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Past News | July 2016

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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July 2016

    Sunday, July 31, 2016

The new Koguryo Defenders
Posted by: Vini -- 11:52 PM EST
A Koguryo Defender Ceremony was held this evening by King M'hul and the Royal Ministry of Koguryo at the Royal Coliseum. The ceremony which started at 10pm est, lasting over about one hour, recognized 13 new kogurian defenders and a praised for deeds of citizenship.

Here is a the list of all who received recognition tonight:

Bear clan:
  • Do Astrael, Primogen
  • Chung Ryong sahK, Sergeant Bear
  • Luminary Sondok

    Destiny clan:
  • Essence Gelica, Primogeness
  • Champion Bowtiesan, Honored Elder and former Primogen

    Enigma clan:
  • Fury Shigure

    Oceana clan:
  • Monk Elimo, High Councilor
  • Jeong-Do Owym*, High Councilor
    *Although warriors of the Do subpath are allowed to pledge to defend a kingdom, High Councilor Owym of Oceana clan was recognized for his deeds of citizenship instead of becoming defender.

    Sun Moon Sect:
  • Kashou Gnoff, SunDae
  • Visionary ThePoe, Maya's Sun

    Koguryo Royal Army:
  • Kysh'itra Fireburst, Captain
  • Chongun Hero Hero, Captain

    Royal Ministry of Koguryo:
  • Assassin Paranoid
  • Luminary RebelMagic

    Nexus Atlas congratulates all the honored people and may their pledge to defend their kingdom be fullfilled for a life time.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 81, Moon 8~

  •     Friday, July 29, 2016

    A Deadly Shaman Elder Shift
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:14 PM EST
    A tragedy in the Valley of Mudang, Elder Reikai sacrificed herself to free shamans from an evil creature called Todd who had taken control of her and sought to ultimately ascend as Elder of the Shaman path. In the end, MistPrince was the one ascended as Elder of Shamans.

    Todd had appeared in the lands days ago in the form of a fox-like creature, claiming to have discovered an ancient relic linked to the Yomigae, Reikai's family. The relic was in the form of a necklace that he gave to her. Shortly after, without much training he was ascended as a shaman and was quickly given all sorts of access and brands within the path. The other shamans were very concerned with it and it got worse when Reikai announced on Chronicles of the Winds that she would be hosting an ascension of an elder and would promote the mysterious Todd as her successor.

    Concerned with the well-being and true senses of Reikai, many shamans protested against her decision, publicly and privately. It did not work, her mind was set about Todd. Most shamans chose to not corroborate with that and refused to help in the ascension ritual. Reikai decided to do the ascension ceremony on her own. Only two shaman participated in the ascension ritual, MistPrince and Sholah, but spent most of their time trying to convince Reikai to re-think her decisions.

    Irritated with their attempts to interfere, Todd ordered Reikai to sacrifice MistPrince and she was ready to do so. As the sacrifice was about to be made, Monk Davie, summoned a deity bound to herself, Ragaraja. She utilized his power to weaken the link between Todd and the necklace. In one final ditch effort, Davie raised her bow and fired an arrow into the locket, shattering it and releasing the control of Todd over Reikai. As Todd scrambled to gather the pieces of the shattered necklace, Sholah swooped in to prevent any further progress.

    Upon seeing MistPrince hurt and the controlling necklace being shattered, Reikai finally got back to her senses and tried to stop Todd, but it appeared it was too late.
    "There's no going back now, you have already bound your soul to mine. You cannot escape my power", said Todd. He realized that he could not be harmed unless Reikai wished to experience the same fate.

    He then morphed into his true form, a huge arachnid beast, a product of chaos. People tried to help stop the beast from consuming the soul of the shamans, but was in vain. It was immune to any magical spell or arrows shot at it. As a barrier was raised by them before the ceremony commenced no one was able to approach them. Realization falling over Reikai, she prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice herself. To spare her family from suffering to that beast, she quickly embraced Todd, and with one fell swoop, she impaled herself with her sacred YongSang scythe, causing her demise along with Todd's.

    With Todd slain, Reikai's soul, which was bonded to his, was released from her body and her silver thread broken. Before dying her last words were "MistPrince, take care of our family". Her death surprised many people, Muse Candy who was watching the ritual became catatonic for few minutes shocked with what she had just seen. Soon realization swept over what Reikai's actual sacrifice meant. She had trapped herself in the depths of Naraka, keeping Todd there for eternal suffering.

    After the heartbreaking death of their elder they understood that her last wish before sacrificing herself was to see MistPrince continuing her legacy and therefore appointed him as their new elder.

    Nexus Atlas congratulates Elder MistPrince on his new position and wishes him good luck on his new duties. Although his ascension was mostly deserved, it came with a bitter feeling of sorrow. "The Shaman path remembers Reikai as a strong leader, sister, and friend. She will be forever missed within the hearts of the entire path", said MistPrince. Hopefully the shamans will find in his leadership comfort and guidance to overcome these difficult times of loss.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 81, Moon 8~

    Druid's Summer Festival
    Posted by: Vini -- 3:33 PM EST

    Today Druids are celebrating opening ceremony of their Fire Festival of Lughnasadh, taking place during this weekend. Such celebration is one of the four Fire Festivals they have during the year, each with a different theme:

  • Imbolc - celebrates warming of weather during midwinter (Feb. 1)
  • Beltane - celebrates fertility and springtime (May 1)
  • Lughnasdh - celebrates beginning of harvest and of many marriage (Aug 1)
  • Samahain - celebrates end of harvest and preparations for new year (Oct. 31)

    There will be several subpaths joining us in the celebration. This weekend's schedule is below:

    Friday, July 29:
    3:00 pm EST - Opening Ritual
    3:30 pm EST - /|\ Tales Around the Fire
    4:30 pm EST - S7 tournament
    5:30 pm EST - ]V[ Jan Ken Pon
    6:30 pm EST - TBD

    Saturday, July 30:
    5:00 pm EST - /> Samurang Showdown
    6:00 pm EST - ('/.) Jumbles
    7:00 pm EST - <=={= Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    8:00 pm EST - [M] Mini Casino
    9:00 pm EST - Closing Ritual

    Everything will be taking place in the Mystic Garden, Wilderness at 173,213 coordinates. Events have just started.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 81, Moon 8~

  •     Wednesday, July 27, 2016

    Koguryian Defender Ceremony
    Posted by: Loxie -- 4:35 PM EST
    Koguryo is having their Defender Ceremony July 31st. All of the Royal Ministry's regular Sunday events will be held in the Coliseum, followed by a play from the playwriting contest winner Silerphix. It was based on the topic The Great Adventures of King Mhul.

    7:45pm EST: Lottery Drawing
    8:00pm EST: Royal Debate
    9:00pm EST: The Great Adventures of King Mhul
    10:00pm EST: Ceremony Begins

    We hope to see you all there.

        Sunday, July 24, 2016

    New Silla Clan leader
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:50 PM EST
    Just few moments ago Living announced through world shout that he had stepped down and Door is now the new primogen of the Silla Clan of Nagnang.

    "I've been in the clan for about 10 years now. Back then I never imagined I'd become primogen one day. I'll do my best to live up to the commitments this position requires", said the new primogen.

    Nexus Atlas congratulates Primogen Door on his new position and wishes good luck with his new duties. Also a special thanks for Living and good luck on his new endeavors.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 81, Moon 7~

        Friday, July 22, 2016

    Mini-map Update and Fragile Orbs
    Posted by: Loxie -- 10:13 AM EST
    The reset today brought two big changes. With the V726.0 patch the minimap has been updated to show portal information. When you pull up the map and hover over a purple dot it shows you what map each portal leads to and what NPCs are present in the map. This was requested by multiple people on the Rambling Thoughts and Dream boards. Thanks for listening, KRU!

    Two new orbs called the Fragile Orb of Inspire and Fragile Orb of Suppress were added. The Fragile Orb of Inspire is for poets level 60 and higher. For 1,000 gold and 6 ambers mana is preserved. This spell has 10 second aethers.

    The Fragile Orb of Suppress is for mages level 70 and higher. It costs 1,000 gold and 7 ambers.

    Also released was a quest for Do, Ranger, Shaman, and NPCs.

  • Rangers obtained a new quiver "mantle" for ones who have archery winter level or higher. Seems to not be working properly yet.
  • Shamans obtained their very own coats: ritual robe and ritual gown.

    images added by Vini

    Remember the NPCs muttering about Wony not paying them enough? You can find Mogum outside Walsuk's Tavern and donate to feed them.

    There is no mark for donating and it is unknown whether or not there is any purpose to do so other than a world shout and your name as being the top donator.

    Update: Wony has said the top three donators will receive a mark.

    Here is a copy of the reset notes on DreamWeaver's board:
    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: mir    DATE: 7/22
    SUBJECT: Server & Client Patch - July 22th, 2016

    - Portal information added to the Mini Map
    - Experimental Fragile Orbs
    Fragile Orb of Inspire (Poet L60+ Mana preserved with 10 sec aether, for 1000 gold & 6 ambers)
    Fragile Orb of Suppress (Mage L70+ for 1000 gold & 7 ambers)
    - Minor quests for Ranger, Do, Shaman and NPCs

  • Yudu Festival - Today!
    Posted by: Loxie -- 8:35 AM EST
    Today the Royal Ministry of Koguryo is hosting the Yudu festival. It is a smaller ministry festival, with only a handful of clans participating. The festival was planned by Mirfors, to be held in the palace's Victory Square. The schedule is tentative, as some other clans may be joining the festival. If so, this post will be updated.

    Here is what he had to say about the festival:

    The Yudu festival is a traditional celebration focusing on handwashing and the purging of demon spirits. If you find your luck has been waning as of late, the festival is just what you need! Come out; join us and celebrate!

    All events will take place on July 22, 2016.

    8 PM EST - "KRA Joust Tourney"
    Koguryo Royal Army

    9 PM EST - "Fish Toss"

    10 PM EST - "Final Hour Feast"
    Bear and Muse

    New bannings set Viper clan on lockdown
    Posted by: Vini -- 7:33 AM EST
    It seems another round of banning was done this friday morning and has indirectly caused the Viper clan to have a lockdown. This is because one of the three people listed by Head GM Wony as banned as today was the Viper Primogen, Luminary Lexus, one of Nexus top poets.

    The other two banned were Emissary Obduracy, former Primogen of The Forsaken clan and former Top Rogue, and Guardian Voss who was also very high on Top Poets list, around 30th.

    Check below the copy of Wony's post on Scum board:

    FROM: Wony    DATE: 7/22
    SUBJECT: Lexus, Obduracy, Voss

    and all their alts permanently banned for cheating AND/OR character sharing.

    It seems that from the Top 250 Poets of 6 months ago, the Top 3 have been banned and Top Rogue have been banned so far. From the beginning of the year Top Power list overall path, excluding Taiisrhaa who is event character, Nexus has seen the banning of #1, #4, #6, #7 and #12 in power back then. Keep in mind that there is a good number of people, amount the top who are legit hunters. Their positions will slowly be adjusted to the fair ones as the rounds of banning continue on higher levels of players down to the lower ones too.

    Also it's important to give attention to another ban which occurred couple weeks ago and went unreported by news amidst the anniversary news, mostly because Wony wrote a short but important message to all regarding such bans in that post. Here's a copy of it:

    FROM: Wony    DATE: 7/3
    SUBJECT: Aritzu

    Banned, for char share/sold.

