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   Archived News| September 2004

Past News

Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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September 2004

    Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Nagnang color change
Posted by: Vini -- 4:30 PM EST

After a server reset this morning, the official dye of Nagnang Kingdom has changed to Purple .
Now, each Nangen defender will wear this new color instead of the Green one that looked like Sam san dye.

To fit the new dye, the Nagnang Army medals were also changed to purple, but seems the Nagnang helm continues to be green.

It's a beautiful new dye, wear with pride Nagnang Defenders!

~Vini Normad'or~

Event walkthrough updated up to Metal Mount
Posted by: Vini -- 12:57 AM EST

One the right corner of the prison of ogres cells, people are able to find a strange prisioner there; he looks different from the others, but not sure why.

He's called Soo, he's a Gypsy friend of Gypsy Father of Gypsy camp.

To save sometime, before going to Western forest and slave pen, go to the Desert to talk with Gyspy Father.

Desert is found in southwest mythic nexus, to go across it is needed to have 26 Water skins in inventory (full inventory). Then follow these directions that can also be found on Nexus Atlas past news:
South x 3, East x1, South x 3, East x 4, South x 5, West x 4 and South x 6. You'll reach an Oasis , refill water skins there.
East x 14 times, South x1 and East x1
Another Oasis , refill again and go back
West x1, North x 3, West x 2, North x4, East x 6, Northx 6
East x1

Once in the Gyspy camp, just need to say Soo to the Gyspy father that can be found just near the only Tent there. Then gate and get ready for the long hard work of slave.

Before going to the Western Forest, get 3 Slag, it will be needed in there.

Go to south camp, wait there to be thrown in slave pen. Once in there, take off all the items wearing. Drop the ogre messages and wait to be put in the middle part of the Slave pen.

When that happens, put the Slave garb/dress on and head south. Do the Slave training and once is finished go south again to get near the slave master.

The slave master uses his slaves to send message around the camp to the ogres there. Keep delivering messages until you get one like this from the slave master:

Your chance to enter the prision cells, be careful there, because it takes a long time to get this message, don't say anything unless there's no ogre in the screen.

Go all the way to the right in the Cells. Wait for the ogre to leave completely the screen and say Soo.
Click yes for willing to help him and once he's done speaking watch if the ogre is coming nearby again. If not say Soo again so to give him the 3 Slags and Soo again so you can be sure to be done with this part.

A message like this will appear when he's done.
After that Say "Cazell". He'll explain how Cazell forced him to make some Metal mounts, so go and ask for one to you as well.
Say "Mount" and click yes.
You'll get your metal mount
and a new legend mark as well.

If we find anymore stuff to do in this event, we'll post as soon as we confirm it out.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Monday, September 27, 2004

Another new vortex weapon
Posted by: Vini -- 2:43 PM EST

Yesterday, the was a new weapon dropped by Grey hand tribe boss 3.
It's called Heavy Bloodlust:


AC: -4 Hit: 5 Dam:3

Vita increase: 32000
Mana increase: 8000
Might increase: 3
Grace increase: 2
Protection: 1

115 strength to wield it

Sam san peasant

Thanks to SuWaN for sharing this information.

~Vini Normad'or~

Vortex armory
Posted by: Vini -- 1:46 PM EST

Since the last reset, the Vortex bosses started dropping quite a few new armors, which after getting a few around we could define that they are divided in the following scale:

Ice (type): Level 99 to wear
Warded (type): Il san to wear
Dread (type): Ee san to wear

there were no Sam san armors dropped yet, so we aren't sure if there's a version for it.

Like the other types of clothes, they are divided in paths as well:

Warrior: platemail(male)/ platemail dress(female)
Rogue: armor(male)/ armor dress (female)
Mage: garb(male)/ skirt(female)
Poet: robes(male)/gown(female)

We got a few screenshots of these new armory availables:

Dread Garb

It looks DaSutZe wisdom robes but the stats are much better.
Dura: 200000/200000
AC: -49 hit:0 dam:0
strength to wear it: 10
Ee san (M)

Dropped by Magus 3 boss.

Dread Armor

Dura: 200000/200000
AC: -50 hit:0 dam:0
strength to wear it: 10
Ee san (R)

Dropped by Hunter 3 boss.

Dread Robes

Dura: 200000/200000
AC: -29 hit:0 dam:0
strength to wear it: 10
Ee san (P)

Dropped by Assassin 3 boss.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Sunday, September 26, 2004

Warded Robes
Posted by: Coldsun -- 7:57 PM EST

The vortex has just yielded its latest prize: Warded robes.

The robes (pictured below) resemble Poet Wind armor, but boast a better AC. Indeed, they even offer better protection than a Sun mantle.

Warded robes. See stats below.

Its statistics are as follows:
AC: -37
Male Il san (P)

The robes were recovered by SongoftheSea, Rapp, Yajirobe, Hopelesscow, Bloodrose and Ihealer from Ghaleb, the Assassin 2 tribe boss.

A special thanks to all responsible for the recovery of these robes (listed above) for the screenshots and statistics.

