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Past News | July 2012

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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July 2012

    Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Golden Jubilee!
Posted by: Loxie -- 8:16 PM EST
King Mhul's Golden Jubilee is coming up soon! Here is the notice (schedule is subject to change) from the Royal Ministry of Koguryo:

*\|/* From Royal Ministry of Koguryo *\|/*

We cordially invite you to the momentous occasion of

his Royal Majesty King Mu'Hyul's 50th Jubilee!

Our celebrations begin at The Palace of Koguryo

Welcoming and opening ceremonies will take place there

His Royal Majesty King Mu'Hyul
will be in attendance for a Parade of Mounts!
A Bachelor Auction will follow.

We are celebrating our remarkable triumphs in
defeating the evil that plagued our kingdom and the heroes
that have restored order to our Kingdom!

Itinerary of events: King MyHyul 50th Jubilee

Opening Ceremonies
((Friday, August 3rd)) 7 pm est/4 pm pst))

Parade of Mounts to the Palace & around Koguryo
((Friday 7:30 pm est/4:30 pm pst))

Bachelor Auction - Ministry/Clans
Koguryo Palace
((Friday 9 pm est/6 pm pst))

The Royal Fashion Show the Last 50 Hyul's
Koguryo Palace
((Saturday August 6th, 2012 TBA))

Royal Revels Ceremony Closing & Thank You
((Sunday August 5th, 2012 8 pm est/5 pm pst))

Royal Ministry LAG/TAG
((Sunday August 5th, 2012 8 pm est/5 pm pst))

Office of the Royal Ministry of Koguryo

Lady Vales
Royal Minister

Pegasus has a new Primogen!
Posted by: Ushallfeerme -- 6:20 PM EST
Pegasus has had a change of Primogens. The previous Primogen, DryWater, had other matters
that demanded his attention. As he knew he would not have enough time to devote to his
duties as a Primogen, he respectfully stepped down, naming Monstark as their new Primogen.

I spoke with Monstark, and had a few questions for him:

- "How do you feel about your new duty?"

* "It's an honor to be the head of a great Clan, with a powerful legacy."

- "What is the first thing you would like to accomplish as the new Primogen of Pegasus?"

* "Community involvement. Clan events. Bring back combat games."

- "What is your end goal? What do you want to be known for accomplishing by the time you
step down?"

* "Creating Kingdom wide events for all to participate in. Having a very strong, and active clan
base that enjoys hunting, as well as combative games."

Strong words, from a strong leader. I expect great things from this new Primogen of Pegasus.
I'm sure we all look forward to what he, and Pegasus will bring to the world in the near future.

Tip compliments of Snack.


The Return of the King!
Posted by: Ushallfeerme -- 5:12 PM EST
The final battle took place in the land that we know as Alternate Kugnae. Citizens from all across
the lands came to show their support. They fought valiantly, and with pride. The battle was long,
and very intense. It lasted hours and thousands of creatures were being summoned. As everyone
stormed through Alternate Kugnae, it became apparent that Mupa was not too happy about it.

Mupa began her ritual to extract Mhul's soul. However, it didn't exactly go as planned. For some
reason, the Flesh Hoarders and Soul Collectors had run off with the King's body and soul.

A massive search ensued. Nobiz of SanSin, along with his Wife Toxuen, and the Chongun Ralphey,
had spotted a suspicious Soul Collector. After a good chase, which led them to the very boarders
of the city, they managed to finally bring the beast down, and discovered it had been harboring
the King's Soul! The King's Soul was given to Nobiz, who had vast experience with handling souls,
for safe keeping.

They traveled back to the palace to meet up with the majority of the people. But, where was
the body? The people were in a panic. Desperately trying to figure out where the King's body was.

Suddenly, a booming shout cracked through the town! "I have Mhul's body!" Salguod, of the
HaussonArmy, screamed! Salguod called for everyone to meet with him at the Earthworker's house.
Many people had doubted Salguod's claim, but not Mupa. Mupa began to bargain with Salguod.
Mupa claimed that she would make him King! She offered him full control over an entire kingdom.
She even offered him, immortality! Salguod refused Mupa's offers. He declared that the King
would be saved.

