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  Archived News | August 2003

Past News

Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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August 2003

    Sunday, August 31, 2003

Water Maiden Appears Again!
Posted by: Growl -- 11:36 PM EST

Last Saturday night, the Water Maiden has made another appearance to the public, this time in the waters of the center of Mythic Nexus.

She was there answering many questions from community, she again mentioned about the simbolic battle between good and evil and the power of faith and hope. She was there mostly for answering questions, although her time there was short, she did reveal the idenity of the 3 Destined Prophets: Vini, KeiChan and Mingasto.

We shall now seek for their wisdom and follow their words, for the best of the community.

    Friday, August 29, 2003

A few additions
Posted by: Vini -- 12:05 PM EST

Last night, Spift has uploaded a few things to Nexus Atlas, examples of them are:
-Link to the Heroes Guild of TK: Which is now back with the old charm but a new style.biggrin.gif
-Link to which brings us more informations about the servers.tongue.gif
-Link to the Oceana shrine, which I'm pleased to invite you all to go visit.blush.gif

You may have noticed my avatar is now a bit different, now it has my actual hair dye from

The other uploads will be noticed soon, I'm sure you'll like it.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Posted by: Breserk -- 9:03 AM EST

Straight from the community board, here's what the Water Maiden has to say.

Dear Mortals,

The voice of unity, the torches of togetherness, they have shown that there is still salvation, the sliver of redemption in the land.

Nightvigil was not gone unnoticed. It is this silent strength that defeats the onyx.

Beneath the oceans, the slab of onyx has reduced its deadly vibes, but all work is not done!

The power of faith and hope....

The symbolic battle of good versus evil....

Please heed the words of 3 destined prophets in the land.

@~ Water Maiden ~@

    Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Scroll of a Shaded Interview
Posted by: Ashimata -- 4:05 PM EST

Hello! For those of you who missed the NRG's interview with the Shadow, I have cleaned up the log a bit and now post it here for you all to read.

Note: You need Microsoft Word to view this document, and it will open in a new window.

A Shaded Log

Enjoy happy.gif

Creative Nexus Bandwidth goes POOF!
Posted by: Nagnag -- 8:22 AM EST

Well, it seems 5 gigs of transfer isn't enough for Creative Nexus (Seeings how openning day we transfered over 1 gig in 6 hours!). So just be patient and wait until Saturday September 1st for it to come back on. Sorry for the delay, nothing I can do :)

    Monday, August 25, 2003

More on the Water Maiden
Posted by: Vini -- 5:58 PM EST

The Imperial research on the words of the Water Maiden is being very efficient, their dedication on it might have influences of Han, still has alot to be uncovered. Here's is the latest studies made on it, taken by Chronicles of the Winds:

The power of Faith and Hope.

Water Maiden

The princess's recent experiences have been mysterious indeed; the song she has recalled from the nightingale's soft, enchanting tune has brought back her memories of when the Empress mother sang to her long ago, during her youth. The soft lyrics of the song inspired her then, and continue to inspire her now.

The song seemed to have a strange effect on the princess; it caused her to dig out an old treasure box full of her childhood memories, where she later discovered a strange, ornate artifact. A song with the power to evoke actions with a direct meaning is a powerful one indeed, and properly harnessed it could do great things.

Although the princess cannot directly recall the specific lyrics of the song, when she hears the melody from the beautiful nightingale, it triggers her wonderful memories and moves her to a state of serenity, and well being. Recent discussions with the princess have revealed the song has been her driving reason and inspiration to lead Buya into a golden age.

However, what exactly is this mysterious song? It has the power to motivate and inspire anyone to do great things, well beyond what is expected of them. Such a powerful tool could be used to enhance the lives of everyone, as well as provide an inkling of an answer as to the recent events.

The princess has mentioned a few facts she could remember about the song. When she heard it as a child, it bolstered her belief that Buya was destined to be a great kingdom. It also caused her to be optimistic about the future. She mentioned the song was about having faith in the land, and hope in the future.

In order to help understand these recent events, the Buyan Imperial Army is offering a substantial amount of gold for whomever can discover, or most closely, compose the lyrics of the song princess Lasahn heard as a child. Remember, she said the song was about faith and hope. May we solve this mystery yet.

Please sent all song lyrics to Valarion by ((1st Sep) 12PM EST.

Bright be thy way.

Sanhae Major
Division of BIA

Hopefully we'll hear more about Water Maiden soon.
Keep your eyes open...unsure.gif

~Vini Normad'or~

Portraits & Profiles return to User Pages
Posted by: Nagnag -- 3:32 PM EST

Quick note - for anyone that noticed - User pages didn't have Portraits and Profiles for the past month or so, but now they're back! Looks like I can find portraits a lot easier for the portrait gallery section now ;)

    Sunday, August 24, 2003

Buyan Kingdom Night Watch
Posted by: MarekP -- 1:15 PM EST

~Buyan Kingdom Night Watch~

Greetings Citizens,
On Tuesday August 26th all the Citizens of Buya must gather at North Gate to hold a night vigil for her Highness, Princess Lasahn , All you need to do is gather some wood from the groves, some coal from the Black Smith in Sanhae, some paper from the Post office, and finally some Beef from the Mythic Ox cave, then make your way to North gate once your Lantern is lit and ready to light the pathways around the Palace.
Once we are ready I will lead us around the Palace for the night Watch. I will explain our route:
From North gate we will be making a Patrol around the Palace and then we will work our way into the Courtyard to complete the Night watch. The Princess needs all of us to protect her from harm, the water Maiden may show up anytime.
Please gather at North Gate with your Lantern at the Following time:

Time:8:00 PM EST
When:August 26th, Tuesday
Where: North Gate Buya
Why: Night Watch symbolising unity of mankind
-Administration Commander
-Buyan Imperial Army
-Aurons Majora

*You also need a Flash Dust to make a lantern*

The Change of Tides
Posted by: Vini -- 12:18 AM EST

Looks like the changes of tides that had been occurring the past weeks may have their reason uncovered.
Last night a few people have spotted a strange woman, called WaterMaiden, which is known to be daughter of Sea Nymph.
Thanks to Elder Lokira and her Scribe, Dakuwan here we have summarized what the Water Maiden said:
"Princess Lasahn has uncovered an ancient pendant inscribed with the ancient text of the Merfolk.

