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Past News | July 2010

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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July 2010

    Friday, July 30, 2010

Circus of Stars
Posted by: Riadora -- 6:07 PM EST
Citizens were treated to a special event yesterday evening when the Circus of Stars, who are pictured below, performed in Kinung. From left to right the Circus consisted of Sanvu the Animal Tamer, Chanchu the Strongman, Malou the Illusionist, and Caemyoun the clown.

Before the circus opened, citizens gathered anxiously to see what tricks the performers would treat everyone to. Once the doors opened, Mayor Spades welcomed the crowd and Sanvu introduced the performers. Following introductions, the show started with Sanvu who attempted to demonstrate his animal taming abilities with his tiger, Cirnak. After Cirnak seemed to demonstrate a will of his own, he called for his ice panthers to be released. Unfortunately his brother Chanchu also let out a few dragons. Sanvu could not tame creatures due to this, and the show continued.

Citizens waited anxiously for the Circus doors to open to the public.

The bearded woman, Caemyoun entertained the audience while Sanvu and Chanchu argued over who was in charge and who was to perform next. Malou the Illusionist eventually began his performance.

Shikari Aryx kisses the bearded woman Caemyoun and Sanvu tried to tame the white tiger Cirnak.

Malou began his performance with a disappearing act where he disappeared from the stage only to reappear somewhere in the audience. He took time to flirt with audience members before continuing his act and showing off more of his abilities.

Malou used his illusions to disappear from the stage and hop quickly to the room. The audience was quite impressed.

Eventually, Sanvu came back on stage to perform acrobatics. Sanvu made his way to the left stage only to climb up the giant ladder and onto the tight rope, crossing it carefully to the right stage. At one point the other performers thought he would fall when he dropped what they said was Chanchu's bracelet.

Sanvu went up the ladder and walked across the thin rope keeping him on top of the circus area.

Chanchu's knife throwing act started with a bang to Caemyoun's face. Not willing to be hit with a knife, Chanchu threw an audience members shoe at the bearded lady. The shoe smacked her in the face hard enough to knock her nose off. For the second part of Chanchu's knife throwing act, he lifted audience members onto the stage. IBesso was one volunteer who was sliced in the arm by Chanchu's knives. Thankfully the other throwing knives missed.

Chanchu hits Caemyoun's face with a shoe. Gladly it wasn't one of the knives he was throwing.

Malou's second act was a show of his magic and control of the "heavens" as he called it. Malou summoned up a volunteer, Astrophee, who allowed Malou to hit him with a fireball. The fire magic was an entertaining display.

Malou throws a fireball at Astrophee as part of one of his fire dancing tricks..

Following some brotherly disagreements with Sanvu and Chanchu, the show came to a close. Sanvu closed the show and thanked each performer. However, since Chanchu had wanted to close the show and was denied, he set the dragons free again. This time, they escaped into the audience, chasing audience members out of the tent and wrapping things up as the performers gathered the beasts back up.

Dragons were let free from their cages and roamed free at the end. That was quite scary.

This morning, shortly after the presentation, the Circus crew took off from Kinung and went on their journey to present in other areas. Special thanks to Vini for all of the images.

Hyul 33, Moon 8

    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chaos Stone was found, but Noblefox trade failed
Posted by: Vini -- 9:21 PM EST
KUGNAE -- King Muhyul held a special ceremony in Yuri's Flower Garden this evening to pay homage to the heroes who helped keep the kingdoms safe from Immortal Beasts. M'hul remembered that these are difficult times, different from the days when his father still led the kingdoms. Surrounded by floricades and protected by his soldiers, King M'hul had company of Prince-Regent ChaeRi of Nagnang and two of his bodyguards.

King Muhyul welcomes everyone to the ceremony in honor of Mug and the four guardians.

King M'hul granted Koguryo Honor medals to the four guardians: Insu, Kiyuu, Qantao and Winsong, one for each. His Majesty also mentioned the great appreciation he held for Mug, who died to save the community from evil hands of Abu. InSu politely interrupted the King and said he had enough reasons to believe Mug did not die at such event and he believes the sacrifice was only of his immortality. Surprised, Mhul and ChaeRi asked InSu why he thought such thing. InSu explained that Mug was a God and Gods cannot die like that. The monk said that, although Abu gained enormous powers with the Chaos stone at hand, he still was only a Spirit Guide, never achieved the aspect of a God. A Spirit Guide cannot kill a God. InSu says that he thinks the Mug tears were dropped after the explosion in Vale occurred, so he probably isn't dead, just vanished. The sacrifice of his immortality was done to stop Abu once and for all.

The four guardians still seemed worried about the kingdom's safety even after receiving their medals.

