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Past News | August 2006

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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August 2006

    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New patch V665.0
Posted by: Vini -- 12:42 PM EST

A few minutes ago the Nexus servers were reset again to bring place to a new client patch. The auto-patch will automatically start once you try to log on nexus and from version 664.0 to 665.0 it has about 0.47Mb.

  • Wind armors are back as they were before.

  • When looking at the status folder (s key) it now gives information to what each slot is for when the cursor is moved over them.

  • Shaving beards are supposed to be working again now, for those who still didn't manage to get it to work Kru has made a post about it on Community board:

    If your beard is still taking up an item slot, you have two options:

    1) go out and get it destroyed in combat

    2) write a support ticket and they'll obliterate the offending obstruction


  • The new accessories items can now be repaired.

    This post shall be updated as soon as other updates are found.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 2, Moon 4~

  • Brand New Accessories!
    Posted by: Conro -- 12:37 AM EST

    Finally, a chance to customize your character's appearance without altering their hair, face, weapon, shield, or armor!

    All together, a Mantle, a Necklace, six Circlets, and six Masks have are being sold by an NPC named Saeroun, located around 40, 80 Nagnang, for 5000 coins each.

    Every item has 10000 durability and no other statistics. These items CANNOT be repaired, so be careful!

    Red mantle
    Blue necklace
    Black bandanna
    Purple bandanna
    White bandanna
    Brown bandanna
    Pink bandanna
    Pink headband
    Green headband
    White headband
    Black headband
    Blue headband
    Red headband

    The Mantle has one special ability in which it adds some sparkles around your character when you do the Dance (l) emotion, which looks pretty neat.

    A few citizens trying on the new equipment. Pictured above is DarkDesireX displaying the sparkles the Red mantle supplies to your dancing

    No word on if these are a permanant addition to the game, but for now they're pretty fun to play around with!

    - Rogue Invisible has been fixed since the last patch. Rogues will no longer screenshift when undispelled, and best of all Rogues will NO LONGER need to worry about 'Refreshing' after Invisible takes effect as it automatically removes your name from above your head on everyone elses screen!

    - 'Older graphics' look to some armors has not been changed, nor has any official announcement been given as to the status of the graphics.

    - New spell 'Faerie fire' discovered, which makes the effected target able to be seen by everyone, grouped or not. Has only been cast by 'God/GM' characters so far.

    More will be posted as it is discovered.
    *Accessories Images added by Vini*

        Monday, August 28, 2006

    Seasons Sisters return
    Posted by: Vini -- 7:18 PM EST

    Today, the Season sisters re-appeared back in our mortal lands under some special circunstances. It was a calm hour in Buya when people were checking our the changes in the realm that the immortal voice of Winter was echoed through the kingdom. It was Rittou, the Winter sister who was a bit lost at Arctic Village at first. Hearing her voice, a few citizens ventured through the Cold winds of Arctic land to meet the lady of winter there. Happy she was to see some familiar faces and expressed sadness when she heard about the pass away of King Yuri. She mentioned she was looking for her sister ShoShun and her fiance, the mortal scholar of starts, Kiyuu.

    The citizens presumed that since Kiyuu was usually on Kugnae, it would be best to look for them in the lands of Koguryo. Some caring citizens offered to led the way for Rittou to reach Koguryo the fastest way and there, at North gate Kugnae the sisters found each other. Rittou of Winter, Rikka of Summer and ShoShun of Spring met again with Nexus community in a very special moment. Although ShoShun couldn't remember well at first, Rittou made clear to the witnessing people around them that they were there for the wedding of Kiyuu and ShoShun. They who have been engaged since Yuri 79, probably shall be getting married soon in the lands of nexus and hopefully, the mortal citizens will be invited to this unsual wedding between a mortal and an immortal Season sister.

    Status page of the event characters in nexus.

    The sisters mentioned that Shuuki of Autumn and Risuto of Chaos should be arriving soon, but when asked about Father Time Ichiji and Mother Nature Ichimei, they mentioned they were busy so citizens might not be seeing them again this time.

