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Past News | July 2013

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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July 2013

    Friday, July 26, 2013

Server Maintenance and Minor Updates
Posted by: Guldar -- 5:51 PM EST
* Quick reset (5-10 mins downtime) for some server maintenance to improve server stability

Minor updates for:
- Covenant clan


    Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Trial which turned into a battlefield
Posted by: Donjuan -- 11:13 PM EST

Sagu! We needed royal blood to bring back Sagu! - screamed Hawkmori in pain, after Blight breaking the five fingers of his left hand. With such revelation Blight would have left tonight's trial as the hero of Nagnang who finally made Hawkmori reveal why he assassinated Prince Kija. Blight, a hero? Seems he couldn't take that chance and eventually screwed everything up to a point that Itsuwari took advantage of it to help Hawkmori escape. Yes, you read it right. Itsuwari is back, but wait. What was Blight doing there in first place? Let's recap every happening of tonight's events step by step. Grab a cup of coffee, it's a long story.

The main characters

Blight's gang

Wiyae's faction

Announced to begin at 9pm, the trial to decide Hawkmori's fate was right on schedule. Nagnang soldiers Severyn and Thameus went to fetch the prisoner at Nagnang Palace Prison and they arrived at the Nagnang Royal Court 9 o' clock. Thameus pushed the prisoner up until he was at center of the Court, facing Prince ChaeRi and awaiting his sentence.

Prince ChaeRi began by listing the crimes which Hawkmori was accused of: murder of a royal, attempted murder of another royal, treason, conspiracy and others. The prince then asked the defendant if he had anything to say in his defense. Hawkmori said no. The royal then announced his sentence: Hawkmori was to be decapitated. The soldiers were ordered to drag Hawkmori outside of palace and take him to be executed at Memory Garden.

Yet, before soldiers could conduct Hawkmori outside of the Royal Court, Blight and his followers, YeNaeWi and ChinMae, arrived at the room and interrupted the march. Blight questioned how ChaeRi could order the execution of Hawkmori without first finding the reason behind why the criminal assassinated Prince Kija. Blight guaranteed he could get Hawkmori to speak. Incredulous, Prince ChaeRi said "Go ahead and try", allowing his soldiers to make space for Blight to stand near the criminal. ChinMae tried to get close too, but was stopped by Lieutenant Haterix.

Blight was blunt about what he wanted to hear. He forced the assassin to reveal why Kija was murdered. Hawkmori mocked at Blight's attempts and got the barbarian furious. Blight then grabbed Hawkmori's left hand and started breaking Hawkmori's fingers one by one.

The torturing acts of Blight shocked most of the crowd, who watched and heard the assassin scream in agony the pain he was feeling. "STOP IT!" Was shouting Hawkmori after each of his fingers were being broken. With four fingers broken, Hawkmori seemed to not going to reveal anything. Blight reminded him he could continue doing it with the other hand, and the feet and go on and on until Hawkmori had no more bone to break. It did not need much more. After having his left thumb broken, Hawkmori could not stand the pain anymore. "Sagu!", he screamed. "We needed a genuine royal blood to bring back Sagu!" Astonished by the revelation, Prince ChaeRi acknowledged Blight's accomplishment in getting Hawkmori finally to reveal his true motives.

Blight then took the opportunity to mock King M'hul considering the fact that Koguryo had Hawkmori imprisoned for years and never got a single word out of the assassin's mouth when he was being questioned by KRA. Blight then mentioned M'hul and ChaeRi are too soft to do what needs to be done to obtain the results. The barbarian then jumped off the stage and started pointing fingers at Prince ChaeRi. "The man kills your brother and you cannot even get him to explain why.", said Blight to the Prince. "You ruling this land is a terrible joke", he continued to offend the Royal. Prince responded: "And by what right do you think you have to march into my palace and call me an idiot?", questioned ChaeRi.

"Yes, you're an idiot" replied Blight, who then claimed that ChaeRi was unworthy of ruling Nagnang and it was why he and the Resistance should remove him of throne. At this point, the "dots" about the Nagnang Rebels were finally connected. Blight and ChinMae are indeed behind the "Resistance" who blame Nagnang royal family for the tragedies of the kingdom and believe that the borders of the land should be closed to foreigners again. "And who will remove me, you?", inquired the Prince. "You bet it!", responded Blight, who quickly unsheathed his sword. The Prince dropped his staff and picked his sword too. Tension grew high as Nagnang top men were about to engage in battle. "Halt! You shall not touch our Prince!" said, General Donjuan of ARN (yes me), while he marched towards Blight. "And who will stop me, you?", questioned Blight and shortly after knocking Donjuan down. Seeing his General being attacked, infuriated Prince ChaeRi and thus a powerful duel began in the midst of the trial.