"Destiny has arranged that she will discover the pendant which was given to the Empress Mother by the Sea Nymph every 50 years.

"The scholars have deciphered the text.

"Destiny has beckonded. Harbringer of three omens. Liberate through the flow of waters.

"There are 3 merfolk symbolic rituals to peform to obtain the gills. Listen well. Foremost, a symbolic battle between good and evil; the unity of mankind; the power of Faith and Hope.

"I cannot tell you more on what to do but these 3 rituals will ward off the calamity and prevent the Onyx from Shattering.

"For if it is too late, the entire kingdom will fall into another Shattering.

"The depths of the oceans rumble and quake with the vibes of the Onyx

"It has been 50 years since.

"As merfolk have the power of clairvoyance, I have other prophecies to reveal.

"The power shifts among those of espionage, but the elite remain elusive.

"The 10th Muse sings with the north cold wind. Turn your head and heed not her song. Be wary of the 10th Muse for chaos follows.

"When you know not what you seek, you will not find it. When you seek it and cannot find it, is it not better to allow yourself to be found?

"When the flicker of light which made the Shadow took form, the Rangers were born. Now a decade later, by remembering the light, the circle is stronger than ever.

"Voices of the ages are forgotten and lost, but not unfound or so it is seen by the path of Diviners. Their foresight - a nightmare or gift shall reveal what can be found, but moreover, what is lost.

"A foreign emissary, a stranger to the kingdoms. His name I cannot reveal. For if I reveal the divine secrets it will change the course of destiny.

"Begin by following the 3 clues to perform the symbolic rituals.

"For you don't want zibongs to roam the lands once again.

"Please unite during times of crisis.

"The fight is not in physical form. The fight is the battle of humanity in each and every one of us.

Here was the Imperial response to it:
A letter to the Community.
From, The Imperial Court of Buya.

After much study, and many messages from the odd character known as the Water Maiden. The Imperial Court of Buya Has this report to present. Upon the First Message from the Water Maiden, the Buyan Court came to the conclusion of the importance of these three events that would take place.

First so, the battle between foe and friends alike. We have come to the conclusion, that this signifies the battle between good and evil. This 'ritual' of sorts, was meant to show the importance, and troubles of this great battle.

Second, The great songs that joined voices of the people. The voice of reasoning, and understanding. We believe this signified, the voice of faith and hope that come out of war, and hopefully quells the battle. Also, the Song it's self is important. The song is a lullaby, ment to calm the soul, to bring one to rest.

Third, The Midnight Vigil. The final lights that widthstand both time, and darkness. We believe that this signifies the final lights of hope. How even in adversary, the lights will keep shining. And though some lights may be lost, and some may be gained, they will always shine even when the darkness grows in power.

These past events are very important, and we must never forget them. For if we do, we may lose a part of ourselves.

Sakeo Mitaro Haku Tomicus
Imperial Courtier of BIA Imperial Adviser of BIA

Arts Laureate of BIA


A lot of mysteries still have to be uncovered. Like the relation of Princess Lasahn with it and the effects such Maiden might be causing on members of community.

I guess with time, the answer will arrive.sleep.gif

~Vini Normad’or~

    Saturday, August 23, 2003

Subpath's Fair open!
Posted by: Vini -- 4:14 PM EST

The Fairland is now accessible by the new NPC in Dae Shore.

The fastest way to reach it is through East of East gate Kugnae.
Click the NPC there to enter the fairland and enjoy the Subpaths fair:

Have a good Fair!

~Vini Normad’or~

Thanks Delphi!
Posted by: Rachel -- 6:30 AM EST

Thanks to Delphi for adding both and to the list of fan pages located here . happy.gif

    Friday, August 22, 2003

Subpath Fair
Posted by: Ashimata -- 6:14 PM EST

Come join the Geomancers, Diviners, Shaman, Barbarians, Do, Chonguns, Monks, Druids, Muse, Merchants, Rangers, and Spy at the Subpath Fair in Dae begin at 5 PM EST on Saturday the 23rd....hope to see you there!

~Ashimata Shinjiko


House Updates
Posted by: Rachel -- 4:37 AM EST

As Delphi mentioned in his DW post about a week ago, there have been many changes to the house system.

"The new system should work a lot smoother than the old system, and remove the majority of the "wait for a letter" instances. In fact the only time you will need to wait for a while is when you make a request for a new house design, but this wait will eventually be shorter than before" - Delphi

One of the letters that you will no longer recieve is when you are invited to live in someone's house while offline. Instead you will now see this message in your status box when you log on:

To "pick up the message from the inn keeper" you must say the word, "Guest" (Nexon should add a mention of this soon)

    Thursday, August 21, 2003

Posted by: Rachel -- 1:55 AM EST

Spift and I did a few things today. More additions as well as a bunch of bug fixes will be on the way.

-All Grand Master, Champion, Legendary items added to weapons pages (Some pictures are not up yet, this is not a bug)
-All Lost Mines summoning weapons have been added
-All Bloods and Nimble blades were changed to reflect their new durability

    Wednesday, August 20, 2003

New News Reporters! -- Phase Two!
Posted by: Growl -- 8:34 PM EST

Alright everyone .. After much discussion .. I have chosen the people whom will move onto 'Round Two of the Nexus Atlas Application Process'. This will consist of massive meetings, and interviews. The following people have been chosen:


Congratz to everyone whom was listed! Please expect an n-mail within 24 hours on the listed character! Goodluck!

