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Past News | July 2008

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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July 2008

    Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Various Pets options
Posted by: Vini -- 9:50 PM EST
Pet's are released! Now besides the colored bunnies everyone could get, there's 16 new options of pets and the option to dye them with 18 different dyes other than the green color they come.
Here's the pets that can be obtained:

  • Rat, squirrel, cat, sheep, chicken, dog, snake, cobra, centipede, fox, piglet, pig, skeleton, ghost, panda and lobster.

  • Each cost from 280 to 350 Kruna.

    The dyes can be used to change the color of the pets. Each dye costs from 20 Kruna to 50 kruna and come in the following colors: Ancient, Blood, Star, Sun, Deep blue, Azure blue, yellow, Autumn, Earth, White, Black, Brown, Tan, Dark green and Red.

    The options on picking names to pets also changed. People will only be able to use alphabet letters to name their pets. The legend marks of people who didn't have such names got removed, but the bunnies stayed for them to be able to rename their pets. The bug that allowed players to do blade storm (rogue's vita attack) if the pet walks on the spot and do more damage is fixed.

    Those visiting Kruna shop to see pet options closer might notice that the extra Bank slot is on sale. Those interested in obtaining it, have a good opportunity to get them at cheaper prices.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 17, Moon 9~

    Server Reset
    Posted by: Aens -- 3:51 PM EST
    Today there was a server reset in Nexus and it brought the following changes to the realm:

    * Destiny clan receives update to merchant Yori-Sa (Chef) and new merchant Migel (Broadcast events and send parcel)
    * Nagnang army receives new merchant Hagsaki (Sell Army helm and spears, Scale mail, Spring mail dress and Kindred talisman), Xaigu (Broadcast events and Clan summons), Minor update to Nagnang captain.
    * Minor map update for Do
    * Minor update for Diviner
    * Minor map fix to a small area on Tangun map which will keep players from blocking others.


        Saturday, July 26, 2008

    Immortals vs. Mortals Vale battle
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 11:13 AM EST
    Around 10pm Archons and Mug showed up in vale where hundreds of people had already gathered. Mug said there would be 28 trophies dropped randomly around vale, and if you were to get one you will get a nice item! Instantly people started searching for this trophy while avoiding being killed by the dozens of mythic bosses and the archons casting spells everywhere.

    People started finding trophies and handing them in, receiving some nice valuables. An hour later, people have received a Brutal Shank, Ice Robes, Archmagus Staffs, all renamed to something unique (god engrave without the ** **):
  • Crusader's blade (Knight Blade)
  • Heavy Polearm (Sharp Stick)
  • Dragon dagger (Dragon Scream)
  • Molten blade (Big Burn)
  • Brutal Shank (Quick Kill)
  • Ice Robes (Deep Freeze)
  • Heavy Archmagus Staff (Catastrophe)
  • Cryptic Jingum Xie (Blue Ice)

  • There were also trophies giving:
  • Non-bonded Enchanted Spikes (five of them)
  • Non-bonded Enchanted Bloods (five of them)
  • Non-bonded Enchanted Surges (five of them)
  • Non-bonded Enchanted Charms (five of them)

  • All in all it was a fun night, the archons came and showed us their bag of tricks and everyone had fun.

    I will get pictures up of the vale battle ASAP.


    *edited by Vini*

        Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Archons in.. Vale!?
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 11:56 PM EST
    It seems the Archons are coming out of their hidden slumber to have a bit if fun. We'll have to wait to see what they have in store for us. ;)

    The Immortal Family invites you to a rough and tough rumble in Vale!

    On Friday, July 25th at 10:00 EST the Archons will be gearing
    up and bringing a big bag of tricks.

    You'll see creatures emerge from the deepest reaches of the kingdoms and slay them while defending yourself against the Immortal Family.

    Come prepared to have a good time and win some special prizes. Bring a good attitude or stay at home, this will be a night for some good old fashioned Vale fun. All kingdom rules apply as usual.