Everyone managed to make it to the Earthworkers house, where it became apparent that Salguod
was indeed not bluffing, as King Mhul's body did lie right before their very eyes.

Nobiz walked over, and the King's soul took flight out of his hands. It hovered around his body, as
if awaiting its reunion. The Earthworker went straight to work on the ritual to revive the King.

The King's soul was tailored and mended back into his body. His eyes finally opening, after such a
long slumber. As the King stood, he was very obviously lost, poised as always, but lost. Nobiz and
Salguod informed the King of what had taken place, and where he was.

King Mhul was very shocked to learn that he was in a place in which Sagu and Mupa ruled as King
and Queen. The King decided it was best that they made their way back to his Palace, where he
could get a briefing on current events, and what has happened since he lost consciousness.

Celebrations took place. The King was back. What will be his next plan of action, now that he is
back? When and how will these portals to this Alternate world be closed? What about Mupa and
Sagu? No one can ever be too sure of what may happen next. Keep your eyes peeled and ears
to the Winds!

*Pictures added by Vini*

Oh, hello Buya!
Posted by: Loxie -- 2:08 AM EST
It seems 8/1/2012 is a busy day in the Nexus world! The first Imperial Court will be held in Buya, here is the notice as found on the Chronciles of the Winds:

The Imperial Ministry & The Imperial Army

All citizens are hereby invited to attend the first
official gathering of the Imperial Court of Buya.

This Wednesday, come watch the first gathering of the Imperial Court. Each clan in Buya, along with the Buyan Muse Guild, has been invited to discuss Buyan culture (roleplay), the current events with Alternate Kugnae, and how to further encourage culture (rp) in our lands.

Where :
Imperial Promenade (Within the Throne Room in the palace)

When :
Wednesday 8/1
Doors open at 8:00 PM EST,
Meeting begins at 8:30 PM EST

What :
Have some tea with the Clan Delegates, Court Soldiers, and Court Officials when the doors open. All citizens are invited to watch the official gathering where crucial matters in the Empire will be discussed.

((The gathering is a Roleplay event. We encourage roleplayers of all levels to attend, get involved, and be part of something bigger! Please try to stay in character as much as possible during the meeting))

Posted by: Loxie -- 2:04 AM EST
Finally! The enemies of my darling King are being put on trial! Here's the nitty gritty that can be found on the Chronicles of the Winds.

Attention citizens of the Kingdoms:

As most of you know during the trying times of late a handful of rebels took up arms against King Mhul, joining forces with Mupa to try and destroy him and bring her influence into our land. These crimes have not gone unnoticed and it is our wish, above all, to bring justice, one way or the other, to this situation.

The list of their known crimes against our King are numerous, including; Allying with an enemy of the lands, conspiracy against the kingdoms, conspiracy to commit crimes against the king, and high treason.

(( Wednesday August 1st 9:00pm EST ))

A trial will be held at the Royal Courtroom to give the following people a chance to explain themselves and in turn some representatives the chance to question their actions:


We encourage all citizens to attend and help bring justice to this situation.

[several signatures are arranged on the parchment]
Mystic Healerofdoom, Magistrate LotusEmber, Head Judge Teragg, Sensei Kimberlee, Nobiz, General Strigoi, General ThiefofSouls, Ralphey, Blubber


    Friday, July 27, 2012

New Covenant Primogen
Posted by: Donjuan -- 8:30 PM EST
After 10 months leading the Covenant clan of Nagnang, Primogen Inflamed stepped down and appointed the primarch to be his successor, Earthling.

Congratulations Primogen Earthling!

-,-@ Donjuan

    Monday, July 23, 2012

That HAG!
Posted by: Loxie -- 12:20 AM EST
Today that hag, Mupa, started taunting citizens in her palace as they tried to go about thwarting her. Not only was that worse, but her voice went throughout our own reality as she began taunting us about killing my darling Mhul! The fiend!