The ARN soldiers tried to help by seizing ChinMae and YeNaeWi, but the mayhem was just beginning. All of a sudden dozens of death wizards began attacking the crowd. The Royal court turned into a battle ground while a loud voice echoed through the room: "While you two keep mumbling about who rules Nagnang, we have some business to do.", shouted Itsuwari who started attacking everyone. Hawkmori then mocked at Blight and ChaeRi's battle by saying "Well, I guess this is my goodbye!" and while Itsuwari attacked every soldier and citizen witnessing the trial, Hawkmori made his way out of Court room.

While everyone was busy trying to get out alive, the assassin ran through the courtyard followed by several soldiers who tried to stop him. Hawkmori ran through Nagnang lands, to the south and then northeast and soon disguised himself invisible, making harder for soldiers to track him down. Shortly after the voice of Wiyae echoed through the winds congratulating Itsuwari on freeing Hawkmori. After Wiyae's sage, Itsuwari left the palace as well, leaving another horde of Death wizards behind. "Sorry to interrupt. You may continue whatever dispute you were doing", said Itsuwari to ChaeRi and Blight.

Blight rushed after Itsuwari, but was blocked by the crowd. People were infuriated at Blight for starting the battle which confused everyone up to a point where Itsuwari could take advantage of. While then, Wiyae saged that he was finally reunited with his pupils, revealing again the answer to another mystery; the 3 apprentices of Wiyae are now known: Yieta, Hawkmori and Itsuwari.

While Blight was surrounded, ChinMae and YeNaeWi managed to escape from the palace as the remaining soldiers were still fighting the death wizards summoned by Itsuwari. Seeing the two walking north of the palace made some men of the crowd surrounding Blight scatter, thus, opening road for Blight to rush out as well. Blight headed to the Dark Forest where most people lost track of him. He saged that people were stupid to lose time following him while they should all concentrate on finding Hawkmori. Blight blamed ChaeRi's men weakness for the escape of the prisoner and announced he and his men would make top priority to find him.

Hawkmori took the opportunity to mock Blight via sage. Shortly after, he left to a place soldiers tracked to be "Mountain range", northeast of Nagnang. While then, several patrols of the 3 armies roamed around Nagnang kingdom and its borders to try to find Wiyae's men.

Later at night, King M'hul made a world shout directed to the Prince of Nagnang - "ChaeRi, I was informed of what happened. It seems our common enemy is working to revive my uncle. Our soldiers shall work together to prevent that".
Angered, Blight was the one who replied MuHyul. "Now you show up, Mhul? You kept Hawkmori jailed for years and didn't get a single word from him. If wasn't because of me you would never know your uncle is now a threat>", saged Blight.

The King of Koguryo and Blight continued to exchange some harsh words, until Blight said he wouldn't lose more time discussing with M'hul, because it would take years and get nowhere, clearly a mock at KRA lack of results in their years of honorable interrogation, because they did not make use of torture like Blight did. While the sages between Mhul and Blight were going on, Prince Chaeri and the ARN made arrests of men of Crimson Hand, who were also trying to help free Hawkmori. After then, majority of community had returned to their homes and began to prepare for the turmoil that shall come.

If you read this far, congratulations! You now know the answer to several questions community had over the past years. Perhaps this will lead to Diary Quest final pieces too and all mysteries get solved altogether!

Brought to you by,
-,-@ Donjuan

A special thanks to Severyn for helping with information and screenshots.

    Monday, July 22, 2013

Hawkmori's trial is scheduled
Posted by: Donjuan -- 5:25 AM EST

As announced by Prince ChaeRi, the murderer of Prince Kija shall receive a Royal Trial conducted by His Highness at Nagnang Royal Court, tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd, 9pm EDT. Citizens are welcome to witness the Royal decree which shall decide the fate of Hawkmori, now at Nagnang's custody.

Brought to you by,
-,-@ Donjuan

    Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hawkmori was transfered to Nagnang's custody
Posted by: Donjuan -- 11:38 PM EST

At Last, the transfer has occurred. Hawkmori is now a prisoner of Nagnang. A few attempts of intervention in the military maneuver did not interfere in the results. The murderer of Prince Kija is now finally at Nagnangís custody.

Couple years ago, the Koguryo Royal Army managed to capture Hawkmori at the Cemetery after Wiyae stole books from Kugnae Inner Library. Last week, The KRA did an inspection of new Nagnang Palaceís prison to ensure that it can and will hold Hawkmori with no chance of escape. After it, Prince ChaeRi and King Míhul scheduled that tonight would be the official day of the transfer.