Historian Qantao asked the whereabouts of the Chaos stone, if it was destroyed with the explosion or not. Kiyuu explained that Chaos sister cannot be destroyed. According to him, chaos can transform, can assume different shapes, but will continue to exist until the end of time. Kiyuu explained that since chaos cannot be destroyed, only two things could have happened with the stone: it either fell from Abuís hand or is lost somewhere in Vale near the battle site, or the explosion caused the stone to break and her sister was released. Winsong concluded that Rusuto was obviously not released, otherwise she would be even more furious and chaos would have taken over the lands again.

Shaman Setsunabelle shouted to gain Muhyul's attention amidst the discussion being held. She said she had urgent message to his Majesty. The spirit of Kyushin was asking to be summoned to the flower garden and she didn't know if she could summon him there due it being actully Yuri's grave. King M'hul hesitated a bit, ended up allowing the spirit messenger to be summoned by the shaman. Shaman Setsunabelle used her powers to summon Kyushin, who appeared inside the flower garden. The deaf ghost said he couldn't stay there long as it was a sacred ground and belonged to someone else. The sign there says "Here lies King Yuri, so it makes sense that Kyushin could not stay there.

Kyushin was summoned by shamans to the garden where King Yuri was buried.

The spirit had an urgent message to the king of a trade that could not happen. The deaf spirit could not hear when WinSong and InSu questioned about where such trade would be held. After a while roaming the restricted area, the spirit reveal the location: the cemetery's stealth grotto. Shortly after delivering his message, the spirit vanished into the ethereal realm. Citizens started saging that the KSG was dealing with Noblefox inside their place. King Muhyul ordered part of his Royal army to go to the said location. As people arrived there, they saw that the sly fox have been trying to make a dangerous trade, the Chaos stone he had for the Onyx being held by Rhetoric. Although many people tried to interrupt the trade, Noblefox was in a restricted area which people could not reach. Rhetoric and Noblefox proceeded with the negotiations; each of them wanted money to be added in the trade which delayed it a bit.

The Trickster Noblefox stood on a high place where citizens could not reach.

WinSong decided to enter the bargain and offered money for the Chao stone, lots of money. Noblefox didn't pay much attention to it first, but when WinSong said that whatever amount he was being offered to deliver the Onyx, he would pay instead for the Chaos stone. Noblefox agreed to listen to WinSong's proposal. WinSong said that the problem was that he didn't believe he had such stone because there's no way he could have gotten it without people noticing it. Noblefox explained that he got it because he was in Vale, but far from the explosion, so when everyone was sent to their homes by Mug, for their own protection from the blast, he remained there and was first arrive. Noblefox said he found the object dropped on the ground, hidden under mud and dust and grabbed it while Maiyu was crying and grabbing Mug's crystallized tears from the ground. WinSong said it was an interesting story he told, but he would only believe that the fox had it when he showed it. "Prove it!, shouted the wizard. Confident of his success, the trickster accepted the "challenge" by WinSong and dropped the Chaos stone to be seen by all who were there. It is true, the Chaos stone still exists and Noblefox was in possession of it, but no longer is. Kiyuu flapped his wings across the room and landed on top of the fox. Scared of the strange weight upon his back, the fox jumped out of his restricted area and Kiyuu retrieved the dangerous stone.

Noblefox dropped the Chaos stone to prove he had it, but Kiyuu flew above him and grabbed the stone

InSu congratulated WinSong and Kiyuu for their well executed plan and gaining control of the dangerous stone. The four of them walked back to Yuri's Flower garden and met with King M'hul and Prince-Regent ChaeRi who still were there. Back inside the floricades restricted area, they informed the royals that they secured the chaos stone, but now they had to decide how/where it should be kept to remain safe. King M'hul mentioned he could keep it safe yet InSu, respectfully explained it would be a good idea for him. According to InSu, if Koguryo enemies knew the Chaos stone was being kept in Koguryo territory, they would do everything they could to get their hands on it and therefore, his kingdom would be in constant danger. WinSong suggested that Kiyuu take it back with him, but Qantao warned of the possibility that if Kiyuu or archons brought the Chaos stone back to Immortal realm, it could very well result in Rusuto's release. They all concluded that such stone could not be kept in mortal hands due it being dangerous for them and everyone around, but could not be brought to immortal realm either. A citizen from the crowd watching it suggested a new name which had not been considered yet by the guardians. "We should let the Sea Nymph guard it, she did already very well with Sagu's onyx, said Jhinhan. WinSong agreed with Jhinhan's idea and so did the others.

It was decided then that the Sea Nymph should be the guardian of the Chaos stone and keep it safe from evil hands. King M'hul said he would do his best to summon the nymph to carry it to underwater world and sought help of Oceana to do so. The guardians and the king decided that Kiyuu should keep the Chaos stone hidden within the mortal realm until the Sea Nymph was summoned. He agreed to it and vanished. Qantao mentioned she would go as well. Prince-Regent ChaeRi interrupted by asking them an intriguing question: what if they used the chaos stone against their enemies instead? WinSong and InSu explained ChaeRi that the stone could only bring chaos. No one understood well how to use it and attempting to use it on their favor could actually endanger everyone around. ChaeRi reminded them that, although the Chaos stone was secure for now, the Onyx is still a threat to the community, especially now that they believe KSG is trying to sell the magical stone. Together, they concluded that the onyx threat was something they should have to deal at some other time and needed to gain more information about the real intentions that Rhetoric and Hobart have behind using it.

