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  Archived News | September 2003

Past News

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September 2003

    Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Druid Elder Shift
Posted by: Vini -- 12:00 AM EST

Last weekened, we had another Elder change, which passed a bit unoticed by members of Community, this time in Druid's path. Looks like many real life factors will keep Elder Laneigh away from Nexus(if wanna know what, better ask her) and for that she decided to give the position back to the previous Elder Aiyana.blush.gif
Congratulations once again Aiyana and thanks for everything Laneigh!.laugh.gif

~Vini Normad'or~

    Monday, September 29, 2003

Stars from all areas shine brightly at the Royal Ball
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 12:24 AM EST

Representatives from Koguryo, Buya, Nagnang, and the wilderness present themselves to Empress Jeewon

King Yuri, enwrapped in the pageantry of the royal court, formally welcomes Empress Jeewon to the coliseum.

KUGNAE -- The Royal Coliseum came alive this evening with regal pageantry as the royal court of Koguryo, combined with representatives from Buya, Nagnang, and even the wilderness, filled the presentation area to lend support to the young Empress Jeewon of Kaya. Although the coliseum was replete with agents and supporters of Johaih shouting anti-Koguryan slogans and affirming their belief in the overlord's supremacy, the spirit of the evening was not diminished. Rather, the privileged crowd was able to catch a glimpse of rare regal gems: King Yuri of Koguryo and Princess Lasahn of Buya, whose public appearances in Koguryo have indeed been rare.

Prince Mhul addresses the crowd at the coliseum.

The presentation area was studded with eminent citizens, including a contingent from both the Koguryo Royal Army and the Buya Imperial Army, as well as Assault MarekP, representing the Nagnang Army. In addition, the primogens and primogenesses of every clan, some of whom received a visit from Empress Jeewon and her entourage earlier that day, were in attendance. As expected, the Ministries of Culture and Peace were present, led by their tireless ministers, Starrbrite and Sidious.

Princess Lasahn, a rare sight in Koguryo, orates to the crowd at the coliseum.

King Yuri made certain to thank his loyal subjects for their hard work over the course of his reign, urging them to remain strong. Prince Mhul took the opportunity to convey a message of strength in the kindgoms after a successful harvest. Princess Lasahn affirmed her support for Kaya and Empress Jeewon, bidding her return to her nation of Buya in the future.

Empress Jeewon of Kaya expresses her gratitude for all of the hospitality that was shown to her during her stay.

Empress Jeewon broke her silence and made a formal reply, referring to an alliance that is to be forged between Koguryo and Kaya. Through the evening, staunch advocates of Johaih took every opportunity to jeer and mock the royal gathering, some of whom insinuated that Empress Jeewon herself had a connection to Johaih, the fact that news of the onyx had not yet reached the southern region notwithstanding. However, the disruptors were eventually ejected from the coliseum towards the end of the event.

Minister Starrbrite honours Sulsa-Do Llydia for having aided to the ways and habits of our kingdoms.

Minister Starrbrite graced five outstanding citizens with the distinction that they had aided to the ways and habits of the kingdom. Honoured tonight were Virtuoso Glissando, Geomancer JuJakJoe, Prophet Schwanz, Sulsa-Do Llydia, Barbarian IldritchFire and Ainvar Kiana. In addition, she announced the winners of the previous week's competitions:

1st place: Trade
2nd place: Lyzand
3rd place: Aramachi

Inspirational Poetry
1st place: Berig
2nd place: Kiana
3rd place: Illandra

Floor Art
1st place: BlazingGirl
2nd place: Michike
3rd place: Starrcrossed

Kissing Competition
Longest kiss: Tyania and Akura (1'30")

Portrait Competition
1st place: Rembrandt
2nd place: BeautySnow
3rd place: Koner
Honourable Mentions: Akura, Satashi

Dance Competiton
Best Guy: Sandmann
Best Girl: SpiritofWind

Best Dressed Competition
Best Guy: Durakone
Best Girl: Lovepoet

Short Story Competition
1st place: Thallia
2nd place: MrHealz
3rd place: Exere

Special thanks are due to Masra and her company of chonguns, who had guarded Empress Jeewon during her tour of five clan halls, as well as Merchant everclear and Gypsy AphroditeXO, who had provided engravings for select prizes attainable at the Diamond Jubilee's competitions.

Librarian-Emeritus Genre presents Empress Jeewon with a gift.

To round out the evening, Librarian-Emeritus Genre serenaded Empress Jeewon with a poem to accompany a gift of a fragile rose. The young empress anticipates that she will end her journey within the coming days and return to her home country.

    Sunday, September 28, 2003

Empress visits SMS Hall.
Posted by: Paranoid -- 5:59 PM EST

This afternoon Empress Jeewon, accompanied by the Culture Commity visited the SunMoon Sect's clan hall with Masra and her Chonguns as their body guards. She was greeted by many members of SunMoon and was given the grand tour of the hall by Primogeness Khaos. She spoke a bit about her past, and answered some questions brought up by the SunMoon kin.

Several gifts were presented to Jeewon during her visit including a engraved Spring drapery **Spirit of Friendship** presented to her by Primogeness Khaos, and was aligned with Yang by Diviner Eowyn.

"It was an honor to meet Jeewon, especially in our own hall. She's very charming for her age and will hopefully come visit us once again in the near future." Khaos said, when questioned about the Empress's visit.

    Saturday, September 27, 2003

Johaih's Proposition
Posted by: MarekP -- 10:48 PM EST

Hello everyone,

Today Johaih appeared once again, but this time with his follower Mukashi and Poetgeorge. Johaih stated that he would not harm Nagnang and wished the best for this nation. With that said the Forsaken have a neutral alliance with Johaih. Johaih, Mukashi, and Poetgeorge are offering everyone a chance to join them in their cause. Johaih promises everyone that joins him power and loyalty. If you do not join them, then you shall all be killed (( as stated by mukashi )). So if you want to join the cause, contact Mukashi, Poetgeorge, Or Johaih Himself.

Empress Jeewon Arrives!
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 10:10 PM EST

Amid a time of turmoil, Empress Jeewon remains steadfast

Left: King Yuri and Prince-Regent Mhul of Koguryo arrive on Dae Shore. Right: Empress Jeewon of Kaya is formally welcomed by King Yuri and Prince Mhul as she makes her arrival.

DAE SHORE -- As the snow melted on the sand, an enormous throng, composed of all manner of citizen from King Yuri himself to the lowliest vagabond, gathered for the arrival of Empress Jeewon of Kaya. Following the death of her parents, and the receipt of a grim prophecy referring to her rule being curtailed, there have been hints of potential unrest in the tribal kingdoms to the south. Numerous warnings were issued to her throughout the evening, both on Dae Shore and in the palace, that Johaih remains a threat to the vicinity. In fact, it was suggested by many that she should return to Kaya, if only for her own safety. However, the young empress expressed a desire to "turn tears into courage," and strengthen her nation, following the examples of Koguryo, Buya, and Nagnang. Amidst jeers, threats, and attempts to assail her, King Yuri, and Prince Mhul by barbarians and potential agents of Johaih, the empress remained dauntless and steadfast in her resolve.

Empress Jeewon addresses a crowd in the Royal Coliseum as members of the Culture and Peace Ministries and her private guard look on.

Though weary from her voyage today, it is expected that Empress Jeewon will have an audience with Prince Mhul and the royal court in the coming days to discuss a possible alliance between Koguryo and Kaya, perhaps to ward off the threat of an insurrection. Jeewon will visit the clan halls of Koguryo tomorrow, and be prepared for the grand ball that evening.

Left: King Yuri, clad in a celebratory crown and vestment. Right: Empress Jeewon.