    For now the sisters will be staying in the mortal lands, Rittou is staying in Arctic Village, Rikka in the shores of Buya, and ShoSun in Kugnae with Kiyuu. Hopefully they shall be seen again in public soon as many around community are interested in the stories of the seasons.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 2, Moon 4~

    Version 664.0
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 5:35 PM EST

    With the lastest patch we're seeing more changes. I'm sure we haven't found them all yet but here are a few of the new armor changes. We'll keep you updated as we find more stuff.

    Server Reset and Patch 663.0
    Posted by: Vini -- 2:59 PM EST

    A few minutes ago, the nexus servers were reset to the addition of a few changes. But this time it wasn't only for changes but an auto-patch runs up when people logs into nexus. The size of the patch is about 7.57 Mb. Here's a copy of the list of changes brought by the reset posted in Nexus TK official website, about the patch changes there's not official information as of yet, but we gathered some after the following list:

  • Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
    Minor updated to KRA
    Nagnang army receives new merchants; Tianping (Weave, Tailor), Gaumao (Smelt, Smith), Heigua (Gem, Jewel), Xiaoan (Carpentry, Scraps), and Yunalong (Scribe, Alchemy, Smith armor, Food prep)
    Elendhirin clan receives new merchant Meoi (Fishing)
    Pegasus receives new room "Pegasus Council Room"

    Subpath additions and fixes:
    Minor changes to a few Do items and updated Spiritual Garden map
    Minor changes for Barbarian

  • There's now a new icon for parcels in New client and the Mailbox icon changed as well, from that one that looked like a love letter to an animated and much better looking one.

  • There's now 5 more slots on the status page for items to wield, check the image as the following:

    As of now we don't know of what items will be available for them. What changes now is that: Face and head accessories are now in two different slots; there's a cape slot, a front clothes slot, necklace slot and boots slot.

  • Clan banks seem to be easier to use now since they're back in alphabetic order, although they're still a bit wierd now. The problem of more than one people not being able to use it at same time continues as well as the withdrawing time-length.

  • The F8 sound list is now back and players may play Nexus and change their music using it.

  • The profile picture size now fits well with the image selected by players.

  • Also it seems that the Old client is now unavailable, if it's permanent change or not we'll still find out.

  • Bugs: Flank and Backstab do not seem to work unless it's used with a Polearm. Some group hunting experiences are extremely low, some people have been hunting on Tiger 2 and getting 337 experience per kill in a group of 6. Can't whisper while riding a horse and the group folder is looking odd without the person using any of these items.

    More information may be added to this post as soon as we investigate these changes in-game. So, keep tuned and re-read it after a while.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 2, Moon 4~

  •     Thursday, August 24, 2006

    NexusForums Registration
    Posted by: Rachel -- 12:59 AM EST

    Due to an increase of spam bots, registration will temporarily require you to validate your e-mail and then be approved by an admin.

    If there are any delays, just send an N-mail to "Rachel" titled "NF Registration". Please include your NF account name. If you aren't registered for Nexus, you can send me an e-mail by clicking my at the top of this post.

        Saturday, August 19, 2006

    Newest Buyan Defenders and Affiliates of the Sovereign!
    Posted by: Sebelle -- 3:48 AM EST

    Just a few hours ago, in honor of the 60th Anniversary of the Buyan Sovereignty a Defender Ceremony was held within the Imperial Promenade of the Buyan Palace.

    The newest Affiliates of the Sovereign are:
    Lathander, Kiya, Paranoid, Kirikka, Morphus, Jolie, Songa, ShadowSniper, Maevalia and Calhon!

    And six individuals also pledged to defend Buya:
    Jolie and Elysse of the Imperial Ministry
    Brazion, Primarch of the Lost Kingdom Clan
    Raushawna, Head Admittor of the Heavens Clan
    Primogen Calhon of the Phoenix Clan
    StormRaven, Buyan Imperial Army Major

    Jolie, recieving Princess Lasahn's last blessing for the evening.

    Emperor Aino Senshi made an appearance at this special ceremony, and also gave a speech in honor of the occasion.