    See you there!


    Pets Are Here!
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 3:15 PM EST
    The reset brought pets to our lands. Visit the Beastmaster near the Buya Palace to get your very own rabbit pet!

    You'll need 100 rabbit meat or 100 fine rabbit meat and 1,000 to 1,000,000 coins (depending on the color you want) to purchase your own cute lil bunny hopper! They come in red, brown, white, blue, golden, purple, pink and black! They can follow you, stay put, attack (but no damage) and you can name them!

    Brown rabbit pet = 100 rabbit meat and 1000 coins
    Red rabbit pet = 100 rabbit meat and 10,000 coins
    White rabbit pet = 100 rabbit meat and 100,000 coins
    Blue rabbit pet = 100 fine rabbit meat and 500,000 coins
    Golden rabbit pet = 100 fine rabbit meat and 500,000 coins
    Purple rabbit pet = 100 fine rabbit meat and 500,000 coins
    Pink rabbit pet = 100 fine rabbit meat and 1 mil coins
    Black rabbit pet = 100 fine rabbit meat and 1 mil coins

    Haengsa's Gift
    Posted by: Gilmore -- 2:53 PM EST
    After community helped free Haengsa from the pirates, the old man returned to Dae Shore to thank each one who helped with a small token of appreciation. Yet, like he always does, he asks people to collect a few items for him:
    1 apple
    1 soup bowl
    1 tea

    Pretty cheap request in exchange he gives 2 pirate coins and a cool looking mantle to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Nexus. (You can purchase all of these items in the Muse subpath area, northeast Islets.)

    Here's what also changed with today's reset:
    * Minor update for Elendhirin clan
    * Minor map change for Do path
    * Problem that stopped allowing monsters to come out of swords has been corrected
    * New large updates were added for the Sa san quest, we are testing to make sure nothing odd happens during this testing.


    The Nexus G'oh League
    Posted by: Aens -- 12:27 AM EST
    In the few short weeks since the revival of the G'oh League, there have been over 600 games played, 5 Tournaments, close to 100 users registered, and over 1 million coins handed out in prizes.

    The League is almost fully automated and offers the players of Nexus an enjoyable diversion from the everyday happenings of Nexus. If you are unfamiliar with the League's website (it's on the affiliates page) just click here.

    The League staff is working very hard to bring new features for players such as Medals and Achievements that will show in a players history page and much more. Hope to see you all on the G'oh boards and at the Tournaments.

    ((Special thanks to Caera and Foxfire))


        Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    Server reset, Tuesday, July 15, 2008
    Posted by: Rachel -- 12:04 AM EST
    The pirates are gone, but the His and Her uniforms are here to stay!

    I also noticed that they fixed the shields for level 97 and 98 players. They fixed the first one in my inventory, which unfortunately was a boss drop instead of the one I got from the quest.. but hopefully they'll fix that too!

    Here's the post from the Dream Weaver board:

    Server reset, Tuesday, July 15, 2008
    The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

    The Pirate event has ended.

    Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
    * Elendhirin clan receives minor updates
    * Buyan Army receives updates to merchants AceoStar and DooSan, They receive new merchant Bullmunk who lets you summon horses.
    * Forsaken clan receives minor update
    * Nagnang Ministry receives minor update
    * Lost Kingdom receives ring buybacks

    Subpath additions and fixes:
    * Changes for Elders and they receive a new board

    * Pet system is still in testing.

        Tuesday, July 15, 2008

    Bluestone is Dead!
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:46 PM EST
    Bluestone is dead. It is certain now that he has been defeated; killed at the hands of the person who hated him most: Princess Lasahn.

    Yesterday, when word spread out that pirates were invading Sea Wreck Shore, the community went on alert about the risk of invasion. Armies and clan militias spread their soldiers around the kingdoms to make sure their capitols were safe while Princess Lasahn, General Erucolindo and their BIA soldiers made a raid towards the island to find out more about the pirates sighted there.

