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Past News | August 2014

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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August 2014

    Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Water Splash Attack in Vortex
Posted by: Maevalia -- 4:58 AM EST
    The end is upon us!

    In the wee hours of darkness, on this night, a watery monster crawled from the depths and was spotted at the eastern gate of Vortex! It claimed many lives before it was finally silenced, giving one last anguished cry "NOOOO~"

    Who summoned this beast? How did he come to be there?? Will there be others to follow?! Even my silver thread was severed though I was able to call myself back to this world, others were not so fortunate *sigh*

    ((And being that I am battling the horrid Windows 8.1... the winds pulled me away frequently before I could aid anyone! Some shaman I am *grumbles* In any case, I'd rather fight the water boss than this OS.))

    Thank you to the brave heroes who put this beast to rest, the lives of those you saved will no doubt be grateful and sing your praises!


    Friday, August 29, 2014

Response from Kru
Posted by: Loxie -- 9:28 PM EST
I ticketed KRU and this is the response they sent me. I haven't personally been charged, but if you have this information might be useful to KRU if they're going to look into the problem.


Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

To prevent such a thing from happening in the first place, we do not keep any credit card information in our system.
And the user interface you see during checkout is actually the interface of the payment company.
It's very very heavily encrypted transaction, and their business is secure payment processing.
Because of that, we need to get a better understanding of your (and other players) incidents.
If you could provide more information, such as :

- Who fraudulently charged your card, and for what amount (info you see on statements)
- What coupon (registration, kruna, autorenewal etc) you purchased prior to this incident
- Payment processor, if you remember

Any information would help us to look into this in more depth.

Thank you for your constant support.

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fraud Charges
Posted by: Loxie -- 11:15 PM EST
First I would like to extend an apology to KRU. I'm sorry I attacked you in my NA post in regards to the fraud charges.

Here is the result I've received as the most likely situation. Thank you Phabreez and Hakudoushi for assisting me in finding information on DA and SG.

"KRU uses a third-party payment processor for all transactions involving TK, DA, and SG. EZIC, an internet payment services company, completes the transaction from the customer card information. It then sends the confirmation to KRU, who in turn, sends the coupon code upon an authorized receipt of payment. In most Merchant accounts, the payment processor (EZIC in this case) debits the Merchant account for the transaction, and takes it's processing fee upon receipt. EZIC has not reported any breaches of it's payment system. The coupon system does not involve the transaction outside of receipt of payment by EZIC. It should also be noted that these problems have not been reported by SG or DA players.

Given the current evidence, it is unlikely that the individuals whose cards have been compromised were due to transactions from KRU and EZIC.The regions in which these cards have been fraudulently spent, and the fact that some were able to reclaim their losses, points to a broader non-related issue.

Most financial institutions will reissue your debit and/or credit cards at no cost. Please be sure to update your auto-renewal information before the payment is processed."

Here is my advice. Take it with a grain of salt as I have no experience with financial institutions other than my own bank:
If you're still concerned about KRU being compromised, after you contact your bank and/or CC company to report the fraudulent charges (and have the card changed) create a rixty account. With a coinstar machine you're able to get a code for rixty using cash, which makes it risk-free as far as having to deal with fraud charges.

If you have any more information, please let me know. This is the best XingYu was able to come up with based on RT posts and information given to me by helpful Nexus players.

BIA Engaging in Atrocities?!
Posted by: Maevalia -- 8:41 PM EST
    It is my sad sad duty to report the outrageous events which transpired today due to BIA's complete disregard for the lives of innocent civilians!

    Here is the Shocking Proof and eye-witness account of one, TrixKisses, who was forcefully held AGAINST HER WILL for ransom by the Imperial Army itself.

    *WARNING!* These images may be graphic! Especially Phabreez in a dress *shudders* Intended for adult viewers only.

    Below the footage, you will find a statement of the incident by Trix herself who was valiantly rescued by her Primogen, Guerrund of the Phoenix Clan. I ask you this, WHEN WILL THESE ATROCITIES END?! Who will be held accountable?!

     photo TrixKidnap3_zps6c9ff929.jpg

     photo TrixKidnap1_zps16a2c2fb.jpg

     photo TrixKidnap2_zpse8a937ca.jpg

    Today as I,TrixKisses, was innocently receiving a win mark at one of the BIA's events I stumbled upon some important information. Upon discovery, the BIA took it upon themselves to kidnap me and placed me inside a holding cell. As soon as realized I was placed on lock down I started to sage for help and to be rescued. Guerrund, our brave Primogen at once found himself within the BIA's barracks to get us all out into safety. The BIA then tossed Teto into the cell in hopes of intimidating me, instead he found himself hostage. I negotiated my release in agreement that Phabreez shall run 50 laps in a dress and their bribes to me shall be increased.

    Another soul tainted by blatant malice and disregard. *shakes her head* Of course, perhaps now I can use it... Oh Trixxxx? Where -are- you my dear *drums her fingers together in a sinister fashion*


    Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Sage in Nagnang!
Posted by: Maevalia -- 9:04 AM EST
    Last night Pitseleh stepped down to welcome a new Sage of the Eternal Order, Nagnang's governing body. Congratulations Silentstep!

