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Past News | August 2013

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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August 2013

    Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Event Cave Levels requirement are fixed and community enjoys Stein's explanation
Posted by: Donjuan -- 11:38 PM EST
Couple days ago, GM Stein posted a suprising explanation at Rambling Thoughts board about why the requirement of Event Caves were changed so that they do not allow people who sell their stats to enter lower level caves. The explanation is a reply to a series of complaints by people who weren't happy about the change that now doesn't allow Sam San/Sa san characters to enter lower level caves by selling vita and/or mana.

The detailed and extensive way Stein explained why the changes were done were well received by the majority of the community.

Obviously there has been a lot of discussion in the past few days about the decision to change the cave requirements in the middle of the event to sort people into the appropriate cave based on grade in addition to stats, so I'd like to shed a little bit of light on that situation and talk about what we're going to do going forward.

First, the reason we made the change is that having characters of a higher grade in a low stat cave is simply not what was intended. We spend a lot of time trying to balance caves appropriately and we can't effectively make a balanced cave for both people with low stats and people who have weapons, armor, and spells of a much higher grade. It's by definition no longer balanced and unfair to anyone who is in the appropriate cave for their level/stats.

The reason that hunting and event caves only checked stats and not grade prior to this change is because stats and grades were never meant to be separate. Someone who had Sam san items and spells would be in a Sam san cave because they had Sam san stats. The situations that allowed people to reduce their stats below their grades were loopholes (that were subsequently closed), and while not violating the letter of law of this stat/grade correlation, it certainly violated the spirit of it.

One argument for keeping the status quo is that the previous arrangement provided liquidity in level 99 events items that would otherwise be rarer and therefore more expensive. Understand though that if this is indeed a problem, then we need to correct it so that drops are balanced for the level 99 caves and dropping at an appropriate rate for level 99 characters. It's not something that should be artificially corrected by Ee san and Sam san characters to the detriment of the event experience for anybody who legitimately falls into that cave.

I understand that there was a community vote at the time that the bug was fixed and the result was to let people keep their grade and their lower stats. Why it was an option that was put to a vote I don't know, but we're talking about preserving a situation in which people can bring stronger weapons and spells (that those who are supposed to be in the cave are not qualified to get) into a lower cave in order to clear out monsters that are not balanced for these stronger items.

So that brings us to what happens next. The last complaint I've heard in regards to this change is that people invested a great deal of time and effort into getting their characters up to a certain grade before reducing their stats, and this change makes their characters effectively useless. Certainly an Ee san with just-over-99 stats cannot be expected to survive or hunt in an Ee san cave. So in order to fix this, in the next few days we'll be announcing a process for people who have reduced their stats to have them restored to the grade that they have obtained. Additionally, in the next few weeks we will be pushing out the grade check to Mythic and Vortex caves as well.

I apologize that this change was abrupt and seemingly made on a whim, but I'd like you to know that it was not. In the future I will try to communicate any big changes like this better in order to provide a little insight into the change and make it clear why we're doing what we are. It's hard to change anything that has been a certain way for so long, but that alone should not be a reason for never making the change.


The vast majority of replies to this post at RT were of players who were extremely satisfied with the change and the detailed explantion. They only wish there could be more feedbacks like this!

Brought to you by,
-,-@ Donjuan

    Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shift in power - New Silla Primogen
Posted by: Akiudo -- 4:52 AM EST
I've stepped down from being primogen of Silla and passed
power onto Bommer. She will continue the running of Silla
and I have faith that she will do a very good job!

If you get the chance, congratulate her if you see her
around the kingdoms.


- Akiudo

    Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lost Mines Walkthrough -- Part 1
Posted by: Rachel -- 11:02 PM EST
Part 1 of Lost Mines

If you want to plan ahead, there is a full item checklist at the bottom of this post.

Before you start! Bring a lantern or candlelight so you can see in the dark caves! (You may also need to enable shadow effects on the F10 page)

1. The lost mines have relocated! You can find them at the northern end of the Woodlands! (80/0) It is just north from the old Mongol event entrance.

2. From the Mine Entrance, travel east to the Inner Mines (25/10). Make your way from there to the Deep Mines (27/58).

3. In the Deep Mines, you can speak with the Mining Primogen (25/13) but he won't let you enter the leech caves unless you help his clan!