    This is too obvious, but I have to state again. Please do not buy, or take over the chars that do not belong to you. It could jeopardize all your characters, and accounts. And of course, don't let anyone use your character.

    I hate to be the mean guy, but I need to be extra harsh toward botting, duping, other hackings and char selling and sharing, in order to keep the community and the economy healthy, clean, and growing. We've all witnessed how damaging a few cheaters can be to the community we love all so much. That will not happen again.

    Keep in mind that when reporting people through ticket support it's important to have the subject clear and the content with as most detailed information as you can possibly give, including screenshot(s) as evidence to your claims too. This helps KRU team find proof of what you're reporting.

    Two important things to keep in mind regarding this are:
  • It's not because you suspect someone is cheating that they really are.
  • It's not because someone you reported weeks/months ago isn't banned that they're not watching, sometimes they might be just observing further to collect more evidences as proof of cheat.
    KRU won't protect anyone if they find proof. Sometimes all is needed is time to see things moving in these matters.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 81, Moon 6~

  •     Wednesday, July 20, 2016

    Nangen Trial: The verdict
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:55 PM EST
    As scheduled the Trial of Nagnang v. Hobart began at 9pm EST in Nagnang Royal Court inside the palace. Dozens of curious people gathered around to watch the second trial held within those walls since the palace restoration.

    The trial was conducted with Fayebelle as mediator of justice and Sieo, the minister of Nagnang acted as prosecutor. Hobart seems to have chosen to represent himself in the defense while King ChaeRi's participation on the trial was just as witness.

    The jurors were formed by primogens and primarch of the seven clans of the kingdom. Present were: Davie, Phillies, Omoikiru, Haunt, Sawl, Blacktalon, Anrak, Belladonna, ShiKago, Ruse, vheissu and Lexus.

    The main arguments used by prosecution were:

  • Hobart violated the Royal Decree proclaimed by ChaeRi on Hyul 77, Moon 12, 3rd Sun which stated the defendant was banned from entering Nagnang and if found of nangen soil would be arrested under grounds of disturbing the peace, conspiracy against the Nagnang Royal Family, and conspiracy to sabotage Nagnang property.

  • Prosecution focus a good amount of time in the negotiations when Hobart attempted in Hyul 35 with Wiyae (man responsible for murder of King Zhou and Queen Filia of Nagnang) to sell or trade information about the onyx he obtained and later giving it to Humma, known murderer of Kinung Mayor Cheyn.

  • Prosecution reminded people of the defendantís attempts to sell Nagnang lands when he was primogen of Covenant clan in Hyul 41 which back then was his first banning of taking any official position in Nagnang.
  • The main arguments used by defense were:

  • The negotiations with Wiyae were not considered an act of treason back then, otherwise he would not have been allowed to become primogen in a nangen clan after that day. He also blamed the effects of the Onyx on his mind.

  • The defendant took over as primogen of Covenant clan during a difficult period of transaction not long after army had been disbanded. According to him he was able to bring the clan on brink of disbanding to be an active clan and helped it survive up to these days.

  • The defendant cleared out that the "Trade bans" on the southern Koguryo route to Nagnang did not affect any crime rates, unlike it was claimed by the King and that he was present during the inspections to the southern gate done by King M'hul, General Amatus of KRA, his soldiers, the Koguryo Prime Minister and the Chongun Elder.

  • In the end, each of the sides spoke their final arguments and jurors had time to deliberate on their votes. One of the jurors asked what the point of that trial was if King ChaeRi had before decided alone on the same sentence they could if fault guilty.
    During the course of the end of the trial this question was never fully addressed.

    After then, the jurors announced they had reached a verdict: 8-4 found Hobart guilty of the charges of treason and abuse of restricted access, he was sentenced to be exiled from the kingdom, and if he wants too much to prove his loyalty to Nagnang he should immediately begin making reparations to the kingdom. At the end of the trial, Hobart was escorted out by soldiers of Nagnang, but upon entering his clan hall to abandon it before moving to wilderness, Hobart fled.

    It is unknown yet what will be the consequences of Hobart's attempt to escape, but Minister Sieo spoke of this could possibly change his status to "Enemy of State".

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 81, Moon 6~

    Trial by Jury: The Nagnang Kingdom v. Hobart
    Posted by: Vini -- 2:31 PM EST
    Couple weeks ago the political scenario of Nagnang had a commotion due to a discussion between King ChaeRi and Hobart which ended up becoming a Royal Trial against the alleged farmer in the kingdom.

    It all started when Hobart made a public statement on Chronicles of the Winds stating he was moving from Koguryo back to "home" in Nagnang and rejoined Covenant Clan, where he was once primogen of. The Nagnang Royal was not happy to hear the news of Hobart's return and made a public statement saying Hobart was not welcome in Nagnang due to his past actions of trying to sell Nagnang lands when he was Primogen of Covenant and trying to negotiate a piece of Onyx with Wiyae, the man responsible for the death of both ChaeRi parents and also involved in the assassination of Prince Kija. While King ChaeRi seemed firm about his decision to not allow Hobart to live in Nagnang anymore, some people jumped to support their King while others supported the former primogen and his right to have a home in the kingdom. From there a series of posts were made public on the matter.

    The situations escalated to a level that involved many different parties and in order to reach a fair decision, the Nagnang Ministry has convoked a Trial by Jury to decide the fate of Hobart in Nagnang. Such community Trial will be held tonight, 9pm EST at Nagnang Palace Courtroom. The list of jurors will not be disclosed until moments before the trial commences to ensure these people will not be approached by third parties and will remain impartial during the moments anticipating the trial until they begin hearing the facts.