Reports say Alt Kugnae went dark and Mupa began to spawn minions before setting members of our timeline against each other!

What's worse is some of our citizens helped her! The villains Pdlo and Jainous ACTUALLY ATTEMPTED TO GATHER THE MATERIALS TO HELP KILL MY LOVE! Now she's making a potion and won't let anyone interfere.

In a strange twist, the well known and mocked dissident Salguod offered to trade his soul for King Mhul's! Maybe we've been misjudging Douglas all this time?

However, these fiends must be stopped! Let's all work together to kill Mupa and her minions once and for all so King Mhul and I can finally get married! -Kisses Mhul drawing.-

    Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random Merchant Strikes Again!
Posted by: Loxie -- 8:44 PM EST
Extra! Extra! The Random Merchant has new, vague messages for us! Jainous reports that he's said "He who leads us shall sacrifice his soul" three times in a row.

What could this mean? I hope my love isn't going to die! Don't worry, King Mhul, I'll save you! MUPA CAN'T HAVE YOU!

(And Satanfur, too!)

    Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Alt Kugnae Map
Posted by: AllyGator -- 7:18 PM EST
It took me a long, long time to make this and I hope you enjoy it. If someone wants to write a nice story to be included on the map, please contact me via email at AllyGator. Hopefully I'll soon add the other rooms and monsters but don't hold your breath! So what's it look like? (As if you haven't already been there! Take a look at Alt Kugnae to see what could have happened if Sagu had won long, long ago!

Map Maker

    Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wild Elder Shift
Posted by: Loxie -- 8:28 PM EST
About an hour ago there was a change of Elders. Atilla stepped down in favor of Vexlxix.

Congratulations to Mr. Vexxles on becoming the new Barbarian Elder!

Atilla was kind enough to give me a few words on his stepping down.

Hello Community!

Today I stepped down and left the Barbarian Path in the capable hands of Vexlxix. Sadly I do not have the time that is required to do everything that must be done as Elder on a day to day basis. While most things are handled easy enough through letters, one of the most important things is being around to just talk to people.

As a Walker, Guide, and even Elder, I did my best to stay in the Circle or in the Barbarian Cave where I can be seen. Interaction with the Path is needed to get to know people, and hear and see what they need and want. While it was easy enough for me not to run and hide in Guide or Elder room, now it seems I am out of the kingdom more often than I am here.

I just wanted to take the time and let you all know that I am not disappearing from the lands completely. I will still be in the Kingdom as often as possible to support the Barbarian Path in good times and in bad.

This post is being written for you, the Community, because subpaths are here for the Community. Without the community, there would be no subpaths. You are the reason we host events. You are also the reason, in my personal opinion, that Barbarians have the best community events in the kingdom.

Thank you,

*Lone Rage*

I would like to extend a thank you to Atilla for serving his path. It takes a strong person to continue his work despite the whining of others. Good luck in your future!

    Saturday, July 14, 2012

M'hul is Missing!
Posted by: Vini -- 10:30 PM EST

The gossip of King M'hul being missing is true. He has not been seen since the day TaekPae delivered the sword which caused the inbalance that broke the barrier between different timelines. Rumors say that King M'hul might have been kidnapped by TaekPae or sucked into the black hole which leads to Alt Kugnae. The General of KRA wrote an official royal announcement at Chronicles of the Winds. Here's a copy of the post:

Dear Citizens,

It is with a heavy heart I report that rumors may be true; the King does appear to be missing. An extensive KRA investigation has provided nothing, not a trace of him could be found and no one has stepped forward in an attempt at blackmail. Our only possible clue is an anonymous visiony note that was handed to one of my soldier's late yesterday evening. Multiple Diviners have reported similar visions as well but clears up little at this time.

I would like to thank the BIA and the ARN for their support in this matter.