4. Collect 8 Copper acorns (Silver squirrel), 5 Silver acorns (24 carat squirrel), 8 Lean rabbit meat (Silvered rabbit), and 5 Tough rabbit meat (8 carat rabbit). Equip your lantern and travel to the Southern Tunnel (34/69).

Angry dark spirits are found in all three "Tunnel" rooms. They are confirmed to drop Spring heavy plate. (First try!)

5. Make your way through the dark to Southern Expansion (19/1) It may help to drop Yellow scrolls (Slight glow) or Amethysts & Quartz (More glow) along your path.

6. Give the acorns and rabbit meats to the Mining Council member for "Tunnel pass 1".

7. You now need: 1 Coal, 2 Diamonds (Mine by dropping a Mining pick in the blue areas of the Deep mines map), 2 Fine metal, 1 Titanium lance, 2 Ore [High], and 1 Sturdy mold (8 carat rabbits drop them often. Others might also drop it)

8. Return to Deep mines and travel to the Eastern Tunnel (69/19), which is also pitch black!

9. Make your way to the Eastern Expansion (59/28). Talk to the Mining Council member and say:

"Mining pick"
"Forge pick"
"Fine metal"
"Titanium lance"

10. Walk up to the forge and it will take your items. Wait 1 real life hour then come back for your Sturdy mining pick. (You can log off during the hour) DO NOT wear the pick or damage it!

11. Click the Mining Council NPC who wanted the pick and give it to him for "Mining pass 2".

12. You will now need an Earth scale mail, Delicious fish, Lantern, and a Muddy potion. Travel back to the Deep Mines, then to the Western Tunnel (0/48).

13. There are three NPCs that you must find in the dark. It may help to shout "What's your name?" to get a reply from them.

Mining kindred 1 (22/54) - Delicious fish, Lantern
Mining kindred 2 (40/13) - Earth scale mail
Mining kindred 3 (4/17) - Muddy potion

14. Continue on to the Western Expansion (1/48). It is in the Southwest corner of the map.

15. Inside, talk to the Mining Council NPC and he will give you "Tunnel pass 3".

16. Return to the Mining Primogen at the Deep Mines (25/13). He will take the 3 tunnel passes and give you a neck equipment item called a Collar. He will now let you enter the Desolate mine. (Jump into the well to his left). Inside, there are many Leeches, so be careful! There does not appear to be a way to exit the Desolate Mines without gating or scrolling.

17. Inside you can hunt leeches on the same map as two years ago. They are confirmed to drop the same bones as last time (First try!).

Solleks tells me that cave 9 and 10 have sun armor drops, but they are very rare.

I have also heard that Flameblades are a rare drop in Cave 7.

Thank you to BagOfChips for much of the information!
Thanks also to xkillerx, Solleks, and Samsquanch for your help!

Item checklist:
8 Copper acorn (Silver squirrel)
5 Silver acorn (24 carat squirrel)
8 Lean rabbit meat (Silvered rabbit)
5 Tough rabbit meat (8 carat rabbit)
1 Coal
2 Diamond (Drop mining pick in blue areas)
2 Fine metal
1 Titanium lance
2 Ore [High]
1 Sturdy mold (8 carat rabbit)
1 Earth scale mail
1 Delicious fish
1 Lantern (Shift-I: Hot coal, Beef, Ginko wood, White paper)
1 Muddy potion

Woodlands Diary Quest, One Step Closer!
Posted by: Ushallfeerme -- 1:54 PM EST
I recently received news from Rehkan (who has worked on this quest for quite some time now)
that there was a small break-through. While seemingly small, it should quickly lead into more
progress, making it a significant break-through. I have included his letter in my post here.


I am writing to you to let you know I have found a minor Woodlands Diary Quest breakthrough.
I have found the first maximum stack of a Tier 1 Woodlands created item. The max stack of
Snake Skin Mesh is 25.

To hit 25 Snake Skin Meshes, you need:
650 Beautiful leather (you can hold 28 at a time)
125 snake meat
250 fine snake meat
250 fine cloth
375 cloth

Knowing this number, it gives us a range of quantities to use in figuring out the Tier 2

The people on my team consist of:
Metora, Kimberlee, and SMKuru.

The people who helped me include:
Sourapple, Witness , Tradita, SprinklePie, Postcard, and Renuzit.


