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Past News | August 2007

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

Note: In January 2006, NexusAtlas moved to a new server and a new ISP. In that process the software that manages our news archives dropped its links. We do not know exactly why that happened nor are we able to fix it without support from someone who knows the software. Therefore, we are calling news prior to March 2006 "Archived News" and it can be accessed by the link below.

If you want to see archived news, click here.

August 2007

    Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Anniversary, SunMoon!
Posted by: Gilley -- 8:21 PM EST

This Hyul marks the 75th Anniversary of SunMoon Sect. Not only have they been a long contributing clan of Kugnae, Primogeness khaos has led them in their success for the last 55 years! They surprised her at the celebration with a beautiful tribute posted on their website from the many members. If you'd like to read it, please visit

NexusAtlas would like to wish SunMoon a very Happy 75th Anniversary and may Primogeness khaos continue to lead her devoted and loving family for many more years to come!

Hyul 10, Moon 1

~Reporting the news one day at a time~

Reporter Application open
Posted by: Vini -- 1:03 AM EST

The Kingdom Tribune, in association with Nexus Atlas, is hiring new reporters to cover Kingdom of the Winds news. All applicants must currently be active within the lands of Nexus and have a good knowledge of Nexus overall. The choice will be based upon the ability to give information detailed in what is important and resumed on what is not. Spelling and grammar counts in the application process as well as the efforts given in the application. Those who can't spell or use grammar correctly will not be accepted.

The positions are open to serve as a reporter of Kingdom Tribune in the following positions:
Koguryo reporter
Buya reporter
Nagnang reporter
Culture reporter

For those interested in reporting for Nexus Atlas news, this is your chance to prove your skills. Iíll be selecting the best reporters from the Kingdom Tribune to work as reporters on Nexus Atlas. For now there are no applications open for Nexus Atlas reporters and I have no plans to open it soon.

The application form follows (please copy the part below when sending the application):

How long have been in Nexus lands?
Ever been jailed? (If yes, why?)
Do you hold any positions in Nexus (if so, what?)?
Resume a historical event of your own choice in 5 lines:
List some important news that happened recently in the lands of nexus and explain in a few lines the importance of it to the kingdom of winds:

All applications must be sent to Vini via nmail. Only one per person.

~Vini Normadíor~
~Hyul 10, Moon 3~

    Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Reset changes
Posted by: Vini -- 8:09 PM EST

A few hours ago the servers of nexus were reset to bring forward a few changes. Here is the official list posted by Mug in Dream Weavers board:

* Carnage (Head host and Division Head) receive new room and boards to help with new hires.
* Removed sturdy shovel
* More updates for tutorial and some players will start testing on live client.
* Minor update for new things mug is working on.
* Kugnae animals were cleaned and the blue was removed.

Let's hope the tutorial testing is done soon, nexus can't wait for such big update!

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 10, Moon 2~

Vortex Monsters Page
Posted by: AllyGator -- 5:02 AM EST

At long last, I've put up Vortex Monster pages. Look for more new stuff as I work to update our databases.

Vortex Monsters

    Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Quellious, the new Geomancer Elder
Posted by: Sebelle -- 9:42 PM EST

Just moments ago, Elder Rhew of the Geomancer subpath stepped down from her position - and has passed it on to long time guide Quellious! We wish Rhew well, and hope that the path continues to flourish with the guiding hand of Quellious.

Elder Quellious of the Geomancers

-Hyul 10, 2nd Moon, 17th Sun

    Monday, August 20, 2007

A Night of Festivity
Posted by: Gilley -- 10:15 AM EST

It's hard to believe that King MuHyul has ruled over the kingdom of Koguryo for 10 Hyuls already. From the sad and sudden death of his father, beloved King Yuri, he has grasped the reigns of sovereignty with a firm hand from the loss of our trees from Mupa's vengeful plan to the Mongol invasion to the attack from Bluestone to the recent tremors of the Lost Mines. Two nights ago (Saturday, August 18th), the kingdom of Koguryo honored his Royal Highness with a 10th Anniversary Celebration.