    Here is a copy of the public announcement of this trial made by Nagnang Minister Sieo on Chronicles of the Winds board:

    Nagnang vs. Hobart Trial

    To the citizens of Nagnang and all other lands,

    The government of Nagnang is hereby formally calling the one known as Hobart to trial. He may remain within the walls of Covenant Clan until the trial date of ((July 20th at 9 pm EST)) where he will be summoned to the Palace Courtroom.

    In the interest of government transparency, it has been decided that the upcoming trial will be conducted openly for the public to witness. Disruptors will be removed or jailed.

    Any individuals who wish to speak during the trial for Hobart should reach out to him to offer your support.

    Any individuals who wish to speak during the trial for the prosecution should speak with Sieo.

    Not all who contact us will be chosen/allowed to speak.

    Specific charges will be enumerated at the trial.

    -Sieo Bijeon
    Sage of Nagnang

    Nexus Atlas will cover the outcome of this trial as the verdict is decided by jurors. This is the second Royal trial held by Nagnang Government since ChaeRi became the monarch. The first one was trial against Hawkmori which did not end well.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 81, Moon 6~

        Saturday, July 16, 2016

    Summer Kruna Released~~
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 11:57 PM EST
    CoverGirl updated the Kruna shop with this Summer's Bathing Garments, Visors, Trunks and More! Looks like its time to get ready for some Summer Sun & Fun!! Check out her post and available items below~

    BOARD TITLE: Item Shop Announcements
    FROM: CoverGirl DATE: 7/15
    SUBJECT: Summer
    I am ready for the beach!

    \/ Bathing suit
    \/ Slippers
    \/ Sun Visor

    check check check..

    How about you? Are you ready? Don't forget to bring your warm sweatshirt for chilly evenings. Just wrap it around your waist.

    Enjoy your summer! I will be on my vacation...

    ** CoverGirl

    Usable Items: (pass the cursor over the image to check color names)

    Hair & Hair Pieces: (pass the cursor over the image to check color names)

    Coats: (pass the cursor over the image to check color names)

    Shoes: (pass the cursor over the image to check color names)

    CoverGirl also left us a short thank you note on Community for those who didn't catch it yet~~

    BOARD TITLE: Community
    FROM: CoverGirl DATE: 7/13
    SUBJECT: ~~ Flowers ~~

    How did you know that I collect flowers? I love flowers.I love to walk aroud and pick some flowers. Yesterday I found a tiny rose bouquet in front of the inn and now it is in my office. :)

    Thank you for those who gave me a variety of flowers and even a rare one from the event when we met on the street.

    Also thank you for those who sent and keep sending me flowers. They are very beautiful!! I have never seen a bouquest before. How can you make such a big and pretty bouquet?

    I just wanted to say thank you and let you know all the flowers were delivered very fresh and smell great :)

    Thank youuu ~~~

    ** CoverGirl

    I think she enjoyed all our lovely surprises, don't you! Three cheers for a great community!!!

        Friday, July 15, 2016

    New Coats of Wisdom
    Posted by: Vini -- 10:10 PM EST
    People may have a collection of wisdom clothes at their wardrobe, but as of today a new type of coats of wisdom was released, which are called Robe of Wisdom and Gown of Wisdom as can be seen below.

    Before you rush out to Palace Greeters or Palace Chamberlains to get yourself a new coat, understand that these are in fact coats of the Monk subpath and are restricted to their members, at least for now.

    Behold the new "Minor quest for Monks". Special thanks to Elder Jasna and long time former elder Janken for modeling with their new coats undyed and with Monk dye.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 81, Moon 5~

    Disgruntled NPCs
    Posted by: Ferro -- 7:08 AM EST
    After the most recent reset, various NPCs throughout the kingdom have started to complain about their deplorable working conditions under Wony. Here are some of their quotes:
    • Please tell Wony to pay us.
    • Help us. We are being enslaved by terrible Wony.
    • Wony is a terrible dictator and a tyrant.
    • If we don't get paid soon, we will go on a strike.
    • Wony hasn't paid NPC's for the 18 years. We can't go on like this.
    What could this all mean? A prelude of things to come? A practical joke by Mir? We'll keep you posted as this matter unfolds.

    Iron Hands Weapon Stats
    Posted by: Ferro -- 5:25 AM EST
    The recent reset has changed the stats of all weapons released during the event. In particular, all weapons now appear to have 1,000,000 durability instead of 500,000. Please send in the updated stats so we may update our records to match. Thank you.

    New Mini Map
    Posted by: Ferro -- 5:18 AM EST
    Recently Nexus received a reset and we now have the previously mentioned Mini Map. Pressing m will now produce a window that nearly spans the whole screen, and will give you a general overview of the entire map you are currently located in. This overview includes a condensed visual representation of the map, the location of any NPCs on the map, and the location of where of where you currently are on the map. Hovering your cursor over various parts of the Mini Map will give you the general coordinates of where that location is on the actual map. Here is what it looks like:

        Thursday, July 14, 2016

    Upcoming Client patch to V725.0 brings Mini-maps!
    Posted by: Vini -- 10:14 PM EST
    The reset will only happen in at least a couple hours, but we already can find out what's coming with next patch to Version 7.25: Mini-maps!
    That's right, you'll now have a mini-nexus atlas inside the game interface, or so we would like to call it!

    Check the changes that are coming in next version of Nexus TK as reported by GM Mir on Dreams Weaver board and the official website:

    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: mir    DATE: 7/14
    SUBJECT: Server & Client Patch - July 15th, 2016

    - Mini Map added: Press the button top left corner, or press hot key M (Mail has been moved to SHIFT+M)

    - Ringing: The system will look for immediate surrounding spaces before overlapping (Inner system is quite complicated. Will keep working on)

    - Minor quest for Monks

    - Iron Hands Pt. 2 stays for now.