I would also like to include a picture of all of the Woodlands Diary Quest Tier One items.
They are shown below:

It is our hope, that this brings hope to the people. This quest has stood long enough, and I
believe it is nearing completion now. A big thanks, on behalf of the Nexus Atlas team, to
those who have been dedicated to solving this quest. Good luck!

Newest Nexus Atlas News Reporter!
Posted by: Severyn -- 3:49 AM EST

It is my grand pleasure to announce that I have joined the Nexus Atlas team as a news reporter! I look forward to uncovering many twists and turns in the coming future, and it is my utmost goal that you are informed of every detail! Should you have a story that you feel deserves to be published, please contact me! Until then!

    ~ Severyn ~

    Monday, August 19, 2013

Lost Mines at Woodlands
Posted by: Vini -- 10:25 PM EST

Forget the Arctic Land's Northern Pass. The Lost Mines are open once again, but this time at a diferente location: at Northern area of Woodlands (080,000).

Upon entering you'll be taken to the Mine Entrance according to your level (click here to find yours) and once inside you'll get a new legend mark:

Old adventures will find out soon enough that the Lost Mines which people are used to, remains sealed at Northern Pass. This new one has a different layout:

Mine Entrance -> Inner Mines -> Deep Mines

Once you reach Deep Mines you can go to 3 different routes:
The east tunnel, the south tunnel and the west tunnel.

The Nexus Atlas team is working to bring the complete event walkthrough to you soon!

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 58, Moon 2~

Lost Mines is here!
Posted by: Loxie -- 10:24 PM EST
The Lost Mines event has begun, check out the Whispering Winds board for more information:

Here's the changes with today's server reset:
  • Lost Mines themed itemshop items are also available.
  • Both the rat meat bundle size and the beef errors with the meat bag have been fixed.

    Minor updates for:
    - Ranger subpath
    - Druid subpath
    - Shaman subpath
    - Dharma clan
    - Phoenix clan
    - Heavens clan
    - Enigma clan
    - Covenant clan
    - Bear clan
    - Nagnang army

  •     Sunday, August 18, 2013

    The Nagnang conflict gets deeper
    Posted by: Donjuan -- 9:22 PM EST
    Nagnang political seems to be changing drastically ever since Blight’s last visit during the Hawkmori Trial, old alliances are dwindling, new agreements are being formed and old rivalries grow stronger than ever.

    It seems that YeNaeWi no longer follows Blight and ChinMae is now the second in command of Blight’s troops. The Forsaken clan, on other hand claims ChinMae to be an enemy and YeNaeWi to be a traitor. The “traitor” status labeled by Forsaken towards YeNaeWi was given after he, who pledged to defend Nagnang under Prince Kija, swore to continue his oath now under Prince ChaeRi since, according to him, Blight no longer has Nagnang’s best interests in his plans.

    Here’s a copy of the report General Severyn posted at COTW about his meeting with YeNaeWi:

    On this night, YeNaeWi--former Major General to Blight--has visited the Nagnang Palace to meet with Prince ChaeRi and General Severyn. YeNaeWi comes with crucial information regarding Blight's and ChinMae's activity during their previously unexplained absence: it would seem the suspicions about ChinMae do ring true. YeNaeWi states that Blight has been heavily influenced by ChinMae, and ChinMae is now Blight's second in command. YeNaeWi has a hard time believing Itsuwari's appearance during Hawkmori's trial is a coincidence, and while he cannot say for certain,it is possible ChinMae and Itsuwari worked in conjunction. However, ChinMae seems to have an agenda entirely separate and independent of anything we are aware of. To achieve his unknown goal, ChinMae is without a doubt tapping into Blight's power and military clout.

    YeNaeWi informs us that Blight and his forces are building up the old Nagnang Armory north of the Nagnang Palace. They are reinforcing it as a stronghold and "second palace", as YeNaeWi put it. Blight has been enlisting and training his mercenaries to form a true army at these headquarters. When his stronghold and army has been finished, they will immediately march south and launch attack upon Nagnang. If it is any evidence of Blight's intention, Blight certainly wants Prince ChaeRi to be gone with and the borders closed.