- Coldsun

Applications for Koguryo Poet Tutor are open
Posted by: Vini -- 7:38 PM EST

It was just posted by Archon Charisse on the community board that the applications of Koguryo Poet Tutor are open again.

This is what you can find on her post there:

To apply for this position, you must be living in, or be willing to move to the town you will be tutor of if you are accepted. You also must be a member of the path that you are applying for.

Applications will only be accepted until October 9th, 8m EST. If your letter is time marked 10/10, you've sent it too late. Late applications will be deleted. The subject of the letter should be the position you are trying to obtain (please include the city).

Please send the following information to Charisse:
-- Tutor Application --

- Name:
- Postition You Are Applying For:
- Positive Subpath Brandings:
- Negative Subpath Brandings:
- Jail Brandings/Last Justice Matter Brands:
(Please explain these)
- Previous leadership experience
(Positions held in Kingdom etc. Please include references)
- SubPath (if any):
- Yuri Born/Real life length of time played:
(Time played as this character/total length of time played on any
- Level or Vita/Mana:
- Average Time And Days On Nexus per week:
- References:
(You must list more than one reference. Please check with people you will be using as references before
you list them)
- Comments:
(Anything important Please Put Here)

NOTE: If you plan to use another character's position for any part of your answers (i.e. I was a judge on another character) you must list that character's name. The same applies to comments such as "I've been playing for 4 years on different characters".
All character names will be kept confidential.

Once your application has been received, you will receive a follow up letter notifying you of such. Should you have any questions, please contact Charisse.

Thank you,

Good luck to all the applicants!

~Vini Normad'or~

Earth Shard Legend mark
Posted by: Vini -- 7:33 PM EST

After this morning reset, a new legend mark was introduced to reward those who took their time to make an Earth Shard during the last part of the event.

~Vini Normad'or~

Ogre Camp Walkthough
Posted by: Coldsun -- 7:25 PM EST

I'll be updating this as soon as any breakthroughs are made. Regarding step 12, I spent over an hour completing these tasks and got absolutely nowhere. I did at least 35 tasks (some of which I did twice or thrice). Do not spend too much time on these tasks, because unless 50 is the target number, or the task must be in a certain manner, this is most likely a distraction. Keep looking for clues.

Here is the walkthrough thus far.

01) Enter the Western Forest from the Wilderness. (0003, 0100) You will need an axe to make your way through the thick, obstructing brush.

02) After making your way through the brush, slay one of the slaves you will see wandering about. They are dressed as peasants in what appears to be spring clothing. Collect the 'Ogre message' that they drop.

03) Travel to Hamgyong Nam-Do, to the home of Ugh where the ogre Nyogh currently resides. (0020, 0021) Speak with him about the 'Ogre message'. He will tell you that the message is written in ancient Ogrish, and that a scholar by the name of Haguru has written a book on the subject, but that he has no idea where you might obtain a copy.

04) Go to the Arctic land and head west across the bridge to Du Mountain. (0004, 0000) Speak with the man about 'Haguru'. He will tell you that his name is Haguru, that he was indeed named after an ogre, and that the ogre often used to visit the village of Sanhae to speak with the Mayor.

05) Leave Du Mountain and cross the eastern bridge to the Sanhae Pass (0053, 0020), and then head north to the Sanhae Valley. (0015, 0000) You will find the Mayor located in the Sanhae Hall. (0034, 0018)

06) Speak with the Mayor about 'Haguru', and then about Haguru's 'book'. He will tell you that the ogre left him a collection of his books, and that he will gladly give you a copy of the book in exchange for a donation to the town's coffers. The minimum you must donate to receive a book is 10,000 coins. He notes also that Daewhan has bought many copies.

07) Travel along the Southern Path, located in southeastern Nagnang (0134, 0155) and follow the western road at the fork (0004, 0019) to the Leviathan Mound. Continue traveling south until you reach the Leviathan fields (0015, 0029) and Daewhan, the gray leviathan. (0025, 0010)

08) Speak with Daewhan about the 'ogre message' (after using the 'Beginner ogre' book from your inventory). (Edited by Coldsun)

You must have previously aided the leviathans, or he will not respond. If you have not completed that quest, (click him) he will give you the instructions you will need to go about doing so.

He will teach you to be fluent in the ancient Ogrish language for a temporary period of time, so that you may read the message gotten from the slave.

09) Journey back to the Western Forest, making your way through the brush once more, and head either north or south until you come to an ogre camp. Allow the ogres to shove you around a bit without fighting back and they will soon toss you into a slave pen.

10) Do not speak, for slaves are to be silent. Drop all of the ogre messages in your possession upon the ground and remove all clothing and items. The ogre guard that is babbling about slave conduct will then issue you proper slave clothing and direct you to the slave training area.

11) Report to (click on) the 'master' ogre to begin your training. He will give to you a message to be delivered to a certain one of the numerous ogres within the room. Locate that particular ogre and give them the message (by clicking on them). Report back to the master and continue these tasks until he declares that you are done with your training. Head south and exit the area into the Slave Quarters.

12) The master ogre (click him) will then give you a series of messages to deliver to certain ogres in specified parts of the camp. (To confirm that you have the right ogre, press ";" while next to them and their name will appear in your status box.) Bothering the wrong ogres more than once will get you thrown out. After each message is successfully delivered, report back to the slave quarters (0049, 0008) and the master to receive the next task.