It started with a Kingdom Parade on horseback led by the Koguryo Royal Army with General Hatiki and Lt. General Neocloud by his side. The King rode atop a finely decorated horse guarded by the KRA on all sides. Following the King was the Royal Ministry, attending Elders, Lady Iruma, and the clans from Kugnae. Each clan was proudly attired in their clan colors and helms. The parade started at South Gate Kugnae towards East Gate and up through North Gate to the Palace. It was a fine sight to see.

Once they reached the palace, everyone dismounted and made their way to King MuHyul's Jeongwon. There was a little confusion where to go as scrolls weren't laid out to direct people but soon everyone settled in their seats and the ceremony began. Royal Minister Gilley welcomed everyone, then Tilak of SunMoon sang the Koguryan Anthem with true professionalism and emotion. He brought tears to the eyes of many people.

After proper homage was paid to our lands, King MuHyul expressed his thoughts and gratitude to his people. Unfortunately, Barbarian angrywarrs had somehow infiltrated the palace and started attacking the King. He was banished from the Palace and the ceremony continued without any more incident. Following his speech, Lady Iruma gave a divination for the coming Hyul, then each clan expressed their loyalty to the King: Ordos representing Primogen RCMP from Tiger Clan; Primogeness khaos from SunMoon Sect; Strat representing Primogen obi from Enigma; Primogeness poeticmanic from Destiny Clan; Primarch CurlyM from Bear Clan; and, last but not least, CrypticSword representing Primogeness Mesocute from Oceana Clan.

After the presentations from the clans, Lord Muckish, Past Minister of Culture, led the citizens of Koguryo in a renewal pledge of loyalty to the King and his kingdom. It was a pride-filled moment for all. The ceremony was ended with fireworks (courtesy of mug) in front of the palace. Spectators watched in awe as colorful magic was performed before their eyes. Afterwards, everyone returned to the Jeongwon for a few simple words from visiting Elders and dancing. Some inspired individuals created their own dance floor and tripped the light fantastic.

All in all it was a joyous evening and one to be remembered for Hyuls to come.

Hyul 10, Moon

~Reporting the news one day at a time~

    Sunday, August 19, 2007

Diamonds in the Armor Section
Posted by: AllyGator -- 4:46 AM EST

We hope to rewrite all of the database pages from our new tables soon. Many of the monster pages have been redone but are in test right now. But, we have done the new Diamond Items for your information. Although it may not look any different, this represents over a month of work so we hope you enjoy.


    Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lost Mines photo report!
Posted by: Moraghul -- 11:52 PM EST

Lost mines are now lost once again (until next time?) but Nexus Atlas will help you keep them in memory with our famous Photo Reports!

You'll find the report in Nexus Atlas Photo Reports section (History Tab, then Photo reports), or by clicking the direct link :

Hope you all enjoy it, and thanks to the Immortal family for this event ! We hope to hear soon of which brother was the most persuasive in his talks!

Hyul 9, 12th Moon, 24th Sun

That crazy Haengsa has another task for us
Posted by: Sebelle -- 5:28 PM EST

The man we all love to work for is back, asking for another beautiful item to give his wife! He's never home to see his family, so I suppose he thinks constantly giving his wife gifts will make everything better. We're putting a roof over Haengsa's family, it seems!

Step One:
10 Amber and Dark amber
5 White amber
2 Yellow amber
2 Quartz

Step Two:

Step Three:
2 Titanium gloves

Step Four:
2 Diamonds

10 Pirate coins!

Thanks goes out to Roxeh (Part 1), Octaine (Part 2) and DaKowe (Parts 3 and 4) for providing this information!

-Hyul 9, 12th Moon, 21st Sun

Yithly's Leech Goo Diamonds!
Posted by: Sebelle -- 4:34 PM EST

These can be equipped by any class, but what you get is divided up by your class!

First, anyone who completed the Lost Mines event this year is able to speak with Yithly - who has ventured outside the now closed cave and is at the Arctic Pass. He will tell you about the wonders of Leech goo, and tell you that he can create a new jewel for you if you can bring him a list of goods.