Jeewon arives
Posted by: Rachel -- 5:30 PM EST

Posted on Comm, this happens within the hour.. I don't think they gave us a time or day before this. o.o

It brings me great honor to announce the arrival of
Jeewon, Empress of Kaya
Saturday, September 27th at 7:00 pm EST

I welcome each of you to come and meet her at Dae shore
and after he arrival she will take a tour of the beautiful
lands of Koguryo and back to the palace for some
rest and relaxation. I know that she is looking
forward to meeting everyone and thanks
you for your kindness.

On Sunday, September 28th the Empress will be touring the
Bear, Oceana, Enigma, Phoenix and Sunmoon Clans.
After her early afternoon tour of these halls she will get
ready for the Diamond Jubilee which will begin
at 8:00 pm EST. I look forward to seeing
you all there to enjoy this festive occasion.

The Empress has decided to remain in the lands to meet with
the other Clans and looks forward to meeting and greeting
each of you in her stay. Thank you so much!

Koguryo Minister of Culture

An Addition and a Change
Posted by: Breserk -- 9:28 AM EST

Let's start with a new thing-

All you jealous Rogues that wanted a legend mark from the Nangen Rogue quest, you got it! ScOrp has told me he got this legend mark from the Nangen Rogue quest, after he completed it.
Thank you ScOrp!

Also, the old message of "!! is not in the group" is gone, and now replaced by a better, more inplace message of "XXXX is not in the group."


Prince Kija's Look
Posted by: Vini -- 12:24 AM EST

Well, just for the ones who are curious about how Prince Kija looks like, don't need to continue asking me, I finally managed to get a screenshot of his profile:


~Vini Normad'or~

    Friday, September 26, 2003

Johaih Attacks Carnages
Posted by: Paranoid -- 8:48 PM EST

That's Right. As I write this Johaih is attacking the CelestialCarnage. The brave participants are currently fighting him off, and will hopefully subdue him.

Thank you to Yogeshi for letting me know of these happenings.

(Screen shots and additional information will be posted a.s.a.p, keep your eyes open.)


During tonight's Celestial Carnage, as the second round was getting ready to begin, Johaih appeared in the Bringer Arena. He promptly attacked the carnage goers and was subdued quickly by Supaicee. He returned and continued his attacks, falling once again to the participants in battle. At this point it was apparent he wasn't going to stop attacking until everyone left, so the carnage hosts announced under the authority of Archon Xian that all participants would receive a prize. Xian had arrived on the scene officially and was looking on from the sidelines as you can see in one of the screenshots. On his third attack, Johaih took refuge in the observation wall/pen for Archons on the West side of the arena, with Archon Xian standing there. He continued this for about 7 minutes, and then spoke as the carnage participants called him on. His response? 'I am simply making use of my terrain. It is you who are the fools." Shortly after, Xian vanished, and Johaih reentered the Arena center where we was taken down yet again.

Keep your eyes open and your weapons drawn, as you can see Johaih isn't scared to get messy and can put up quit a good fight.

*Note* I've added a few screenshots I took, maybe Paranoid will want to edit them later. <-Vini

    Thursday, September 25, 2003

Possible Event Cave
Posted by: MarekP -- 10:20 PM EST

I was out and about adventuring Nagnang when I stumbled across a rather peculiar cave. Every time I entered it displayed a number in my status window. The firs time it read "Mine 4.4", the second time it read "Mine 4.8" and after that it kept going up times two. The strangest thing about it is after aboue "Mine 32.63" it would transport me to just south of west gate kugnae".

I later had an Ee san walk in and his numbers were "Mine 5.5", "5.10", and then increased times two as well. Perhaps this is an event cave that will be used soon. We can always hope atleast. His cave transported him near the Bek shop north of West gate kugnae. Interesting.

Hopefully this is an event cave that will be used soon in this, "if you want to call it event" event with Johaih.

The coordinates to this cave are 0070,0079.

Written by Ninwa

PS: archon themis came and locked the doors


Johaih & Itsuwari visit the kingdoms
Posted by: Lalia -- 5:26 PM EST

This afternoon, Itsuwari paid a visit to the Buya Sire Pit, where the citizens fought with him and defeated him yet again.

Here's a picture of Itsuwari.

Edit: Thanks to Jaxro for the un-invisible image of Itsuwari. (During the battle, Itsuwari wore a Sun helm and two perfect ruby bracelets, not pictured here.)

After Itsuwari left, many people taunted Johaih over sage, asking him if he would come to fight his battles himself. Johaih agreed and told everyone to come meet him in the Nagnang Arena.

Here's a screenshot of the chaos:

After the battle, Johaih commended Nagnang on its strength and declared that Nagnang would be spared from destruction. He then told us that the Forsaken Clan wished to meet with him.

What will happen next? biggrin.gif

Special thanx to Nekomancer for the info.wub.gif

Empress of Kaya
Posted by: Rachel -- 12:33 AM EST

(This was posted by Mhul on the Community Board)

To the Royal Court of His Most Royal Majesty King Yuri of Koguryo:

I write this letter with great haste, as my fears have began to manifest themselves. An assassin attempted to take my life this night! He was captured and killed inside out palace gates by an alert guard, much further than we had ever expected any assassin to infiltrate. The fact he attacked alone only proves my fears, as the elders seek to remove me privately than deal with a public insurrection.

Since this incident I have had tighter defenses around my palace as well as my personal chambers. I doubt they would try another foolish attack before my voyage to Koguryo, however once I am out of Kaya and in the open, I will only have a small escort with me, as my main forces will be required to defend against any uprising there may be while I am away. I am especially worried as we enter the Koguryo boundary, and would like to know what defenses will be provided to me and my men. As these times become more and more intense I will need to discuss with my escort party possible attacks and what will need to be done were something to happen.

For this reason I hereby request what information you have about my protection. Will I be greeted with a Koguryian escort? What will the terrain we will travel be like, and what path will we take until I am safely within your palace walls? Will I be guaranteed the safety of Koguryo? I await your official response swiftly, as we have little time to prepare
Empress of Kaya

-Shihou Kyoushutsu Yuubin-
~Sore wa Hikeka Desu~

Posted by: Breserk -- 12:25 AM EST

They have been finally banned from carnages. Thank you, Archon of Carnages!

Nagnang Army
Posted by: MarekP -- 12:22 AM EST

The great arrival of Prince Kija and the Nagnang Army has finally come. The army formed on Tuesday September 23rd. You can find the barracks located in the left building inside the Nagnang great hall. There is yet to be a General for this army, but if you are interested and want to see how the army is growing check out
Long live Kija, and long live Nagnang.

Nangen MarekP
Nagnang Army Soldier

    Wednesday, September 24, 2003

NexusAtlas Downtime
Posted by: Spift -- 10:29 PM EST

I'd like to appologize for the recent downtime lasting roughly 36 hours or so. I have not myself been informed of what exactly went wrong, but I will make sure to see that similar problems do not occur in the future. Thank you for your patience.

    Monday, September 22, 2003

A Long Story ...
Posted by: Growl -- 7:55 PM EST

Hello everyone. I want to announce I will be taking a short break from Nexus Atlas, and several parts of NexusTK in general. I will remain a registered player, and will continue to play. However I will only do things that I enjoy. I will not do the following:

-- Accept news updated through my Nexus Atlas e-mail
-- Answer NexusTK questions through AIM or in NexusTK
-- I will most likely be ignoring 95% NexusTK players whom IM me.

What will I be doing?

-- Hunting
-- Remain active in subpath activities on -all- characters
-- Participate in PK areas

In the last several months, starting with the 'Merchants vs. Growl War' .. Many IRL issues arose. I am not making excuses, but this is most likely why most of those issues came to be. I just -stopped- being nice. I was fed up with many things .. And needed a break. From the day I made the 'famous merchant corruption post' NexusTK has been nothing but absolute hell. I apologize to anyone whom was affiliated with that. Ilios, Guides, Archons, whomever. It should not have happened, and I apologize.