It is not known yet when the SeaNymph will be summoned to grab the Chao stone for protection, but shouldn't take long according to Oceana Primogen Sitliths.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 33, Moon 8~

Eleven new Buya Defenders chosen
Posted by: Vini -- 4:14 AM EST
BUYA -- Yesterday evening was a beautiful moment to be remembered by buyan citizens. A ceremony to honor the new Buya Defenders and affiliates to the buyan sovereign was held by Minister Jolie in the Imperial Promenade. The ceremony was hosted by Princess Lasahn Senshi which has given the blessing to a member of each Buya clan, one from Buya Imperial Army and one from Imperial Ministry of Buya. Here's a list of all citizens who pledged to defend Buya last night:

  • Heavens clan: Primarch GadjahMada
  • LostKingdom clan: Primarch Magura
  • Phoenix clan: Ambassador Downer
  • Dharma clan: Primarch CheharraZade
  • Elendhirin clan: Primarch WiteLightnin
  • SanSin clan: Living Legend BlkTigress
  • Buya Army (BIA): Arts Laureate Killeh
  • Ministry (IMB): Secretary of Culture BotanChan

    Princess Lasahn asks BklTigress about her oath and thanks Killeh for her services.

    Besides the nominated people above, Princess Lasahn decided to bestow her blessing upon three buyan primogens who haven't had the chance of pledging to defend their kingdom yet: Primogeness Killashandra of Heavens Clan, Primogen Dinca of Phoenix Clan and Primogen Sparkyd of Lost Kingdom Clan.

    Primogeness Killashandra kneeled to the Princess and Primogen Sparkyd dropped his clan emblem with pride.

    After all the new defenders were announced and blessed by her Highness, Princess Lasahn also recognized the new affiliates of the Imperial Sovereign. These are: Chongun Excaliber of Bear Clan, Sulsa-Do MightyNymph of Dharma Clan, and Chongun BotanChan Primarch of Lost Kingdom clan.

    Samurang Excaliber receives the honor while BotanChan is again blessed by Lasahn

    After the ceremony ended, Minister Jolie thanked everyone who came watch the ceremony, thanked the Muses for the their poetry during it and the Ministry/Army for their services.

    Minister Jolie at center of the stage.

    Nexus Atlas congratulates each and everyone honored on this special night for Buya. Hail Buya! Shining Jewel of the East!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 33, Moon 8~

  •     Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    King's Proclamation: Honor Medal to the Heroes
    Posted by: Vini -- 6:17 PM EST
    After few months since the Immortal beasts attacked and the evil plot scheme by Abu was unveiled, King Muhyul of Koguryo decided it would be important to honor those heroes who incessantly helped community gain information against the enemies. King M'hul has scheduled tomorrow ((7pm EST)) a ceremony in Yuri's Flower garden, to the east of Koguryo Palace, to remember the sacrifice of Mug and give Koguryo honor medals to Insu, Kiyuu, Qantao and Winsong.

    To the Royals, Princess Lasahn and Prince Regent ChaeRi:

    This letter is written in recognition of the peace
    which was restored to the lands through the sacrifice
    of the God mug and through the cooperative work
    of several members of our community.

    I am requesting the creation of a memorial site in
    honour of mug, who gave his life so that citizens of
    all three kingdoms and the wilderness could be spared.
    Though these same citizens fought to the bitter end
    against the Amaranthine beasts, it was ultimately mug
    who put an end to the series of calamities which
    threatened to undo us all.

    The Kingdom of Koguryo also wishes to honour those
    citizens who assisted in the unraveling of the mysteries
    behind the calamities which were occurring; Qantao,
    Winsong, Kiyuu and Insu.

    A ceremony to honour those citizens will be held
    in Yuri's Flower Garden. ((Wednesday 7/28/2010
    7 p.m. EST))


    King of Koguryo

    In the proclamation, King M'hul refers to the immortal beasts as "the Amaranthine beasts" which means that probably the word "amaranthine" in the Legend just means "infinite/immortal" and does not refer to a color or a flower. There's no information regarding the supposed 9th beast.

    Also, the Buya Defender's ceremony is will be held tonight at 9pm EST. Don't miss it. Never know if Mupa will crash the celebration again.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 33, Moon 8~

    The Circus Coming to Town
    Posted by: Riadora -- 2:27 AM EST
    Earlier this evening, two circus folk, Sanvu and Chanchu exchanged words in Kugnae. They spoke about being late for the fair and how the storms delayed them. They mentioned that the "Circus of Stars" never disappoints. Sanvu accused Chanchu of stopping at an Inn for stew, to which Chanchu responded quipped back about there not being many skinny clowns and needing beauty sleep. The two spoke about meeting with the council to confirm their arrangements and posting fliers if they make it to the inn. Who exactly are they, aside from Circus of Stars folk we're not sure yet, but it looks like there will be a Circus performance soon. Later in the evening they posted those fliers on CotW and Community Events.