    A huge crowd gathered around the Princess a bit north of Mugumi's hut. A few dozen pirates appeared on Sea Wreck shore but were quickly beaten. While they came in short numbers, people started hearing the voices of Torus, Doggerel and later of Blackgut. The pirate ship was destroyed after the battle with General Hanxin but someone managed to survive and return with a new crew. The Princess of Buya had a discussion with the pirates over sage. Accusations and threats were exchanged and the situation only got worse when Bluestone's voice was heard.

    Her Highness, who had earlier ripped out one his of eyes, challenged him with a battle to death. The community were surprised when the tricky pirate accepted! Some people became worried about what was he planning to do; he surely had some hidden advantage! From Sea Wreck Shore, the crowd headed to the battlefield on the Main Island. Citizens kept trying to kill Blackgut, Torus and Doggerel without much success. Some rebels thought it would be funny if they killed the Princess but these failed in their silly attempt as well.

    Citizens fighting against pirates.

    Shortly the fight turned into a duel. Princess Lasahn and Captain Bluestone separated themselves into corner. The pirates were making sure none of the community would try to interfere, while General Erucolindo was making sure none of the pirates would attempt any strike at the Princess.

    The long duel wound on with both fighters exhausting themselves. Neither seemed likely to give up. Princess Lasahn was fighting not only her life but for the glory of her people and the honor of her family. Captain Bluestone also wasn't fighting only for his crew and his family. Did anyone ever care if Bluestone had a family? Before today no one did, but it was that which caused the end of his days.

    Princess Lasahn and Captain Bluestone confront each other in a deadly duel.

    At a certain point in the duel, exhausted, Bluestone managed to force Lasahn's sword from her hands. Certain of his victory, he teased the princess about how he killed her beloved Xiou. What he didn’t understand was that by talking about how he had killed Xiou enraged her giving her strength to fight on. Fool pirate he was to not know that the passion of a woman can cause great damage! That’s what happened. Princess Lasahn picked up her sword, Supreme Cutlass she'd gotten from Bluestone in the last pirate raid and used it against him. She kissed the sword and stabbed Bluestone in the torso.

    The defeated pirate captain did not die without a last strike although. Not a physical one, but one straight to Lasahn’s heart. With his final words he revealed the truth about Xiou’s death. He did not kill Xiou, because Xiou is his son! Such bombastic revelation was no worse than hearing this at that moment; Xiou would be the new leader of their pirate’s crew! Princess Lasahn was shocked by so many revelations. Her beloved was not only alive but he was son of her worst enemy. By killing Bluestone, the only man she only would replace the one she always hated.

    Princess Lasahn is shocked to hear Xiou is Bluestone's son

    With the death of their captain the three remaining pirates decided it was time for them to flee. They did not leave without warning people that they will return. “The captain may be gone, but we ain't finished!” said Torus. “Xiou will be mighty angry” completed the pirate. After that, the pirates were gone and soon after the pirate ships started taking off from Kogurian shores.

    Pirates left the room through the corner wall.

    With the pirates gone a few questions remained. Why did pirates kidnap Haengsa in first place? While discussing this with Lasahn, Bluestone it was revealed that they had actually kidnapped the old man because he kept giving out pirate coins taken from them. Yet it seems the pirates were also trying to gain information about Infusion. Meanwhile people still are unsure of who YanFai is and how he got so many keys. Also it’s not known if the short guy is to be considered a friend or foe. There are still many questions unanswered about what happened in the past weeks. Something tells me that the community will find out more about these happenings soon.

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Hyul 17, Moon 5~

    New Kruna Items
    Posted by: Songa -- 9:51 PM EST
    There is a new large update to the item shop, so let
    me lay down what is now available!