-General ThiefOfSouls

Tacked below is a copy of the Diviners vision:

A bright flame,
Warm but not hot,
King and Kingdom torn,

Mupa's evil smile,
A trapped Soul,
A lost body,


Seems the quests of saving lives at Alt Kugnae might shift into a royal rescue mission. Keep eyes open and be on alert for any clues of his whereabouts.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 49, Moon 3~

    Friday, July 13, 2012

New Primogen appointed to Oceana
Posted by: Vini -- 1:40 AM EST
Oceana has a new Primogeness! With the sudden disappearing of DavidJM, the clan was left without a leader over the past weeks, but no more. Almalexian stepped up to lead the clan and was appointed by the clan councilmen as their new head of council a.k.a. Primogen.

Almalexian has been in the clan for over 5 years and worked with admissions and events for Oceana. As her primarch she appointed Incienso. I am excited about being appointed this position. I am looking forward to bring Oceana to it's former glory as well as making sure it is considered an active community clan", says Primogeness Almalexian.

Nexus Atlas congratulates Primogeness Almalexian on her new position and wishes her and Incienso good luck on their new duties.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 49, Moon 3~

    Thursday, July 12, 2012

Key to Thunder
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:56 PM EST
The sky grows black. Out of nowhere, a midsummer afternoon storm rolls in. You can hear the thunder and lightning getting closer and closer... but where is the rain?

You don't see any rain in the distance.

    Sunday, July 8, 2012

Harnessed Elemental Power
Posted by: LilB -- 1:01 AM EST
The new item, the "Harnessed Elemental Power" that restores you to your base mana/vita has been confirmed to be working every 24 hours. This item is obtained from doing the Alt Kugnae quest. (check post below this one for walkthrough)

So if you were in a cave about to die, then using these will put you to your base vita/mana, sort of like using a Scroll of Invocation and Red potion at once.

If it turns out that we can keep this, it'll definitely be a useful item.

Thank you to cakecakecake and Ivori for this information!


    Friday, July 6, 2012

Combined Walkthrough - Alt Kugnae
Posted by: LilB -- 8:47 PM EST
Step 1. Grab a Rose before you leave town. Head to the Inns in Kugnae and walk onto one of the black spaces to make your way to ALT Kugnae. Talk to InSu at East Gate there. You must walk to East Gate; don't use gateway spell because you'll go back to real Kugnae!

Step 2. Go to the Alt Kugnae Library. (Same location as the real library in Kugnae, bottom left of palace area). Say "Cookbook for Beginners" to the large stone in the northwest corner. Tell him you want to make buns.
* You can skip this step; you don't get any items.

Step 3. Go back to East Kugnae, and talk to the woman in the genie outfit. She'll give you a recipe for "cohesive paste."

Step 4. Go to the cave at 196/125 and trade a Rose to the CrimsonDust for a Draught of Devotion. Then walk around looking for Starshine on the ground.
- CrimsonDust
- Draught of Devotion
- Starshine

Step 5. Go to the Alt Kugnae Palace, and go through the throne room between the beds, and take the left door from the chambers. Keep going til you reach the bog. Toadstool and Nightshade spawn on the ground here. Be patient.

Step 6. Take the Toadstool, Nightshade, Starshine and Draught of Devotion and go to the upper left corner of The Bog. Go through Three Gates into the cauldron room, walk up to the cauldron, and make cohesive paste.

Step 7. Go to the East Gate again, and to the Shaman Hut (above where all the npc's are standing). Bring Alt Lost soul, Lifeless body, and Cohesive paste. At this step you will receive a Legend mark. Steps 4-7 are repeatable and counted in your legend.

Step 8: Walk around REAL Kugnae inns until you receive a Shard of Pheonix.

Then travel to Kinung and obtain Shoes of Lavawalker from the gem tent called "Little Shop". You can get it from Dashae in Kinung 83,72

There's 2 options:
1. Buy it for 150,000
2. Gather some items which is : - 5 Green Squirrel Pelt
- 3 Red Fox Fur
- 20 Fine Cloth
- 1 Mica

Step 9. Go to Mananana's shop, buy Alt brrowed key (South Gate and travel <---. Same hut as the original Amber store). Go to Kugnae Palace, take right door from chamber, and proceed through the hallway and corridor to the gargoyle. Now that you've saved a soul, he will let you pass to the Labyrinth.

