knight of Koguryo.

    Congratulations to Primogen Teragg on his new position and special thank you to Aenea for all her work as Bear leader and all she has contributed to Nexus lands in these past years.

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Hyul 2, Moon 7~

        Sunday, September 10, 2006

    New K'urimja Primogen
    Posted by: Vini -- 1:54 AM EST

    A few days ago, a unoticed change of primogenship has happened in the shadows and wasn't much noticed. It seems that there's a new Primogen in K'urimja clan. Fury Kaeul has taken the place left by Zaventh and is now the 3rd primogen in the history of the clan and the first non-rogue since the disband of the Shadows subpath.

    The Nexus Atlas would like to congratulate Primogen Kaeul in his new position and wish him good luck with his new duties.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 2, Moon 7~

        Thursday, September 7, 2006

    New Buya Mage Tutor
    Posted by: Vini -- 1:29 PM EST

    A few days ago the Head Tutor of Nexus, Nussan, announced the addition of a new Mage Tutor to Buya. Mog-Ur Maevalia is now available to tutor all mages and shall be given tutoring classes soon.

    It also seems that the tutors are holding a carnage this weekend, Sunday at 3pm EST for Ancients, Avatars, Celestial levels which will probably gonna be a very interesting event.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 2, Moon 8~

    Father Time is angry!
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 7:32 AM EST

    Thanks to Hatiki and Rowain we have the following report:

    Father Time, Ichiji, and Mother Nature, Ichimei, met in Koguryo Palace. They walked to the Great Tree while searching for their children. They returned to the palace with the Seasons. As they talked, Father Time saw an engagement ring on Shoshun's finger. He realized that it was a ring from Kiyuu. He wasn't very happy, saying he wouldn't allow the marriage to happen. He got angry, yelling and insulted mortals. Shoshun told her father that "Love has no bounds". Then Rusuto, fifth season, got mad at Ichiji telling him that Kiyuu was a wise man. She threatened to bring chaos if Ichiji would not allow the marriage. Mother Nature tried to calm Ichiji down. Ichimei was looking at Shoshun (Spring) as if everything will be okay. Then Father Time and Mother Nature returned to the palace to sleep while the sisters remained outside. All of the sisters made a pact that they would do whatever they could to make sure the marriage of Kiyuu and Shoshun would happen. Then they followed their parents into the palace to rest for the night. Kiyuu and Shoshun took the opportunity to run somewhere to talk.

    Later it was noted that Father Time issued a request to all citizens to help him devise a test for Kiyuu. One that would prove him worthy of marriage to an immortal.

    Mortals of the Kingdoms,
    Kiyuu is a foolish mortal. So foolish that he
    claims he will face any challenge that I throw at him.
    So I need ideas for a difficult challenge he can face.
    I'll go over all of the letters I recieve and decide on
    which challenge would be most appropriate for this mortal.

    So start thinking, and send me your ideas on what
    a mortal like him could do to prove to me, Father Time,
    that he deserves to marry my daughter, Shoshun, Goddess
    of Spring. A mortal shall never marry an immortal but
    he insists he can prove himself to me. Let us see in time
    what he is capable of doing... which I'm sure isn't much.


        Sunday, September 3, 2006

    Evening everyone!
    Posted by: Sebelle -- 8:21 PM EST

    Hopefully everyone is enjoying the new Nexus Atlas! The staffers worked hard on getting it up and running, and its been a project in the works for quite a while -- it looks great, doesn't it? If you come across any bugs, remember to click "Community" and hit "Report Bugs"!

    Bug reporting here.

    If you have any comments or suggestions about the new site, Rachel has started a thread that you can find here~!

    Have a great Labor Day everyone! Enjoy the remainder of your extended weekends~

    Laren is the WINNER!
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 6:30 PM EST

    After 2 hours of franctic searching by almost all of the forum users, LAREN is the winner of a Zibong blade for finding out that Chul Smith cannot make sun armors for us!

    Chul Smith

    Darn Nagnag!
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 6:12 PM EST

    Sorry folks but he gave out a hint that Conro didn't approve of - - - Nagnag is just a bit too animated for his own good!

    Errors of all types
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 4:24 PM EST

    The staff is busy, busy fixing all of the things you've found so far. Rachel will be posting a list of known bugs on the bug forum. Things that basically work but have ugly colors or backgrounds will be worked on in the weeks to come. Pages that do not work at all or links to sections that are missing will receive top priority. Thanks again for searching the site - and no one has found the secret thing yet so here is your hint!

    I made the secret thing and I'm officially the map person. Logically it follows that it would be in what section?


    Nexus Atlas EXTREME update!!
    Posted by: Nagnag -- 3:24 PM EST

    At last, the EXTREME update you all have been waiting for! Look around! Enjoy the easy-to-navigate layout that many of us staffers have worked very hard to create. Also, look for the "secret something" that can win you a Zibong blade (read the previous post by Conro for more details).

    -New News Avatars - bigger AND better!
    -New Layout! (obviously)
    -New Sections such as Legends and Clans

    Explore and you'll see many graphics updated and such! Enjoy!
    Oh and remember to find that SECRET THING for that Zibong Blade! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!!

    Bad News, Great News
    Posted by: Conro -- 12:55 AM EST

    Loyal NexusAtlas readers,

    Summer has been a busy time this year for those in Nexus, and on the NexusAtlas and NexusForums staff. Many take time to relax, but a dedicated few take time to do more and give back to those around them.

    At 2:00 PM EST Sunday Sept. 3rd, NexusAtlas will be down for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour as we update our layout to better fit the game you now play!

    Features included

    - Crisp graphics which reflect the 'new game' we've come to into.
    - Organized menus which make finding information easier
    - Color coordination to reduce eye fatigue and make information easier to read
    - Larger display which will later allow us to fully update our databases with the 6.x graphics.

    As a special added bonus, one page on NexusAtlas will have a modification. If you can be the FIRST to find the page, post on the special forum on NexusForums's 'Community' board, and tell us what it is, you'll find a shiny new Zibong blade resting in your parcel box!

    Thanks for your time and patience, and use this head start to sign up for NexusForums if you haven't already!

    - Conro

        Saturday, September 2, 2006

    Two new patches
    Posted by: Vini -- 4:18 PM EST

    Once again the servers were reset to the addition of new patches to the client. First was to version 6.67 and now to version 6.68 with not many significant changes this time, only a few listed here:

  • The mailbox and parcel icons to inform people when there are new parcels and letters are gone for the time being. Hopefully such useful feature will be put back work.

  • The bug from V667.0 that would crash people when opening letters is now fixed in V668.0.

  • The Tribute to Yuri board is gone.

  • The lag and sudden disconnections seem to be lowered.

    The bug that making the new accesories disappear once in a while from the character look was actually not fixed yet.
    If any other changes are found they will be added to this post.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 2, Moon 5~