From then onward I have not been myself. That night, I quit everything. Sun Moon Clan Council, Koguryo News Editor.. EVERYTHING! I even moved to the wilderness
(( neutral )). I couldn't function.

Another issue trapping me was my IRL age. Many people beleived that I am some 19-30 year old who playes NexusTK 24/7. The truth is .. I am not. Many question, how old was I when I attained Merchant Guide. I was .. At the time .. 12 years old. Sound young. I am now .. 13. Why did I lie? I did it in fear. I am constantly made fun of IRL of my age.. Because I look so much older. I feared this in NexusTK as well. A new world, a different life .. Why not a new age?

Please do not pester me on this. I want to make truces with anyone I may have hurt .. Or may have actually lied to. It was for my own personal benefit .. And apologize for it all .. I could simply not let this go on longer .. I needed to escape the 'hell' NexusTK has become ... Thank you.

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters
.: Nexus Atlas Administration

((-- Alex Pia. The man behind 'The Growl ))

    Sunday, September 21, 2003

Chord of Humanity
Posted by: Vini -- 10:47 PM EST

With the Sacrifice of the WaterMaiden after we completing the 3 Rituals, the Tides returned to normal as the negative forces disturbing, have forsaken the seas.
The help of the Water Maiden was great and as stated by Princess Lasahn of Buya, it shall be remembered forever.

~|From the Imperial Sovereignty of Buya|~

Greetings citizens of Buya and neighbour lands,

With the recent happenings launched, I can only speak on a sorrowful note.

As the Water Maiden came into our land of learning, many sought answers to her being, and furthermore, her purpose. As stated in her final note, she has sacrificed her entity to further our purpose as beings of the learning age.

Though her words often portrayed that of morbid warnings, the contrast is highly renowned of her love for the mortals.

As a memento, I will wear a pendant around my neck, of which the Water Maiden had left behind, in memory of her and her sacrifice.

The chord produced by humanity has a tone that pierces an everlasting ring in the song of life. Let us then reflect now on what was taught and what currently needs to be taught to others, for a greater purpose of mankind could possibly be brewing.

~Princess Lasahn~
~Head of State of Buya~

Unfortunally, besides this the threat of Johaih grows stronger day by day, the search for his camp must continue.

~Vini Normad'or~

Merchant "gamble" spell changes
Posted by: Lalia -- 9:43 PM EST

The merchant's "gamble" spell is apparently undergoing some dramatic changes. An official post by Ilios says:

"[The 'gamble' spell] (i)s going. Removed after next reset, will only be used at events. Of which we will dedicate to Merchant Gambling nights, which will be regular weekly events.

Too much hassle, too much corruption, too much spam, too much."

Special thanks for this info goes to rustyboy and especially to Atonz.

Shaman Elder StriGoi
Posted by: Ashimata -- 8:55 PM EST

Tonight Shaman Elder Alexisa held a ceremony in the Shaman circle, and from the flames withdrew the Staff of JaydePhoenix. A message that her time as eldership has passed came to be... and that JaydePhoenix has selected StriGoi as the next elder.

Congratulations StriGoi, I'm sure you'll make a fine Elder laugh.gif

Johaih Strikes Buya -- More Information
Posted by: Breserk -- 2:32 PM EST

As if we haven't had enough of Johaih, he yet again returns; more powerful than ever. Citizens of Buya and other passbyers were amazed and frightened to see Johaih coming to the Sire Pit, and slaughtering anyone that comes inside. Johaih has left much havoc behind him.
Although very powerful, Johaih is still not near the immortal status he wants so much, as everyone worked together and managed to kill him, yet again.

Johaih wasn't shattered to pieces though, as he promised that he will return, probably stronger yet again.

This attack by Johaih has also brought us something positive; more information about him.

Johaih's equipment shows here, not anything out of the ordinary except for a crown he seems to wear.

Also, as a proof that he isn't liked at all, his legend shows many negatives marks, to show everybody to be wary of him. Also, if you will notice, he is very young. How can such a young poet be so powerful?

Two of his spells show here. What are they? It was too chaotic for me to understand. If anyone has any information about it please send it to me.
Update- Rezent has sent me an n-mail saying that Terror casts a +100ac non dispellable curse. Thank you!

Although tough to undertand, there were people in favor of Johaih, cheering for him, and wanting to join him. What will become of them? Powerful allies of him? Or rotten corpses betrayed by the Onyx?

Johaih yet again shows the true power of the Onyx. Is he stoppable? Was the Water Maiden sacrifice made for nothing? Has hundreds of lives been taken away in attempt to save us just to be overrun by him? Will history repeat itself and another Shattering will occur?
Only time will tell.


King Yuri's Diamond Jubilee: Schedule of Events
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 12:35 AM EST

A message from the Ministry of Culture of Koguryo

In honour of His Royal Majesty King Yuri's sixtieth year of reign, the Ministry of Culture has prepared a full gamut of events. For each event, please consult the Community Events board for further details.

Friday, September 19
People will be asked to send us copies of their own ASCII Art. Winners will be given prizes and we will use their work for the Culture Committee.

1st place: Titanium blade
2nd place: Scorched bone
3rd place: Titanium lance
Hosted by Minister Starrbrite

Saturday, September 20
Impromptu Poetry

1st place: Titanium blade
2nd place: Holy ring
3rd place: Electra
Hosted by PrincessVina

Sunday, September 21
Floor Design Contest
Starts at 5 p.m., EST
Each person will be allowed into the Coliseum to make a work of art on the floor around Minister Starrbrite. She will then make a quickpainting of each of them and place them on an altar to be voted on by the members of the Ministry of Culture.

1st place: Titanium blade
2nd place: Charm
3rd place: Steelthorn
Hosted by KyranA

Monday, September 22
Kissing Contest
Starts at 7:00 p.m., EST
Longest kiss wins! People will be asked to come in and show their affection and what ever couple can stay kissing the longest without coming up for air will win!

Girl: Jolt trident, engraved ** Breathtaking Love **.
Boy: Jolt trident, engraved ** Electrifying Love **.
Hosted by Minister Starrbrite

Tuesday, September 23
Profile Picture Contest
Starts at 8:00 p.m., EST
Whoever has the best profile picture showing something to do with the Diamond Jubilee will win prizes!

1st place: Serpent staff
2nd place: Whisper
3rd place: Star-staff
Hosted by RainbowBrite

Wednesday, September 24
Dance Contest
Starts at 7:00 p.m., EST
The best dancers will win prizes!

Spring Drapery, engraved ** Lady of the Dance**.
Spring Mantle, engraved ** Lord of the Dance **.
Hosted by PoeticTruth

Thursday, September 25
Best Dressed Contest
Starts at 8:00 p.m., EST
Who ever has the best outfit on in full will win this award.

Girl: Sunrise Fan
Guy: Sunrise Fan
Hosted by Omat and PrincessVina

Friday, September 26
Short Story Contest
Starts: 7:00 p.m., EST
Each person will recite a short story about diamonds. The person with best short story wins.

1st place: Titanium blade
2nd place: Titanium glove
3rd place: Titanium lance
Hosted by DemonStalker

Saturday, September 27
Welcome the Empress of Kaya
Starts at 7:00 p.m., EST
We will meet her on Dae shore and welcome her to Koguryo, where she will stay with King Yuri and Prince Mhul. We will have a welcome party in her honour.

Sunday, September 28
Royal 60th Jubilee Ball
Prizes for the winners of the previous week's events will be distributed. The "Aid to the Ways and Habits" culture mark will be awarded.

Later That Week
Send-off for the Empress of Kaya
We will send her back to Kaya, but keep her close to us as a friend. Maybe one day she will come back to see us again.

    Saturday, September 20, 2003

Johaih 'visits'...
Posted by: Conro -- 9:09 PM EST

[Johaih]: It ends! Tonight, it ends!