    Circus of Stars Flier:

    Kinung Presents the Circus of Stars

    The Circus of Stars has returned! The Mayor and Councilors
    of Kinung would like to invite you to come and join us for
    a night of dangerous daunting performances, featuring the
    Ringmaster and famed animal tamer Sanvu! The circus tent
    has been erected not far from the docks of Kinung
    ((082, 70)), and the show will begin soon!
    ((Thursday the 29th at 9pm est)). So come, join us for
    merriment and fun and marvel at the wonders of the
    Circus of Stars!



        Monday, July 26, 2010

    An Onyx was found!
    Posted by: Vini -- 3:56 AM EST
    KUGNAE -- In a riveting announcement at East Gate Kugnae, the farmer known as Hobart was found and verified to be in possession of the legendary magical stone, the Onyx.

    Hobart claimed that he came across this possession somewhere in Buya. Onlookers raised their eyebrows curiously when Hobart claimed that the Shaman had been persistently attempting to retrieve the Onyx from the Imperial Ministry, but that something had gone awry. Mutters and questions rose through the crowd standing near the Tree of Reflections, citizens were worried what was to happen now that Mupa has appeared in Koguryo Palace and an Onyx been found: "Does this Onyx have to do with Mupa?"; "Was Mupa being controlled by those who had the stone before?"; "What are you going to do with the Onyx?!" Hobart answered them vaguely, then merely raised his hands, the black stone glinting in the moonlight and vanished. Some people claim that Mupa is still waiting on Elder Humma of the Shamans to retrieve her Book of Stones from Muses. Could shamans be working for Mupa or is it Hobart who is working for her? Many questions remain unanswered for now.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 33, Moon 7~

    Mupa shows up in Koguryo Defender's Ceremony
    Posted by: Vini -- 12:54 AM EST
    KUGNAE -- New defenders, new primogens and Mupa; this was no ordinary evening in Koguryo Palace. The Koguryo defenders' ceremony, held by Minister Vales last evening ((at 7pm EST)), started like any other royal ceremony in Koguryo, but ended like never seen before. What the evil witch wanted with appearing inside the Royal Coliseum is not known, perhaps just wanted to cause havoc or pass on a message, but it's the first time she stepped inside M'hul palace in a long time and seeing her there represents no good.

    The Koguryo defender's ceremony began introduced by Royal Minister Vales and each clan was called to bring their nominees to the center of the stage and be recognized for pledging to defend Koguryo. Here are the new defenders awarded by King M'hul last night:

    Nominees of Sun Moon, Destiny and all other clans had to say their oath to the King.

    Sun Moon sect
  • Sun Soul Xellos
  • Clan Treasurer Sickchicken

    Oceana clan
  • Sea Eventist Astrophee (Formerly Navy Commodore)
  • Sea Watcher DeeSwyfticus

    Destiny clan
  • Samaritan Cossette
  • Samaritan Ihana

    Bear clan
  • Hitokiri BabyBoy
  • Papa Bear Makjank

    Tiger clan
  • Big Tiger Radeon
  • Head Hunt Host GravyFish

    Enigma clan
  • Primarch Skum
  • Ambassador Setsunabelle

    Koguryo Royal Army
  • Field Major CronxJr
  • Lt. Colonel Sphere

    Praised for Deeds of Citizenship:
  • Sulsa-Do MightyNymph of Dharma Clan

    Two new koguryian primogens were announced during the ceremony. Wonhwa Sarphendon has represented Bear in his first ceremony leading the clan as Samurang AzNCloudBoi decided to step down last Saturday. Primogen DavidJM has also announced his stepping down during the Oceana part of the ceremony, and passed the leadership of the clan to his former Primarch, Survivalist Sitliths.

    Astrophee, DavidJM and Sitliths stand in front of King M'hul to represent Oceana.

    Another Primogen who had a very happy evening was Primogeness Jasmyn of Tiger clan. She has also been granted defender's dye, for being the only koguryian primogen who did not have it yet. Such pledging could not have come in better occasion as Jasymn, in her first act as Koguryo Defender, informed King M'hul that Mupa has been asking her via whisper to walk next to his majesty and harm him. At first, people didn't take the words of Jasmyn very seriously. The ceremony proceeded as if Jasmyn warning didn't mean much, but bit after MightyNymph was awarded with "Deeds of citizenship", the evil witch appeared inside the coliseum. Mupa entered the center stage and although guards and high ranked officials of Koguryo government tried to stop her, she pushed people out of her way and delivered M'hul the wicked message: "M'hul, you'll die from the hands of one of your own people".

    Mupa forced herself into Coliseum, but was stopped by guards.