UPDATE: These coordinates were posted on the community board by Phallen.

[Place] [Coordiates]
[Master] [0049|0009]
[Stables] [0045|0013]
[Weaponry] [0032|0022]
[Tailor] [0020|0022]
[Scribe] [0008|0022]
[Smith] [0008|0038]
[Store] [0020|0038]
[Clinic] [0032|0038]
[Officer Mess] [0028|0051]
[Officer Quaters] [0007|0051]
[Prison] [0051|0051]
[A] [0089|0010]
[B] [0089|0020]
[C] [0089|0030]
[D] [0089|0040]
[E] [0089|0050]
[Mess Hall] [0063|0034]

<|> DO NOT attack the ogre guards or you will be thrown out of camp and required to complete slave training all over again.
<|> Nothing has yet been figured out beyond this point.

This walkthrough was written by Kibblez

- Coldsun

No News Outage
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:04 PM EST

There simply hasn't been any updates in the past few days so the news has expired from main page view.

This is normal and seen quite frequently.

sorry for any misunderstanding.

    Sunday, September 19, 2004

A new Druid elder
Posted by: Vini -- 1:59 PM EST

Last night, Elder Kiana of the Druids stepped down from her position in the path that she has been since March 2004.

To replace her, Kiana has chosen Druid Supply to become the new elder of the path.

Congratulations Elder Supply and good luck in your new position.

~Vini Normad'or~

P.S. Thanks to HealingLight for nmailing me this information =)

    Saturday, September 18, 2004

Event Walkthrough up to Earth Shard (Edited)
Posted by: Vini -- 4:41 PM EST

The Current event has three different parts and still has no connection between them. The full event has not been finished yet so here there will be only the steps that have use in the event:

Making a Wooden Staff

Item needed: 1 Acorn and 200 coins

To make a Wooden staff is simple, people just need to get a Cursed acorn. The pond to make cursed acorn in Sute’s cave stopped working for a bit but it's now working again.

To make a Cursed acorn, go to Eldritch, the Mage Guildmaster of Buya and say Sute. Pay 200 coins to get sute's dye. Enter the Sute cave that is located east of north Buyan gate and proceed to the second room called Barren graves. On northeast corner (0030/0000) there's a pond with silver, just drop the acorn there and it will become a cursed acorn.

Once with a cursed acorn, head to Woodlands in Nagnang (west gate and a bit down) and cross it all over to the southwest corner of it. There will be swamps where people plant their swamp trees. To get a Swamp Tree is pretty simple, just drop the cursed acorn in the ground and pick it up until a pop up appears saying that a good place to plant the acorn was found.
Make sure to take note of the place (cords) where the cursed acorn was planted. Also exact hour it was planted.

Logging off or leaving the server won’t affect anything in the quest. Just make sure to return to the same spot after 19-24 nexus hours (2 to 3 hours irl). There will be a swamp tree in the place where the cursed acorn was planted. Only the one who planted it will be able to hit.
Just hit the swamp tree repeatedly, doesn’t need a weapon, strength doesn’t matter and also magic doesn’t work. After a while of hitting the tree, it will vanish and give place to a Wooden Staff.

Making a Water Jewel

Items needed: 2 Water jugs [20 sips], 1 Salt Block, 5000 coins.

For this part, get the water jugs before anything. Accomplished(or higher) Carpenters can make them for 1 Ginko Wood each. To refill the empty water jug just go to Kugnae 0030/0030 and drop the jugs there, they will become full.

To get a Salt block just drop a cloth a few times in the sands of the Dae Shore.
Get 5000 coins and head to Northern Shore which can be easily accessed by clicking on Hausson in main map. Walk to the docks of the shore and say “Water jewel”. The boatman will offer a ride to the Pirate Mine Island for 5000 coins. Just accept it and reach the Island. (No Gateway will be lost anymore)

Once in the Island, there will be many rats on the sand. Ignore them, they are really weak and don’t help with anything. Just proceed to inside the Mine in the middle of the Island.
Inside the Pirate Mine walk through the rooms and kill rats until one drops a Rusty key.

Go back to the first room of the Mine and open one of the hidden chests with the Rusty key. (use ctrl r to find the chests easier) It will drop a Rock Pick.

With the Rock pick walkthrough the south part of the mine until there’s a room with no rats inside. There will be the room to use the Rock pick. Drop it and pick it to get up to 10 Mine Rocks. Proceed to north east part of the Mine, where there’s a small room with a Blind Miner. Trade the 10 Mine rocks for a Rope.

With the rope in inventory, walk all the way to the west of the Mine. There will be a room called Great Crevasse there. Walk to the corner of the room near the big hole. The rope will be used to that the person to the other side of the hole.

In the back of the room, just north of the broken bridge there will be another room called Crystal Chamber. There will be four spots with water and crystals. With the salt block in the inventory, drop one of the Water jugs [20 sips]. The water mixed with the salt will start to form a crystal. There’s no problem in leaving the island, or logging off after this.