With those words, Johaih burst into the vale, ripping flesh from bone and causing mass chaos with in the bounds of Mythic Vale. Johaih was thought to be an impossible object to destory, but with great strength, many citizens took Johaih out. Each time he returned, strong as ever, delivering more punnishing blows. With spells such as Seige, Inferno, Hellfire, Terror, Area Smite, and Lethal strike, he took countless citizens away from the mortal coil.

After being defeated nearly ten times, Johaih escaped the bounds of Vale, and started to give a repremanding to those who opposed them.
((All dialogue was saged in Blue/Red sage))
Johaih: Perhaps I have underestimated the power of you mortals... very well, I will return... stronger and more powerful... perhaps bordering Immortality itself. The Onyx will grant me this power... you are my pawns in my new kingdom... You will follow under me or you will fall! I do not know why it is so difficult for you t accept that. It is a simple question: are you with me or are you not with me? I promise a kingdom of great potential!... yet I will rule.
Conro: You're a fool if you think we'll live life chained.
Johaih: One last parting gift for my friends in the Vale... (In response to me) Slaves, no... you will prosper under my rule! Your rulers are supressing you! I will teach you to harness the power of the Onyx...
SkaDemon: How many before you hav epromised the same thing!? History is against you, Johaih...
Johaih: You underestimate me, SkaDemon. I will NOT fail. I may have fallen today... yet... death is not the end! The Onyx grants me more incredible power day by day... that is the true essence of my being. If you wish to follow me... then answer my call when I make it. My followers shall be the building blocks of a new, incredible civilization! It is all in the name of the future of the Nexus!
PoetGeorge: Show us proof
Johaih: You will see proof soon enough... simply answer my call...
SkaDemon: All you have done is lie, steal, and murder. The WaterMaiden gave her existance for this!
Johaih: The WaterMaiden is a fool... hah! It spoke of false promises... she gave her existance for NOTHING!
SkaDemon: You kill all those who oppose you, showin' us nothing!
Johaih: THose who oppose me cannot exist in my kingdom.
RogueRider: That is because we will take you and your kingdom down!
SkaDemon: And likewise, you will NEVER exist in our kingdom! The chaotic aethers swirl, Johaih...
Johaih: Perhaps... yet you are forgetting the awesome power of the Onyx which I possess...
RougeRider: You mean the evil that OWNS you!?
Johaih: My call will be heard soon! Follow me... or face an army of thousands that hold my power...
SkaDemon: Orb was a TRUE God... He fell, even with the Onyx... And you, sir, are NOWHERE in Orb's league!
Johaih: You say that I am not immortal? You may be right, although I am nearing the brink of immortality day by day...
SkaDemon: o/` Tommarow, Tommarow, Flee now Johaih, Ignore tommarow what you promise today o/`
Johaih: The call to my followers... it will be made soon! I am off...! Enough of these pointless games.

A gift was never delivered to vale... the first of many lies to come... for sure.
May peace be with all of you, and may we survive through this just as we have with countless other foes.

- Conro

Completed Rituals - A sacrifice....
Posted by: Conro -- 10:57 AM EST


Humanity rings with chords of salvation upon completion of the three rituals. Mortalkind have demonstrated their inherent strength in moments of trials and tribulations.

Do not allow trepidation or haplessness to creep into the recesses of your soul for the Onyx feeds and amplify on negative emotions. Continue to stand resilient and survive the harsh winds of change.

The power unleashed from the rituals is a strong catalyst to divert the negativity and destructive forces emanating from the Onyx to be rendered null.

Now its my turn to contribute to the final procedure into converting these negative forces into constructive ones, whereby new land masses will form instead of earthquakes, magicks will flourish instead of fizzle and mankind will thrive instead of being annihilated.

I will now sacrifice the celestial pearl in my body, the lifeforce of the merfolk, as a prism to concentrate the power and counter the onyx.
Although i will be reduced to mere seafoam, do not grief for me, for i have been most blessed to have surfaced to land and meet the mortals who saved themselves, and the kingdoms.

It has been a pleasure to meet each of you.

@~ Water Maiden ~@

Water Maiden... Thank you for your endless efforts to help our mortal coil. Your sacrifice shows true devotion to a higher power.

    Friday, September 19, 2003

User pages return!
Posted by: Rachel -- 6:20 PM EST

The title says it all. The user pages are finally back. ^.^

The many links on the page have not yet been updated, so remember to use

    Thursday, September 18, 2003

Jewel of Scholarship
Posted by: RougeRider -- 5:57 PM EST

Thanks to Kaiyan for letting me take some pictures of it, and for submitting the statistics. Here is the Jewel of Scholarship!

Nexon-Singapore Cooperation
Posted by: Breserk -- 3:01 PM EST

New ways of buying Nexon game codes that will work for every game, and not only for NexusTK. (Taken from NexusTK's official website)

Nexon Game Codes Now Available in Singapore

Nexon game codes are now available at @ Prinsep Place at $18 (Singaporean) per game code. The Nexon game codes will be available in Toa Payoh Branch beginning on 10 Sep 2003. These game codes will work for any Nexon Inc. games including Nexus: TK, Dark Ages and Shattered Galaxy.

Beginning Sept 12th, our partners in Singapore will also commence the sale of Nexon codes through SMS messaging. Players will then be able to purchase Nexon game codes through their cell phones. We will be making an announcement as soon as the codes are available through this process.

Finally, please note that players should only purchase Nexon game codes through the Nexon website or Authorized Nexon code dealers. Currently, is the only authorized code dealer. Accounts that use renewal codes obtained through fraudulent means will be permanently blocked and all characters associated with that account will be banned. To avoid a permanent ban of your account, please only purchase Nexon codes from Nexon or Nexon Authorized dealers.

Note-18 Singapore Dollars are currently about 10.2 US Dollars.


    Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Winners of Museum Article Contest.
Posted by: Vini -- 9:24 PM EST

As of tonight, CareTaker of the Museum of Nexus History has announced the winners of the contest hosted by him in the last months, about helping writting the stories for the Museum boards.
Here is what he posted on community board:

Dear citizens,

I am very pleased to announce the winners of the Museum Article Contest that I had held recently. These winners are as follows:

1) The Lost Mines - Lathander
2) The Zibong; KaMing and KaKahn - Barnibus
3) The Pirates - Kurrilin
4) Baekho - Kaiyan
5) Ju jak - Kieta
6) Hyun moo - Christiana
7) Chung ryong - Corath
8) The Wildlife of Nexus - Whippet
9) Shipwreck Shore - Ahante
10) The Wind Gods / The Wind Armor - YanDaMan
11) Blight and the Forsaken - Angelicus
12) The God War - SkaDemon
13) ChiZao and the Renewal of the Earth - Mingatso
14) The Shattering - Atonz

Their articles will be placed upon the Museum's boards shortly. I would like to individually thank each and every person who had entered into the contest; your tales were enjoyed by myself and the panel of judges.

Each of the fourteen winners will receive a "Jewel of Scholarship", a special item representing the hard work and effort put forth by the winners. The Jewel, I hope, will remain with these fourteen exceptional citizens for quite some time to come! However, it will not last very long in the depths of any cave, so the fourteen citizens must keep it close and protect it! ((Please contact me to receive your prize within the next few days; I will send a parcel to you should you not contact me soon enough.))

I admire each of your will to learn about the history of the Kingdoms. Once again, thank you for your tremendous support and exciting entries!