    With this news, YeNaeWi has offered his services to Prince ChaeRi as a loyal Major General. YeNaeWi states it was never his intention to be an enemy to Nagnang, and regrets having supported Blight. While he offers no special talents, he does have necessary knowledge in order to prepare for and delay the impending attack. He has taken oath to Prince ChaeRi and Nagnang, and he will answer to the Lt. General, General, and Prince. YeNaeWi is to be treated with respect while he is in our protection. However, should he falter in his loyalty in the slightest, he shall be interrogated. It is the General's hope that YeNaeWi's accepted loyalty will not be a mistake for himself, and most importantly for Prince ChaeRi, Nagnang, and its people.

    On one thing all sides of Nagnang politics agree: ChinMae is a dangerous man. Watch out for him!

    Brought to you by,
    -,-@ Donjuan

    A special thanks to Severyn for helping with information and screenshots.

        Thursday, August 15, 2013

    Conflict within Nagnang!
    Posted by: Nalyd -- 10:36 PM EST
    Spurred by a posting written by Primogen Marulek of Covenant on the Chronicles of the Wind, the Forsaken Clan has once more defiled the grave of the three fallen Nangen royals. Members of the Forsaken, including Primogeness BellaDonna and Primarch DanDaly, have strewn rotten pig meat, snake leather, and sea weed--amongst other foul garbage--upon the memorial within the Nagnang Palace.

    Met by General Severyn and his on duty ARN soldiers, the Forsaken members refused to leave and resisted being taken out of the Palace. A verbal back and forth ensued through sages:

    Such statements by the Forsaken Clan are brave, considering Blight has yet to be seen once more since his appearance and unintended releasing of Hawkmori.

    When General Severyn was asked what his plan of action was, he stated:
    "The Forsaken Clan has been given many opportunities to put aside its dislike for Prince Kija and his brother Prince ChaeRi in the name of unifying. In current times, we face grave danger from Hawkmori, Wiyae, and Itsuwari, and it pains me so that the Forsaken rejects all attempts of reconnecting. The statements the Forsaken have made on this day have finalized their fate. There is no denying their intentions and disrespect to Prince ChaeRi and the royal Sukaya family."

    What is to come, well, according to General Severyn, it seems it has already been sealed in fate.

    Seeing the conflicts spur at his kingdom, Prince ChaeRi decided to make a public statement at Chronicles of Winds:

    There has been civil unrest in Nagnang. Rebels seek to dethrone me and now insult my dead brother. All of it is only a distraction to the real threat.

    Everything seemed to be progressing as expected in Nagnang. The palace recently rebuilt provided us a venue in which we could stand in judgement of the one who was guilty of assassinating my brother. Along comes Blight, supposed leader of the rebels and unsung hero of Nagnang's people. You managed to help, but in the process, have done more to hurt.

    The two biggest things I hear about you, Blight, is that you were the one to get Hawkmori to speak and that you have always been here for Nagnang. I wish you were here now, instead of hiding wherever you might be. You would be proud of the legacy that you have left behind. I cannot begin to imagine how many flowers have been stolen off my brother's grave. Sometimes replaced with piles of garbage! Your fanatics tactics are straight out of the highly revered General Salguod's Book of Super Good Things to Do. If it is any consolation, you and your followers have a strong future as stable hands.

    Really, though, we should be acting on what we learned, not trying to one-up each other on who has done the most for Nagnang. I acknowledge your peculiar method of interrogation and the information hard earned by your efforts. However, it should also be noted that without your distraction, Hawkmori's associates would likely have not succeeded in aiding his escape.

    Which brings me to my point: a much greater threat looms over the entire kingdom. We should be pursuing Hawkmori and his allies and making an effort to hinder or stop their plans. If you have forgotten, Hawkmori admitted to plans that involve the resurrection of Sagu, the late King Yuri's outcast brother.

    For a brief history lesson, Sagu was responsible for the creation of the Darkstaff, a formidable weapon with an unimaginable amount of power. In the end, the staff's power corrupted Sagu. Wielding the staff, he was responsible for the deaths of countless citizens, until the staff found a new owner.

    No one will be safe. This threat should be on the minds of every individual who lives within our kingdom. It is paramount that we find a way to unite, even briefly, if we are able to combat the coming evil that we will be facing. These are the kinds of thoughts that have been plaguing my mind lately. No one needs to hear about how much you don't like me as a ruler on a daily basis.