    New Hair Styles

    Can't find a hairstyle you like? Find them all to be bland
    and boring? Then visit the item shop, and satisfy your
    hair styling needs! Whether you want to look chic and
    sophisticated with Jewel Loops, aloof and uncaring with
    the Untamed Locks, cool and hip with The Blowup, or
    emotional yet mysterious with the Wind Swept.. any style
    you pick will scream "fashion!"

    Have you ever found yourself at a Royal Ball or maybe
    just a fancy night out, with nothing to wear? Well now with
    these new evening gowns, you will be the bell of the ball!

    Whether sailing the high seas, or simply hanging around
    with your close friends, this long skirt and cloak (complete
    with matching wigs, of course) will allow you to be fashionable

    Tea anyone? You can serve your friends the best of refreshments,
    or simply look cute. The new tea skirt and tea tails will allow you
    to have that bit of flare while still doing your job!

        Friday, July 11, 2008

    Posted by: Vini -- 12:42 AM EST
    The so long waited feature is finally going to be released. The community had first heard about the pets project in the celebrations of 4th anniversary, when Eldridge posted the plans of Nexon for the "near future". After that, not much has been heard about it, but today Dreamweaver Mug showed the community the very first sight that this so long waited feature is finally going to happen.

    In Buya west gate, Mug summoned Tiger Foo, his new pet and introduced how the pet system would be viewed. He said they're still being tested, but did not mention how one would be able to obtain one, what they could be used for and how to level them up.
    For now, what's known is that there's a very cool new tiger type and each pet will come with a legend mark:

    For those wondering, Foo is the name Mug gave to his tiger pet. This means, each one will be able to give the name to their pets, of course withing nexus laws.

    Mug also showed that the pets will be able to follow commands: play, come, stay, attack, stop and home.
    He says pets will not take a tile place (so can't block people or be blocked) and will not be able to be summoned into pk areas.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 17, Moon 3~

        Thursday, July 10, 2008

    The Dreaded Durability Bug
    Posted by: Aens -- 11:40 PM EST
    Mug has stated that the durability bug that has prevents users from seeing the statistics of their items has also been corrected with this patch.
    More news to come as it is found, happy hunting.


    10 Year Balloom
    Posted by: Kikoura -- 11:36 PM EST
    With today's reset and patch, citizens can now find one more of the many ways to celebrate the 10th anniversary!

    The pink Balloom is for the girls!
    The orange Balloom is for the boys!

    **Note: The Ballooms are not bonded! You can trade both pink and orange Ballooms to the opposite sex! Enjoy!

    Walkthrough to obtain a Balloom that mug assured we get to keep!:

    1.] Go to Vale from West gate Buya entrance.
    2.] Next, go North up to the Great Gate. Enter.
    3.] Say hello to the Shonshun there.

    -- She will ask for these items --:

    40 Rose
    2 Wool
    1 Cloth
    1 Ruby potion

    You're done!

    ((Thanks Warik for this information on Community board))


    July 10th Patch - Nexus V.6.79
    Posted by: Kikoura -- 10:04 PM EST

    The foliage of last season has dispersed for the coming of the daughter of Spring, Shoshun. Her presence is accompanied by the blossoming of life, a fitting parallel to the Ten Year Nexus Anniversary. She approaches the Great Gate and recalls the memories that have transpired the past years. The people of the Nexus realm are beckoned by her sincere calling. Indeed, she has a token of appreciation for the Kingdoms' people, though it comes at the price of humbleness and thankfulness.

    Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
    + K'urimja clan receives new room "Shaded Atrium"
    + Nagnang Ministry gets a few minor updates
    + SanSin gets new room "Crafter's Haven" and new merchant Areong (Weaving and Tailor)
    + Tiger clan has minor fix to nerchant KoKura and new merchant added named Chiyo (Alchemy)
    + Bear clan's merchant Grizzly now has Minor quest.