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters
.: Nexus Atlas Administration

New Ranger Elder!
Posted by: Growl -- 12:36 PM EST

Greetings Nexus Community!

The past week or so, with all the chaos arising in the Ranger circle .. They were in extreme need of an elder .. This was, of course, taken to vote by the entire path.

I would like to lend a good friend a hand .. From myself and Nexus Atlas ...

Congratulations Eldest Ranger, RougeRider!

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters
.: Nexus Atlas Administration

Nexus: TK Server Status
Posted by: AnglerFish -- 12:17 PM EST is now able to display the current server status of the Nexus: TK servers - with information such as how many users are online, how long the servers have been up for, and the servers' CPU and RAM usage.

For a detailed readout of the current TK server status, simply click on the colored circle. A new window will pop-up displaying current status of all servers. Right now, all servers are online and responding, although the script will adapt if one or more servers goes offline.

A big green blip represents that all servers are responding and online.
A big yellow blip represents that one or more servers is down and/or not responding.
A big red blip represents that the Login server specifically is not responding; you will not be able to log-in if you see a big red blip.

I will create a "portable" version of this script soon so that it will be possible for you to place Nexus: TK server status onto your desktop (by using an Active Desktop component).


Exile Exiled!
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 11:37 AM EST

DREAMNATION (Reuters) -- Players of the latest rendition of "French Nexus" discovered today that the run of Nexus Exile has ended. The following statement (in translation) was released:

End of a beautiful adventure

Dear players and friends,

Today we have to take our quill and announce to you what we all fear: the closing of Nexus Exile.

Yes, it is with much bitterness that we signify the end of this adventure begun in December 2002. Bitterness is a weak word in the face of our distress, our disappointment and our sadness.

This adventure began in autumn 2002, when impassioned roleplayers decided to create a new Nexus universe in French. Nexon, head office of the game NexusTK, allured by the project, worked with the Dreamnation team to develop this French-speaking game and granted us a temporary licence.

After several months of work, closed Beta began in March 2003. Many bugs corrected, we launched open Beta on July 1, 2003. A marketing campaign was to begin in September 2003.

Unfortunately, following this open period of Beta, even after more than 700 players subscribed in one month, Nexon decided to stop the adventure Nexus Exile. We, however, thought that we had shown our abilities and desire to run this game (following up on bugs, interest and originality of the game, commercial follow-up); but it was not sufficient to ensure its commercial launching.

We thought that Nexus Exile was going to find an audience and we don't see why it was not a relative success; however, to our great regret, we will not have time to check our forecasts.

In spite of this brutal stop, we wish to thank Nexon for their confidence and the technical follow-up which enabled us to carry out a beautiful Nexus universe under good conditions.

We hope for all that you had a good time on this game with us. We spent 8 formidable months working on this game and several months feverishly working with it in Beta.

We want to make a point of thanking all the players for their confidence, their council, their encouragement, all these small things which motivate a team. We wish to thank those which were massively invested and which helped us to make Exile playable.

We hope to see you all again one day on a game online or elsewhere.
For all those which wish to keep in contact with us, do not hesitate. Your remarks, questions, and (stories?) will be always welcome at our e-mail address:

It is awful for everyone to stop this beautiful adventure today in such a brutal way.

We have only one word to say:

THANK YOU to the players for the many very good moments spent, with the Masters of the game for their assistance and their passion.

All the team of Dreamnation.
Exile is dead, long live Exile.

Courtesy of Vegitto and Lalia.

    Tuesday, August 19, 2003

New Feature
Posted by: Rachel -- 6:53 PM EST

(For some reason I always post like 10 times in a row blink.gif)

When you visit the website. You should notice a new feature in the upper right hand corner. It displays the current number of users online.

As I write this it looks like this:
848 users online

When you click on it, it will link you to a new page with information on server status, users online, etc. Next time you can't log on a character that lives in Buya, you can check this page and see if any of your other characters are able to log on. ^.^

(Thank you to Anissa for pointing this out on the community board)

NPC Join Bug Fixed
Posted by: Rachel -- 5:23 PM EST

I'm told that the NPC subpath joining bug is now fixed. It also seems that those that have lost experience have had it returned. (If you lost experience but have not had it returned, send an e-mail to False reports will most likely result in punishment.)

Carnage Applications Open
Posted by: Rachel -- 3:55 AM EST

(I don't know how recent this post is; I've had internet problems and haven't been able to log on much)

So, you want to join the Carnage Staff? Fill out this form and n-mail it to CarnyApp.

excl.gifApplications sent to any other person or character will be deleted unread!excl.gif
((Same for applications sent to Rachel who has nothing to do with carnage. wacko.gif))

-You MUST have Sage
-You must be level 99
-You must have played Nexus for at least 4 months. (Early Yuri 57)
-You must have 20 Riches carnage participations.
(Preference goes to applicants with more participation experience)

Justice brands are a big negative, but qualified applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you are accepted, then you need to obtain a pardon.

-------------------------- Cut here --------------------------------

Real life age:
Applying character name:
Other character names on account:
Yuri born (on character applying with):
Path/subpath (on character applying with):
Clan (on character applying with):
Any positions held (guide, elder, judge, etc):
Number of Carnages participated in (total for all characters):
Carnage level most familiar with:
What times (From - Until) are you available each day (please indicate time zone used for times)?

-- Please write a short (one or two paragraph) answer to each of the following questions:

What does it mean to be ethical, both as a person and as a host? Why is this important for the Carnage staff?

What does it mean when we say: "Hosts have no friends or enemies when hosting"?

Why is it important that hosts and assistants arrive on time?

What is the goal of a Carnage host? What is their main focus?