    The snake witch then mentioned that Mhul was well guarded that night and that she wouldn't need to touch him. Mupa, left with poison words trying to falsely frame Vales and other high ranked members of Koguryo government. Mupa must be trying to get M'hul to not trust his own people and therefore disarm his closest defenses. The evil witch is using Vales/Jasmyn to drive away the attention of the true traitor, if there is one.

    This was a disturbing end of ceremony to Koguryo. A day that was supposed to be festive ended up turning the security alert on the kingdom to a high level.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 33, Moon 7~

    P.S. Special Thanks to Astrophee for sending a picture of Mupa inside the Coliseum.

  •     Sunday, July 25, 2010

    Kinung Faire Traiditional Food
    Posted by: Vini -- 7:38 PM EST
    While in Kinung faire, the visiting citizens are able to purchase some traditional foods that are being sold by chefs around the whole town. The easiest location to find those chefs is nearby the Kinung Town Hall.
    Traditional korean salty food, sold by Minhee

  • Mulkkogi - Fish
  • Kimchi - Vegetables spicy dish
  • Kochu - Red pepper
  • Sam-gae tang - Chicken and ginseng soup
  • Pap kurut - Bowl of rice
  • Kong - Beans
  • Traditional korean sweet food, sold by Soogwon

  • Ddok - mini-cake
  • Keiku - cake
  • Poltchip - honeycomb
  • Mae-shil cha - Plum tea
  • Ggool cha - Honey tea
  • Nok cha - Green tea
  • Omi-ja cha - Schisandra tea [Schisandra kind of Fruit]

  • All items of these items are food restoring items except for Kochu which gives a fun burning graphic. They're permanent items and will not expire when event ends, unlike the Kinung Kite.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 33, Moon 7~

        Saturday, July 24, 2010

    Kinung Kites
    Posted by: Caera -- 12:17 AM EST
    Aww, how cute.

    Kinung council has procured kites in honor of their Faire being held! Say hello to Kohyang near the docks to get your own kite for free. Be warned that these kites are quite flimsy, so they will crumple at the end of the festival. Venitia and RaionSan are our lovely models pictured above.
    Kinung Kite:
    Durability: 400000/400000
    Damage: S1m20, L1m20
    Level 0 required


        Friday, July 23, 2010

    Ascendant Regiment of Nagnang: The new form of Nagnang Army
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:43 PM EST

    The new system adopted by Prince Regent ChaeRi to revive the Nagnang Army has been confusing some of the citizens who did not take part in the negotiations to bring the military forces back to work. To clear up that confusion, a scholar of Nagnang Eternal Order, Rogue iBesso, approached Nexus Atlas with some explanation of how the new army will function, the so called Ascendant Regiment of Nagnang.

    The Nagnang Army will not work as a clan status. It will be part of Nagnang Ministry, but independent of the Eternal Order of Nagnang. This means that the Nagnang Ministry, under Prince-Regent ChaeRi, will run as two separate organizations: Nagnang Army ran by the new chosen General and Eternal Order run by Sage Zared. Members of EON cannot be part of ARN and vice-versa, but both run under Nagnang Ministry.

    Soldiers of the army can be members of any clan or not affiliated to any clan at all, just a Nagnang citizen. The process of recruiting will start like this: people interested in the position of General of Nagnang will submit their applications to Prince ChaeRi who will hold a vote between members of the Nagnang parliament (Clan Tribunal) to choose those from the applicants which one they consider more fit to head their national defenses. Once the General is chosen, he/she may appoint a Lt. General of his circle of trust to be in second in command. Then, each of the seven nangen clans will elect a clan colonel and two clan majors to represent their respective clan's soldiers in the army.

    Prince-Regent ChaeRi has decided to open up the army with a defender ceremony as well. This will be the first defender's ceremony ran by his highness. There's also a possibility of opening up the Nagnang fairgrounds alongside with it to host a fair. Those who join this unique army system will receive some benefit and are more likely to receive the defender mark in the future.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 33, Moon 7~

    Next Tuesday is time to pledge to defend Buya
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:09 PM EST

    Minister Jolie prepares the last details for the ceremony.

    BUYA -- Similar to the recent announcing by Koguryo Ministry, the Buyan Imperial Minister, Jolie Ja'Myne, has also scheduled a Buya Defender ceremony to be held quite soon, on next Tuesday to be more precise ((July 27th at 9pm EST)). The celebration awards the buyans who have been nominated by clan leaders, subpath leaders and Minister herself. The title of Buya Defender will be granted by her Highness, Princess Lasahn Senshi who will also recognize those who have been recently affiliated to the Imperial Sovereign of Buya.

    Minister Jolie will also announce new members of her ministry and new positions awarded to the old ones. There are lots of changes happening in Buya government, so this is a ceremony that community shouldn't miss out.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 33, Moon 7~

        Thursday, July 22, 2010

    Kinung Faire
    Posted by: Caera -- 9:26 PM EST
    Colorful flyers went up on the Community Events board earlier this week. The Council of Kinung is holding a faire in honor of their new mayor, Spades.