Wait between 8 and 10 Nexus hours, and then drop the other full Water jug. There will be a newly formed Water Jewel once this is complete.

Making an Earth shard

Items needed: 1 Dark amber, 1 Hot coal, 1 Dragon Shard, 26 Water skins and 16000 coins.

To make Hot coals, buy a coal from the Sanhae Smith by saying “Coal” to him. Costs 20 coins only. Buy a Flash dust in Kugnae Arena shop and use creation system (shift+i) to combine both.

To make a Dragon Shard, go to Claw, the Immortal Tiger Chongun in Buya (cords – 0128/0120) and say “Dragon” then say “Earth Dragon” and “Shard”. He will mention that Baegi can make the Dragon shards. Get an Amethyst and take it to Baegi shop in Kugnae, south gate then all way to west.
Say “Shard” and for 2000 coins he will make a Dragon shard.

Now parcel the Dark Amber, the Hot coal and the Dragon shard to yourself. Get someone to hold EVERY item in your inventory and go to either Buya Rabbit cave or Kugnae Rabbit cave. Kill the Dark wolves there to get Wolf pelts. Get 26 of them.

Now go to KaMing’s Encampment via main map and talk to Gan, the man in the shop in southeast part of the camp.
Say “Desert” then “Water skin”.

Then go to northwest shop of the Encampment and talk to Sya.
Say “Water skin”. She’ll charge 500 coins for every empty water skin she makes out of the Wolf pelts. This will cost 13000 coins to make the 26 empty water skins needed.

To refill the water skins, to go Kugnae 0030/0030 and quickly drop all of the 26 empty water skins. Must drop all of them!

Now head to Mythic nexus southwest corner and enter the first room of the Sonhi Desert.
From now on, every room you walk will consume 1 water skin, and for the 1st part all the 26 skins are needed so watch out!
Follow exactly this references posted by Zuzuki on community board:
Go South x 3 times,
East x1
South x 3
East x 4
South x 5
West x 4
and South x 6.

The water skins will run out, but if followed the instructions correctly you will be in an Oasis right now. Just stand near it and it will refill all the water skins instantly.

Now go East x 14 times,
South x1
and East x1

Another Oasis, refill again and follow more directions:

Go back West x1
North x 3
West x 2
North x4
East x 6
North x 6
East x1

There will be the Gypsy camp, with another oasis and a gypsy tent. Talk to Gypsy father in south east part of it.
Say 'Cazell'.
Say 'Ogres'.
Say 'Son'.

Drop 3 empty water skins anywhere in the camp, go to the north west part of it, behind the Oasis and say “Ogre” to the boy. Then you click him to receive the parcels of Dark amber, Hot coal and Dragon shard.

Walk inside the tent in the middle of the camp. Talk to the Gyspy Mother:
Say “curse”. She’ll charge 1 Dark amber and 1000 coins to let you pass through the curse of the cave in the north of the camp. This just needs to be done once, so anyone who did it can leave and enter the sealed cave as many times as needed.

Now, once inside the cave there are 9 rooms with Mounds in each of them. To walk to the rooms in the back of the cave, just wait a little bit in front of the door and it will transfer you to next room.

Drop the hot coal behind one of the mounds to awake an Earth Dragon, now be quick and use the Dragon Shard to capture the dragon and get the Earth Shard.

More to be added as soon as I move on in the event.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Friday, September 17, 2004

New monster in Rabbit caves
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 3:05 PM EST

A new monster appeared to be added to the Buyan rabbit cave and also deep on Kugnae Rabbit cave.
The monsters name is Dark wolf it always drops a new item called Wolf Pelt.

Dark Wolf

Wolf Pelt

This item is being used in the current event, be sure to get them.

Information thanks to Muse Yorishiro
Edited by Vini

    Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Enemies Alliance
Posted by: Vini -- 2:06 AM EST

A few months ago we found out about the Alliance that Bluestone and Nyog were doing between the Bluestone and Ogres.

Later on, Eldridge mentioned that the alliance had a 3rd party that was still to be found out. During a long time we tried guessing who was the 3rd party allied with the Ogres and Pirates.
We found out with the help of Ugh that there's someone called Cazell behind the pirates collecting water jewels and Swamp Ogres getting wooden staves.

We first though that the Mighty Sute was the 3rd party involved, but now with the recently found Sonhi desert on southwest of mythic, it makes more sense that the Sonhi are the ones allied with Ogres and Pirates.

Their plans are still unknown for now, but their objective is clear that they want to destroy our cities. If each of these groups are already dangerous by themselves, imagine the 3 working together.

Because of that, it's really important to try to antecipate their moves, so the search for what to do with water jewels and wooden staves must continue.

Also, on another note: If anyone has a question, a problem a complement or a complain about the news posted here in Nexus Atlas, please bring it to us, either inside nexus or by email. We'll do our best to try to help you out on it.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Wednesday, September 15, 2004

New General of Nagnang
Posted by: Vini -- 7:39 PM EST

Today was announced in Nagnang Army board the name of their new General. The previous one was banned due the past bug abuse and the archons had a hard time to choose between some great people, one to lead it.