    The mini-map sure comes handy to help those who keep getting lost at Iron Dungeon.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 81, Moon 4~

        Monday, July 11, 2016

    Iron Hands' Hideout maps
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:30 PM EST
    Behold the 6 event maps, from the Key eye portal to the Iron Hand's Dungeon! The three first ones do not have enemies to fight against and the three last ones are cave rooms, being the main one the Iron Dungeon which is divided in 10 levels. The "Estate" and the "Lair" have enemies attacking you, like Hired Hands, snakes, rabbits and even butterflies, but they hit based on percentage of your vita and take damage the same way, similar to Sonhi soldiers.

    Remember: to reach the first room of the event go to Buya southwest corner.

    Click on the map images to view the maps larger and help navigate through them when doing the event quest:

    KeyIron CrossingPatio
    Ern-Aaron's EstateIron DungeonSulfium's Lair

    Points of interest at Iron Dungeon:

  • "Prisoner" -> (37, 19)
  • "Kid Smith" -> (80, 42)
  • Exit to Patio -> (8, 63)
  • Entrance to Sulfium's Lair -> (87, 68) (unlocked by talking to Kid Smith)
  • Entrance to Ern-Aaron's Estate -> (61, 70) (unlocked by talking to Kid Smith)

    Points of interest at Sulfium's Lair:
  • "Sulfium" -> (55, 64)
  • Drying Station -> (53, 49)
  • Salt Pools -> various locations
  • Exit to Patio -> (66, 64)

    Points of Interest at Ern-Aaron's Estate:
  • "Ern-Aaron" -> (21, 31)
  • Aaron tree grove -> (9, 28) (cut for Elm Wood)
  • Tree sap -> (38, 8) (popup appears here)
  • Prized Tree -> (22, 22)
  • Exit to Patio -> (31, 41)

    Check the posts from July 9th for the full walkthrough of the event.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 81, Moon 4~

  •     Sunday, July 10, 2016

    Asmodi/Iron Hands Item Helpers!
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 10:08 PM EST
    We wanted to give a shout out to Huntyr, who began sageing about free event items available at Haeng Tavern in Arctic Lands. Thanks to his generosity, many others pulled together and also donated items at NO COST to the community. Some of the main donators were Huntyr, Bocanegra, Kalique, BlackTalon & RebelMagic, just to name a few.

    There are still PLENTY of items left, so if you need any of the items to complete the Event, head on over!

    We also want to thank everyone who helped complete the event walk-through, with hints, tips, new discoveries and even item information!

    Stats to Iron Hands Weapons Added
    Posted by: LinuxKiddy -- 7:32 PM EST
    We're pleased to announce that the stats of all new weapons obtained during the Iron Hands event are available at our database Click Iron Hands Weapons or visit through weapon's section.

    Special thank you to all of you who have sent the stats of their newly obtained items to me and Vini and also helped us collect the images for each of them, dropped and holding. The list is big so we won't be putting all names here, but you know that you helped and was part of making Nexus Atlas information complete in a considerably fast paced period.

        Saturday, July 9, 2016

    Iron Hands Walkthrough - Part 2 (Iron Dungeon)
    Posted by: Ferro -- 11:23 AM EST
    After placing all 6 items, stand before the center pillar. You will be warped into the Iron Dungeon after going through the popup. Take note that this is the point where the event dungeon opens up, so don't enter unless you are prepared. The only way to return to the Patio from here is not located near the entrance.

    This is leveled cave area divided from 1 to 10. Normally the event caves are divided like this: event cave levels guide, but some people been reporting there has been a change in cave 1 requirements to level 50 minimum to enter. If anyone find different information than this list please inform.

    The Iron Dungeon is the hideout of the Iron Hands. A large area divided with narrow corridors, filled with Iron mercenaries, HiredHands and bizarre monsters.

    The Boss creature in the Iron Dungeon is the same from previous encounters with the Iron Hands, it's a bizarre monster called Overseer sentry which hits very hard.

    Overseer Sentry - 94,500,000 Mil Exp

    The drops are the same from previous event in 2013:

    Overseer Eye

    Durability 200,000
    Armor -5
    Vitality 0
    Mana increase +300
    Will +4
    Regen +1
    Protection +1
    (Any Path Level 50+)

    Enchanted Overseer Eye

    Durability 200,000
    Armor -6
    Vitality -500
    Mana increase +3000
    Will +5
    Regen +1
    Protection +1
    (Any Path Level 99+)

    Il san Overseer Eye

    Durability 200,000
    Armor -8
    Vitality -600
    Mana increase +3800
    Will +6
    Regen +1
    Protection +1
    (Any Path Il san+)

    Ee san Overseer Eye

    Durability 200,000
    Armor -10
    Vitality -700
    Mana increase +4600
    Will +7
    Regen +1
    Protection +1
    (Any Path Ee san+)

    Sam san Overseer Eye

    Durability 200,000
    Armor -12
    Vitality -800
    Mana increase +5400
    Will +8
    Regen +1
    Protection +3
    (Any Path Sam san+)

    Sa san Overseer Eye

    Durability 200,000
    Armor -14
    Vitality -900
    Mana increase +6200
    Will +9
    Regen +1
    Protection +3
    (Any Path Sa san+)

    Here is the continued walkthrough for those who enter the event cave:

    Items Overview:
  • Small Iron Key (various dungeon mobs)
  • Bent Iron Key (various dungeon mobs)
  • Large Iron Key (various dungeon mobs)
  • Shatter Bomb (kugnae arena)
  • 5 Ginko Wood (woodcutting)
  • 5 Cloth (weaving)
  • Bailing wire (various dungeon mobs)
  • 20 Metal (smelting, iron lab)
  • 2 Sun powder (kugnae arena)
  • Hot coal (Flash dust (arenas) + Coal (Sanhae smith))
  • 2 Damaged tongs (Weaker hands in Sulfium's Lair)
  • Gold acorn (squirrels, green squirrels)
  • 5 Fine cloth (weaving)
  • 2 Antler (butcher)
  • Amber (various mobs)
  • Ginseng (buya/wilderness big rats)
  • Moon wine (kugnae alchemist)
  • Tea (muse area)
  • 5 Ern wood (cut trees in Ern-Aaron's Estate)
  • Steel dagger (smiths)
  • 20 Wool (sheep)
  • Bekyun's spear (kugnae spider cave, massive scorpion)
  • 25 High ore (mining, iron lab)
  • 10 Coal (sanhae smith)
  • 5 Featherlight metals (various dungeon mobs)
  • Yellow amber (various mobs, notably wilderness lobster)

    7. Go to the prisoner located at (37, 19). You must be at the cell door to talk to him. Click him and listen to his speech. Choose the second option on the first selection popup. He'll eventually ask you to free him using keys. Use the following keys, all of which will fail: Small Iron Key, Bent Iron Key, Large Iron Key.

    8. Now, get 1 Shatter Bomb, 5 Ginko wood, 5 Cloth, 1 Bailing wire, 20 Metal, 2 Sun powder, and 1 Hot coal. Return to the prisoner and click on him. You will turn them all in, in rapid succession.

    Warning: Upon your return, the bomb will be detonated, taking half your vitality and send you far away from the cell. You may die as a result. You have been warned.

    9. Return to the prisoner and see what he has to say.

    10. Proceed to Kid Smith, located at (80, 42). Click him and follow the dialogs. When prompted, select the 2nd choice.

    11. Now, get 2 Damaged tongs, 1 Gold Acorn, 5 Fine cloth, 2 Antler, and 1 Amber. Proceed to Sulfium's Lair (87, 68) and say crystal to Sulfium (55, 64). You will turn them all in, in rapid succession.

    12. Step in front of one of the many blue pools in the area. You will receive a popup. You may receive an Efflorent salt cake. Repeatedly do this until you have five (5) of them.

    Warning: You may be inflicted with Blind or Vertigo while doing this, so you may wish to trigger the popup with Ctrl+R to avoid having to walk while under the effects of Vertigo. It may also be advised to bring a poet around to dispel you after you are done.

    13. Go to the Drying Station (53, 49). Approach the Drying Station and you'll receive a popup. The "Makeshift tongs", "Makeshift dipping net", and "Efflorent salt cakes" will all be consumed. Wait 5 minutes and then approach the Drying Station again. You will receive an Efflorent crystal.

    14. Return to the Iron Dungeon. Proceed to Ern-Aaron's estate (61, 70) and click on Ern-Aaron (21, 31) and follow the dialogs. When prompted, select the 1st choice. He requests 1 Ginseng, 1 Moon Wine, and 1 Tea. Return with them.

    15. Now, he asks for 5 Ern wood. Bring Axes. Go to the Aaron Tree grove (9, 28), wield an Axe, and cut trees to acquire the Ern wood. Return with the items.

    16. Now, he wants us to tap the trees. Get 1 Steel Dagger and 20 Wool. Proceed to a Tree tap tile (38, 8). You must wield a Steel dagger before stepping on this tile. Repeatedly activate the popup until you have acquired 4 Woodworking sap. Return to Ern-Aaron.

    17. Now, he wants us to collect bark from his prized tree in the center. Get 1 Steel Dagger and 1 Bekyun's Spear. Proceed to the Prized Tree (22, 22). You must wield a Steel Dagger before stepping on this tile. Go through the popup and you will receive a Bark strip. Return to Ern-Aaron.

    18. He will give you an Ern-Aaron's model.

    19. Now, get 25 High Ore, 10 Coal, 5 Featherlight metal, 1 Yellow amber, the Efflorent crystal you had obtained earlier and the Ern-Aaron's model you just obtained then return to Kid Smith and click him. You will turn them all in, in rapid succession. Wait 1 IRL hour and then click Kid Smith again. You will receive a Sip San Sear blade. It has insane stats, but cannot be wielded.

    20. Ascend Scribe's Mountain and click on Sam Asmodi. Go through the many popups and you'll eventually get a new weapon and a new legend mark. Please send in the stats of the weapons you receive.

    Weapon graphics and OLD stats (The stats of all weapons from Iron Hands quest have been updated. These are the old ones from when event was released. Please refer to Weapons section for the correct and current stats of each weapon)
    Sa Sulfurule Scepter
    500,000 Durability
    Small / Large: 50m50
    -5 AC
    +72,000 Mana
    +18 Will
    +10 Grace
    Sa San (M)
    Sa Ernlere Staff
    500,000 Durability
    Small / Large: 35m45
    -15 AC
    +30,000 Vitality
    +25,000 Mana
    +3 Will
    +4 Protection
    Sa San (P)
    Sa Featherlight Arm
    500,000 Durability
    Small / Large: 450m550
    +7 AC
    +10 Hit
    +16 Damage
    -1 Grace
    Sa San (R)
    Sa Flame spear
    500,000 Durability
    Small / Large: 215m750
    -7 AC
    +14 Hit
    +8 Damage
    +146,800 Vitality
    +3 Might
    Sa San (W)

    Click here for the Stats of All Iron Hands Weapons

  • Iron Hands Walkthrough - Part 1 (Preparations)
    Posted by: Vini -- 9:10 AM EST
    As reported below, there's a new place at southwest corner of Buya (000,155) called Key 2 and entering it gives access to a place called Iron Crossing which is the starting point of this intriguing event.

    However, before trying to adventure yourself with walking, jumping or swimming on the lava, there are some certain preparations you need to do to be able to enter the hunting cave area called "Iron Dungeon".