Warriors and Rogues are asked for Whisper Bracelets, Titanium Gloves, Bloods and Spikes. Mages and Poets are asked for Holy rings, Sen gloves, Surges, and Charms. Both caster and fighter alike are required to bring multiples of each, depending on your level (for instance at Il san 3 of each are required), along with diamonds, a variety of ambers and cash. It is rather expensive, so be ready to empty your pockets!

The following are the stats for each sub-accessory item:
Warriors and Rogues

Jade Diamond - Level 50
20k Durability
-1 AC
+2000 Vita
+3 Damage
+2 Might
Azure Diamond - Level 99
30k Durability
-1 AC
+3000 Vita
+2 Might
+3 Damage
Night Diamond - Il san
40k Durability
-2 AC
+4000 Vita
+3 Might
+3 Damage
Crimson Diamond - Ee San
50k Durability
-2 AC
+5000 Vita
+3 Might
+3 Damage
Searing Diamond - Sam San
60k Durability
-3 AC
+6000 Vita
+3 Damage
+4 Might

Mages and Poets

Forest Diamond - Level 50
20k Durability
-1 AC
+1500 Mana
+3 Will
Lazuline Diamond - Level 99
30k Durability
-1 AC
+2250 Mana
+4 Will
Shade Diamond - Il San
40k Durability
-2 AC
+3000 Mana
+5 Will
Cerise Diamond - Ee San
50k Durability
-2 AC
+3750 Mana
+6 Will
Lucent Diamond - Sam San
60k/60k Durability
-3 AC
+4500 Mana
+7 Will

Thanks go out to: Blinkeman, Etik, Gallum, SHADOWSTAR, KaoShan, lepetitchou, SuperNSonic, Head, Adragonsclaw, Euphoria, ArchBishop, Coolboyman and Aphaea!
-Hyul 9, 12th Moon, 21st Sun

The Aureate Aspiration
Posted by: Sebelle -- 4:09 PM EST

During todays reset, mug gave the Muse Subpath their newest addition - the Aureate Aspiration staff! The last Maestra of the Muses, Aelis, worked diligently to get this staff in the queue for the path and her work has come to fruition!

Congratulations, Muses - wear your new weapons proudly!

Aelis wearing the Aureate Aspiration!

-Hyul 9th, 12th Moon, 21st Sun

August 14th Server Reset!
Posted by: Sebelle -- 2:08 PM EST

As posted on the official are todays server reset notes:

Server reset, Tuesday, August 14, 2007
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

The rumble of the ground shifts the rocks and the Lost Mines close up yet again. What is this? Yithly seems to still be around?
Go to Yithly, and he will have a quest for you if you completed the event. It will reward you a sub-accessory diamond, which we are compiling the stats of as we speak!

Something has happened to some of the animals in Koguryo! Could it be some one painted them for King MuHyul's 10 years?

Haengsa has a new quest for you!

Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
* Nagnang Throne room gets minor change.
* Pegasus clan receives Council Board.
* Minor fix for BIA
* Nagnang throne room gets small update.

Subpath additions and fixes:
* Minor update for Druid
* Muse get new quest for Staff.

* More minor updates for new tutorial.

    Monday, August 13, 2007

News from mug and the new Nangen Chancellor, Liatris!
Posted by: Sebelle -- 10:00 PM EST

This evening, mug popped onto the event server to let everyone know that the event will end on Tuesday (August 14th), so get your shovels and head into the mines for one last night with the squirrels, goblins and leeches!

mug also let everyone know that he has a few things planned for the lands; the new tutorial in place next week at some point, new item shop items by the end of August, and an event in the works for next month. It looks like there are a few things to look forward to in coming weeks.

A change that went about quietly a few days ago, the recently returned Nangen Minister Asuza has passed on the position to Liatris. Liatris is well known for her devotion to her land, and has been an outstanding member of the Nangen Ministry for years now! She was also known for being the Phoenix Primogeness for quite some time, as well. A short perusal of the Community Events board and one will see that she is always looking to provide fun and excitement for the citizens of the Nexus.

Congratulations and good luck, Liatris!