How does your being a member of the Carnage staff matter when you are playing in a Carnage?

Why should we hire you instead of someone else?

    Monday, August 18, 2003

Four Knights Inducted; Peace Minister Retires
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 11:58 AM EST

Peace Minister Muckish steps down after 18 years of dedicated service

Prince Mhul of Koguryo, flanked by Ministers Starrbrite and Muckish, receives his royal court as he commences the ceremony.

KUGNAE -- In a ceremony at the Royal Coliseum yesterday, four outstanding citizens were dubbed Knights of the Order of Koguryo. In accordance with the regulations of the Royal Peace Ministry, each candidate was anonymously nominated. The onus was on the nominator to demonstrate on the nomination application how the candidate exemplified at least ten of the twelve qualities of nobilitas.

Culture Minister Starrbrite is all smiles as she is dubbed Dame of the Order of Koguryo.

Honoured today were Master Musician Sailortaurus, Primogen Vini, Diviner Yeang, and Minister Starrbrite.

Koguryo's newest knights (from left): Dame Starrbrite, Sir Sailortaurus, Sir Vini, and Sir Yeang.

An intermission was called, during which time Councillor Tamo of the Peace Ministry entertained the crowd with a brief trivia competition. Immediately thereafter, Peace Minister Muckish commanded the attention of the coliseum as he announced his retirement from his position. "I absolutely loved my time as Royal Peace Minister, and I have so many to thank for their time and assistance," he said. "I have enjoyed many exciting moments, such as the Golden Jubilee and designing Royal Coliseum." He has indeed upheld his eighteen-year pledge to serve Koguryo, and he will be missed as Peace Minister. Prince Mhul replied, stating that he would not have been able to handle issues of importance without Minister Muckish's "firm hand on many problems of the kingdom and wise advice."

Muckish is given a sunrise fan, engraved, "Protector of Peace," by Minister Starrbrite, as a token of appreciation.

Lord Muckish then announced his successor, Councillor Sidious, who took the pledge of office, and was awarded with the retired minister's keys and robes.

Peace Minister Sidious.

The Pledge
"From this day forward, I pledge my loyalty and allegiance to Koguryo and His Majesty King Yuri the First, King of Koguryo, his son, Prince-Regent Mhul, and all his heirs and successors. I swear to faithfully observe the laws of Koguryo, and fulfill my duties as Royal Peace Minister. This on His Royal Highness King Yuri's sixtieth year of reign."

On behalf of NexusAtlas, I extend a hearty note of congratulations to the four new knights, to Muckish on his retirement, and to the new Peace Minister, Sidious.

    Sunday, August 17, 2003

Calling all Scholars!!
Posted by: MarekP -- 5:15 PM EST

The caretaker posted today on the community board.biggrin.gif

((Contest opens: August 17, 2003 at 3:00 PM PDT))
((Contest closes: September 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM PDT))

Greetings, Citizens!

It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce a competition to fill the Museum of Nexus History's new boards with some new articles based on the exhibits that they pertain to. These articles will become a permanent part of the new Museum, entertaining and teaching those who read them for a very long time to come.

For an occassion as special as this, myself and those involved with the Museum of Nexus History will select one article from each topic and name it as a winner. A very special prize will be awarded to the author of the winning article to represent the thanks of myself and the staff of the Museum of Nexus History. Each winner will receive a Jewel of Scholarship, a unique item that has never graced the Nexus before.

The topics that you may enter for (YOU MAY ONLY ENTER ONE) are:
1) The Lost Mines
2) The Zibong; KaMing and KaKahn
3) The Pirates
4) The Totems (one of the totems - either Hyun moo, Ju jak, Chung
Ryong or Baekho; a winner will be named for each totem)
5) The Wildlife of Nexus
6) The origin or a legend pertaining to one of the items found in
Shipwreck Shore (one winner will be named)
7) The Wind Gods / The Wind Armor
8) Blight and the Forsaken
9) The God War
10) ChiZao and the Renewal of the Earth
11) The Shattering

The article may be about anything, as long as it is relevant to the topic you are submitting your entry for. For example, you could write a tale about the several events leading up to the God War, but a story about Grin's origin would not qualify.



Please make sure to proof-read your work to the best of your ability for spelling and grammar errors. Articles will not be judged on those two things alone; they will be judged on a multitude of things, such as relevance to the topic, form, etc.

Thank you for your interest in the contest, and good luck!

The Caretaker
The Museum of Nexus History

Interview with the Shadow
Posted by: Ashimata -- 4:25 PM EST

Tonight at 8 PM EST, the NRG will be hosting an interview with Shadow Strawbryrain. It will be in a question and answer format. Have any questions about the Shadow? Feel free to come and ask away! For further details please feel free to check out the NRG.

Posted by: Windis -- 10:37 AM EST

The PC Subpaths have also been granted new things to help mostly with organization and problems with member position.

Among additions:

-Reverence is now available to be used at all times, even if your Elder is offline.

-Guides may now be demoted offline(Useful for inactive Guides who seemed to have "dissapeared")

-Fixes in Nuisance, Member removal, and User Lists.

Among problems are Guides keeping their Guide spells if demoted while offline. It may also take a reset for that Guide to lose their mark and other powers. Elders, please note any problems and contact Shajara, Eldridge, or Delphi.

If there's anything else to report, please contact a Nexus Atlas staffer to post it up!


A few updates...
Posted by: Conro -- 12:25 AM EST

A few updates to share with everyone... (Some of these new from recent resets, others just found out from pervious resets)...