    Subpath additions and fixes:
    + Merchants get a few minor updates
    + All subpath guide rooms receive free portal to Tangun
    + Minor fix for Geomancers
    (new Fire morph)

    + The bug that caused you to lose Ore or Spent metal when using the floor reactors has been fixed
    + Anyone who has a Dalans Quill should be able to wear them now


        Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    Wrong shield?
    Posted by: Rachel -- 1:11 AM EST
    I've been told that there's a level 97 shield that comes from the pirate quest. In my case, I think it's called Jade covert shield.

    However, for all my efforts in this quest, I recieved "Jade mist shield" a level 69 shield that's worse in all stats than my Light buckler!(Level 97)

    I saw another person with the same problem, but when I saged about this, I recieved several reponses from people with level 97 and level 98 characters who got the level 97 shield.

    Were they not telling the truth? Who knows.

    What I do know is that if Il sans are getting Il san shields with the same stats as the old Il san shields, Ee sans are getting Ee san shields with the same stats as the old Ee san shields, and so on.. then Level 97 and 98 players should get a level 97 shield with the same stats as the level 97 shields from the shield quest.

    I sent in a ticket (and a reply) to figure out what was going on.

    So if you got a useless shield like me, don't toss it out just yet. Hopefully Mug will replace it with the correct shield soon!

        Monday, July 7, 2008

    Pirate Uniforms Return!
    Posted by: Kikoura -- 4:53 PM EST

    Today (July 7th) Cup announced the return of pirate uniforms to the Item Shop!

    Not only that, but there is now a 50% extra bonus for Kruna only for July (see Rachel's post for details)! So enjoy this month and happy 10th!


        Friday, July 4, 2008

    No More Spells on Sea Wreck Shores!
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 11:32 PM EST
    Thank you mug for taking away spells so greedy people can't take kills from the poor warriors who can't zap the creatures to death! Now it's fair so go gather the items you need for Soup!

    Someone requested that we tell you, again, about Pirate Coins. You can't see them but the Town Librarians keep count for you. You can go there and trade your coins for items. Some are weapons and armor that you can get from bosses but others are decorative and fun! 25 Pirate Coins is a lot to get at one time so enjoy your new wealth and check out the items in the Library!

    Hyul 17, 2nd Moon

    Kruna Item Shop Update
    Posted by: Songa -- 10:10 PM EST
    Starting on July 3rd, and continuing on until the end of July,
    there is a 50% bonus for Kruna Coupons! Buying $10 worth
    of Kruna will give you 1500 Kruna, and buying $30 worth
    will give you 5000 Kruna! There is supposed to be an update
    soon, but for now there are some favorites back in the shop!

    Enjoy your time at the Pirate islands, and wear these outfits
    to get yourself a tan! Visors, shades, bathing garments and
    trousers, as well as slippers and sandals are available for all
    your Pirate island raiding needs!

    Also, moth antenna and wings, butterfly and angel wings, hanboks,
    kimonos, and pjs are available once again! Get them while they last!

    Requirements to forge a Shield
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 9:38 PM EST
    Here is a list of every shield and items required to forge the corresponding shield. Some facts about these shields are they do not break on death, however they do require a Sam san repair. The shields stats are the same as regular shields.

    Black Shield
    Required ingredients to create
    200 Black Crystals
    1 Black Gem Receptor
    1 Black gem recipe

    Pink Shield
    Required ingredients to create
    200 Pink Crystals
    1 Pink Gem Receptor
    1 Pink gem recipe

    Frost Shield
    Required ingredients to create
    200 Frost Crystals
    1 Frost Gem Receptor
    1 Frost gem recipe

    Red Shield
    Required ingredients to create
    200 Red Crystals
    1 Red Gem Receptor
    1 Red gem recipe

    Purple Shield
    Required ingredients to create
    200 Purple Crystals
    1 Purple Gem Receptor
    1 Purple gem recipe