With my greatest regards,
The Caretaker
The Museum of Nexus History

We'll be waiting now to be able to read this great new stories in the boards of the Museum. As soon as it's there we'll announce it, also when we get to see these Jewels of Scholarship from the hands of any of this 14 winners.
Congratulations to all of you! Well done.laugh.gif

~Vini Normad'or~

New Barbarian Elder
Posted by: Vini -- 9:13 PM EST

As of last night, ScreechPU has stepped down from the postion of elder of Barbarians and passed the Barbarians torch to the hands of Crumble.happy.gif

Congratulations and good luck on your new position Crumble, also thanks to ScreechPU for the time he dedicated to lead the Barbarians path.biggrin.gif

~Vini Normad'or~

    Tuesday, September 16, 2003

User lists found ^.^
Posted by: Rachel -- 9:42 PM EST

After my earlier post, it was posted on the NexusForums by Ravage that a list of user lists can be found here:

This page will probably be added to the "Community" section or somewhere else when the site is all up. Nexon is doing so much! happy.gif

A plea from the husband
Posted by: RougeRider -- 8:55 PM EST

The onyx's power is growning, and the henchmen Itsuwari has killed. The small plee from her husband has been shouted through the kingdoms, and this is what he had to say.

I heard... Itsuwari had killed my wife? But... why? I don't understand... I'm so upset with what has happened. There are so many questions racing through my mind that I'm unable to even begin to discover the answers...

Johaih must die. He ordered my wife to be killed. He is a menace and must be stopped before he gains control of the kingdoms. He is gaining strength day by day and it will not be long before he is able to annihilate the kingdoms. I am sure that if we were to find his "camp" that he talks about, then we would be able to find him and stop him before he becomes too powerful.

We must find Johaih's camp. Search high and low, near and far, in every cave, nook and home. Johaih's camp must be somewhere here, that I am sure of. I would like to lead the attack on Johaih's camp. He had taken away the love of my life from me forever. He CANNOT live.

Let us find Johaih's stronghold... and destroy him and his Onyx once and for all.
A Nangen Man

40 Yuris after...
Posted by: Vini -- 2:56 PM EST

A small notice, today is Yuri 60, Moon 9, Sun 11, exactly 40 years after the Shattering as stated by Eldridge on Legend scroll:

Many people have been having visions of this day to come, something big might happen, or hopefully everything will stay normal.
Anyway, keep yourselves safe from danger.unsure.gif

~Vini Normad'or~

    Monday, September 15, 2003

A Letter from Kaya
Posted by: Vini -- 10:14 PM EST

Well, as was stated by Culture Ministry, in the 9/27 we'll have the honorable presence of the Empress of Kaya visiting our lands, but looks like Empress Jeewon has been quite worried with a few happenings, as she has expressed in the Letter sent to Royal Court and posted by our Majesty Prince Mhul on Chronicles of the Winds board:

To the Royal Court of His Most Royal Majesty King Yuri of Koguryo:

Over recent days, I have grown frightened. Perhaps my emotions are heightened by the loss of my parents, but even so, my dreams have become clouded by odd, mystical premonitions. For example, three nights ago, in my dream, I saw a series of six turtle-shaped mountains at dawn, as I was rowed down a river by a nameless boatman. The light of the sun, crowning the head and shell of each mountain, was a beautiful sight to behold. I heard an odd, old folk tune, sung in the old Kogurian tongue: "Keobuga, Keobuga, Meorireul naeeora, Naeeonoch'i aneumyeon, Kuweo meogeuri." I tried to see where it was coming from, and then I awoke.

The next day, I approached my personal diviner for an augury. With a grave expression, she dictated her prophecy:

In the spring of the year, the first-born son, springing forth from a
golden orb laid on the shell of a delicious turtle, will unite the
tribes of Kaya and bring an end to the rule of the kugan, who will
sow their own destruction.

Can I continue to trust the kugan? I must; I have no other option. I may be a young empress, but those nine elders have a sworn duty to support me, as Empress of Kaya, as they implicitly trusted my parents. Even so, when I look at their faces, I remain unconvinced that their hearts are in the right place.

This prophecy disturbs me greatly, and I fear a military insurrection from the other tribal kingdoms of the Kayan region, or worse. While there is still time, before the spring season, I hereby request an audience with the royal court of Koguryo, in order to strengthen ties between our nations.

Empress of Kaya

Hopefully things with Kaya will be solved soon and not get threatned by Johaih's presence.

~Vini Normad'or~

Small change made to Elixir wars
Posted by: Lalia -- 8:58 PM EST

According to Ventus in the forums, all arrows now have a 100% dye rate in Elixir wars. This is a VERY welcome change to some of us, in theory. We'll see how it actually works. biggrin.gif

The return of Johaih
Posted by: Paranoid -- 7:08 PM EST

That fool, the Nangen Lady... does she know what she is getting into?

I will not ever allow you to ruin my dream. Your son is gone, so stop
looking for him! I will personally kill all of you the moment you step
a foot into my camp... that is, if you can find it.

Buya, Koguryo and Nagnang will fall to me soon. I will be the supreme
ruler of the Nexus. Simply follow my rule and you will be spared. If
you are more assertive, however... you will be killed. There is no
room for rebellion in my kingdoms...

~ Johaih
Onyx's Hand

Smells like trouble, Carefull everyone. We don't know what he's capable of.

A big Thank you to KingOfSpades for bringing this to my attention

Johaih revealed himself in Mythic Vale along with his bodyguard Itsuwari. Many were slain, but it was proven by Roboter that Johaih is anything but invincible, as well as Itsuwari whom xBiggsx took care of.

The Nangen Lady also showed up and had a long drawn out conversation via sage :

More images soon.

NPC vocabulary expanded
Posted by: Paranoid -- 5:35 PM EST

Before the most recent reset, when you would ask a NPC to do a function that isn't designated to it such as asking the Inn keepers to repair they would respond "I can't do that."
Now they respond, "That's an ability I don't posses."

It seems the NPC's are becoming a bit more articulate.

Many thanks to FireTiger for pointing this out. wink.gif

So it Ends
Posted by: Windis -- 4:48 PM EST

Well guys, Growl is firing me=P

I hope someone out there enjoys this guy, he sure doesnt impress me=P

He was given a job, a job to head up our news, make sure it got posted. He instead chose to threaten me, and tell me that even if others posted, I should have. Hmm, sorry to the other reporters who type slow, expect the theatened to start speedposting=P

Anyway, I believe there has been positive times. My times here were all good until Growl showed up. TS, he's one of the greatest people alive, even if sometimes untorerable. A lot of you readers probaly dont care to much Im being fired, but let it be a show that hypocrits often blame the hypocrit. Growl disagreed, or seemed to disagree, with stuff like what he claimed the guild did, but he didn't really.

Anyway, like I said, I'm no rat, I won't be letting myself talk about bad things. I hope my posts have helped someone, somewhere. I've had reporter status for a long time now, before Growl even, but I've not done much more then enjoyed being a part of the crew. Maybe someday I'll come back, or make my own news page, where people give a darn about another=P


Fired Reporter

Posted by: Rachel -- 4:00 PM EST

(Posted by Castaspella on the Community board)

"A symbolic battle between good and evil. The unity of mankind and lastly the power of faith and hope."

-- WaterMaiden

Through the studies of the constellations, I've come to the conclusion that the WaterMaiden speaks the truth. Many moons ago, battle was all we knew. Death was irrelevent. Soldiers would fight for their cities. Nomads would fight for their territories. Balance was at the feet of those who conquered.

Good was determined by who fought for their cities, and insured the survival of the kingdoms. Evil where those who uposed it. Which would you choose?

The only way to find out which is stronger -- Good or eveil -- is a battle. A Carnage in which all fight to re live the life in which our ancestors lived. In memorial of them, we fight.

The devil knows more by age than by devil. Age is an advantage. For this I trust the Nymphs to speak with such truth.

Date: 18 Sept (Thursday)
Where: Riches Carnage Hall (Kugnae)
Time: 7.30PM EST (4:30pm pst)

Carnage is free for all levels to attend. All will receive a win and mark.