Step 10: Be sure to have: Shoes of Lavawalker and a Shard of Pheonix for the next part.

Once you enter the Labyrinth navigate through it.
Left from 15 38
up at 6 38
right at 7 33
up at 25 33
left at 25 28
up at 21 28
left at 21 23
up at 6 23
right at 7 9
up at 16 9
right at 16 5
Down at 26 5
right at 26 23
down at 31 32
up at 35 32
left at 35 17
up at 31 17
And you will reach 'Lady's Room'.

Walk across the lava to the other side of the room and walk up and down the wall until you enter the Trapped Room. To enter the Lost Mines go to the blue square (14 2). To get through the gate in the Lost Mines you must have the Shard of Pheonix.

Step 11: Go through Lost Mine room into the 'Blazing River' and walk up.

Step 12: You will enter the Sanctum of Air where you must click the god. The god will move you into the another room dedicated to Air where you simply walk straight up. You will reach the Sanctum of Water. Repeat this until you reach the Sanctum of fire.

Step 13: Click the Sanctum of Fire god and she will take your Pheonix shard and give you the Harnessed Elemental Power and a legend mark: "Restored balance in Time Cleft of...."

The Harnessed Elemental Power returns you to your base Vita/Mana. As of now it is a onetime use. BUT the item does not dissapear after it's use.

We do not know if this is the end or not.
(( It is rumored that we are in need of another reset to complete the rest of the event ))

Information collected from: Laren, Kaiyan, Fizgid, CronxJr, Fizledit, Lune, Ivori.

Note: These people listed above made and did the whole walkthrough, and they deserve 100% of the credit. Posting it here is simply for easier access.

Thank you to those involved in the walkthrough!

And as always, if you are stuck or don't understand something, sage. If you don't have sage or don't want to use it, you can whisper me or I'm sure the people above will be willing to help you out as well.


~edited with images - AllyGator

Event: Getting to know Alt Kugnae
Posted by: Vini -- 3:38 AM EST
When King MuHyul swung the sword forged from Phoenix Ore by Taik Pae, the fears of the Elemental Guardians we found at Lost Mines last year actually came true. The walls separating different timelines and realities of Kugnae was ripped and a black hole appeared near Kugnae inns which allow us to cross and reach an alternate version of Kugnae.

When you reach our world's Kugnae inns, there's a Firekeeper there, sent by Fire Guardian (one from Lost Mines event) and it explains us how the black hole was created (similar to what was posted on Whispering Winds) and what we need to seek: phoenix shards.

To enter Alt Kugnae, just step into one of the black holes seen at the picture below:

Once you get to Alt Kugnae, you'll learn that using Gateway isn't an option there and you can't enter all buildings, but those which you can will be important during your quest.

Buildings that work:
  • Alt Kugnae Palace (has many rooms)
  • Alt Kugnae Haunted House (has few rooms)
  • Alt Kugnae Library (only one room)
  • Alt Theatre (only one room)
  • Kugnae east gate, which isn't a building, but it's important due being "Resistance camp".
  • Starshine cave, at south of Tree of Reflections (only one room)
  • Shaman's hut at east gate (only one room)

    There's 3 main things you can do at Alt Kugnae:
    1. Collect Phoenix Shards
    2. Save lives at the Time Cleft
    3. Gain great hunting experience at Haunted House

    At next posts we'll describe how to do each of these 3 and the rewards for them.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 49, Moon 2~

  •     Thursday, July 5, 2012

    Event: Step into Alternate Reality
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:08 PM EST
    RIPPLE IN TIME. Believe it or not, today we found out that's possible to enter into an alternate Reality by shifting timelines and seeing how the world would be if Sagu was not defeated years ago.
    In such alternative and paralel world where Sagu is the King of Koguryo, Mupa is the queen while Rachel, Living, me and few others are rebels against their tyranny and form the "Resistance" at east gate Kugnae. Do these alt versions of us have a Nexus Atlas too? Probably not, but we do so let's begin explaining how all this came to be, or at least try to.