    Jade Shield
    Required ingredients to create
    200 Jade Crystals
    1 Jade Gem Receptor
    1 Jade gem recipe

    Copper Shield
    Required ingredients to create
    200 Copper Crystals
    1 Copper Gem Receptor
    1 Copper gem recipe

    gold Shield
    Required ingredients to create
    200 Gold Crystals
    1 Gold Gem Receptor
    1 Gold gem recipe

    White Shield
    Required ingredients to create
    200 White Crystals
    1 White Gem Receptor
    1 White gem recipe

    Blue Shield
    Required ingredients to create
    200 Blue Crystals
    1 Blue Gem Receptor
    1 Blue gem recipe


        Thursday, July 3, 2008

    New General of Nagnang Army
    Posted by: Aens -- 4:57 PM EST
    The recently appointed General Bezal has had to step down from his position due to a few reasons IRL but, also to make way for one of his legendary soldiers to take reigns of the army and set it on course for success. The new General selected is soldier Sterben. He has done much for the army in the past, and is now in a position to elevate it to a position above others. Good luck to him and thank you again to Bezal for all his hard work during his appointment.

    ((no user page on sterben))

    Tired of hunting Pirate bosses?
    Posted by: Conro -- 7:00 AM EST
    Hunting Pirate bosses have you down?
    Does the sight of yet another Yellow amber make you cringe?

    Have no fear! Thanks to Prius, you can make your own shield and tell Rufio Xa to shove it!

    After saving Haengsa and informing his wife of your deed...

    1) Return to YanFai, and say 'Infusion'
    2) After a short dialogue, you will gain the legend mark Helped YanFai find the secret of Infusion"

    3) Return to the Ship Wreck Shore, and head to the North West corner of the island, and speak about 'Infusion' to Smity.
    4) Smity will inform you that he can create a shield for you for the a meager price.
    5) To forge a shield, you must have 200 of one specific of the ten Gem types, an it's corresponding Receptor and Gem Recipe. Simply utter the name of the Recipe (such as 'Purple gem recipe').

    Be sure to have two or more slots open in your inventory, or you will be asked to free room.
    As soon as you utter the words of your recipe, the shield will be created, so be sure the color you speak is the color you want -- there are no do-overs!

    Enjoy your new shield!
    Your legend will also reflect your acquisition of the pirate infusion techniques!

    [color] crystal (200)
    [color] gem recipe
    [color] reactor

    Statistics are exactly the same as your current path and mark shield quest shield.

    Item examples:
    - Copper Crystal
    - Jade recipe
    - Golden receptor
    New Legend Marks:

    Pirate Boss Shield
    Posted by: Aens -- 3:08 AM EST
    Apparently pirate bosses drop shields of various colors. Depicted below are the various Ee san Shields found so far. The stats for the shields are the same as the normal Ee san shield each path would wear. More information to come. Please contact myself or other staff members to report news on futher shields and drops. Thanks.

    Ee san Rogue Jade haste shield

    Ee san Warrior Golden rage shield

    Ee san Mage Jade blaze shield

    Thank you to Surius, BeRLiN, Maevalia, Damona, and Doiliesmasta for the picture and information.


    ** Shield Colors **
    - Black
    - Blue
    - Copper
    - Golden
    - Purple

        Wednesday, July 2, 2008

    G'oh League Reborn
    Posted by: Aens -- 9:02 PM EST
    Many of you may remember back when the G'oh League was around and operating offering players tournaments, rankings, and rewards for their skills on the G'oh boards. Well the G'oh League is back after months of being down for various reasons and is coming back stronger than ever. To visit the League site just go to the affiliates section of Nexus Atlas and click on the G'oh League Button or click here.Special thanks to AllyGator, Foxfire, Interstate, and Sheer for helping us get back up. See you all at the Tournaments.


    Save Haengsa from the Pirates!
    Posted by: Gilmore -- 9:01 PM EST

    • Go Dae Shore sand (075 040) and say "Haengsa" to Mielu.