-Hyul 9, 12th Moon, 15th Sun

    Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lost Mines rewards stats !
Posted by: Moraghul -- 6:41 PM EST

After some time I eventually finished gathering all the stats from the Lost Mines Rewards, so I'm posting them for you.

I wish to thanks everyone who contributed, including those of you on Nexus Forums, I won't list names because I'm afraid I'll miss one or two but you know who you are, it's people like you who help Nexus Atlas grow better.

On the screenshots, the left part is the Evil (Jong) side while the right part is the Good (Jinn) part. All stats are screenshots from the Jong items, as they are absolutely identical except for the names.

First, the Rogues :

Second, the Mages :

Then, the Poets :

And finally, the Warriors !

I hope it will help you all!

Hyul 9, 12th moon, 6th sun.

    Saturday, August 11, 2007

Goblin treasure
Posted by: Rachel -- 6:05 PM EST

Moraghul is working hard to learn the stats of the new treasure, so please help him out!

If you haven't started or completed the quest yet, I've been collecting images of the treasure.

This isn't complete and may not be accurate. I just wanted to post as much as possible for those who are waiting.

The rewards on both sides appear to have the same stats.

Jong's items:
Delusive garb (male)
Delusive gown (female)
Prevaricator's _____ blade (warrior)
Deceitful _____ blade (rogue)
Fallacious _____ staff (mage)
Venal _____ staff (poet)

Jinn's items:
Veracious garb (male)
Veracious gown (female)
Crusader's _____ blade (warrior)
Unfeigned _____ blade (rogue)
Retributive _____ staff (mage)
Redemptive _____ staff (poet)

To see the Veracious gown in a variety of dyes, please look at this thread by Dria in the Nexus Forums! -Sebelle

Fill the blank in with:
Minor (level 50)
[no middle word] (level 99)
Light (Il san)
Tempered (Ee san)
Great (Sam san)

    Friday, August 10, 2007

Lost Mines are back! - Complete Walkthrough-
Posted by: Vini -- 1:17 AM EST

The Lost mines are back and so are the times when squirrels and rabbits get crazy. The doors to it are open in the usual place in Arctic land and there are lot news adventures involved. As usual this is a great opportunity to gain mining skills and collect some expensive items.

By checking the Whispering Winds board people can notice the story behind this event:

Tremors have been felt within the vicinity of the Northern Pass as of late. The notion that these tremors were mundane was disregarded by two brothers by the names of Jinn and Jong, both claiming to have discovered the secret behind the tremors deep within the earth. There is a problem, however. Each brother tells a different tale, and claims that the other brother is a liar and not to be trusted.

Jinn was found wounded outside a peculiarly familiar area in the Northern Pass. He claims that Jong attacked him while they had ventured deep into the Lost Mines, searching for the cause of the tremors. He asks for help, but something about his story does not seem quite right. Perhaps his brother, Jong, located just inside the Mines has a reason for keeping his brother out. Which brother is truthful? Which story is valid? What do the Lost Mines have in connection with these strange tremors?

Perhaps the city folk know a thing or two as well...

The two brothers are trying to get people to believe them.
To talk to them, just say "Hello" to one of them.

If you believe one of the brothers, the other one won't talk to you anymore. It cannot be changed. Jinn is the one who stays outside the lost mines while Jong is the one who is inside.

Those who believe Jinn can find more information about him asking people around Buya. So far these are confirmed to know Jinn: Buya Librarian, Buya Smith.

Those who believe Jong can find more information about him asking people around Kugnae. So far these are confirmed to know Jong: Koguryo Seams & Seamstress, Old lady in Rogue guild, Walsuk and Kugnae Smith.

It has been confirmed that Jinn is saying the truth and Jong is lying. That will only influence in the mark given at end and the appearance of your treasure.

What is important to know is that the quest for Jinn and Jong are different. The smiths hint that to be able to enter deep in the mines one must have a stronger shovel, the Sturdy shovel.

Mining only works with mining pick in Inner Mines or Deep Mines at lower grounds like this blue one.


  • First step is getting a Sturdy shovel.