    Thank you Pitseleh for all your contributions to Nagnang and best wishes to SilentStep.

     photo SilentStep-New-Sage_zpsdc8e3d67.png">

    Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fraudulent charges and KRU
Posted by: Akiudo -- 12:45 PM EST
Recently I've been reading a lot of the Rambling Thoughts board and have seen many complain about the fraudulent charges which have happened to many of you that buy codes/kruna through KRU. It seems from what you all think that KRU don't care and you are probably right, look at what they are doing to help the game. Yup you guessed it absolutely nothing. So on this note I would recommend to anyone who actually spends their money on kruna to hold back a while and send a ticket regarding your concern about their service and the risks involved channeling your money through their system.

Have a nice day and feel free to message me if you have anything to add.

- Akiudo

    Friday, August 22, 2014

Covenant Power Shift!
Posted by: Maevalia -- 2:44 AM EST
    Greetings everyone! I'll be attempting to report Subpath news for NexusAtlas but I think this update definitely deserves to be shared and I'm the only one awake at this ungodly hour!

    Yesterday Primogen Zeromus of Covenant stepped down and handed the reigns over to Druid Bidam *GASP* I know, I was quite shocked myself... but in another realm where nightmares are real, well it just makes sense.

    Congratulations Primogen Bidam and Thank You Zeromus for your contributions to Covenant! *cackles and tosses human-hair confetti around*


    Thursday, August 21, 2014

Server Reset August 20th, 2014
Posted by: Loxie -- 7:41 AM EST
It's an event! It's a bug fix! No, it's more weapon skins in the item shop. Gee, thanks Kru!

Just what we needed, everyone. Another server reset for kruna. They're so thoughtful, and with the amount the Muses will be dishing out maybe they could go free to play!

For anyone not too afraid to pull out your cards/paypal you too can spend your dough on kruna! Buy now and they'll include a bonus fraudulent charge.

* Added some new items to the itemshop as well as rotating in the August items. Also, check out some of the items on sale!

    Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Clan Wars
Posted by: Akiudo -- 6:38 AM EST
Recently you may have noticed the various notifications
throughout the kingdoms regarding Clan Wars. I would like to
go into a little more detail so that everyone who reads
NexusAtlas has a clear idea of what is going to happen.

Clan wars are beginning 8/24/2014 firstly and is carrying a
whopping 1 million cash prize. Clans enter through the
website and then it is up to the
Primogen of the clan to enter a few personal details into
the system. Once registered Gberts will add you to the list
of clans that are participating and you then must assemble
your team.

Teams currently will consist of between 4-12 due to
fluctuating numbers between smaller and larger clans
however if 2 larger clans face each other, more people
will be allowed to participate based on who shows up.

This event has been designed by the carnage team to help
increase activity within the PK area regardless of skill
levels and is meant to encourage newer players also to have
a fair chance to appreciate joining in the fun.

More information can be found on

Anyway back to Guerrund with the upcoming dreamweaver post.

    Sunday, August 17, 2014

Occupy Kinung Movement
Posted by: Loxie -- 3:09 AM EST
Phoenix, the KRA, and the NSA have decided they're the 99% and will rise up against Kinung and Gogoon's 1%. Phoenix seems tired of being a weak and mocked clan and decided with the support of the KRA and the NSA to take Kinung as a launching point to Gogoon. Seeing as the unreliable Haseong was mug's vindictive assault against the kingdoms Phoenix (our hero) will liberate us by providing a shipwreck-free warp from Kinung (wonder if they have the Archons on their side?).

As can be expected it seems Kinung objects, with MiHi as the voice. Phoenix screams witch and Mupa (it's understandable, they obviously can't read. M-U-P-A isn't the same as M-I-H-I) while MiHi retaliates with demands for people to kill Phoenix. I guess it worked.

Cue NSA and KRA. Both Generals decided they too want a warp to Gogoon and will assist Phoenix in their attempts to cut wood and build ships. The BIA sides with MiHi and objects to occupying a self-governing, neutral village for personal gain without permission and after being told to get out.

Teikari, where are you? Come pour your wine on them and light them on fire so we can get rid of the bickering already.

    Saturday, August 16, 2014

Server Reset August 15th, 2014
Posted by: Loxie -- 6:25 AM EST
* Userpages are back and working again after a minor hiccup!

* A slight change has been made to carnage balance: the warrior whirlwind spells "Natures own" and "Bladedance" will now leave the casters with 25% of their vitality (instead of 10%) while dealing the same amount of damage on the carnage server. The spells will behave the same as before on all other servers, so hunting is unaffected by this change.

* A typo was fixed in the name of the item "Rhapsody baladi hair"

Minor updates for:
- Dharma clan

    Monday, August 11, 2014

New Heavens Primogen
Posted by: Loxie -- 2:42 AM EST
As submitted by LordFrogz:

Scag has passed on the Heavenly staff after multiple terms as Primogen of heavens, The lovely Empirico will graciously continue on the fine traditions of the clan as Primogeness and uphold it's ideals and build twords a bright future

    Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nagnang Defender Ceremony
Posted by: Loxie -- 5:35 AM EST

C O M E O N E! C O M E A L L~!

The Defender Ceremony is here again!

The Eternal Order of Nagnang as well as the

People and Prince ChaeRi invite you to help

us celebrate our most devoted citizens~

When: ((Sunday August 10th, 2014 6PM EST))

Where: Nagang's Josang Hol inside of the Palace

We Look Forward to Seeing you there and Celebrating

all of those who have worked hard!