The new General of Nagnang Army is Chongun JadedSkies! Her General(primogen) powers will still need more days to come, but her leading will start right away.=)

Congratulations Jade, and good luck on your new position!

~Vini Normad'or~

    Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Heavy Sea Staff
Posted by: Vini -- 10:08 PM EST

Today a new weapon was found in Vortex caves.
The first Heavy Sea Staff was dropped by the Water Tribe 3 boss, Crab Duke.

Picture of SuWaN swinging the 'two-handed' Sea staff

The stats of it were revealed by it's owner as:

Durability: 320000/320000

Dam: Large 180-360
Small 180-360

AC -4 hit 0 dam 0

40k vita increase
4k mana increase
+2 will
+30 Healing Increase
+4 protection

115 might to wield it
sam san peasant

Big thanks to SuWaN for giving us thing information.

~Vini Normad'or~

Event changes
Posted by: Vini -- 8:14 PM EST

Like Eldridge posted on Dreamweavers board, the quest to do Water Jewels and Wooden staves remained in nexus. Quite a few things changed in the event, like:

1.The swamp ogres and the ogres left the Woodlands. I guess the finally got enough wooden staves as they needed.

Planting cursed acorns in the southwest swamps of woodlands still work for people to get their swamp tree and get a wooden staff.

The sute's silver pond isn't working anymore for turning regular acorns into cursed acorns, so you will need to get then from people who saved it.

2.Empty water jugs can be done with the help of Accomplished(or higher) carpenters.
They can be refilled in Kugnae 0030/0030.

3.The smugglers are gone from southern Koguryo, but now you can reach the Island by going to Northern Shore at any time of the day and say "water jewel" and any of the two bridges there leading to Hausson.

4.You still need to pay 5000 coins to go back to it. You do not lose your Gateway or your yellow scrolls/kindred talismans anymore.

5.There you get a Rusty key just like the old part, by killing rats. Get a rock pick in the chests hidden in first room of mine and take it to the room where we used to get Qui-Hyangs. These stones are now gone, but now people can get mine rocks and trade 10 of them with the Blind Miner.

6.With the rope just go to Great crevasse, Ugh is now gone from there but the way to make a Water jewel is the same as before, just need 1 salt block in inventory and 2 water jugs.

7.The Pirate ships and the scrubs have left Dae shore. Now it's not dangerous to go there anymore.

8.The Island Mine server changed from events server to Koguryo server.

9.There's a Sonhi desert located in the southwest of Mythic Nexus.

The next part of the event will probably be added in the next few days.

~Vini Normad'or~

Edited by Vini

Making Water Jugs
Posted by: Vini -- 6:10 PM EST

After today's event, the adept carpenters or higher became able to craft water jubs by saying "Wood" to ANY NPC that works with carpentering.

To craft an Empty water jug only 1 Ginko wood is needed. To fill it with water go near Warrior Guild in Kugnae.
I guess this will help out all the people who were complaining that they didn't have water jugs from previous Pirates events.

Thanks to Esprit for pointing this out!

~Vini Normad'or~

Request to Nexon
Posted by: Rachel -- 5:29 PM EST

Based on several posts both on the Nexus Community board as well as posts on Nexus Forums, I can safely say that I am not the only one that is confused and frustrated with some of Nexon's official statements.

On the 5th, (DW#666) Delphi wrote, "...we don't want anybody to think that we are going to be adding or changing anything with the quest. In other words, it is all in the game, and can be finished."

Now today, just nine days later, Eldridge tells us that, "…the event will be continuing this weekend."

I quickly went back to the beginning of the sentence, but it seems I read it correctly the first time.

I don't mind short delays in events, expecially when there are bugs causing problems, so the apology for that is accepted. The problem is that we were misled into thinking that we could do more.

After the last pirate event, we were ostracized for saying, "Nexon probably has to add more to the event" (See DW #655) This time, when we are told that the event can be finished, we find out that really means that it can only be "finished" up to a certain point.

Players spent HOURS after finding the water jewel and wooden staff to try and figure out the next step of the event. Some like Conro, spent more than 10 hours on the event and ended up swearing off events all together, saying that events just aren't worth it.

We need to know what to expect. After obtaining the water jewel and wooden staff, just give us a pop-up saying something along the lines of, "You now have the Wooden staff and the Water jewel. You decide to wait and see what Cazell is up to before moving on to the next step".

We shouldn’t be punished for trying to figure out what to do next, expecially if there's NOTHING to do next. That’s why most people don’t try to figure out events: 99% of your leads will turn out to be a waste of time, you lose all your money to the smugglers, you die from a bad life jacket, etc. We are running out of people who actually want to try. I'm getting tired of trying myself.

Please make some kind of change to the way events are handled.



New legend marks
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 5:00 PM EST

Two new legend marks have been added since a recent Nexon server reset. The two legend marks come from creating the Water jewel and collecting the wood staff.

Screenshot of the two new legend marks

Thanks to Rogue Ariadna for this information and screenshot of the legend marks.