    Kinung Faire!

    Join us in Kinung to Celebrate the
    Election of Mayor Spades!

    Come to the town of Kinung and enjoy the sights,
    sounds, and tastes of the Kinung Faire! There will
    be dozens of events brought to you by organizations
    from all over the Kingdoms including Games, Theater,
    Rituals, and of course, food vendors. The Kinung
    Council is also excited to announce that a band of
    travelling Circus players will also be in attendance
    and performing in Kinung for the Faire!

    The faire will take place in Kinung for three days
    from ((Friday July 23rd)) to ((Sunday July 25th)).
    Activities will happen each day from ((3pm EST to
    9pm EST)).

    A final schedule of events will be posted very soon
    but you can look forward to events from the following

    ~Destiny Clan
    ~Elendhirin Clan
    ~Imperial Ministry of Buya
    ~Royal Ministry of Koguryo
    ~And many more!


    Koguryo Defenders Ceremony on Sunday
    Posted by: Vini -- 6:50 PM EST
    KUGNAE --The Koguryian Royal Minister, Lady Vales, has posted in Chronicles of the Winds an open invitation for citizens to attend the ceremony to honor the new Koguryo Defenders which will take place next Sunday, July 25th ((7:00 pm EST / 4:00 pm PST)). As usual, the ceremony will be held at Royal Coliseum of Koguryo Palace and will be host by his Majesty, King Muhyul.

    The ceremony is not open just for Koguryians, everyone is allowed and invited to join. Those who want to get a good view spot should arrive 10 minutes earlier to guarantee your privileged location. Primogens and soldiers and high-officials of Koguryian government are allowed privileged location on the center of the Coliseum. The citizens honored that evening will be awarded with "Pledged to Defend Koguryo" mark and gain access to the unique blue dye of the kingdom.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 33, Moon 6~

    Nagnang Army is being brought back
    Posted by: Vini -- 6:02 PM EST
    NAGNANG -- While the royal palace is still in ruins, Prince Regent ChaeRi is already talking about reviving Nagnang Army as an institution, along with the members of Nagnang Clan Tribunal. According to Prince ChaeRi, every citizen of Nagnang is allowed to apply to join the army and to apply even for the position of "General of Nagnang".

    It is not known so far, the details on why such important position is open for applications, but presumably it is due the fact that Wooderson, the Primogen of Covenant Clan (formerly Nagnang Army) has been inactive for over 30 days.

    Here's the official statement by Prince Regent ChaeRi on the subject posted on the Chronicles of the Winds:

    Citizens of Nagnang,

    As preparations for the revival of Nagnang's army proceed, the need for a General to lead the army remains prevalent.

    All interested citizens of Nagnang are hereby given the chance to be considered for the position of "General of Nagnang."

    The General shall be given the right to command the soldiers of Nagnang in accordance with the desires of the Nagnang Tribunal and the Regent of Nagnang.

    Such a high office does not come without responsibility. If you believe you are capable of leading Nagnang's armed forces, explain your qualifications in one single letter addressed directly to me, Prince Regent ChaeRi.

    This role is not a learning opportunity, it is a chance to exercise experience of command at the highest level; with the greatest and gravest responsibilities.

                For the Republic - For Nagnang

    Prince Regent ChaeRi

    Regent of Nagnang
    Last Son of the House of Sukaya

    If anyone has more relevant information about the return process of Nagnang Army, please contact one of Nexus Atlas reporters.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 33, Moon 6~

        Thursday, July 15, 2010

    Minor Updates from Reset
    Posted by: Kikoura -- 6:07 PM EST
    Few moments ago the nexus servers were reset and after the storms in the kingdoms calmed down citizens could notice the following changes:

    Anniversary swords have been removed for this year and 12th anniversary mark can no longer be achieved.

  • The Elixir hall has a new look
  • A few minor bugs on Gogoon have been addressed
  • Fixed a server crash bug
  • A bug with Turtle 2/3 has been fixed
  • Rhino cave has been rebalanced a bit

    A lot have minor updates have been put in for subpaths and clans:

  • Alizarin Clan - New crafting buybacks
  • Buya army
  • Elendhirin Clan - New crafting tiles
  • Lost Kingdom Clan - New item buybacks and new warp to Northern Pass
  • Pegasus Clan
  • SanSin Clan
  • Silla Clan
  • SunMoon Clan - Board upgrade

  • Chongun - Taisho, keeper of Sacred Battlegrounds has now ability to reincarnate and a new board was added
  • Do - Kesshi, the ogre in Do Combat Hall, now has bank functions (deposit/withdraw)
  • Druid - Minor warp & npc fixes and "Crown of Druantia" is now depositable
  • Geomancer - Floor sweep removed in Elemental Coliseum room
  • Muse - The room called "Sanctum of Song" inside Muse Garden got a huge expansion
  • Ranger - Minor internal fix


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  •     Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    6th Primogen of Alizarin
    Posted by: Vini -- 1:10 AM EST
    Yesterday, the Alizarin clan of Nagnang has witnessed its 5th Primogen shift since it was created. Primogeness Crystalice, who have led the clan since Hyul 18 ((2 years)), stepped down last night and will be missed by most of her members. "If any primogen I've known so far, she cared the most for us", says Pishi, a well known council of the clan. Crystalice has decided she needed a break and will be enjoying soon some very well earned vacations. As her successor, she choose who she considered her right arm, her former Primarch Rap.