Major. SsBuLLDoGa
~ Buyan Imperial Army ~

Bug solved, new maps added.
Posted by: Paranoid -- 12:07 PM EST

As you all know, This morning a new area was added to Hamgyong Nam Do causing it to become bugged. That bug has now been temporarily fixed by Archons Themis and Methok with the help of KazTheWar.

I got to have a few words with Methok and KazTheWar, here are the highlights of the conversations.

Also, New maps were added to all Housing areas!
Here they are:

Kugnae Housing

Buya Housing

Nagnang Valley

Many Thanks to Phalance for informing me, as well as Methok and KazTheWar for their time and help.biggrin.gif

Buyan Newspaper applications OPEN
Posted by: Conro -- 10:34 AM EST

Post taken from the new Buyan head Scribe, BlueSkies, Community board post...

Hello everybody! <3 Ever thought of, say, writing and planning for a newspaper? Well, here's your chance! It would be nearly impossible for such a popular young idol like me... *pose pose* ... to write and manage an entire newspaper by myself! But that's where you come in! I need the best and the brightest Buyans out there to aid me in this difficult yet highly rewarding newspaper writing! What does one need to hold a position in the newspaper staff? Well, I'll tell you~~!

- Be able to take orders from Dame Starrbrite and me.
- Be willing to devote some free time to the newspaper planning.
- Have, above all else, maturity, politeness, and good grammar.
- Live in Buya or be willing to move to Buya immediately.
- Enjoy having tons and tons of fun~~!

If this sounds like you, we need your help! I have different plans for this newspaper from the last Mistress Scribe Lauz: instead of scribing a news-heavy paper when you can recieve news from other sources, I have decided to create from this newspaper a cultural outlet full of short stories, comedy, tears, and fears, all scrunched up into two weeks of enjoyable reading~~! To be a Reporter for our happy paper, one must perform the following tasks during their careers:

- Create and plan small events to raise public awareness.
- Write small, morale-raising, fun-loving articles for the public.
- Help gather and choose submissions for each newspaper.
- Attend meetings and plan themes for that biweek's newspaper.
- Stay on top of current events and find fun ways to help the public understand what's going on in our happening little realm...!

Is this you? *Splendid!* Then fill out this application and send it to Blueskies right away! I have only four positions open and tons of prospective reporters, so show me the very best of your abilities! <3

Cut and paste everything below this line and send to Lady Blueskies!

1. Name:
2. Insight:
3. Kingdom:
4. Have any red marks? Explain which
brands you bear and why you bear them.
5. Why do you wish to become a Buyan reporter?
6. What talents can you offer the Imperial Voice?

Also: Please submit a sample of your writing (it can be a monologue, short story, poem, or a rant, whatever you feel is your best work! <3)


I reccomend anyone with writing talent to apply. Such things help you get recognized in the community, especially if you're in Nexus to roleplay.

Happy hunting!biggrin.gif

Power lists updated, user pages down and more....
Posted by: Conro -- 9:09 AM EST

After nearly a week of no updates, the Power lists have finally gone back online and are updated. They also have a new layout, and at the end of each name is tells you their Mark. User pages, however, are down at the moment, but should probally be back up by the end of the day.

To those having trouble entering Hamgyong Nam-Do, try entering through Islets. Yes, it's a lot more walking, but until the this bug(?) is fixed, it's the only way to get it. sad.gif

To add to the changing since the last reset; Ratty Hole (The carnage sage area) has changed from a dismil black room to a room with a brillant tan carpet. Carnage options, however, are still not fixed...'
Thanks to DeviantDirk for pointing this out: The Rez NPCs in the training halls no longer ask you if you're holding 26 or less items in your inventory when it kills you, but when you resserect, you're given full vitality, but you're still a ghost... strange...
This, and any other bugs reported to should be fixed by the end of the week...

Also, the Nagnang army has been created and formed. ( (Thanks Sparazan!!). Those of you who applied should get mail back. Kija is an actual character now, and is the head of the Nagnang army. Perhaps this will have ties with the lost boy event?

Happy hunting!

North Hamgyong Valley!
Posted by: RougeRider -- 7:55 AM EST

Early this morning, community members and myself found that the famous Hamgyong Valley now has a friend. North Hamgyong Valley is a new area to the dry valley,and this morning, it was quite popular. Archons Methok and Delphi decided to stop by, and fix a particular bug that was kicking people from the valley when taking a step. Good news, its fixed, and who knows, the little boy might even be there!

    Sunday, September 14, 2003

Hihi ^_^
Posted by: Lalia -- 9:05 PM EST

Hi all,

I figured I'd introduce myself like the others have; seems to be a traditional first post around here. biggrin.gif

I'm Lalia; many of you already know me from the forums, but now I'll also be bringing you timely and accurate news from the Nexus.

If you've got news, feel free to send a PM to me in the forums since I spend a lot of time

Hio everyone
Posted by: RougeRider -- 8:51 PM EST

Greetings all, Im here to bring you the best of Nexus news going on in the kingdoms. If you'd like to submit some news to me, feel free to do so through Nexus mail, or email ( See ya round biggrin.gif

Reward to Find Nangen Boy
Posted by: Vini -- 6:46 PM EST

The Forsaken Clan is offering a reward of 500k to anyone who can bring in information about the where-abouts of the missing NangenBoy.
If you have any relevant info with evidances send a letter to Borfshwitz, Primogen of The Forsaken Clan of Nagnang.

~Vini Normad'or~

Nagen Lady Lying? o.o
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:30 PM EST

"Unfortunately, I cannot offer a reward, because we, like so many other Nangen families, are very poor and can barely afford to pay for the food on our plates."

Maybe Ox was misinformed, or maybe you should be careful when dealing with this lady. Although, depending on what kind of food she has, it could be a reward in itself. ^.^

Missing Child!
Posted by: Paranoid -- 12:30 PM EST

Hello everyone, I've recently been hired as a Nexus Atlas Reporter and will do my best to bring you the most recent news and to keep you all informed. Feel free to contact me via nexus(Paranoid) or by Email( biggrin.gif

I am frantic! Only days ago, my child had disappeared while playing outside before dinner. Usually we would call him and he would come right inside, but this time he didn't show up at all. Myself and my husband looked for him for hours, but we haven't been able to find him.

Nagnang is a dangerous place to be right now. With all the talk about this Onyx and the guards of Nagnang mysteriously disappearing, we have to be very careful while going outside. Foolishly, we allowed our son to go outside every day before dinner to play by himself for a little bit.

Now, my son has disappeared. Please, I need your help in finding him! Search high and low in all the reaches of your kingdoms and inside Nagnang. I fear that my son is lost and is alone and afraid of what the future holds for him. Unfortunately, I cannot offer a reward, because we, like so many other Nangen families, are very poor and can barely afford to pay for the food on our plates. Please, out of the goodness of your hearts... help me find him.

My gratitude goes out to you all.
A Nangen Lady

Get your lanterns out and begin to search for the child, before it's too late.

    Saturday, September 13, 2003

New Staff Members Chosen!
Posted by: Growl -- 1:04 PM EST

Hello everyone!

Well after a long process, I have finally chosen people for the new staff members. I know they will do excellent in the positions they have been given. Good luck to the following!




Congratulations to you guys! And everyone whom applied, keep looking for applications!

.: Growl
.: Head of News Reporters
.: Nexus Atlas Administration

    Thursday, September 11, 2003

Geomancer Orb Quest Bug
Posted by: Ashimata -- 6:21 PM EST

At this time the quest is up and running, however at the end result there is a bug with the quest. Take this as fair warning...I don't want to see any of you get reset or have your account punished over the matter.

Edit: As posted by Leodaris on communit board.

Yes, it is a BUG.
The Quest Should afford you ONE orb only,, and always bonded.
If you make them now knowing it is a bug, it's abuse.
You can be in danger of losing more then the Orbs..