~Buyan Imperial Guard~

Eldridge DW Post Event information 9/14
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 4:40 PM EST

Eldridge has posted on the Dream Weaver board about the event and also the recent gold bug. Here's the post directly from the board below:

Hi guys,

Just letting you know that the event will be continuing this weekend. The people who were abusing the gold bug last week set us back quite a bit, and it took longer than expected to remove the excess gold from the game so the economy wouldn't be damaged.

And to borrow and idea from Arnold Schwarzenegger, and since these people felt that a few items were worth risking everything for, we have decided to hold a public auction of all the items that were "seized" from blocked players. As soon as we have a list of these items (when we have free time after doing the next part of the event) we will be setting up a time and place to hold public auctions and raffles of these items. Keep checking back for news on that.

Anyways, back to the event. The old part of the event (Water jewel and Wooden staff) can still be done now for people who were not able to do it all last week, but you will no longer get a legend mark from it and it has changed a little. You will also need to find somebody willing to take you to the island of the water jewel as the smugglers have finally been chased away by the guards.

We are sorry for the delay in the event, we had not planned on keeping you waiting this long, but in the hectic world of MMORPG's very little every goes to schedule anyways. The next part will start in the next few days. Thanks for your patience.


~Buyan Imperial Guard~

    Sunday, September 12, 2004

New Head of Fox Hunts
Posted by: Vini -- 4:56 PM EST

After heading the Fox Hunts greatly for a long time, TabithaRose has been absent for a while so a new Head Host was appointed.
Baekho Ecnor is now the new Head Fox Hunt host!

Congratulations to Ecnor on his new position and thanks to Rance for sending me this information.=)

~Vini Normad'or~

Rememberance walk Results
Posted by: Vini -- 4:37 PM EST

What a great event we had last night. More than 200 people gathered around the Tree of Reflections while all Kugnae was dark. People got their lanterns provided by the Royal Ministry with the help of clans and together everyone went for a walk with Prince Mhul around the gates of Kugnae.

The barricades were set to help organize it, was the place where people would get the lanterns.
A few people got a bit lost to understand what was going on, but overall most people were able to enjoy a few moments of peace, all together as one.

Thanks to the Royal Ministry for this great event, the Rememberance Lantern walk, to honor all the important people that passed through our lives. May they rest in peace while we'll never forget how important each of them were.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Saturday, September 11, 2004

Event Walkthrough up to Wooden staff
Posted by: Conro -- 1:12 PM EST

1. Visit Hausson Inn and talk to Haggard mate.
Say: a. Smuggler
b. Trader
c. Pirate
d. Passenger

2. Talk to Mnemosyne at the beginning of muse gardens.
(Islets 72,07)
Say: a. Pirate
b. Song
c. Smuggler
d. Juggler

3. Go to 65, 42 Southern Koguryo, there is a little island with lots of red flowers. If you walk around on it (or just stand in one spot and Control + r a lot) You will eventually get a pop up.

4. Say passenger on the red flowers during 18-06 hours. You will be transported to an island. You must have 5,000 coins on you to be transported to the island!!
However, you will lose all of the money you're carrying, so bring no more than 5,000 coins. This may be a bug.

To avoid having to return to the Mines many times bring along these items before you say Passenger in the island:
-5k check (you can buy one in RedCap messenger)
-Salt block (can get it by dropping cloth in Dae shore beach)
-2 Water jug (from previous pirate events, borrow it from people if you don't have one)

5. Kill rats until you get a 'Rusty key'

6. Return to the first room of the mine and use the key on a chest to get a 'Rock pick'

7. Take the Rock pick to the only room without rats (It's deeper in the mine) and drop and pick it up until you get a 'Qui-hyang'. You can use the Qui-hyang anytime you need to leave the Island and even inside the kingdoms, but you'll need to pay 5000 coins again to return to Island.

8. Seek out the blind miner (He's in a small room near the end of the mine. Go down instead of left at the divide in the mine). When you find him say:
a. Crevasse
b. Escape
c. Rope
d. Check

9. He'll sell you a rope for the 5k check. Take the Rope and head to the room with Ugh on it, Great Crevasse (with the broken bridge).

10. Walk to the very left or right of the room, and up towards the pit. You will then be transported to the top of the map.

11. Click Ugh and read what he says. Then say Cazell, he also respond when you say Panda.


1. Go to the Crystal chamber in the back of the Great Crevasse, a bit behind Ugh.

2. Walk to one of the four crystal patches, and with a Salt block in your inventory, drop one of your Water jug's.

3. You will get a pop up saying as you pour the water on the crystals, some salt pours from your satchel, and starts to form a new crystal.

4. Wait between 8 and 10 Nexus hours, and then drop your other full Water jug (or leave, and return with a full water jug [to refill, take it to the Water in Kugnae, just to the right of Baek shop, north west Kugnae]).

5. In your inventory should now be a newly formed Water jewel

6.Now you may use your Qui-Hyang to leave the Island.


1. Head to Nagnang's Woodlands (West Nagnang, and down a little), then seek out Swamp ogres. Kill one until it drops a Cracked acorn.

2. Take the Cracked acorn to Min butcher in Hausson and say Cracked acorn. She'll tell you that this acorn will never grow but says that a powerful magic infused silver into it.