    Crystalice is now Primarch of the clan.

    Rap has been in Alizarin since the start of it and after serving the clan for all these years he is now in charge of leading the group in the close future. "I'm looking to ensure a safe-happy, trusting enviroment for all my kindred, with opportunity to grow and contribute according to individual strength and ability", says Rap.

    Primogen Rap carefully shows a detailed tour on his clan areas.

    Nexus Atlas would like to congratulate Primogen Rap on his recent promotion and thanks Crystalice for the great service she has done to Alizarin, Nagnang and whole Nexus community. She promises to continue strong on their fight against the unseen.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 33, Moon 4~

        Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    Gogoon Poet Armors
    Posted by: Caera -- 4:20 AM EST
    Lord Badak Api, the Gogoon Rhino cave boss, has dropped poet armors. CheBaky is the lucky owner of the first "Celestial Gown". The Celestial Gown's male counterpart was found by xThunderx, Diglett, Surius, ICUP, and Chebaky. It's called "Celestial Vestments," and it's currently owned by CRKL.

    Dura: 200000
    AC: -32
    Vita: 500
    Mana: 2000
    Will: +2
    Grace: +2
    Regen: +20
    Sam San (P)
    Dura: 200000
    AC: -32
    Vita: 500
    Mana: 2000
    Will: +2
    Grace: +2
    Regen: +20
    Sam San (P)


    Viper Clan helm
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 2:14 AM EST
    Few days ago, the Viper clan of Nagnang received their clan helm. As all other clan helms, this shows up on its owner's head.

    Congratulations Viper Clan!

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  • New Phoenix Primogen
    Posted by: Caera -- 1:37 AM EST

    Congratulations to Vikara "Dinca" Kul, the new Primogen of Phoenix. Lady Kyas stepped down a few days ago. We here at NexusAtlas want to thank Kyas for her service during her third term as Primogen.

    A statement from "Dinca":

    To whom this may concern:

    I would like to thank everyone within my own family for being so energetic, motivated, and loyal to the recent promotion I was bestowed. It was heart breaking to hear from fromer Primogeness Kyas, of her final leave from the Kingdoms, and that she wished to seek tranquility outside the Kingdoms we reside in. Kyas has truely been a beneficial asset to the Phoenix Family, and her spirit will live with us forever, never forgotten. As the Clan's new Primogen, I've immediately begun altering the Council, to which a dominate hired staff has been chosen to assist myself in the transition of the family, to a more stable condition, superior than that of current, and assumably, that of the historical past.

    The Phoenix has been hurting itself for the past several years with a decrease in activity and lack of motivation, but we've begun increasing the chemistry since the date of my promotion, and even during the last month of Kyas' reign. The future looks bright, and many plans and new ideas have been developed to ensure a satisfying environment for the family, and anyone else willing to step through our doors. We welcome any good citizen into our home, and take them under our wing, to obide by the Phoenix's Seven Virtues that we follow, and hold dear in our everyday lives. The time has come, the time is now, The Mighty Phoenix has shed its enflamed wings, soaring high in the sky and claiming it's prestigious name once again.

    In best regards,
    ` Vikara "Dinca" Kul


        Friday, July 2, 2010

    New Diviner leadership starts with Augury visions
    Posted by: Vini -- 1:40 PM EST
    There is a new Elder in town! And she is Divine!
    With this words, Iruma, the 5th Diviner Elder, said her last words with Elder's sage last night, during Nexus's anniversary. As her successor, she appointed a well known community leader: lady Clarrissa.
    Clarrissa has been noted for her hardwork and devotion to other Nexus positions in the past. She has served Enigma clan in the past as their 9th Primogen, been a judge and although she is a mage, she has been noted for being quite helpful to Bear Clan's progress.

    Clarrisssa's eldership started with full strength. As soon as she took the position, Diviners had Augury visions of the future. Here's a copy of two Augury vision reports posted on Chronicles of the Winds by Kibou and Kindle:

    Upon the sky there filled a black smoke,
    Smoldering ash and burned ransom notes.

    The clouds billowed and the wilderness cried,
    Chaos has arisen yet it meets no demise.

    Agile forces try to avenge their new fate,
    Yet cannot move from their solidified state.

    Terror stricken and horror infested,
    We, people of the lands, are about to be tested...