    Listen to all Jinn or Jong have to say then grab a mining pick and go mine the following ingredients in Inner mines, each will have different amounts:
    5 Iron nuggets
    10 Coal pieces
    1 Amethyst (2 if in Kugnae smith)
    5 White ambers (3 if in Kugnae smith)
    1 Diamond (2 if in Kugnae smith)
    2,500 coins (1,000 if in Kugnae smith)

    For those who believed in Jinn, Once all the items are collected from mining in Lost Mines, go to Dok Smith in Buya and say "Jinn".

    For those who believed in Jong, Once all the items are collected from mining in Lost Mines, go to Beard Smith in Kugnae and say "Jong".

    Then say the ingredients in the order:
    Iron nuggets, Coal pieces, Amethyst, White amber, Diamond and finally say "wood" which will require to give out the coins. If the voice commands don't work insist on the variations of it. With that done, a sturdy shovel will be made which will allow to enter another area of the caves.

  • Second step: collect 5 golden acorns, 5 silver acorns and 5 Bronze acorns from the Lost Mines. This part is split between the two. People who believe Jinn will have to talk with Buya Librarian while people who believe Jong will talk with Walsuk. Say the name, either Jinn or Jong, then say "He is wounded" then say "Lost Mines" and show the acorns to prove you're saying the truth.

  • Second step, with the sturdy shovel in inventory head to Deep Mines 067 063. There drop the special shovel and pick it up. This will lead to the next area of Lost Mines where there are the goblins!

  • Inside the goblin camp people will find two different sets of Goblins: The workers and the guards.
    There's three types of Goblin workers: Goblin Miner, Goblin dweller and Goblin Brute. They drop Left Fragment, middle fragment and bottom fragment.

    There's three types of Goblin guards: Goblin soldier, Goblin sentry and Goblin spearman. They drop bottom fragment, top fragment, Reed and Hollow bamboo.

    Grab at least one of each fragment and leave the cave. Once that part is done, go either to Jinn or Jong and say "Sturdy shovel" then say "fragments". If you follow Jong, you will need TWO left fragments because Jong takes one.

    The ones who follow Jong should go to Kugnae Messenger. Those who follow Jinn should go to the Buya Messenger. Once there say "Fragments". He will take 1 of each fragment and will reward with a Raknya tablet.

    Go back to talk to Jinn or Jong and say Goblins. Then grab 2 reed and 3 Hollow bamboo and head Arctic Blacksmith. Say "Goblin Kingdom" "The gate is guarded" then "Music". It will take the 2 reeds and 3 Hollow bamboos and (2) and crate a Bamboo flute.

    With the bamboo flute at hands, go to the last hunting room which is called Prisoners Tent. There's a small tent named Yithly's tent.

    Go to the tent and walk around the big pot there carrying the Raknya tablet and it will teleport to Main gate. There, say "Hello" to the guards. Then "lost mines" then finally say "Jong" or "Jinn", depending on which route. For those who are carrying their own made flute, the guards will allow passing, the ones who don't will be kicked from there. It is not required for you to say Hello to the guards, you are free to walk through if you have the flute already made.

    Make the way around the rooms until reaching the last room called Goblin Stronghold. There will be the creature Jinn was talking about, that means he was talking the truth. Say "treasure" "lost mines" and "Goblin kingdom". Now get ready to answer a few questions. Say "Goblin kingdom" again and it will start:
    (It is not confirmed if these answers change from Jinn to Jong, pay attention to that) You MUST use all lower case letters!

    Q.1. - Answer -> northern pass
    Q.2. - Answer -> false
    Q.3. - Answer -> red
    Q.4. - Answer -> challenger
    Q.5. - Answer -> 61
    Q.6. - Answer -> 18

    Finally, say the name of which brother was trusted: Jinn or Jong will each lead to different prizes. A new weapon based on the path/level (50, 99, Il, Ee, Sam).

    -> Jinn side
    -> Jong side

    Good luck with the quest, it takes a long while!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 9, Moon 11~

    Friday reset arrives early
    Posted by: Vini -- 12:59 AM EST

    About 1 hour ago, the nexus servers were reset and brought a few changes.

    Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
    * Minor update for Dharma Clan

    * Buyan Army receives new warps and crafting reactors.

    * Elendhirin receive new merchant Orosta (Minor quest, Sell Experience)

    * Minor update for Pegasus as well as changes to 2 merchants.

    * Minor update for Nagnang Ministry.

    Subpath additions and fixes:
    * Updated Diviner bug.

    * Fixed map tiles in map called Cave.

    Also there's another surprise that will please most people. Lost Mines are back. But this, deserves a whole new post. =)

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 9, Moon 11~

        Tuesday, August 7, 2007

    Updated armor to come!
    Posted by: Hatiki -- 6:51 PM EST

    Mug has posted pictures on his space of armor updates to come with the next patch.

    Below are the images of the updated armors to come:

    Male Mage Armor

    Male Rogue Armor and Female Rogue Armor

    Male Warrior Armor and Female Warrior Armor

    -Hatiki Sudeki
    -Hyul 9, 10th Moon

    You are invited to King MuHyul's 10th Anniversary
    Posted by: Hatiki -- 5:31 PM EST

    The Royal Ministry of Koguryo will be hosting King MuHyul's 10th Anniversary as King of Koguryo on Saturday August 18 2007, starting 10:00 pm EST. All are invited to attend the parade on horseback, which will begin at South gate Kugnae. Following the parade will be the ceremony and a ball in the Jeongwon.

    Below is Minister Gilley's invitation, that can be found on the Chronicles of the Wind, Community Events and Community Board.


    ~*~ o\*`'.\|/.'`*/o ~*~

    The Royal Kingdom of Koguryo

    invites you to attend

    King MuHyul's 10th Anniversary Celebration

    On Saturday, August 18th
    10:00 pm EST/7:00 pm PST

    Starting with the Kingdom Parade at South Gate Kugnae

    Ceremony and Commemorative Ball will follow
    in King MuHyul's Jeongwon

    Come and join us as we celebrate this most joyous occasion!

    . : .
    __________ '. : .'
    / /\__.__'.:.' .
    \_________\/ . .':'. .
    .' : '.
    ' : '

    Onward, Azure Koguryo!


    Please remember that no weapons are allowed.


    Signed this 16th Sunday, Hyul 9

    :Gilley Galea
    Royal Minister of Koguryo

    -Hatiki Sudeki
    -Hyul 9, 10th Moon

    Our wishes to Kru
    Posted by: Rachel -- 4:57 PM EST

    It's been a week since Mug asked for us to post lists of the most important things to us. I went over the requests on the NF thread as well as the game's community board to gather a sampling of the most popular wishes. I applied 5 points to a #1 choice, 4 to a #2, 3 to a #3, 2 to a #4, and 1 to a #5. If someone said they were in no particular order, I applied a 3 to each.

    On the game's community board, the most popular choice is more events, with 83 points. To anyone confused, that means "cave" events like the last pirate event. Sa san had 39, Crafting changes (including a skill progress meter) had 34, and justice reform had 26.

    On Nexus forums, more events was also a very popular choice with 59 points. Players made varying wishes about events such as every 1-2 months, week long events, and events that introduce new things in the kingdom.

    It wasn't the most popular choice though. With 61 points, NexusForums users were more interested in cracking down on illegal 3rd party applications, character sharing, and account selling. Several posters specifically requested that players involved in such activities be permanantly banned or reset to level 1 with no items. Tied with 61 points was more conflict driven and player interactive roleplay. Justice reform (Including optional curse filter requests) was in fourth place on both boards. Other common requests included more permanant quests, new or different spells, and a mana bar added to the group tab (Letter f).

    Several people also requested what I would call "KRUmunication" and "Kru interactivity". Assuming they are really interested in what our "Three things" posts say, they're already working on that.

    My method of tallying results may not have been the best, but it has narrowed down the field. I've made an unofficial poll on NexusForums with the most popluar responses: Click here to Vote! If you don't see your most important wish, just choose "Other".

    There were other good ideas like the Merchant NPC from Baram who sells items for you, but it wasn't the most popular request and there isn't room for everything. If you don't see your wish, just choose the "Other" option.