3.Take normal acorn to the Sute's cave, to enter it you must first say 'Sute' to Eldritch, the Mage guildmaster of Buya. You'll get dyed with the Sute Powder and be able to to enter Sute's cave in North east part of Buya.

4.Once inside the cave, your dye will go out, walk to the 2nd room, called Barren graves and drop your REGULAR acorn at the northeast corner of the room, coords (0030 0000).
You'll get a Cursed Acorn.

5. Take Cursed acorn to swamps area in Nagnang Woodlands where you got your Cracked Acorn.

6. Drop and pick up your Cursed acorn until you get a pop up telling you that you planted your acorn in the ground. (RECORD YOUR COORDINATES YOU WILL NEED THEM LATER)

7. Leave the Nangen Server, and come back to your coordinates in 10-20 Nexus hours. You will get a pop up on your side text box (where spells you cast are recorded) basicly saying "Your tree should be ready now, why not have a look".

8. Return to the exact coordinates you planted, and proceed to HIT (NO MAGIC) your Swamp tree. On your side text box you will see messages if it is indeed your tree (such as 'You hit it but it seems to have no effect' 'The tree is cracking' [paraphrased])

9. Keep hitting the tree with physical attacks until it dissapears. A Wooden staff will appear in your inventory.

From here we are stuck, if anyone has made progress after this, please inform any Nexus Atlas staff about it.

- Conro

(With help and information from LordDryn, Vini, ColdSun, the Eventbusters, and many others)

Edited by Vini

    Friday, September 10, 2004

New Elder of Monks
Posted by: Vini -- 9:21 PM EST

A few minutes ago, Samahuri Sinchan has stepped down from the position of Elder of the Monks.
The Wisdom of Ages, weapon of Monk's elder was now passed to Samahuri Berig, which will give continuation to the story of Monk elders.

Congratulations Elder Berig, and good luck on your new position!=)

~Vini Normad'or~

Royal Rememberance walk
Posted by: Vini -- 5:50 PM EST

Since 2001, we had every year something on nexus to honor the loved ones that we have lost but who shall never be forgotten.

This year will be no different, tomorrow the Kogurian Royal Ministry will be holding a Royal Lantern Rememberance walk around Koguryo.

Citizens will be able to bring their own lanterns but some will also be given out by the local clans. It will start tomorrow (9/11) at 8pm Est in Tree of Reflections and will go around the gates of Kugnae.

Those who are able to come, please enjoy together good moments of peace and union, treat others with respect as each and every person deserves.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Wednesday, September 8, 2004

New Kogurian Tutor of Poets
Posted by: Vini -- 11:04 AM EST

Last night, Tutor FireTiger of Koguryo, has stepped down from his position in order to be able to give his full attention to his newly approved clan.

Instead of opening for new applications, Archon Charisse was able to apoint a good replacement for him and announce already the new Poet tutor of Koguryo; TempestRaine.

Congratulations TempestRaine and good luck on your new position!

~Vini Normad'or~

The Heavens Draw Near Balance
Posted by: TSWolf -- 2:54 AM EST

    Monday, September 6, 2004

Midnight cutlass uncovered
Posted by: Conro -- 10:03 PM EST

Kaelic, founder of the Cursed acorn mystery, was awarded 50 Event Tokens for his effort. He exchanged his tokens today for a new item, the Midnight cutlass. This item cost him all of his tokens.

He also told me that the Librarian told him he could choose from "any" of his wares, which may mean the highest amount of tokens to be exchanged is 50.

Congratulations, Kaelic, on your new, rare find.

- Conro

Cursed Acorn mystery unrevealed.
Posted by: Vini -- 9:25 PM EST

To make cursed acorn, take a normal acorn to the Sute's cave, walk to the northeast corner of the room called Barren graves and drop it coords (0030 0000).
Your acorn will become Cursed.
While some other people were trying to sell this info for 40mil, we had a noble soul giving me a hint for free. I'll share the name of the person later if he/she allows me.

Thanks to Lorddryn for testing it with me.

Money scandal
Posted by: Conro -- 5:41 PM EST

About 7:00 pm EST, a shout was heard around the world by Archon Cerulean, warning that 'Those bug abusing will be caught'.

A reset happened just twenty minutes later.

After speaking to many sources, the problem was from a money duplication bug, apparently known about for quite sometime, but not severely abused until today.

A few people should of been tipped off today when a few people were making sages of buying 'Any and all rares, 20 million coins each'. A few got swept up in this fast money, and didn't bother to check if the deal was truly legitimate.

A few people have been punnished, and others are being caught. If you have been given any special, rare, expensive item, or any large sum of cash random, be sure to openly admit whom you got it from. If you are required to give back these items, do so willingly and without a fight.

If more is publicly released, I'll print names of those caught and punnished. Until then, remember these words...

"If a deal is too good to be true, then it probally is"

- Conro

Water Jewel
Posted by: Conro -- 3:34 AM EST

A new item has been created in the room just behind where Ugh is taking rest.

In order to forge this new gem, the Water jewel you will need two Salt blocks, and at least two Water jugs (or the patience to refill your Water jug inbetween steps.

In this order...