    Prince ChaeRi
    House Sukaya's Last Son

        Sunday, August 11, 2013

    The war is over!
    Posted by: Nalyd -- 4:58 PM EST
    It appears that the KSG/Phoenix/Buyan war is over!

    The Imperial Minister and General of the Imperial army have apologized and Known has accepted this apology.

    This apology was not in any way from the Phoenix clan and was not given by Primogen Guerrund, thus it cannot be considered an official apology from the Phoenix clan.

    When I tracked down Primogen Guerrund he stated that he is happy the war is over, but that the Minister and General have overstepped their boundaries in claiming to apologize for his clan. He stated that he will consult his clan on what will be done in regards to the Minister and General.

        Friday, August 9, 2013

    Server Reset August 9th, 2013
    Posted by: Loxie -- 8:06 PM EST
    Quick reset to fix some minor things:

    * Fixing new itemshop coats to be bankable

    * Some itemshop coats that did not properly display the correct color when worn have been fixed

        Thursday, August 8, 2013

    Patch to Nexus Version 7.05
    Posted by: Vini -- 12:52 AM EST
    Get your mining tools ready; it seems the Lost Mines entrance will soon be opened once more soon. Also, the Kruna item shop has new items available for purchase. afternoon
    Other minor updates which came with the reset:
  • Carnage system
  • Kurimja clan
  • Geomancer subpath
  • Merchant subpath

    *** If you are running Windows Vista/7/8, make sure to run NexusTK as administrator (by right clicking the shortcut and selecting the option) for this patch ***

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 57, Moon 11~

  • Tension!
    Posted by: Nalyd -- 12:14 AM EST
    Tension is brewing between the KSG and Buya as Queen Lasahn intervened today, having a debate with Spies and members of the Phoenix clan, located in the Buya Courtyard.

    The Queen made it VERY clear that a war, and a threat, towards a clan within Buya, is unacceptable and is a threat towards Buya itself.

    VanDel demanded an apology from Phoenix Primogen Guerrund for alleged actions against the Spy Guild.

    VanDel, on behalf of the Spy Guild, promised the burning down of the Phoenix Hall.

    Queen Lasahn responded with a threat of her own..

    Who's going to act next?
    (A few corrections were made after reaching Guerrund and reviewing what was said. Apologies are given for the stretched information I received.)

        Wednesday, August 7, 2013

    New Nagnang Leaders - General and Minister
    Posted by: Donjuan -- 2:45 AM EST

    The Ascendant Regiment of Nagnang Army (ARN) and Nagnang Ministry are now independent nangen organizations. After concluding the split of the ARN, General/Sage Donjuan (me), under the approval of Prince ChaeRi, appointed Severyn as the new General of Nagnang and Thameus as the new Minister of Nagnang.

    Congratulations to General Severyn and Minister Thameus! May their leadership and joint work bring several achievements to Nagnang.

    Brought to you by,
    -,-@ Donjuan

        Tuesday, August 6, 2013

    Declaration of War!
    Posted by: Nalyd -- 11:12 PM EST

    Declaration of War.

    At the time of this posting, the Koguryian Spy Guild
    has declared war on the Phoenix guild of Buya for
    frequent examples of disrespect.

    The assassination of any member of the Phoenix clan
    will be rewarded with Bounty, any act of aggression
    or sabotage against the Phoenix will be rewarded,
    and any influence on extracting members from the
    clan will be seen as a direct act of friendship with
    the KSG.

    To members of Phoenix: You will be hunted by members
    of the guild, and all in the community who have grown
    tired of your leaders mis-deeds. While you wear the
    Phoenix helm you wear the shame of your clan.

    Signed, Premier Jun Kuin.

    It seems as though Phoenix is brushing this off as nothing, still wandering the kingdoms with little worry.

    After speaking with Guerrund, it seems to be that the clan has no idea why war was declared. So far there is no word on how they will react.

        Monday, August 5, 2013

    New Primogen of K'urimja
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:11 PM EST
    Last weekend the K'urimja clan has changed their leadership. Primogeness Beffycabeza has stepped down and appointed Hira as her successor. Nexus Atlas congratulates Primogen Hira on his newest position and wishes BeffyCabeza good luck on her new endeavors.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 57, Moon 10~