    • Follow the trail of pirate coins south from there into Islets Valley. Then go to the middle north of the valley and reach the new place called Islet Docks.

    • Go a bit north and find Jave. Say "A'hoy" and pick any option to get to Sea Wreck Shore.

      *WARNING* When walking around in Sea Wreck Shore you will randomly pick up a Message in a bottle. you MUST have read the message in the bottle to talk to Kayte later on.

    • Go to middle of the Sea Wreck Shore (040 068) and find Migumi by a hut. Ask her for "Help".

    • Kill animals and collect,

      • 25 Turtle meat
      • 25 Crab meat
      • 25 Seaweed
      • 15 Crunchy bug
      • 15 Moldy Crab meat

    • Go back to Migumi and say "help". She gives you "Gross Soup".

    • Go to Kayte (Top Left Sea Wreck Shore), say "Soup", she drinks the soup. Say "Soup" again and she snores..

    • Say "Uniform" to Kayte a three times and read what she says as she falls asleep continuously on you. She asks you to to go get the uniform from the pirates on the ship and says something about losing your recruits.

    • Go to the Pirate ship on the top right hand of Sea Wreck Shore and kill the pirates to get the Uniform Boots or Footwear, Uniform Cape and Uniform Hat.

      When you have these three pieces of uniform go to the 'Supply Room' located on the second mid deck and walk around the room until you recieve His or Her Uniform. You will need all of these to reach the pirate island. Males need Uniform boots; females need Uniform footwear.

    • Go to the Pirate Island (The Entrance is located at the top left of the pirate ship, looks like planks) When you reach the Pirate Island head, take the RIGHT door and head as you can until you are outside the second cave entrance.

      Go in and Yanfai in the last room of the pirate cave 'Pirate Inlet'. He is on Bottom left corner. Use the Message in the Bottle to read it then say "Commander" to him.

      Click "Your looking for Haengsa" and read what he says. Then Say "Bluestone" to him. He will hand you the Dungeon key.

    • Gate out and return to pirate island but instead take LEFT door and again head as far as you can until you reach the second cave entrance.

    • Go to the last room in the pirate cave 'Pirate Dungeon'. Haengsa is in the TOP MIDDLE of the Pirate Dungeon.

    • Say "Slice" to Haengsa. He will then proceed to tell you he needs a uniform different from yours. Kill the pirates in that room they will drop the uniform pieces he requires.

      Pirate Boots, Pirate Trousers, Pirate Cape, Pirate Bandanna

    • Once you have the 4 pieces of pirate uniform say "Uniform" to Haengsa. He will take the clothing and say to tell his wife.

    • Go back to Dae Shore sand (075 040) and say "I found your husband" to Mielu.

    • You will recieve the legend mark and 25 pirate coins.

      Thank you to the following people for helping with this walkthrough:

      Micdogmic, Dria, Muckish, Gnoff, Bless, Lavahn, Baltzen, Rubi, Tyania & Shinokou

      Enjoy, have fun and good luck!

    ~Hyul 17, Moon 1~

        Tuesday, July 1, 2008

    Ten Year Wisdom Clothes
    Posted by: Gilmore -- 9:49 PM EST
    Hey there guys!

    You will have to bear with me as this is my first time using our news system. Thank you all for your warm welcome!

    Yulze Gown & Yulze Robes
    Earlier today mug released the new 10 year wisdom clothes as seen above.

    ~Swift Gilmore~
    ~Hyul 17, Moon 1~

    Where's Haengsa?
    Posted by: Kikoura -- 7:49 PM EST
    If your remember, there was an earlier post on my on this subject. Mielu was shouting at Dae Shore for her lost love. It seems, she is back, and now she's asking for your help!