1. Go to the Crystal cavern in the back of the Crevasse (using your Rope to get to the other side)

2. Walk to one of the four crystal patches, and with a Salt block in your inventory, drop one of your Water jug's.

3. You will get a pop up saying as you pour the water on the crystals, some salt pours from your satchel, and starts to form a new crystal.

4. Wait between 8 and 10 Nexus hours, and then drop your other full Water jug (or leave, and return with a full water jug [to refill, take it to the Water in Kugnae, just to the right of Baek shop, north west Kugnae]).

5. In your inventory should now be a newly formed Water crystal

From here we are stumped as what to do next...

Thanks from the NexusAtlas staff to all those sharing information and for bouncing off ideals with each other. With each others help, we can figure this out!

- Conro

    Saturday, September 4, 2004

Pirate event walkthrough (so far)
Posted by: Coldsun -- 8:01 PM EST

1. Visit Hausson Inn and talk to Haggard mate.
Say: 1. Smuggler
2. Trader
3. Pirate
4. Passenger

2. Talk to Mnemosyne at the beginning of muse gardens.
(Islets 72,07)
Say: 1. Pirate
2. Song
3. Smuggler
4. Juggler

3. Go to 65, 42 Southern Koguryo, there is a little island with lots of red flowers. If you walk around on it (or just stand in one spot and Control + r a lot) You will eventually get a pop up.

4. Say passenger on the red flowers during 18-06 hours. You will be transported to an island. You must have 5,000 coins on you to be transported to the island!! However, you will lose all of the money you're carrying, so bring no more than 5,000 coins. This may be a bug. -- Coldsun

5. Kill rats until you get a 'Rusty key'

6. Return to the first room of the mine and use the key on a chest to get a 'Rock pick'

7. Take the Rock pick to the only room without rats (It's deeper in the mine) and drop an dpick it up until you get a 'Qui-hyang'

8. Use your Qui-hyang (It's reuseable) and then go back and get a check for 5k

9. Take your check for 5k, and 10k cash and return back to the island

10. Seek out the blind miner (He's in a small room near the end of the mine. Go down instead of left at the divide in the mine)

11. Say 'Escape', 'Rope' , then 'Check'

12. Take the Rope the blind miner gives you, and head to the room with Ugh on it (with the broken bridge).

13. Walk to the very left or right of the room, and up twords the pit. You will then be transported to the top of the map.

14. Click Ugh and read what he says. Then say Cazell

15. Head to Nagnang's Woodlands (West Nagnang, and down a little), then seek out Swamp ogres. Kill one until it drops a Cracked acorn.

16. Take the Cracked acorn to Min in Hausson and say Cracked acorn.

---From here we are stumped what to do next. Min explains about the acorn being cracked, and previously infused with a 'metallic toxin', and calls it silver, meaning it's either made of silver, or silver in colour. She also explains 'very powerful magic' would be needed to infuse it.---

-Cirra also explains that after the Swamp Ogres, whom attack the Ogree tree's, hit the trees enough, they say 'I got a wooden staff now', and then dissapear. Perhaps this is linked with it?

This walkthrough compiled by the Eventbusters, Conro, and LordDryn.

I'll be updating this walkthrough as soon as I receive additional information.

- Cold
- Conro

    Friday, September 3, 2004

Posted by: Coldsun -- 6:42 PM EST

That's right, the pirates are back!

However, this time the ships appear to be in Dae shore, which has become a semi-PK area.

The pirate ships, which are located at the east side of Dae shore, shoot cannonballs at random intervals.

Status box after you're hit with a cannonball.

These cannonballs take a certain percentage of your vitality depending on your statistics, according to Warik's research (as posted on the Community board). Some Sam San players are getting hit at around 400-600k per cannonball, while weak level 99 Merchants such as myself only get hit at 6-8k.

You can and will die in Dae shore. It appears that half the time you will suffer a PK death and sustain no losses. However, you do run the risk of a regular, non-PK death. You will lose experience and break-on-death items.

Another victim of the merciless pirates.

Pirates spawn in random places throughout Dae shore, and kill any and every person around. The pirates have already claimed many lives.

One of the many pirate ships that line the east side of Dae shore.

More updates to come!

    Thursday, September 2, 2004

Subpath Chat!
Posted by: Vini -- 8:33 PM EST

In a meeting with the elders, Eldridge has also revealed another new feature added today. They've implemented a Subpath chat system!

To use it you need to be a member of a subpath and whisper to @.

Great feature, enjoy it!

~Vini Normad'or~

Pegasus Clan Hall
Posted by: Vini -- 6:18 PM EST

Today, after a reset the 2nd Nangen clan, Pegasus of Primogen Kujek has finally gotten their clan hall in Nagnang at 0111/0060.

The hall is open for visitors for a while, so anyone curious about it, should go check it out quickly.

The list of members of the Pegasus clan is also available now on users list.


~Vini Normad'or~

Clan/Army chat changes.
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 5:02 PM EST

Two new features have been added/changed about the use of clan/army chat.

1) Clan/Army chats can be heard by all on any server. No longer limited to chatting between people within one server.

2) Primogen/Army generals recieved a command that will communicate with everyone even if their clan/army chat is turned off.

~Buyan Imperial Guard