    = Kibou Ti'Nova
    = Grey Hyun-jae

    Hang up all the lines with your friends today.
    Hang your heads down low with your friends today.
    Drink up from my fountain, do what they say.
    Drink off of the mountains, on this lonely day.
    How are you?
    Feeling helpless on this night without the blue?
    The blueness of still waters in your own back yard?
    I am well.
    I am ignorantly bliss inside myself.
    With my callings on the wall and myself inside it all.
    I am well.

    `-`; Kindle
    Grey Mi-Rae

    "We, people of the lands, are about to be tested", says Kibou in his vision. These augury visions sound pretty worrying about some danger coming to us. Can anyone try to unravel what these visions could mean?

    While then, Nexus Atlas congratulates Elder Clarrissa on her new position and thanks Iruma for all her hardwork to the Diviner's subpath.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 33, Moon 1~

        Thursday, July 1, 2010

    YeolDooBeunZe - New Wisdom Clothes
    Posted by: Vini -- 7:56 PM EST
    As it has been a tradition since the 6th anniversary (2004), every anniversary day the citizens who were born before the Great Shift and were never arrested are allowed to purchase new wisdom clothes from one of the palace greeters (Yoni, Honi and Nangen Ambassador). This is year is no different and a new wisdom clothes level is revealed: YeolDooBeunZe robe and YeolDooBeunZe gown.

    New wisdom clothes levels are available to citizens every 8 Hyuls(yuris). To purchase one the person must pay 100,000 coins and may not have a red criminal mark. Those who have been jailed but have been pardoned by Chongun or Royal may buy wisdom clothes as well, but the price is more expensive and the 8 hyul counter is reset starting from the day of the arrest.

    Happy anniversary to all YeolDooBeunZe owners!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 33, Moon 1~

    P.S. ((There's a bug with the name of the item in inventory, it shows as YeolHanBeunZe, but it actually it should be YeolDooBeunZe))

    All Totem Love Rings Finally Crafted!
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 6:45 PM EST
    Finally, all eight "totem blessed" love rings have been jeweled, photographed and reported by Masakari and Sengsu! An Adept jeweler and a Talented jeweler who accomplished a Herculean task. Are they Diadems? No, but they are gorgeous and spectacular to hold after so many millions of coins spent by us and hundreds of hours locked away in our craft halls with weary fingers crossed jeweling away at a goal.

    Who wouldn't be proud to wear own one of these rings? Great work!

    Nexus 12th Anniversary!
    Posted by: Vini -- 5:43 PM EST

    Many years ago, a great cataclysm struck the Nexus. Many heroes perished in the chaos, never to return. But others survived the disaster and the hordes of attacking dragons. They mourned the loss of theirs friends. New friendships formed. The community grew stronger. Today we celebrate the Nexus' emergence from the cataclysm, and it's Anniversary with a special sword.
    Congratulations, there is a nice sword for you. Wield it with greate pride on this great day, for soon they will be collected.

    Nexus reached its 12th anniversary today. This marks nexus as one of the longest running realms and some of the newer members might not understand the importance of July 1st for Nexus history. The Cataclysm marks the day when Nexus closed it's beta test and went commercial (3.0). Ever since then, thousands of players have traveled through the lands of the winds.

    As it is traditional, every anniversary is marked by a new legend mark and the temporary addition of Anniversary swords. There are 9 levels of swords, divided by character status. This year the colors and graphics of each are well split (see below).

  • Anniversary Sword 1 = Level 11 or higher
  • Anniversary Sword 2 = Level 30 or higher
  • Anniversary Sword 3 = Level 60 or higher
  • Anniversary Sword 4 = Level 90 or higher
  • Anniversary Sword 5 = Level 99 or higher
  • Anniversary Sword 6 = Il san or higher
  • Anniversary Sword 7 = Ee san or higher
  • Anniversary Sword 8 = Sam san or higher
  • Anniversary Sword 9 = Sa San or higher

  • To get the legend mark for 12th anniversary and the sword, direct to either one of these workers:
    Yoni (Koguryo Palace), Honi (Buya Palace), Nangen Ambassador (Nagnang Palace) Rotah (Wilderness village) or Pegi (Tangun - Oktche and Pegi Shop).

    Although not many know, Pegi is the worker that gives Anniversary swords in Tangun.

    While waiting for the server reset that added the swords, a group of citizens dressing swimming clothes went to dance on Dae shore. They were celebrating for Joshuwah and Relinquishx's birthday.

    Here's a copy of the post on Dreamweavers board by Stein:
    The servers were reset with some minor bug fixes along with the usual anniversary swords and new wisdom clothes. Have a great 12th Anniversary!

    Just a reminder - daily resets start tonight between 5am and 6am PDT, so please make sure not to have items on the ground during these times.

    Happy 12th Anniversary! Happy Hyul 33!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 33, Moon 1~

    P.S. Cataclysm (beta -> 3.0) and Great Shift (3.0 > 4.0) were different events.