While Koguryo Army soldiers preferred to expose the exact hour of the transfer, the Nagnang Army thought it would be best to have the transfer unannounced, to avoid attempts of interference. Therefore, Prince ChaeRi and the Nagnang soldiers of ARN ventured to Koguryo earlier than it was arranged to get ahead of any troublemakers, and due to the success of the mission, the Princeís decision to advance the transfer by half an hour was proven effective.

The nangen Prince and his Ascendant Regiment of Nagnang Army (ARN) were received by Colonel Elarra of KRA who did not authorize the soldiers to procure Hawkmori until King Míhul arrived. Soon after, soldiers of Buya arrived led by General HakuDoushi. Soon after the arrival of BIA, King Míhul exited from KRA barracks accompanied by Koguryo soldiers. As soon as everyone was set, King Míhul opened the doors of Kugnae Oubliette and soldiers of the three kingdoms were let in. General xDementiax of KRA opened the second door, now inside the oubliette, and put chains at Hawkmori.

Once chained, the prisoner was led outside the palace, from where he was escorted surrounded by Koguryo soldiers and under the surveillance of Nagnang soldiers and Buya soldiers. The route from Palace to south gate was tranquil, but once the troops arrived at Southern Koguryo the scent of death filled the air ((PK was ON)). The tension of the three armies grew high as any wrong move could spur into battle and risk the escape of the prisoner. Gladly, the joint efforts of the soldiers of the three kingdoms managed to safely conduct Hawkmori to the borders of Koguryo and Nagnang.

Upon the change of guards, while ARN was taking the prisonersí chain, the Crimson Hand began to attack. Their leader began by summoning spirits, but Nagnang soldiers were quick to conduct Hawkmori across the border. Koguryo and Buya soldiers stood behind to fight the summoned ghosts.

The Crimson Hand, led by CrewelLye, attempted to interfere few more types in Nagnang, by summoning ghosts and other wicked creatures from the dead, but none were powerful enough to match the determination of Nagnang soldiers.

The prisoner Hawkmori was conducted through the palace and locked inside his cell. While everything seemed set, another member of Crimson Hand, Yeong, tried to help free Hawkmori, but failed. To prevent other attempts, the East Wing of Palace will be locked until the trial, which will happen in two days.

Brought to you by,
-,-@ Donjuan

    Friday, July 19, 2013

Server Maintenance? At Last!
Posted by: Guldar -- 7:15 PM EST

Hopefully this will get us back on our sea legs. See you all on the other side of the storms!

* Quick reset (5-10 mins downtime) for some server maintenance to improve server stability

Minor updates for:
- Covenant clan


    Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Turmoil in the Wilderness
Posted by: Loxie -- 4:59 PM EST
Another letter regarding some more wacky going ons. As with before, there are no images at the moment.

Hey Loxie,

Decided to send this tonight so you'd have it as well for another report:

Turmoil In The Wilderness?

The Skies opened up last night over the wilderness, spewing rains of fire, blowing winds so fierce and bitter cold they formed large ice crystals that tore the ground asunder as they shattered! The ground even shook, spitting forth rocks across the landscape.

Rotah of the wilderness village cried helplessly for assistance as his newly rebuilt village was in danger of burning, or worse, crumbling under the large falling ice crystals and rock.

Luckily, the nearby Geomancers, feeling the disturbance spreading about their temple,called out to the community for aide in rescuing Rotah and his Village.

Thanks to the efforts of the Geomancers, The Prince, ARN, And fellow community members, the wilderness village was saved, with very little damage, and Rotah even thanked them for their efforts!

But what does this crazy weather mean? The elements seemed very out of balance tonight, when a nearby geomancer was asked to make a comment, he only gave me two words... the first so unpronounceable that I was unable to write it fast enough to make sense, the second word, muttered just as the man turned walking back towards his temple... "Turmoil"

~(Name Redacted)

Ritual in the Forest of Elders
Posted by: Loxie -- 4:52 PM EST
Today while sorting my fan mail I received this letter! Unfortunately the Gods of Technology don't want the screenshots to be saved, so here's the letter while I appease the powers that be.