        Friday, August 11, 2006

    User Lists Change
    Posted by: Rachel -- 1:10 AM EST

    The following was recently posted on

    We wanted to let you know that the below link will no longer be available as of today, Wednesday, August 09, 2006.

    Please make sure you view the official Community listing at:

    This is where you will find all the local information on Clans, Armies, Judges, Power list, Sub-paths, Fansites, Clan, Army and Sub-path websites.

    Thank you.

    Several of our Nexus Forums posters complained about this change. Some say it was unnecessary, others were upset that there was missing information, KoKura even said that access to the new page was blocked at work!

    In my case, I just like being able to type a less complicated address into my browser.

    So I made a new page for those who liked it better the old way:

    It has all of the old links, plus a few new ones. I think I included every Ring and Tribe that had at least 20 members and a registered primogen.

    It may be updated to look a bit nicer at a later time, but we have some other projects we're working on right now. o.o Enjoy!

    New Primogeness of the Lost Kingdom Clan!
    Posted by: Sebelle -- 12:30 AM EST

    Just a few moments ago, Kashou Warik stepped down from his position as Primogen of the Lost Kingdom Clan. In his place, he has appointed Primarchess BellaTiAmo!

    Thank you for all of the work you put in, Warik, and we wish you the best! Congratulations, Primogeness BellaTiAmo, may you serve long and well!

        Thursday, August 10, 2006

    'allo 'allo!
    Posted by: Sebelle -- 10:02 PM EST

    Good evening everyone! I'm Sebelle, the newest reporter here at Nexus Atlas!

    I will be helping out by covering Subpath news, and events related to the Subpaths!

        Tuesday, August 8, 2006

    Haengsa's Quest Part 3
    Posted by: Conro -- 9:30 PM EST

    A HUGE thank you to Nussan, Najun, and Sideline for finding out the information with me.

    Haengsa is apparently holding a dinner party with his wife, and requires A LOT of food for the gathering. (Apparently he's feeding an army?)

    He'll ask for cooked items, he'll want...
    25 Grilled Beef
    25 Roasted chicken
    10 Noodles
    6 Fried egg
    10 Boiled fish

    He'll need to dye a table red, so he'll ask for...
    100 Bear's liver
    100 Apple
    20 Tiger's heart

    His wife loves to cook fish, he'll ask for...
    10 Tiny Fish
    10 Scrawny Fish
    10 Large fish
    10 Tasty fish
    I believe he takes pity on you and only takes the 10 Small fish for a reason. Share the remainder, or borrow from a friend!

    Haengsa loves crunchy coated food, he'll need...
    201 Acorn
    50 Chestnut
    1 Gold acorn

    Haengsa's wife also loves cooking other meats, he'll need...
    100 Beef
    100 Pork
    100 Rare Pork
    100 Rabbit meat
    100 Horse meat
    100 Snake meat
    HUGE Thanks to Sideline for figuring this one!

    "There are some food items" Haengsa says, "that are so special you can only carry one". Fetch for him...
    1 Brassica (Tangun valley's second farm has this ((fouth map))
    1 Salt block (Drop 1 Cloth on Dae shore until you get it)
    1 Soup bowl
    1 Flour (Food prepare 1 Wheat)

    Finally, in his true fashion, Haengsa makes a puzzle of the last four foods he'll need...

    10 Bird meat (Pheasants drop in Nagnang Woodlands)
    30 Chicken meat
    12 Egg
    40 Wheat

    Reward: 8 Pirate coins

    - Conro

    Good luck!
    Remember, you have ALL month to complete the quest, so don't pull your hair out if someone is mining wheat beside you, or if someone keeps stealing your Pheasant kills!

    The recent server reset
    Posted by: Vini -- 4:18 PM EST

    A few minutes ago, the Nexus servers were all reset to introduce a few changes to the game. Here is the list of updates posted by GM Mug in Dream Weavers board and also available for view in Nexus TK official website:

  • The personal Seamstress of King Yuri was asked by the new King, MuHyul, to sell her ball gowns and garbs to all those who live in the Kingdom and nearby areas. King MuHyul stated that he felt this was a small token of appreciation for all those who paid their last respect to his father.