- Master+ Tailors and Weavers can now be chosen to 'Weave wind' for wind quest.
- Ring repairs for Rings not bought in shops have been doubled. (Forsaken ring used to cost me 1.5 coin per durability, now it costs exactly 3)
- Bug currently where you cannot live in your house.
- Rent updated to include who long you wish to renew rent (in months). No more clicking and guessing.
- Bug with doing NPC path quest, but not getting in, fixed.
- On house server, you may use the 'Return home' function through F1 to be teleported back to where you normally wake up (useful if someone traps you in their house)
- Some are experiancing a bug where the Inn keeper doesn't know what to charge you for rent. Email Delphi if you have this problem.
- New house feature: Potions and Scrolls (including yellow scrolls) can be turned on or off.

If anyone finds any other updates, please NMail me. I'll include your name on the post. I will not accept whispers, so please only NMail.

    Saturday, August 16, 2003

Creative Nexus Re-opens!
Posted by: Nagnag -- 8:50 AM EST

Eh I'm a bit late on posting this (2 days late) but Creative Nexus has re-openned and it has a new layout and new sections! Such as 20 new additions to the doll maker (10 bodies and 10 heads), a portrait gallery and fan art gallery! Expect updates over time. Also, there is currently a 1,000,000 coin contest going on on there that NO ONE HAS WON YET! Go see!

The Celebration of Yuri 60 Arrival Results
Posted by: Vini -- 12:51 AM EST

Looks like the change of the Yuri 59 to Yuri 60 wasn’t forgotten and a lot of people decided to celebrate it gathering on Oceana hall and having a lot of funs with their friends and our members.laugh.gif
Much fun on the the 1st Yuri 60 Ball:

There were many trying on the trivia too but the lucky winners were:
1st Nykid – 100k
2nd Toggo – 75k
3rd Portal – 50k

On Sea Riddles the winners were:
1st- PikaChuborg
2nd- Ickarus

The Outfit Contest was won by Nuja:

I wonder why wasn’t Starrbrite, she looked really great=)happy.gif

On The Doors of Hope there where a few lucky ones, like Katsuro who won the best prize.

And of the ones who stayed until the end for Navy’s man hunt, winners were; Ninwa and Ickarus(again)

I would like to thank everyone who came to enjoy and the ones who helped in the Celebration of the Arrival of Yuri 60.
I’m sure a lot of people had fun and when I say a lot is because we had over 150 people who came to Oceana Hall today.
The complete list of who came you can check on Oceana Shrine.biggrin.gif

~Vini Normad’or~

    Friday, August 15, 2003

Happy Yuri 60!
Posted by: Rachel -- 10:07 PM EST


The 60th Yuri Arrival Celebration!
Posted by: Growl -- 3:55 AM EST

The Oceana clan, will do today a Celebration on their hall for the Arrival of the 60th Yuri.
Koguryo promisses alot of events in this upcoming Yuri, this will mark the beginning of of many.

It will be hosted in Oceana Clan hall(Kugnae 58, 62) and wil count with many mini-events, including Trivias, Riddles, Dressing Contest, a Man's hunt(like fox hunt)a Guessing game and of course a Ball for us all to dance while celebrating. Will start today at 10 pm EST.
Be There!

edited by Vini

    Thursday, August 14, 2003

Mysterious Nightingale
Posted by: MarekP -- 9:33 PM EST

Dear Journal,
Yuri 59, Winter

A nightingale with resplendent plumage and an equally enchanting song has mysteriously been appearing on the veranda of my bedroom balcony upon twilight for the past few nights. It never fails to greet me with a captivating tune that belies its melancholy.

The song it sings however, brings back memories, reminisce of my childhood day where Empress mother used to sing to me. I don't know what overcame me, but an overwhelming urge swept upon me to drag out the childhood 'treasure chest' that has been kept underneath my bed. The bejeweled and gilded chest sparkled as its mirrored lid once again met the light of day.

Blowing off the dust that has found home on its covers, my favorite Maegu Drum and Beaded rattle greeted me once again with its childhood charms as I pried open the lid. Suddenly a pendant fell upon my lap. It was something Empress Mother has left for me behind, its ornate and intricate designs were foreign and unusual, something I am sure is not of Buyan, Kogurian or even Nangen origin. What fascinated me the most was that it opened up to reveal what seemed like a coded inscription. I wonder if it has any significance.

My intelligence officials and imperial court scholars shall peruse through the tomes and scrolls to bring me the answer I desire.

I pray my kingdom continues to prosper.

~Princess Lasahn~
~Head of State of Buya~

Darkness beckons...
Posted by: Conro -- 3:07 PM EST

While cutting down some heards in sheep three, our moet, AnimeRage, pointed out to my group that the elusive Johaih was with in the bounds of the kingdom.
After checking for myself I quickly saged to Johaih what he was doing within Mythic Nexus, and with that he quickly darted off!
The power of the onyx has apparently corrupted Johaih's soul and body further, progressing him to the mark of Sam san. (Shown in the picture below)

Also, please be aware that there are several bugs with the housing system. At the moment you cannot live in your own house (it will give you a pop up when you click 'live in my house' that says "You cannot live here yet".)
The legend erase bug still exists. Those found guilty of providing information on how to abuse it can be bannished from the kingdom for the rest of their lives.
Please also be aware of the 'Cunning jump' bug, which allows people to hit cunning 3, 4 and 5 much quicker than doing it honestly. This may potentially be bug abuse, so please do not use it until confirmation is given.

Darkness brews... will Johaih finally show himself to the Nexus?

Nexus bug, watch out =/
Posted by: Rachel -- 3:04 PM EST

I don't like posting about bugs much, but there's a bug when people try to join NPC subpaths. Normally, you give up 1 billion experience and some items and you join the path. The bug is taking items and giving legend marks, but it is NOT admitting you into the subpath.

I suggest you wait before joining NPC subpaths. Fortunately, since it gives a legend mark it should be easy for Delphi to figure out who really lost items and experience.