    Here's the story description posted on Whispering Winds board. To understand the event story, you need to start reading it:

    Taik Pae broke his word when he promised Elemental Guardians that he wouldn`t take any of the Phoenix ore. Stealing just one small piece from the Domain of Fire may have seemed insignificant to him at the time, but Taik Pae received a harsh wake-up call when the sword he foolishly created brought about chaos and imbalance. Now abandoned and alone, Taik Pae is no longer the cheerful, happy-go-lucky man we`ve met a year ago. He is sad and confused and forsaken.

    Taik Pae used Phoenix ore in making the smelt for the sword he made for King MuHyul. Albeit his intentions were good, all he wanted was to show his devotion presenting King with the most powerful sword in existence, he in fact handed King MuHyul a sword that could not hold even one blow.

    King MuHyul swung The Sword with a mighty powerful force; as blade came in contact with the pile of wood it has shattered into innumerable bits and pieces, each flaming with the unrestrained flame. The impact was so strong, that it brought our world to a still. Otherworldly storms have risen and engulfed Kingdoms in complete darkness.

    When the world awakened, there appeared tears in the tapestry of life, mysterious black holes that seem to be lead to another dimension, a world not unlike our own, where history has gone an alternate route. The imbalance has thinned the dividing threads between us and them. Slipping in through these black holes citizens find themselves facing a whole set of obstacles as they enter this new, unknown, but strangely familiar environment.

    Shards of Phoenix ore are scattered everywhere, the longer they stay, the more black holes are created. If we do not hurry, the two worlds can merge irreversibly and balance will be forever lost.

    The mysterious black holes can be found near the Kugnae inns. Step into the black areas to enter the Alternate Kugnae, where roads are dark and terror lives.

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Hyul 49, Moon 2~

    Wisdom Star ended.. But what is this?!
    Posted by: Loxie -- 9:46 PM EST
    It would seem Taik Pae's sword was a failure and shattered, breaking open rifts in our reality and allowing us to enter an alternate Kugnae. Eerie! This fire guardian apparently needs our help!

    At Alt East Kugnae you can find people such as Gimpy, Rachel, Vini and Living!

    Key to Wind
    Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:33 PM EST
    The wind started to pick up slowly. Normally, something so common wouldn't catch your attention.. But it feels as if it's never ending.

    It's not very strong on the ground, but you can see the birds are having difficulty navigating, especially near the shore line.

    A strange wave of familiarity passes through you.

    Taik Pae's Sword
    Posted by: Loxie -- 2:55 PM EST
    Taik Pae has announced on the Chronicles of the Winds that he is presenting his sword to King Mhul TODAY (07/05/12) at 6pm PST. This should be interesting! Plus, a chance to see my future husband is always a perk! -Sighs over Mhul picture.-

    Dear People of Koguryo!

    I am sorry, but for the time being I will not be making anymore of my etched weapons. I will go back to making them later though, so don't forget me, La~!

    I would like to share great news with you all! The sword I've been working on for so long is finally finished. I have written to King Mhul about the special weapon that I made just for him. Jakie, Captain of Koguryo Army saw to it personally that this letter has reached King Mhul.

    And!!!...King Mhul wishes to see me tomorrow to take a look at this sword, La~! So, just as soon as the sun begins to set I will head to the Palace and bring along my gift. Oh what an exciting moment this shall be!

    Taik Pae,

    Local smith

    ((THU 7/5/12 - 6pm PST))

        Tuesday, July 3, 2012

    Posted by: Loxie -- 8:57 PM EST
    No, it's not a tongue twister! It's the new wisdom clothes, which are out in a Palace near you!

    I was lucky enough to fall over when I saw SilentS sporting his new duds with the Sute Dye.

        Sunday, July 1, 2012

    14th Wisdom Clothes
    Posted by: Loxie -- 2:32 PM EST
    Unfortunately the wisdom clothes are bugged this year, but have no fear! The lovely Maiyu looked into it and has contacted the GM.

    A sneak peek of what they'll look like can be found on the NexusTk website.