    Haengsa has a new challenge for you so find him and try his new quest.

    Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
    Minor update to Bear Clan
    Minor update to Lost Kingdom Clan
    Minor update to Pegasus Clan
    Minor update to Oceana Clan
    Minor fix for Tiger Clan
    Enigma receives new merchant Akoya (Jewelry)
    Update for KRA, Rowann now lets you sell experience, minor quest and summons guest

    Subpath additions and fixes:
    Barbarians receive new merchant Min-Kahn

    This post main gain a few updates as some of these additions and fixes will be checked inside the game. The Haengsa challenge will also gain more information soon.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 1, Moon 11~

    Changes not included in Mug's post:

    Mongol event items now have lower repair and deposit costs. The Militant kallal has the most expensive deposit fee at 3,000 coins.

    The Seamstress is still located at 87/80 Kugnae. She sells non-bonded gowns for 50,000 coins.

    Anniversary swords, Clean stones, and Vile of venom were all removed from the game. - Rachel

  •     Friday, August 4, 2006

    New Primogen for Phoenix Clan
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 6:25 AM EST

    Calhon has been promoted to lead the fiery Phoenix Clan in it's future adventures.

        Tuesday, August 1, 2006

    New Geomancer Elder
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:47 PM EST

    Just now, it was announced the name of the new Elder of the Geomancers who was being trained by Leodaris to take charge of the path from now on. Thebestmage is now the new elder of Geomancy way as Leodaris has stepped down from her 3rd reign of leading the group.

    The Nexus Atlas would like to congratulate Elder Thebestmage on his new achievement, wish him good luck with his duties and thank Leodaris once again for her services to the subpaths and nexus overall.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 1, Moon 9~

    Server Reset news
    Posted by: Vini -- 9:05 PM EST

    A few hours ago, the Nexus servers were reset and as it was posted on Nexus TK Official website and Dream Weavers board , here are the changes brought today:

  • You have fought back the Mongols for now... but no one really knows what will happen or what you are in store for next!

    Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
    Oceana receives new merchants: Odysseus (Minor quest, sell experience), Chrysalis (Mass, karma, announcements, summon horse), Mulhalmoni (Face/sex change, marriage, Divorce).

    *The 3 npcs functions aren't working yet.*
    Minor fix for Tiger clan
    Minor fix for Pegasus clan

    Subpath additions and fixes:
    Barbarians may now obtain the spell "Sonhi Rage"
    Chonguns may now obtain the spell "Spirit of War"

    *These 2 spells aren't working properly yet.*

    Map updates:
    Tranquil Pond 1, 2, and 3
    Solemn Stones 1, 2, and 3
    Meandering River 1, 2, and 3
    Dragonfly Fjords 1, 2, and 3
    Rocky Gathering 1, 2, and 3
    Giveniís Pond 1, 2, and 3
    Lily Pools 1, 2, and 3
    Sandy Retreat 1, 2, and 3

    Besides all these changes, it was also found that "What time is it?" option from Ox is now working properly like promised a few resets ago and no longer shows it as Yuri 83 in a pop up, but shows as Hyul in action box.

    It also came to attention that Nexus Atlas did not report about the server reset last Thrusday so here also goes the list of changes:

  • Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
    Minor fix for KRA
    Bear clan receives woodcutting and new merchant Sloan (bank, sells axe)
    Ocean receives new room Recreation Deck
    BIA receives new room Buyan Devotion as well as new merchants Alexisa (Fish, wheat, noodles), TinaDragon (Wood, scraps, gem, jewelry), Terinthanas (Metal prep, metal, smelt), Eldrikke (Alchemy, scribe, cloth prep, tailor) and Corvax (Bank). BIA also receives minor fix to Army hall.
    Pegasus receives minor fixes to hall

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 1, Moon 9~

  • Candies are Fixed!
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 3:07 AM EST

    On July 30th, linuxkiddy reported that candies are now fixed! Good job KRU!

    Mongol Invasion Area
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 2:44 AM EST

    We've posted the Mongol Encampment Area as well as Dharani's Place along with a brief history of this event. We hope all enjoy!
    Mongol Invasion