Please, we do not want to see people in trouble due to the bugged Quest.
Play it safe and don't make any now!


Good Morning
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:49 PM EST

Good day everyone.

I write here today to ask something from each and every one of you who read our news on a daily basis.

As you probably know, today is the 2nd anniversary of the Terrorist attacks that occured in New York City, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. . Many nexus players, as well as myself, watched the events of that day unfold live and it was something I wish that my children would never have to experience.

I ask that all of you, in your own way, say a prayer for the thousands who died, many more who lost loved ones, and millions who were affected by the tragedies that took place just two years ago today.

I also ask that those of us who are Americans remain vigilant. Patriotism is not something that should be invoked when times of crisis occur. One of the most touching moments of my life was seeing flags of our nation appear almost everywhere days after the attacks occur. A united nation as our name has implyed for hundreds of years.. and it took a terrorist attack to show it.

Also take some time today to remember your fellow players. Every single person around you is a real person.. No matter how they got there, where they're from, whether they struggle to pay for nexus each month or pay for it like 10 dollars means nothing, we're all people. We all have emotions.. And we all play Nexus for fun. Do something today that will make them remember September 11 as a rebirth in faith and not a day when we lost all that was precious to us.

I thank you for your time.

New Muse Elder/ Nangen Poet Quest Forgiveness
Posted by: Vini -- 2:00 AM EST

About 1 hour ago, Lady Lokira has stepped down from her position of Elder of the Muses in favor to SkaDemon. Ska, in his 1st act as Elder has asked me post here something that will be really useful for many poets in the lands and also quite interesting for curious peoples.

As Prodigy SkaDemon posted on Poet board(He’s Koguryo Poet Tutor too, don’t forget) there’s a simple way to re-do Poet’s whip quest, so Poet whip and Poet Charms for everyone(poet)!

So, no matter if you lost Sacred water, forever branch, you’ll have another chance, here’s how:

1)Walk into the Path of Choices (Nagnang 0100 0114)
2) Kill one of the magic bunnies.
3) Return to staff and hit "Poet Welcome"
4) He'll tell you to go ask for forgiveness.

5) Head to each of the totem shrines in the wilderness and say "Forgive"
6) At each shrine it will say something like:

The Stealthful Tiger releases you.
The Soaring Bird forgives you.
The Powerful Dragon pardons you.
The Great Turtle blesses you.

(if you've done the poet quest already, go beat up the bunny just to see those graphics, they're pretty~~~~)

7) Return to Staff and hit "Poet Welcome"
You'll be allowed to restart the quest from the beginning

Note: If you have already completed the quest, you will NOT lose the mark if you do this, however, you also will not be able to do the quest again. It tells you to get a forever branch the first time you click on it, but if you have the mark and you click a second time, it simply says "Welcome Brother".

Thanks to SkaDemon for this information and to Lorraine to inform me of the shift of Elder.

~Vini Normad’or~

    Wednesday, September 10, 2003

New Tutors
Posted by: Vini -- 12:49 AM EST

Shonen, the Archon of Tutors finally announced on community board about his choice for the new Tutors of Buya.
The new Buya Poet tutor is WiKiDWiND, and the new Buya Warrior tutor is Gildenstar!

Congratulations to both of them and good luck on your new position.

Soon Archon Shonen will post applications for Buya Rogue Tutor and Buya Mage Tutor, applicants must keep their eyes openwacko.gif

~Vini Normad'or~

    Tuesday, September 9, 2003

New Head Hosts of Carnages and of Fox Hunts
Posted by: Vini -- 10:18 PM EST

As of tonight we have a new Head host of Carnages, Llevan has stepped down after a long time being Head of Riches Division and then Head of Carnage.
The New Head of Carnages is now DryWater.

Also, Shajara has announced on Fox Hunt board, that
Tabitharose has been selected as the new head fox hunt host. She will be replacing Dibzz who has also been doing a good job in that position for a long while.

Congratulations Drywater and TabithaRose.happy.gif
Thanks for your well done work Llevan and Dbizz.blush.gif

~Vini Normad'or~

Warning: Bug!
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:58 PM EST


Eggspud has told me about an experience selling bug where his mana was lowered to 1 point.

If your mana was lowered to 1, do not sell any additional experience because they will probably just restore your old mana. Send Delphi an E-mail and include your character's name. Also, please whisper or e-mail me any additional information you can give.

I have spoken with several people that did not experience any problems selling vita or mana, either through the option to sell all or just once, both in Buya and Kugnae.

    Monday, September 8, 2003

New Imperial Voice Editor Chosen
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 1:18 PM EST

"Very worthy" councillor selected to be the next editor

KUGNAE -- Yesterday, Dame Starrbrite, Koguryo's Minister of Culture, officially announced the replacement for Lauz, to fill the position of the editor of Buya's Imperial Voice. Diviner Blueskies, an imperial courtier, having experience from working under Lauz, was selected by Minister Starrbrite. Although her position is officially the editor of the Buyan newspaper, both the Koguryo Scroll and the Imperial Voice remain under the aegis of Minister Starrbrite. Blueskies has displayed initiative in voluntarily working alongside the Ministry of Culture, expressing a desire to work on the paper.

On behalf of NexusAtlas, I join Minister Starrbrite in wishing Blueskies the best of luck to her and her Imperial Voice team, and welcoming her to the Ministry of Culture.

    Sunday, September 7, 2003

Fixes and Updates!
Posted by: Rachel -- 7:15 PM EST

Spift and I worked on a bunch of changes, but there should be more very soon! ^.^

1. Cave levels changed: (
-Arctic Snow Ogres: 35
-Kugnae Spider Cave: 42 (Also submitted by a few others)
-Arctic Sleet Ogres: 50
-Arctic Hail Ogres: 65
-Sam san Arctic ogres was not listed – Melalye (Also posted on the rogue hall board)
-Sam san Arctic ogres is named Tempest Ogres (Vaughn)

2. 404 page restored.

3. Nexus forums link changed to

4. Rogue sun quest now mentions guildmaster item returns. – Several people with different information >.< Please mail me exactly what he returns when you complete this quest (Don’t go off of memory)

5. Polearm group name misspelled on weapon staves page - MegaManZ

6. 3 CR keys are needed for Dog quest (We’re working on changing the livers to 3 o.o)

7. Wind quest tailors and weavers receive karma. (Karma page)

8. Monkey 1 info added to warrior star quest – Hosho

9. The Skeliton Warrior, Mage, and Ju are not in the Buya Haunted house skeliton cave. Kugnae only. - //\/\\irado

10. 4.0 maps restored - danembraceddc

11. Renamed rooms for Snake Alliance– RagingSpirit

    Saturday, September 6, 2003

Nangens Disappeared
Posted by: MarekP -- 11:44 PM EST

In the old days of Nagnang you would find many guards and townsfolk walking around the city. Mysteriously they have all vanished and left the great nation of Nagnang that they once roamed. Might there be something dangerous heading our way? This could possibly be why the Nangens ran off. Hopefully Nagnang is just going through changes and some new additions and features will come along soon.

Nangen MarekP

Treasures abound
Posted by: Conro -- 11:38 PM EST

Passing through the Buyan arena, on my way to Sire Pit, I ran into GreatValor, a long time merchant. I saw him carrying in his hand an odd looking book, and on his other hand a rather odd covering.

GreatValor explained to me that the Merchant guild has began to craft new gloves and even gone into the craft of hard-cover book making. He also stated that these have existed for almost two full years of Yuri, but they haven't been given out in mass quantities.
The visable names of these items are Marketer's glove and Journal.

Status of these items will not be given, in respect for the Merchant path.
((These are merchant ONLY items, please do not bug any guide or walker for these.))