New newbie feature--Bug
Posted by: Breserk -- 2:24 PM EST

All the newbies in the kingdoms have gotten the powerful ability to go on tour to Nagnang! Yup! Newbies can now click F1, Nexus for novices, quick tour, and pick Nagnang! If you are in the tutorial area, it will not offer help.
Thank you Sideline!

This is for the community--There's currently a bug that sometimes your tnl becomes 0 even when you're not 99, if that happens simply kill first thing on sight and you will level.

Subpath Fair?!
Posted by: Growl -- 10:40 AM EST

Along with the latest reset .. A new NPC at Dae shore was implemented. You can see it here:

When you click on him .. The following pops up:

Hopefully this NPC will be of more use soon. ^^; laugh.gif

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters
.: Nexus Atlas Administration

... And once again, thank you Paranoid.

New Updates!
Posted by: Growl -- 8:56 AM EST

Directly taken from the 'DREAM WEAVERS' Board, posted by delphi:


Today I have stated implementing a new house system, although this is not the biggest thing done today it will probably be the most noticeable right now.

The new system should work a lot smoother than the old system, and remove the majority of the "wait for a letter" instances. In fact the only time you will need to wait for a while is when you make a request for a new house design, but this wait will eventually be shorter than before.

As you may have guessed this is a big change (completely re-writing the inn system from the ground up), and there may be some problems I didn't find. I will take care of these issues as soon as I can.

Apart from that there should be odds and ends fixed up from the last batch of updates, as well as some other updates for things later on.

Have fun



Thank you Paranoid, for pointing this out to me. :)

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters
.: Nexus Atlas Administration

    Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Legend erasing bug... Carnage information
Posted by: Conro -- 6:14 PM EST

Please be aware that there is a bug out right now that can reset your entire legend, discounting everything on it, including past quests, carnage wins and even jail brandings.
Please also be aware that if you take advantage of this bug, Nexon may deal with your character as harshly as they like. People have been bannished in the past for abuse of this recurring bug.
Anything lost from this bug, including legend marks will probally not be returned, as they have not in the past.

Please watch your character!


Because of a bug in our system we cannot see team colors and thus cannot select teams as normal.

The only way to work around this is to use autodye. Hosts are instructed only to use autodye and do not attempt to balance teams no matter the outcome of autodye.

If you have problem with this, do not come to carnage.

Head Carnage Host


    Tuesday, August 12, 2003

More about forced restarts
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 2:13 AM EST

Further to Esterk's report, forced restarts have been resulting from a worm by the name of MSBlast. More information and removal solutions can be found courtesy of Trend Micro. According to reports, a "vulnerability in the Windows Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) Remote Procedure Call (RPC) interface allows an attacker to gain full access and execute any code on a target machine, leaving it compromised."

Remain vigilant and keep yourselves and your computers safe.

Nexus Atlas Staff Applications
Posted by: Spift -- 1:32 AM EST

We have two more openings on the Nexus Atlas staff in addition to the news reporter job. The first is a graphic designer position and the second is a PHP scripter. If you have experience in either of the two fields, don't hesitate to apply for the position.

If hired, applicants for these two positions will get a news account as well as an FTP folder for them to upload their work to the website.

Graphic Designer

Applicant should be proficient in pixel art and be able to quickly and acurately make high quality looking Nexus gifs. Applicants will pass initial tests and the challenge will increase until an applicant stands out from the rest.

Application must be mailed to with a Subject of "Graphic Designer". All applications with an improper subject heading will be ignored. Do not miss an opportunity to work at Nexus Atlas because you didn't bother to use the appropriate subject.

If you have an email client setup on your computer, you can open a blank email by clicking here.


Nexus Character Name(s):

How Long have you played Nexus?:

What positions have you held in the Nexus (official and nonofficial)?:
-- Positions also include Subpaths (Walkers too), Carnage Hosts, Clan council, etc..

Are you friends with any staffer at NA currently?:

Please send in a graphic (.gif format) of a Dragon fan, an animated Molten blade, and an animated Polearm. These items should be both held in someone's hand as well as be resting on the ground (this view can be seen in exchange). All of the items should have a transparent background.

An example of a Fire blade is:

Remember to take all screenshots with Shift+Scroll Lock so the images come out in a .bmp format.

To get you started, the four Molten blade pictures are provided here:

Both Molten blades and Polearms have four frames and last for 0.5 seconds each.

We will be grading based on both quality and speed of your work. Good luck and remember to attach all images to your e-mail application.

PHP Programmer

We are looking for someone to work on php scripts for the Nexus Atlas website. If you have experience in writing advanced PHP scripts, this may be the job for you.

Application must be mailed to with a Subject of "PHP Programmer". All applications with an improper subject heading will be ignored. Do not miss an opportunity to work at Nexus Atlas because you didn't bother to use the appropriate subject.

If you have an email client setup on your computer, you can open a blank email by clicking here.


Nexus Character Name(s):

How Long have you played Nexus?:

What positions have you held in the Nexus (official and nonofficial)?:
-- Positions also include Subpaths (Walkers too), Carnage Hosts, Clan council, etc..

Are you friends with any staffer at NA currently?:

Do you have any knowledge of programming languages other than PHP? Please explain:

Please send in any examples of your work in PHP. Please limit your portfolio to one or two scripts and make sure that they show your best work. Applicants will be judged based on their work.

All scripts should have a working demo available on the web for the staff members at Nexus Atlas to try. Please include a link to your script inside the e-mail.

Knowledge in coding websites in PHP is a plus as well.
Good luck to all applicants and we will announce on news when the positions are closed.

On a side note, my e-mail address has changed, so you may now e-mail me at

    Monday, August 11, 2003

Nexus Atlas Applications Open!
Posted by: Growl -- 11:46 PM EST

Job: News Reporter

That is right guys .. Nexus Atlas is accepting new News Reporters. We are only taking the best of the best. Here is how the process will work:

1. You are to send the application [below] to the Nexus Forums Name: Applications. You will do this though the PM function .. Yes, you must have a Nexus Forums account.