        Sunday, August 5, 2007

    Nagnang Mage Tutor - Accepting Applications
    Posted by: Hatiki -- 12:10 PM EST

    Head Tutor Nussan is currently searching for any mage to be assigned for the Nagnang Tutor Mage position. If you are interested in becoming a tutor and have the free time and meet the requirements, you are to send the application to TutorApp.

    Below is the requirements and application as posted on the Community Board and Community Events Board.


    I am currently looking for the following:

    Mage Tutor assigned to Nagnang

    To apply for one of these positions, you must:
    - You must be a member of the path that you are applying for.
    - You must have your character's legend listed on the Nexus
    - You may not have any justice marks, to be considered for
    this position.

    NOTE: You do no longer have to live in the Kingdom you are the tutor of. Therefore, you can apply for this position even if you live in Buya, Kugnae or Wilderness.

    Applications will only be accepted until August 15:th, 12:00am PST. Late applications will be deleted.

    Please send the following information to TutorApp:

    -- Tutor Application --

    1) Name:

    2) Postition you are applying for:

    3) Positive subpath brandings:

    4) Negative subpath brandings:

    5) Previous leadership experience if any (Positions held in
    Kingdom etc. Please include references):

    6) Subpath (if any):

    7) Yuri Born/Real life length of time played (Time played
    as this character/total length of time played on any

    8) Level or Vita/Mana:

    9) Average time and days on Nexus per week:

    10) References (You must list at least three references.
    Please check with people you will be using as references
    before you list them):

    11) List all of your alt. characters:

    12) The reason why you want to be a tutor:

    Comments (Anything important please put here):


    NOTE: If you plan to use another character's position for any part of your answers (i.e. I was a judge on another character) you must list that character's name. The same applies to comments such as "I've been playing for 4 years on different characters".

    All character names and pertinent information will be kept confidential. Should you have any questions, please contact Nussan or the Tutor Archon.


    -Hatiki Sudeki
    -Hyul 9, 9th Moon

        Friday, August 3, 2007

    Server reset, Friday, August 3, 2007
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 2:33 PM EST

    Server reset, Friday, August 3, 2007
    The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

    Anniversary swords are packed away till next year.

    Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
    * Minor update to Nagnang Barracks and change of login point for army.

    Subpath additions and fixes:
    * Monks receive new updated circle and Karuna is no longer scared of you.
    * Diviners receive new update to Tai Chi, new merchant Tung-Jen and new board Saga's of Time.

    * Minor update for new area addition (tweaked some changes for a few of the quest)
    * Large updates for event mug is working on and it will be released when it's ready but he really hopes it will be out next week, which it probably will be but if its not, don't fuss!
    * Fixed broken door to a player's house.

    ~~~~~ mug say: "Don't fuss" ~~~ we all smile here!

        Wednesday, August 1, 2007

    Merchant Price List Returns!
    Posted by: Hatiki -- 5:27 AM EST

    Merchant Elder Notorious recently posted on the Community Board, the return of the Merchant Price List, which can be found on the board in the Kugnae Gathering.

    Please note that the price list is a GUIDE and isn't 100% accurate.

    Thank you to Merchant Eckostream, and Merchant Xera for compiling the list. If you have any questions or see any mistakes regarding the price list, please contact Eckostream by nmail.

    Below is Notorious' post found on the Community Board.

    ....Has returned!

    You may once again find it on the board in the Kugnae gathering.

    Some items are not listed due to the being traded very rarely. It simply wasn't possible to get a good idea of what a typical price would be for them, since very few people were dealing in them. However, every commonly sought item is listed with a range of prices you might expect to see.

    Please consult the list only as a general guide: Supply and demand determines the value of an item, not what we post on our board, so what we list may not always be 100% accurate to the item's value at the time of your purchase or sale. As a responsible trader it is your duty to do some investigating for yourself to know for sure what price you'd find acceptable.

    Happy trading,

    Elder of the Merchant Guild of Koguryo

    -Hatiki Sudeki
    -Hyul 9, 9th Moon