New hand covering

Happy hunting!biggrin.gif

Nexus Staffings!
Posted by: Growl -- 4:33 PM EST

Hello everyone!

For everyone whom mad it to round 2 .. And was contacted a while back .. Don't think I am dead. I just have been very busy in real life, with school starting and such. I will get around to your interviews. :)

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters
.: Nexus Atlas Administration

Delphi Speaks
Posted by: Windis -- 3:03 PM EST

Seems like Delphi finished up a LONG night, I'm sure...he posted on Dream Weaver to inform players just what went on.

Hello guys and gals,

First off I would like to apologize for not posting sooner, since this started I was alone in the office, and have been run off my feet trying to take care of what was going on. I believe we have everything under control now, and things should be returning to normal. I will be staying in the office to take care of the support emails from this incident, and to finish finding the people responsible for it, and undoing the damage they did.

Just to try and stop some of the crazy rumors that I have heard I will try to explain a little of what happened.No Archon was hacked, and nobody got on our servers, or anything like that.

A few weeks ago somebody implementing a new feature updated the server code, and because of the change a security check in the server stopped working correctly.

The first signs of this were the people who were using the resurrect ability in rooms without resurrect NPC's, like in the Sire pits. A small group of players then tried to further exploit this hole for personal gains (gold/stats/etc). Some of these people then planned to exploit this even further in an attempt to disrupt the community, and that is what happened last night.

Anyways, the issue should be fixed now, but I will continue to monitor for any other problems and will take action where and when it is needed. Rest assured that the people responsible for this have been found already, or will be found shortly, and held accountable for what they did last night and this morning.

Take care,

We'll see where it goes from here.


Reset Changes
Posted by: Vini -- 1:51 PM EST

Today there was a reset that brought up a few changes, looks like Geomancer's Orb quest has been fixed and along with that there were other changes:
-Rezzing NPC just as you to say "yes" once now (much fasterbiggrin.gif)
-Rogue spot traps have been fixed.

Thanks to SpeshullED for the information.

If more of the reset is found, I'll edit into this post.

The mess caused yesterday by Auran wasn't fixed yet.sad.gif

~Vini Normad'or~

The Last of the 3 Rituals
Posted by: Vini -- 1:16 PM EST

With union of Mankind and the song of Faith and Hope found just one ritual remains undone the Symbolic Battle of Good vs Evil. Looks like we are getting closer to get rid of the remains of the Onyx with lies under the sea.
Here is what the Water Maiden posted about the matter:


I came up to the water surface to promote unity, positivity and balance with the aid of the destined prophets.

These qualities are virtues, which would make the kingdom a better place to reside. It pains me to see discord, frustration and anger among people when the intent by the prophets were meant to be good.

With two rituals completed, the remaining symbolic battle remains and the onyx's vibes ebbs away gradually.

The essence of civilization lies not in its quantity or even quality, but the unique factor, humanity.

@~ Water Maiden ~@

Keep it strong and we’ll succeed, have faith and hope.rolleyes.gif

~Vini Normad’or~

    Friday, September 5, 2003

Posted by: Growl -- 11:20 PM EST

Hello everyone.

Well.. After speaking to Themis she just wants everyone to know .. Delphi is aware of the situation, and it will be fixed soon.

Please sit tight .. If you have any questions .. No one really knows exactly what is going on .. I would suggest something however.

If you were made Sa san ... Or something else .. And did not do the actual work .. I would immediately send a letter to an archon/delphi stating this .. If you keep it .. It may be considered bug abuse .. And your character being deleted as a result ..

Some screen shots of the hapennings:

-- Gildenstar as a Sa San Barbarian (Nomad)

-- Gildenstar on the heroes list as a Sa san.

-- Gildenstar on Heroes list about 10 mninutes later.

-- Ju jak Loyal, is now a Do?

-- A look at "Do Loyal"

-- Pezent, the creator of this chaos.

-- Tiger3 tigers attacking community!

Auran Brings Chaos to Buya
Posted by: Spift -- 9:37 PM EST

Today at about 6:30 PM EST a peasant by the name of Auran began summoning Tiger 3 bosses at East gate Buya. Some people were killed instantly by the bosses and lost BODs. No one is quite sure what went on or what is causing this, but we are assuming that this is not a planned event by Nexon. The character was jailed for "Serious other" crimes. I was able to capture a few screenshots at the scene.

    Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Lyrics found! ... and other updates
Posted by: Conro -- 11:49 AM EST

(Poem taken directly from Valarions community post...)
(Congratulations to Mikagami on winning the contest associated with this...)

The Power of Faith and Hope

Child of Buya, born in light,
City of power, wonder, and might,
the Ocean beckons, with azure delight,
With waves of glory, your future will be bright

Daughter of the sun, shining without avail,
Touching the lands beyond, and helping the frail,
Healing many hearts, while discovering new trails,
The path you take, will be remembered in thy tales.

Lady of the Skies, with hope as endless as high,
You shall never fail, should you only try,
And as the Mists of time, beckon thee by and by,
Your mighty empire, with bravery unyielding, let out...
The endless cry...

Also, Schwanz and I discovered that if a group leader F9s one of his group members during a hunt, it kicks that person out of the hunt AND prevents them from being regrouped until they are removed from their ignore list.

Also... please do not open any e-mails with attachments unless you specificly know about the attachment. More e-mail spoofers are on the loose... Please read previous News posts to learn how to protect yourself!

Happy hunting! biggrin.gif

    Monday, September 1, 2003

Small notice
Posted by: Rachel -- 5:45 PM EST

I will never send you an e-mail from my Nexus Atlas account that is not a direct reply to a message that you just sent me. I will never send you an attachment for any reason. Don't open any e-mails from me that do not match with what I just said.

That's all. happy.gif

Caretaker's Contest
Posted by: MarekP -- 12:14 PM EST

Greetings Citizens,

Thank you for all of your entries into the Museum Article contest. Entries will be judged and a winner will be named for each of the categories. When judging is complete, I will make a post on the Community board to announce the winners.

Thank you for your patience.
The Caretaker
The Museum of Nexus History
This is posted on the Community Board.

Fixes and Updates
Posted by: Rachel -- 4:04 AM EST

Hi, here’s all the bug fixes that I can do alone. I’ll try to contact Spift so we can work on the rest.

I tested most of these, but some I didn’t even bother with. Please tell me if anything is wrong, but test it first because things change over time. Please also make sure that if a change is listed below that I actually made the change. blush.gif

Thank you to everyone that sent these in!wub.gif

-Warrior dog spell Greater blessing learned at level 60 – Arto

-Ogre explorers drop Dark ambers & Tarnished ambers – Veedra

After killing some, I found that they don’t drop plain ambers and Stone ogres also drop Tarnished - Rachel

-The Jewel of Grace is extinct - Fantasia

-Dog guardians do not drop lucky coins. They do drop battle helms - Singha

-Winter armor dress: 0 ac to -22 ac. – Pneuma

-Fragile Roses do not Break On Death – MagikalPat

-Monstourous monkey drops Dark ambers - //\/\\irado

-Spider fan: Level 30 – IamQuay

-Elixir bow doesn't add AC – RagingSpirit

-No Titanium lance is required to learn Hyun moo revival – Ariana & I lost the other name..

-No Battle helm required to learn Venom - snowboarddude

-Snare trap: Level 54 – Llandwar

-Spear trap: Level 66. – kurrilin

-All morph spells had a typo - Blubber

-Spirit Tiger drops Enchanted Blood – Niss

-Book of song does not break on death – Skademon, I think it was

-Slush king drops Giasomo stick - Me

-Spark no longer has aethers - Liao

I also made several price changes. Please mail me if you disagree with any prices listed.

Many armors/Weapons may be worth more than the listed price since it is difficult to pinpoint where things are at after recent economic changes. You will also notice larger price ranges because of this. I also haven’t reviewed all of the prices yet.