    Here is the walkthrough to the preparations necessary to enter the Iron Dungeon:

    1. Go to Crystalline Chapel and click the option about Frozen Footing

    2. She'll ask for one Gruff ring and will give you a frozen footing in return. Here's the Gruff ring quest walkthrough.

    3. Before crossing the Iron Crossing's lava, grab the following items: seaweed, rose, kapur branch, stardrop, amethyst and apple.

    Note: Frozen footing are now more resistant to high temperatures and will not melt upon crossing the lava. This way you only need 1 for multiple crossings.

    4. Go back to Iron Crossing (read news below) and finally cross the lava!

    5. Next you'll reach a room called Patio where the secret of the eye is guarded by a secret hidden on top of 7 pillars. Each with a different keyword.

    Place the Amethyst in the north-west pillar, the Stardrop in the north pillar, the Apple in the north-east pillar, the Seaweed in the south-west pillar, the Rose in the south pillar, and the Kapur branch in the south-east pillar. When standing before each pillar, you will receive a popup. Enter the name of the item associated with each pillar.

    6. Once you type the item name on the 6 pillars of the edges, go to the center one. You only need 1 set per character to be able to go back and forth on this part.

    Once you stand by the 7th pillar at center, you'll descent to a leveled cave called "Iron Dungeon", the hideout of the IronHands. Entering the cave part of the event does not give an extra legend mark.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 81, Moon 3~

    The threat of IronHands to Asmodi Continues
    Posted by: Vini -- 7:00 AM EST
    As the word of the winds blew through the kingdoms, the news that the conflict between the Asmodi and a band of evil people called "IronHands" has gained a new chapter.

    So far, two new aspects were found related to that:

    First is that at Buya southwest corner (000,155) people can now find the entrance to a place called "Key 2", which looks very similar to the first "Key" room from years ago, but without having to pass inks to go through small holes the wall. The Key 2 has a big opening to the Eye located at 023,022.

    Once there, people can find themselves at a room called "Iron Crossing", a large room with an empty tent and a lava river with visible land on the other side. So far, no one has seemed to find out yet how to cross the lava, but approaching the border gives you the option to choose between attempting to jump, swim, walk through the lava.

    The only other hint for now besides that is at the top of Scribe's Mountain, where people can find the "Sam Asmodi". So far, all attempts to talk to Sam Asmodi have failed as well as trying to talk with Mananana or Dashae on Kinung, who helped create the shoes of lavawalker. Using the Ice Beast's quest travel shoes didn't help cross the lava either.

    So at this point the clues might lay in what we know from the past events.

    What is known so far:
    At our first encounter with Iron Hands we found out that they had invaded purgatory and imprisoned Asmodi with some special magic to learn about the existence of the "Eyes". The "Eyes" are portals that the Asmodi use to observe and warp around between the realm of the living and ethereal realm, allowing them to pull people from caves upon situations of dangerous situations to prevent attempt to help saving people from premature death.

    Who are the IronHands?

    They're a ring (or clan) of ambitious spellcrafters who sought the power of Asmodi Eyes for personal purposes. So far, only 3 of them were met, all Sa san casters: A woman named Hacquin (Poet) , a man called Melgis (Mage) and what seemed to be their leader, a man called Gotesi (Poet). They attacked the vale back in Hyul 59 and during those days kept asking people where someone named Darengal was.

    They seemed to have captured and imprisoned the Asmodi to obtain their powers, but community helped sustain the Asmodi against the IronHands and weakened their powers.

    Can we find more clues?
    Here's the walkthrough to the first event

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 81, Moon 3~

    Asmodi/Iron Hands Pt.2 Released!
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 5:12 AM EST
    A server reset was recently posted revealing the newest changes in game!

    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: mir    DATE: 7/9
    SUBJECT: Server Reset - July 9th, 2016
    - Crafting boost ends.
    - Asmodi/Iron Hands Pt. 2 is in.

        Thursday, July 7, 2016

    Character services discontinued indefinitely
    Posted by: Loxie -- 2:12 AM EST
    Wony posted on Dreamweaver today about the discontinuation of character services. Unfortunately, if you wanted your old characters back the time has passed.

    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: Wony    DATE: 7/7
    SUBJECT: Char name change/transfer/restore requests
    Kru will not be accepting character name change, transfer and restore requests for the time being. It is unclear when we will accept such requests. Please value your characters. Thank you.

        Wednesday, July 6, 2016

    Julys Kruna Update!!
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 11:45 AM EST
    Julys Kruna Update has hit! Literally nearly two dozen new items in an assortment of colors!

    WHOOOO, Here's to having a fabulous 18th Anniversary. Thank you Covergirl for your generous addition to the shop and we can't wait to see more!
    BOARD TITLE: Item Shop Announcements
    FROM: CoverGirl    DATE: 7/2
    SUBJECT: Happy Anniversary!

    To be continued....
    ** CoverGirl
    - I want to play, too :( -

    We've all been waiting for some new Packages ~ Check out the beachware available in the package shown below! (Images of those will be available soon!)

    Usable Items: (pass the cursor over the image to check color names)

    Now what Outfit would be complete without the Perfect Hairstyle ~~ Gotta' tell ya, really loving the Crescent hair, can't figure out why...

    Hair & Hair Pieces: (pass the cursor over the image to check color names)

    And YES, Newly-dyed Robes,Dresses and More are also now available. New clothes for your new hairstyle? Yes, Please!

    Coats: (pass the cursor over the image to check color names)

    Keep checking back to NA for all the latest news!

    P.S. I think CoverGirl wants to play with us! Lets make her feel at home. Did you guys know that CoverGirl absolutely adores Flowers? The rarer the better.. fireworks too.. but who doesn't love those! BOOM!