2. After narrowing the applications down to about half .. I will interview every last person.

3. I will take my selected names to my staff .. Yes I do like their input as well. biggrin.gif

4. After a final decision -- The new staff members will be selected


Nexus Character Name(s):

How Long have you played Nexus?:

What positions have you held in the Nexus (official and nonofficial)?:
-- Positions also include Subpaths (Walkers too), Carnage Hosts, Clan council, etc..

Are you friends with any staffer at NA currently?:

What is your favorite Nexus event?:

Please Write a Story annoucing the event below:


Good Luck Everyone!

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters
.: Nexus Atlas

Forced CPU Restarts: How to fix it.
Posted by: Esterk -- 5:49 PM EST

Some of you may know about this already. Your playing Nexus, or anything else in general, and your system forces you to restart because the Remote Call Procude close unexpectdly. This is not a virus nor a trojan. It's a DoS (Denial of Service) attack affecting Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003.

Here's the article explaining the flaw in Windows that does it:,aid,111856,00.asp,

To stop this from happening, There are two solutions.

XP Users
1.)Go to start> run> services.msc
2.)Scroll down till you see Remote Protocal Procedure (RCP).
3.)Right Click and select Properties.
4.)Select the 'Recovery Tab'
5.)Change all fields to 'Restart the service' from 'Restart sytem'.
6.)Apply and all that good stuff.

I never used Windows 2000, so I don't know if it has services. However, here's another way that I'm sure 2000 users can. You'll need to get a firewall (Windows XP, 2000, and Servers 2003 comes with one), and set it to block the following ports: 135, 139, 445 coming from TCP.

This has happened to me 5 times today, so frustration leads me to post.

Specail Thanks to Stabme for this information.

Edit: Link fixed.

1st Imperial Voice News!
Posted by: Vini -- 1:31 AM EST

The 1st issue of the Imperial Voice under the new Mistress Scribe of Buya has been posted in Buya News. The board is located at 37, 111 in Buya or can also be found inside Buya Library. It's quite interesting, and very good for those willing to get to know the news about Buya, so... go check it!biggrin.gif

~Vini Normad'or~

    Sunday, August 10, 2003

New Mage Dog Spell Tests
Posted by: Corath -- 8:31 PM EST

This evening, myself and DzastaM did some tests with the new dog spell. He wanted to see if, after learning the new spell, there were more afterwards.

So, he forgot his old VB spell, and got the new one. And he confirmed what we thought... there's nothing afterwards. And he's also a good tester, as since he's Sam san, there's no other level plateau he can reach to learn it.

After that, we went to the arena and tested the damage. It did around 1.5k damage at 0 ac, and used 700 mana per shot. I'm not sure what the damage or mana taken is for the Il san VB. However, DzastaM said casting this took a good chunk out of his mana, and the other one rarely did.

Lastly, he went to the Mage's guild and checked to see if he could re-learn the old VB spell, and he couldn't. Unfortunately, he exited out of Nexus before I could ask him if he could re-learn the old VB after forgetting the new one.

So again, I'd like to thank DzastaM for doing this (it was his idea, by the way), and hopefully newer stuff will be coming soon.

Rangers back on the Track
Posted by: Vini -- 8:01 PM EST

Looks like the Rangers have gathered to solve their current situation and it will no longer be a major problem to be discussed by community.
Here is what's said by their guides:
Dear community,

On this matter with Nsane, Darken, and the rising factor
of the shadows, we'd like to let you all know that this is taken care of.
The remaining guides and the ones that were kicked by Nsane
are talking together to make the right moves to get us back on
track. Once again, we have everything under control, the next
few days will be tough, but nothing we can't deal with.

On behalf of the Rangers and Ranger guides, I thank you.

`Ranger Guide

For now all we need is patience. I would like to express my support to the Rangers as posted on COTW and wish tem luck on this hard task they will go through.blush.gif

~Vini Normad'or~

Valdessi's Comments
Posted by: Breserk -- 5:18 PM EST

Taken straight from the Community board, these are Valdessi's (former Ranger elder, Baekho) comments on the recent Ranger events. Hopefully this will shed some light and people will stop making rumors.

Although I do not walk the path of the Rangers any longer, I feel that I have the most influencial voice and can justifiably represent the path...especially regarding the current chaos that the path is in. I would like to clarify the events that have taken place and hopefully it will shed light to the situation.

Last night, Darken handed over eldership to Nsane unjustly (he was hacked) Nsane was warned and later crucified by his own path and the community, which caused him to delete the Ranger's code, demote all of the guides, and get himself banished to the out lands far from these kingdoms. Now, the path is leaderless and chaos reigns. I have offered my hand to the Rangers to once again lead them, but it was turned down by the power-seeking glory hunters that now infests that path like roaches. Rather than fighting to become Elder again, I have washed my hands clean of it for good. It is no longer my problem.

People are now speculating the Shadow's involvement in this. I think it is more than safe for me to say that this is not the case. The shadow are in a delicate position, and a coup like this would not gain favor with the gods. Nsane acted on his own accord and the Shadow should not be held responsible for this or any other accusations. The Shadow are not involved other than by the slander of those blaming them.

Valdessi TeresoV
Last of the true Rangers

Ranger Elder Goes 'NsanE'?!
Posted by: Growl -- 3:57 PM EST

Well it seems after utter chaos .. And some 'fun' NsanE had .. He was removed from the path no more than 5 minutes ago.

Apparently there have been some adjustments to the Ranger Scroll 'Ranger Code'.

Removing every guide .. And abusing elder sage .. I guess he had it coming .. I guess we will see what is next for the Ranger Circle.