Hey Loxie,

Heres what happened:

A ritual was held Saturday Night by The Crimson Hand, a ritual circle was formed in the Forest Of Elders in Kinung. Among the chanting, beating of human hearts, and bursting of flame, CrewelLye, the Leader of the Hand, pulled out a severed finger with a ruby ring around it. The very finger, taken from Kija's grave in an earlier raid on the Nagnang palace. To the amazement of the surrounding crowd, the finger sprung to life, scrawling in the dirt : U O L Y T C P and what appeared to be a name : Rehkan. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Shaman dispatched an agent to find out more about what was revealed...

~(Name redacted)

    Saturday, July 13, 2013

Another Diary Quest Recipe
Posted by: Guldar -- 11:00 PM EST

Recently, the final recipe that was hinted at by Taik Pae was discovered by the community. It was posted on the Community board by name, but did not include the identity of the party responsible for solving this riddle.

Snake Skin Mesh

Snake skin mesh: 26 Beautiful leather, 15 Cloth, 10 Fine cloth, 5 Snake meat, 10 Fine snake meat.

For simplicity sake, I will re-post the remainder of the first-tier recipes here.

Focused fire amber: 25 Dark, 15 Prism, 5 Ghostly, 3 Ambrosia

Tortured human soul: 4 Fighter essence, 14 Trapped soul, 8 Unleashed anger

Lightly stitched shell: 25 Azure silk, 6 Bear's tooth, 6 Canine tooth, 3 Armored plated skins

The polished stone: 35 Grain of sand, 5 Heavy rock, 3 Rock

Heavy champion rune: 23 prism amber, 10 unleashed anger, 3 amber, 3 scribe's book, 2 scribe's pen

Also, as previously reported, if you read your Diary Pages near the Campfire which spawns in the Woodlands, you receive a list of items which are to be somehow combined to further the Diary Quest. This was reported in September 2012. This report has screenshots of what happens when you read a page near the campfire.

The next level of Diary page combinations are being re-posted here once more. We do not yet know how many of each item are required, or how the six pages of recipes interact with one another.

Diary Page 1 - Plate of metal, Magical parchment, Magical texts, Wings of fury, Ink, Yellow amber, Tako ink.

Diary Page 2 - Plate of metal, Focused fire amber, Tortured humam soul, Snake skin mesh, Amber, Yellow amber, Medium jujak ring, Tao stone, Winter potion

Diary Page 3 - Plate of metal, Lightly stitched shell, Heavy champion rune, Well crafted amber, Well cftd wt amber, Ink, Tako ink.

Diary Page 4 - Plate of metal, Lightly stitched shell, Focused fire amber, Amber, Yellow amber, Well cftd wt amber, Tao stone, Winter potion.

Diary Page 5 - Plate of metal, The polished stone, Heavy champion rune, Amber, White amber, Yellow amber, Large jujak ring, Medium jujak ring, Ruby potion.

Diary Page 6 - Plate of metal, Snake skin mesh, Yellow amber, Tao stone, Amber, Ruby potion.

Good luck to whomever is pursuing the advancement of the Diary Quest!

--The Ursine Ronin

15th Anniversary celebration is over
Posted by: Vini -- 1:20 PM EST
Ever since this morning's reset:
Sute's cave has been magic sealed again.
The bored rocks have vanished and the cardinal directions winds have regained their strength.
The anniversary swords are gone again until next year.

From the nexus 15th anniversary celebration, all that remains were the special items (sword, shield and head accessory) obtained from the winds' quest.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 57, 4th Moon~

    Friday, July 5, 2013

The End of Wisdom Star
Posted by: Nalyd -- 4:36 PM EST
The day we've all been dreading, July 5th, has come. Wisdom Star has passed, but the God's are still giving us a treat! Anniversary swords and the Anniversary events are still going to run through the weekend!

    Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A new KRA General!
Posted by: Ushallfeerme -- 2:49 PM EST
NyKid of the KRA, Koguryo Royal Army, has stepped down from General.
xDementiax has filled this position. On behalf of the Nexus Atlas Team,
we hope to see great things from this new General, and wish her luck in
her term as General.

    Monday, July 1, 2013

15th year Female Wisdom Clothes.
Posted by: Ushallfeerme -- 11:55 PM EST
For those who would like to know, below are some pictures
of the female style of 15th year Wisdom Clothes.

15th Year Wisdom Clothes!
Posted by: Nalyd -- 3:35 PM EST
Our gift from Kru today for 15 years of solid gameplay is a new set of Wisdom Clothes!

Special thanks to StormSeeker for being the male model for the new clothes!

Change in leadership!
Posted by: Nalyd -- 12:02 AM EST
Two days ago Primogeness BellaTiAmo stepped down as the Primogen of Tiger and has given her role to the well deserving Kana!
On behalf of the NexusAtlas staff, good luck and congratulations!