    18th Anniversary End
    Posted by: Loxie -- 5:39 AM EST
    I wanted to write a summary on this year's anniversary festival. It is the first time we've reached 400+ players daily in a very long time. The free play was a huge success, with new and returning players joining us for the event. Many of them reached 99 and I hope to see them joining each other for real hunts to Il san and beyond.

    As a Tangun Tutor I saw very little abuse of the system and more of an effort to explore the changes in the game together, and helping each other with questions and quests.

    The Anniversary Festival was a success thanks to all of the assorted organizations who gathered together to entertain us. I haven't seen this much participation in events in ages. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking time out of your Wisdom Star to host events. I know it helped introduce a few new people to the game.

    If Wony and mir continue with this effort at communication, updates, and offering alternatives when events are delayed things can only improve. Thank you for continuing free play, and thank you for such a great week.

    July 6th, 2016 Reset
    Posted by: Loxie -- 5:23 AM EST
    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: mir    DATE: 7/6
    SUBJECT: Server Reset - July 6th, 2016

    - Anniversary ends. (Wisdom Star, Anniversary Swords, Fireworks)
    - Tangun stays open for now
    - Anniversary Play (5 days of free play for unregistered L49 and below) stays for now (experimental)
    - Double Exp. for Pre-L99 stays for now (experimental)
    - Mentor spell doesn't give karma, and the poet's moon armor quest doesn't require mentor (temporary). Please do not create dummy newbies for karma.
    - Asmodi/Iron Hands Pt. 2 coming soon. We need a bit more testing on the quest. In the meantime, we boosted crafting a little bit for everybody. Again, this is temporary until next reset, and experimental.font>

        Tuesday, July 5, 2016

    Scroll lock no longer takes Jpg screenshots!
    Posted by: LinuxKiddy -- 2:37 PM EST
    While hunting during wisdom star I've accidentally pushed scroll lock instead of home and noticed something different.
    Jpg is no longer an option! the ugly Jpg was replaced with the small sized/better quality PNG.

    I've mentioned this a few months ago how Nexus Atlas accepts screenshots from users to post on the news and sometimes users don't press shift+ scroll lock and they're left with sending us terrible looking images.

    They end up pixelating and colors get messy but NO MORE!

    Welcome to a world of colors, of high definition, where you no longer see pixels, but the beauty of contours and millions of colors even when you zoom in!

        Monday, July 4, 2016

    Happy 4th and 18th Anniversary
    Posted by: LinuxKiddy -- 10:19 PM EST
    NexusAtlas would like wish to wish everyone a Happy 4th of july that's celebrating the holiday today.
    Celebrate safely So you'll be able to continue what's left of wisdom star. =)

    Rumors has been floating around that July's wisdom stars is short
    compared to the new years holiday so get your hunts in while you can.

    A new featured Image shown below has been added to NexusTk's website.

    "Thank you for your support during the past 18 years! May the next eighteen ones be even better for for NexusTK community.
    This month will be full of activities to celebrate the best what the Kingdom of The Winds has: You!"

    This could just be a simple update to the official website, but it could means they'll be updating it a lot more in the soon future.

        Sunday, July 3, 2016

    Reset July 3rd
    Posted by: Loxie -- 6:39 AM EST
    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: Wiz    DATE: 7/3
    SUBJECT: Quick Reset, July 3rd 2016
    A quick reset to fix the bug that Level 50 + Anniversary Play players could not log in. We reset the free play timer back to full 5 days for the players who could not log in. Sorry and thank you.

        Friday, July 1, 2016

    New Wisdom Clothes - 18th version
    Posted by: Vini -- 3:11 AM EST
    The 18th set of wisdom clothes are here and are called YeolYeodeolBeunZe Robe and YeolYeodeolBeunZe Gown.

    SilentS and Wildhair have volunteered to be models to show how the male and female wisdom clothes looks in all four directions and some different dyes.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 81, Moon 1~

    Anniversary Reset July 1st 2016
    Posted by: Loxie -- 2:16 AM EST
    The Anniversary reset happened and unlike the subject of the post at DreamWeaver's board suggests, there was no patch to the client, just a regular update for reset which included the following:

    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: mir    DATE: 6/30
    SUBJECT: Anniversary Patch, July 1st

    Wisdom Star
    Wisdom Clothes
    Anniversary Sword
    4X Exp for Pre-L99
    Opening of Tangun (Experimental)*
    Anniversary Play (Experimental)*
    * Please refer to other Dreamweaver posts.
    modified by ',Linuxkiddy

    Tangun and Anniversary Play FAQ
    Posted by: Loxie -- 2:10 AM EST
    mir posted an explanation about how the Tangun and Anniversary play will work. Be careful, it seems as if your items will be dropped after the end of the trial.

    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: mir    DATE: 6/30
    SUBJECT: Tangun & Anniversary Play FAQ

    Q. How can a newbie character leave Tangun?
    A. Choose a path (be L5), and click Yachae in the inn.

    Q. What is Anniversary Play?
    A. It is 5 day free Nexus play with no restrictions.

    Q. Who is qualified for Anniversary Play?
    A. Pre-L50 unregistered characteres.

    Q. How can I get Anniversary Play?
    A. Be Lev 20 or higher. Find and click the NPC, Halbae, near the bridge in Tangun, and agree to what he says.

    Q. Can I have Anniversary Play more than once?
    A. Sorry, No. Only once.

    Q. What happens if the anniversary ends before Anniversary Play expires?
    A. Your Anniversary Play is still valid after the anniversary. But the NPC that enables the Anniversary Play will be gone, with the anniversary.

    Q. What happens when the Anniversary expires?
    A. You will get a brief notice, then you will drop most of your inventory items, and won't be able to withdraw deposited items. If your current level is higher than L49, you won't be able to log back in, just as if your registration expired. So, if you want to log back in as a non-reg character, do not advance beyond 49.
    modified by ',Linuxkiddy