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters
.: Nexus Atlas

New Mage Dog Spell - REVISED
Posted by: Corath -- 2:16 PM EST

I was contacted by Portal today that DiamondSharp had found that the Mage dog npc was willing to teach a new spell.

You must be Dog3 stats (60/30) and kill 3 Dog Defenders (sentries) and 3 Rabbit Defenders (sentries), and give a Surge to the dog npc. He then gives you... volcanic blast.

Yes, the Il san spell is now available to mages at Dog3 stats. However, it's unavailable for Il san + mages, so my thinking is that a new spell will be available for them after learning the Dog3 version of VB. However, right now we can't find out, as nobody over Il san can learn it.

FIXED: I wrote Rooster instead of Rabbit defender. It's fixed now, but make sure it's DOG AND RABBIT defenders!

First Grand Master Alchemist!
Posted by: Corath -- 10:26 AM EST

I'd like to be the first to congratulate Neuro on becoming the first Grand Master Alchemist in Nexus.

Unfortunately, he tells me that there isn't another potion available to be made. He'll be providing me with numbers on how many potions he needed to make to reach this level in a short while.

Number One Player In Nexus Is...
Posted by: Breserk -- 7:05 AM EST

Once again, for the second time in history Calmwind has been passed and is now the second most powerful player in Nexus. Shans now takes his place as the most powerful player! Congratulations Shans!

On another note, Johaiah and Itsuwari are no longer on the list.


New Ranger Elder!
Posted by: Growl -- 2:47 AM EST

Congratz to the young .. Nsane on eldership of the Ranger circle! heh. Who knows what is next ...

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters
.: Nexus Atlas

Here's a message from the new elder:


    Thursday, August 7, 2003

BIA Open House Tonight.
Posted by: Esterk -- 5:49 PM EST

~Meet and Greet~

Greetings Community
The Administration Divison of the Buyan Imperial Army would like to let some of the Community who wishes to join the Buyan Imperial Army come inside our home the Barracks, to learn about the Army and to seek out a Sponser if they wish to Join in the Future.
The Army will be opening its doors on August 7th at 7:00 PM EST TIME for any of you who wish to attend. Come all!

~ For Peace ~ For Justice ~ For Buya!

Thank you.

-Administration Commander
-Buyan Imperial Army
-Aurons Majora


Straight from the horses mouth
Posted by: Conro -- 11:32 AM EST

Dear players,

This week, and today especially, we did a very large update to our game server code covering a lot of patches and updates we have been trying to implement for several weeks now. However due to issues beyond our control of core code changes that caused major server instability we had to revert back to the older version on most attempts. Recently these issues have been resolved for the most part, and we are attempting to catch up with all the patches and updates that have been pending.

During this time there may be some small issues popping up here and there, and these will be taken care of as soon as possible. Please let me know of any problems you see and I will look into them.

Please bear with us while we get past this stage, and are able to implement all the changes we have waiting.


I smell changes a'brewin'!

Nexus Atlas Staff ... Applications?
Posted by: Growl -- 3:03 AM EST


People have been asking me constantly .. "How can I become a Nexus Atlas Staff member?" Here is a hint. Don't ask. tongue.gifPeople whom send me news or whatever may be of use to Nexus Atlas are the people we remember. Don't think we just take your news .. And throw yer name away .. I keep track. biggrin.gif Here is another thing! We don't care what subpath you are in! We don't care if they are all merchant, all diviners, all Chonguns, or one of each! We just care about what -you- can bring to the Nexus Atlas Staff. This also goes for you clans, etc.

So there you have it. Applications are not open .. But we -always- have our eyes open. Occasionally we may open applications .. But there is not schedule for this .. It is completely based on when we need someone!

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters
.: Nexus Atlas

    Sunday, August 3, 2003

Emerging from a pile of cloth...
Posted by: Conro -- 12:28 PM EST

EnemyofAll just discovered, almost by accident, that he has made Legendary skill level in the tailoring skill! I was able to sit down and speak to Enemyofall for a few minutes between a tailoring session, and I asked him the all important question of how much cloth has he crafted all together. He told me an estimate of around 400,000!

His skill level has given him the ability to create a new fan, the Dragon fan, of which is pictured below.
Here are it's statistics...
Dragon fan
Damage: Small:1m2
Armor: -9
Healing increase: 9
Protection: 9
Strength: 50
Ee san to wear

A very impressive fan indeed.
Pictured below is DrPepperMage, the son of enemyofall, using this new fan. Below him is the bottom of Enemyofall's legend.
((Please excuse the poor quality of this picture... I'm having troubles with my imaging programs blush.gif The fan should look reddish with a grey design on it))

    Friday, August 1, 2003

Bug fixes
Posted by: Conro -- 11:15 AM EST

A few posts were made on the Community board about bug fixes, this is just a condensed version of all those posts.

- 'Top' bug fixed (used to never take you to the original menu when you clicked top, would just close it)
- Bug with fascinate spell fixed (If you logged off with a Fascinated animal, it too would dissapear)
- Delay between actually receiving mail and seeing the messenger's arrow fixed. Now when you get mail, you instantly know because the arrow appears right after it is sent! Nifty!
- Minor quests only give experiance to person who did quest, even if you are grouped with someone.
- Carnage dye system is currently bugged. The dye operations do not tell you what color team everyone is on, it only shows who are hosts, also the stat parts are a bit broken as well. Enter at your own risk.
- Just to point out, when some of your mail is deleted, and the rest 'sent back' to you; this is not a bug. When your mail box reaches a certain amount of letters, Nexon will automatically delete about the first 500 letters, and send back any of the extra. Don't worry about having to open all of it either, just open the first 'screen' of them (those you can see without scrolling down). Doing this will get rid of the messenger arrows on your screen so you can see new incomming mail.

Thanks to SkaDemon and Ninwa for pointing out two of these bugs on Community.happy.gif