    The sky appears dark and the tides of Dae shore have dangerously risen above the shoreline. What could be the meaning of this? I listen down the shore and hear a familiar distressed cry. It seems Haengsa's wife Mielu has returned to the shore once again, after finding some evidence of her husband's disappearance. The footprints in the sand indicate her continuous, worrisome pacing. Off in the horizon, a nostalgic image of a ship appears; scattered pirate coins catch my eye and I follow them to the unknown... what awaits us, my friends? Will we be able to help find Haengsa or has he taken his last breath?

    ((Where’s Haengsa will run from 7/1/08 to 7/15/08 so get your accounts registered today!))

    Happy 10th!

    Anniversary Reset
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 6:47 PM EST
    On the 10th anniversary of Nexus, the community has a lot to celebrate, after all it has been many years of history and stories take took us to where we are today. Exactly 10 years ago, on July 1st 1998, Nexus left the Beta stage and went commercial on version 3.0. Many expectations from back then were not met, but others that were never imagined happened in such years.

    One important part of this ten year history is the players who have been here since the beta days. All these celebrate today with their new wisdom clothes, unique to only those who were around before the great shift.

    This year they've changed the anniversary swords to new type of graphics. There are 3 types of graphics: one for Anniversary swords 1, 2, 3; another for Anniversary swords 4, 5, 6 and the biggest one for Anniversary swords 7,8 and 9.

    For the celebrations there is also a building South of South gate Mythic where Fireworks master is running a show from hour to hour.

    Also a new event has been started in the lands of Nexus, more details can be found in the following reports.

    It's our 10th year Anniversary and we have new many new things in store for you all this month! Happy Anniversary from all of us here at KRU Interactive, Inc!

    Here's what also changed with the reset:
    * Nagnang Ministry gets an updated map Josang Hol and other updated
    * Dharma gets another map update to their Council chambers
    * Geomancers receive new spell and some minor updates
    * Rangers get a new brand that will lead to a new dye

    * More item shop items added for update soon


    Augury Visions Point to Troubles in Near Future
    Posted by: Vini -- 1:15 AM EST
    In the past few days some Diviners have been receiving Augury visions. By such, they can see aspects of the near future, mostly happens when some trouble is about to happen. Augury vision is a preview of future, a sort of warning that Diviners can feel and see. When community hears of augury visions being seen, it's known that something important is about to happen. Here's a collection of the last augury visions, all related to same future event:

  • BlazingGirl was the first to have a vision, here's a description of what she saw:
    Radiant colors form.
    The sand beneath your feet is wet.
    A coin drops.

  • Diva had a similar Augury vision, here's what she described to have seen:
    A coin drops.
    Footprints in the sand.
    Sea salt stings your eyes.
    A voice whispers,
    "Kingdom seer, do not forget your allies."

  • LarryDeMarco's vision was to warn something more specific:
    "An old enemy will relate the truth."

  • Elyra saw something to be worried about:
    A familiar voices called out for help.
    The sea roars.
    A passing storm begins to subside.
    A new horizon begins to form.
    A voice whispers,
    "Kingdom seer, your enemy will not be clear."
    A coin dropped.

  • Muckish had a very similar vision, someone's in trouble for sure:
    "Pale sky and dark waters.
    A familiar voice pleas for help.
    A coin drops.
    The waves clash."

  • Triantos saw something that can give us a more specific direction:
    A coin drops.
    Crystals scatter.
    Colors merge.
    A solid forms.
    Wet sand.
    Tall sails.

    Not much can be understood from it. All what it seems is that pirates might be on their way, but which pirates is the question. BlueStone's ship was destroyed. Also one mentioned that the enemy won't be clear, so just by seeing tall sails and wet sand doesn't mean it's pirates for sure. Who might be the familiar voice calling for help? Could it be SeaNymph or Watermaiden? Or would it be someone else closer to the community? Nexus people should be on alert, seems someone is trying to ruin the 10th anniversary celebration. Community shall not let it happen.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 17, Moon 1~